Chapter 3: The aftermath

"Guess ya've been discovered, Ichii."

That film belonged to a phase he was only now accepting. But the issue wasn't that, he could deal perfectly with Hayato. The problem was the others saw him having sex. Well… not really, he was only acting and the film only gave hints, he didn't have it away with her.

Ren's quiet laugh irritated the bluenet even more. "May I know why were you watching a film where I'm in such circumstances? You have no decency."

"Don't blame 'em when the fault 's all yours." The teaser resolved to do what he knew best, mocking others.

"We didn't know ya were starrin' on it, geez, chill out, Tokiya." Syo complained as he turned the projector off, much to the red-head's dismay, the view he had on the screen earlier was so exiting…

Meanwhile, Tokiya didn't want to 'chill'.

"And still you continued watching." After placing the Futomaki on the table, his arms crossed, demanding an answer.

The bluenet's foot tapped steadily.

He was everything but elated with that. How could they watch it? How could they carry on? All, even his lover. Otoya should've done something to hinder them. Someone should. Really, what a bunch of perverts. That was utterly humiliating, he felt stripped, exposed even though the images didn't surpass any boundary.

"We were only curious to see more of your acting skills, Ichinose." Fairly amused by his friend's reaction, Masato stood up and walked to the table.

"Yeah!", a certain guitarist voiced, looking at his lover with dreamy eyes, his mind still blurry from his erotic daydream, "Ya were really good!"

Silence followed, Otoya's cheeks begun reddening as his ears captured soft giggles around him. His lips parted again, trying to excuse himself. He didn't want the others to think he was referring only to the latter scenes, that would be depraved. He loved them though…Still, they were only a plus!

A huge plus.

His, already messy, hair became scruffier by his hand's frantic touch. Since when did he become so perverted, so kinky, so debauched, so…! He didn't even have words!

But his fantasies were related to his lover, so maybe they weren't that wrong.

Just maybe.

"I said it was good, except- he wasn't…but- argh! This isn't comin' out right."

"No worries, we gotcha, Ikki."

The younger teen set a relieved sigh free, "Thanks, Ren, that's really-"

"Ya appreciated the last part the most.", a mischievous tanned hand pat the red-head's shoulder comradely, he sure knew how to embarrass the group's second lamb. Actually that was his fondest hobby since ST RISH formed, teasing Haruka and the, apparently, innocent Otoya. They became flustered so easily… "There's no shame in admitting it."

"Wha-No! I-I liked it but the rest was also great!"

"Humhum.", the flirt rolled his azure sapphires, "And I'm a queen, it happens that I just forgot my crown."

If he was disoriented by his own awkwardness, Ren had worsened his state. His blood flew to his face, he jerked his hands, his head jolted, unsuccessfully denying the blond's statement. In the end he had offered the others quite an entertaining show. Tokiya, who was uncomfortable and angry at first, felt a compassionate side emerge from the shadows. Towards his gawky lover that is. The others…he'd see what to do later.

"Otoya-kun 's adorable when he's embarrassed!" A bubbly spectacled teen whooped, holding tight onto a plushie. His comment was utterly ignored as Ren continued teasing, the shortest bandmate joining the mockery.

"But that wasn't what-"

"Na-ah! There's no backing down now." Syo approached him, jogging his fedora backwards.

"But I-I!", his face heated up impressively, if that was even humanly conceivable. "Dammit you bullies, I said the whole thing was good already!", his ears irradiated white fume. "Stop buggin'!"

"Ichinose." Sitting at the table, Masato called his friend out, "Are you sure Ittoki is your boyfriend? He acts more like a child to me." His usually serious lips couldn't help but to grin just a little at the end.

"Haaa… what can I do?", his hands pushed the teasing blonds off his way, cupping the red-head's chin. "I love this child.", his lips brushed against Otoya's ear, whispering inaudible words.

"Wha-Shouta?! I'm nota kid!" He childishly crossed his arms, turning his back on the older male.

Tokiya chuckled, giving his lover's cheek a well-deserved kiss, sending a dear smile only he spotted.

"Hey, lovebirds! Let's eat!" Syo's voice enthusiastically commanded.

