Love Hangover

Slap the slapper

Entwining his hand tightly with mine, Joey pulled me into the pub, spotting Whitney and the others in the corner. We had told the group individually about us, and much to our surprise they had taken the news well. We had yet to find Lucy; she had been busy most of the week so finding the opportune time was hard.

Joey pulled me down onto his lap as the table was crowded, much like the rest of the pub, typical Friday night in The Vic. His hands rested on my waist as I became engrossed in conversation with Whitney and Poppy, chatting up on work related topics, Fatboy chipping in that he caught some bloke chatting up his lady and how he had harsh words with him. Although I could only imagine it was more funny than threatening especially from Fats. Not spotting Lucy walk in, Joey continued to press sweet kisses to my neck gaining my attention as I placed my lips onto his, issuing an 'Awe' from the others.

"What the fuck is this?" Lucy's voice broke through the laughter, my eyes snapping up to hers, Joey gulping loudly behind me.

"Lucy, I-" I hesitated, Whitney nudging my arm softly urging me to tell Lucy now, well I think she had pretty much guessed what was going on.

"Were together" Joey announced, his arms tightening around my waist, his fingers splayed across my stomach. Lucy's eyes flared with anger, his hands balling into fists at her side.

"But that's sick" she hissed, the comment I had expected from her as the others looked around awkwardly.

"I don't care what you think, I don't expect you to accept it" I muttered, her childish comment bugging me a little even if I had expected it.

"But your cousins, and he was with me first" the anger laced through her voice, another comment I expected. So what if she had a fling with him ages ago, were in love its completely different.

"And now he's with me" I snapped, feeling Joey's hold on me tighten once more. "And it won't change" I added feeling a little smugly as I rested back against his chest. Whitney smirking beside me.

"So you don't mind that he slept with me first?" she commented, trying to get a rise out of me, it wouldn't work. Sure it churned my stomach but it wouldn't make me angry. Its not like I was angel before I got with Joey, I've had my fair share of partners and one night stands.

"No I only care that I'm his last" feeling Joey press a tender kiss to my cheek clearly loving my comment.

"You make me sick Lauren, this is a new low for you, shagging your own cousin" she hissed, my comment irritating her deeply. She stepped a little closer to us, as I climbed out of Joey's embrace, him reluctantly letting me go so I was now squaring up to Lucy, using my height to my advantage.

"You want to watch your mouth" I whispered closely to her, not expecting the sudden swing of her hand and how it connected to my cheek harshly, Joey soon behind me pulling me back into his embrace as I clutched my cheek, completely shocked at how sudden she had hit me. To be honest it was a lucky shot, next time she wouldn't be so lucky. Shrugging out of Joey's hand I stepped forward to Lucy, I was seriously pissed now.

"It won't last Lauren, he's a player, you're so thick that you don't see your being played, must be a family trait" she muttered, folding her arms over her chest.

"What does that mean?" I asked a little angrier now.

"Well you're not the only one to be played like a fool in your family are you? I mean Bradley got screwed over, like I said thick family trait" her words laced with poison as she punctuated every single word including my brother's name. Feeling my blood boil, I could hear the gasps from the group as she mentioned Bradley viciously.

"You little bitch" my fist balling at my side, without a second thought my fist connected with her nose knocking her to the floor, as I towered over her. "Don't you ever mention Bradley ever again" I cried, firstly I was hurt from what she had just said and secondly my fist was throbbing. Joey was once more at my side, pulling me away from her.

"Babe" he whispered, cradling my head against his chest as I watched Lucy scupper from the pub clutching her bloody nose.

"Why would she mention him?" I cried a little erratically from the evenings events.

"She knew it would hurt you babe" he sighed, kissing my head softly as I felt Whitney squeeze my good hand supportively, the pub growing a little louder after it went completely silent during our fight.

"I need to go home" I sighed, moving myself out of his hold.

"I'll come with you" picking up his coat, but in all honesty I needed time by myself, without him.

"No its okay, I just need to be alone, come over later" I smiled falsely, pecking his cheek as I made my way out of the pub and across the square.

Letting myself into the apartment I kicked off my shoes and began undressing in the bedroom, slipping under the duvet I pulled it tightly around me, wishing I had let Joey come back with me to hold me. Feeling the tears building back up within me a loud sob escaped my lips as memories of Bradley came flooding back, one mention of his name set me off especially when she used his name in vain. Crying into my pillow I failed to hear the door open, but felt the bed dip and a set of strong arms curl around me pulling my body on top of his, his hand brushing up and down my back soothing me.

"Its okay baby, I'm here" he whispered holding me tightly against him, his lips pressing kisses to my head. "I'll always be here"

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