When they turned, the others were waiting for them on their assigned seats. Natsuki, who had been feeling upset about his disregarded comment on Otoya's cuteness, lunged to the violinist next to him, interpreting his words as a need for attention.

"Ya could've told me earlier if ya wanted a hug, Syo-chan!"

""What was that for?! Stay. Away.", his hand thrust the emerald-eyed boy's face, "I don't wanna be choked by ya again. Didn't 'cha have enough?" Sometimes he couldn't tell who was scarier, Natsuki or Satsuki. That moment he opted for the first, the overly-lively face he was sketching was eerie to his eyes. A second before his adorable fiancé attempted to attack him anew, Syo rushed off the table, running as fast as he could from the Pyo-lover, now persecuting him around it.

"Sure they behave like children."

"For once, I agree with you, Ren." Masato sighed, frustrated, at that pace they wouldn't dinner so soon. Silence followed meanwhile the younger bluenet mused on something he could use to provoke his lover. They had that habit since they begun seeing each other as rivals and, thinking better, that was what spiced their relation up. "But you can be a child too, a bastardy pest if you ask me."

"Ohhh… But 'cha still like me.", he sat closer to the other boy, his index lifted the pale chin, "isn't it, Bluebird?"

"Don't take it for granted.", his face turned stubbornly, "I sure don't know how in the world that happened. Maybe it was a curse." Ren caught sight of a faint smile on the pianist's lips, beaming to himself afterwards. Masato wouldn't change.

"C'mon, guys! Stop runnin' around, let's eeeat…!" A whiny Otoya called out.

In a matter of minutes and to the bluenets' insistence, all were sitting at the table, having crossed conversations, poking Tokiya and the red-head about the film from time to time.

"The spicy sauce 's great!" A certain guitarist praised, trying to escape the strenuous provocations.

"Thanks, Ikki."

Suddenly a matter-of-facty finger rose, netting all's attention, "Did ya know? They say spicy food is aphrodisiac.", Natsuki nudged his glasses, attempting to sound more intellectual. Yet, his attempt failed completely, his goofy expression didn't match quite well with the image he was trying to transmit.

All were aware of what the blond thought as a recent discovery however had forgotten about it somehow. It all made sense, Ren was conspiring against them. All eyes rolled to the perpetrator who simply shrugged.

"Perhaps you always have second intentions, isn't it, Ren." The pianist glared at his lover who shrugged again. "Who, me?" Recalling the way the guitarist used his puppy face on Tokiya, he shifted his face into a pout, not as adorable though, but enough for Masato somewhat lower his defences. "Spicy food 's my favourite, 's there anything wrong with that?"

"Who would've thought cutesy fruits like strawberries could be have those effects?" Natsuki's hand held his cheek as he mumbled to himself, ignoring the voices around him.

The former idol stared at his favourite red-head for a while. An eyebrow lifted. Odd, usually Otoya would participate enthusiastically whenever they chatted and now he was totally absent. Not that it wasn't normal, that guy was a natural airhead however…being that much was suspect. "Otoya…?" He finally uttered.

After giving his head a nice shake, his eyes crashed against two sapphires, "Hn?"

"Are you alright? You've been spacing out since Shinomiya-san spoke about spicy…-." His mind saw light as he learned just what his lover was thinking, something close to it at least. He smirked at the realisation.

"Huh? No, it's nothin.'" His face gained a rosy shade.

"Are you sure?", Tokiya leaned closer so the others wouldn't hear, "because you've been looking at me as if I was curry", he joked, mindful he'd disconcert the other, "for the whole last five minutes…"

"Well…", he stuck his gaze on the empty plate in front of him, "I kinda was thinkin' 'bout somethin'…" A naughty beam flashed through Otoya's lips for an instant, his words waking interest on the other. "And what was it?", "N-no! Forget it, it's-", a beach hand found its way to a tanned one, "Tell me."

The puppy-like teen pouted, "I-I can't really say it here, the others might hear." Embarrassed red eyes looked into Tokiya's blue pools, grasping disappointment. "Aaaaa… 'kay, c-come closer then.", Otoya's cheeks coloured further, "t-the next time we… we ahem d-do it, maybewecould-"

"He, ya two, what 'cha whisperin'?"

Tokiya deathly glared at Ren, muttering "cockblocker" under his breath.

An agitated boy shook his head, "I-I'm goin' to the bathroom, I'll be back in a sec." The ruby-haired boy rushed off his seat, leaving behind an impatient and inquisitive Tokiya.

"Cockblocker…" The stoic teen murmured once more. Minutes after he found a plausible excuse to leave the gang, "I'm going to fetch more wine.", 'kay! It's in the fridge, Tokiya-kun" Just after receiving Natsuki's helpful instruction he turned around, finally he could find his lover. Wherever he was.

The bluenet was lucky enough to meet his beloved one as soon as he ended climbing the stairs. "Tokiya?", Otoya questioned, coming from the corridor. So he wasn't lying about the bathroom. "What did you want to say a while ago?" Tokiya pulled the boy to him, clasping his waist and posing a soft peck on his lips.

Silence followed as the younger male looked around, ensuring no one was there. "Hum… yeah, 'bout that, c-can we go to a more private place?"

"I'm going to the kitchen to bring more wine. I found out where the key is while I was cooking, we won't have any problem if we just lock it."

"'kay." Otoya fondly smiled.

They turned, walking away from where their friends stood.

The sound of glass against wood followed a muffled growl, "Dddd-don't don't 'cha think… they're takin' too long? Are they lost? Damn, the house's not thaaat big, Natsuki, don'cha think they're lost?" A blond protested, lifting his dizzy head from the table, his hand never leaving an empty glass.

"I wonder if there's something wrong." The spectacled teen worriedly uttered, patting his fiancé's head.

"I'm gonna get more before he drinks it all. That Tokiya…that Tokiya 's a damn selfish…- He wants the wine all to himself! I bet he drank all the bottles!" Unbalanced, the boy held onto the table as he stood up, walking a couple of disoriented steps. Before he could tumble on the table a sober hand met his shoulders. "Wait, Syo-chan. I'll go with 'cha." Natsuki's hand kept holding the fedora boy much to the latter's dismay. "Lemme go Natsuki!", "You might fall if I do though.", the taller blond turned his head to the remaining two, "We'll be back soon."

"Don't worry, Shinomiya-san." Masato assured with a nod.

The shorter boy sure had a low resistance to alcohol, the poor little one couldn't even walk straight on his own. Natsuki smiled at him as those thoughts crossed his mind. That was the perfect opportunity for him to take care of the younger teen without being shoved off. Not that Syo didn't try and put up a fight but wasn't as firm as when he was sober so it was easier. The emerald-eyed teen flushed contently when he remembered the last times his fiancé was in that condition…

He had dressed him up in so many frocks…

Syo's account had so many fans! And the number was rising expeditiously! He was so proud, his Syo-chan would be so happy when he told him about all those fluffy pictures he posted on the internet! So cutesy he almost squealed merrily…!

But his lover needed him, that wasn't the moment to think of those things. Even if they were adorable.

A chain of moans and sighs kept the boys on their tracks.


"Otoya, d-don't be...nhg! So.Loud."

"Ha…! P-put it there!"

"The hell are those sounds?" The smaller blond frowned as both gradually stepped closer to the kitchen. Natsuki's cheeks flushed, "I believe they are…"

"They're makin' out in my-", "Sssshhh, let's give 'em some space.", the Pyo-lover dragged the other off that site, capping his mouth. "I'm sure we can find drinks somewhere else."

"They drank it all and now they wanna have sex with it!"

"Actually, Syo-chan…" Unaware, the violinist didn't notice the heated sounds they heard before woke Natsuki's cock which now only craved to sing with all its might. Turning the boy, he confessed, "I guess what they said 'bout spicy food 's real."

"Lame! Ya only wanna take it away from me, isn't it? You want the wine all to yourself." Syo slurred before his reddened eyes met with a bulge between his lover's legs, "Wh-what? Ya…" his voice trailed off Natsuki didn't say anything, pulling something from his pocket, Syo's eyes widened. "Ya had the keys?!", he blinked, "The hell are ya doin', Natsuki? Fuckin' my ass?!"

"B-but…I really wanted to go camping…", his whiny voice showed.

"Sleepin' in the garage isn't camping!" His tiny hands shoved the emerald eyed teen away, his back meeting his room door due the disequilibrium caused. Natsuki sure was heavy and hard to push.

"C'mon, let's go inside."

"No way."

"Come on …" His lips poked the smaller boy's, nudging him to step inside. Syo's resistance decreased as each kiss was shared.

Two of them were making love in his own kitchen, the remaining couple was waiting for them in the garage. Probably they'd end up having sex too.

Heck with it.

He rounded Natsuki's neck and clumsily pulled him inside, the fedora boy would care to kill him later for being so insistent in having his way with him.

When all gathered again, Masato and Ren couldn't help but to provoke their friends, they were well aware of what the others had been doing. The time they needed to do what they were supposed to was greatly surpassed. In the midst of all that, the four culprits' mouths fell open when the younger bluenet admitted he and coquettish blond didn't try out anything while the other couples were away. Ren not attempting to do something sexual-driven was doubtlessly… unexpected.

At least they didn't forget what they proposed to, bringing drinks.

A soberer Syo reddened angrily, remembering the promise he innerly made to himself, as soon as he saw the drinks on the bluenet's arms. He savagely lunged to Tokiya and the guitarist, nearly killing both for having their sexy time in his kitchen. Said boys, looking down, awkwardly excused themselves but never felt entirely guilty. After all, they did have a great time, the camera sure increased their inebriating arousal and helped them reaching one of the best orgasms they ever had.

Meanwhile all that, Ren laughed amusedly while his lover drooped a chuckle from time to time. Seeing Syo drunk, scolding the other two as if they were children while Natsuki grabbed his petite assassin hands was a worthy show. If only they brought popcorn…

Syo returned to a deeper inebriate state, taking the others along with him in a matter of plenty bottles. Taking a slip after another while they chatted led to heady thoughts and weird actions.

"Otoya…", an unusually clumsy bleach hand took away the bottle his lover held, "s-stop drinkinggg.", taking a slip after, "you…you drank too much, leave the rest to the older." The red-head grumbled when he noticed the bottle he had beside him was captured by Ren. "Heeey! That's mineee!", a red mass of red hair turned, dizzily, "To-ki-yaaa..! Gimme my bottle back! That's no fair!" He whiningly pouted.

"No." Seeing Otoya's hands approaching the item he secured on his, Tokiya withdrawn the bottle. No use, the boy already had his hands stuck on it. "Leave the bottle…!", Tokiya pulled the half-full glassy form.

The guitarist draw a silly face, touching his lips zanily, "Hehe! Don't tell me you're jealous."

"If I say yes will let me drink in peace?"

"I dunno", his lips trickily smiled, a silly laugh leaked, "I want somethin' in return…" His body exaggeratedly balanced.


The red-head's smile grew wider and he jumped to Tokiya, knocking him down. "Kiiiisssssss."

"I guess…", his hand lifted, sliding on the tanned jaw, "…I…", the bluenet's cheeks, already flushed from his drunken state, darkened another shade, "can…" Their slightly opened mouths joint, fitting perfectly on each other.

"Cuttteee!" Natsuki squealed, seeing his friends mellowed in kisses, "Syo-chaaaaaan, I wanna kiss like 'em too!"

"L-let go, Natsuki!" The violinist struggled, feeling the other tugging onto his small body. "Let goo!"

"Neveeeer!" His cheeks brushed against Syo's lovingly.

"They really can't get a hold of themselves…" Masato, soberer that the others, sighed.

"Hmhmhmhm!", Ren chuckled, "They aren't as experienced… as we are. 'Member when we stole my father's sake when we were kids?" A pair of reddened eyes sought for his lover.

"How couldn't I?"

"I'm boreeeeed!" Syo lifted his hands, punching the wooden table.

"You're right, Ochibi-chan. How 'bout a truth or dare to heat up the night?" A lazy smirk spread on Ren's face.

"I'm innnn." Syo and Otoya agreed, "I and Nat-chan had the same idea!", the red-head added.

"Yay! Let's play, let's play!" Natsuki stood up, swirling his body around incessantly.

"Natsuki, stop, mm…. dizzy." The older bluenet protested, the other simply continued until he fell onto Otoya who begun singing 'Twinkle twinkle little star'.

"Ichii, wanna play?"



"Those games are for kids."

"Believe me, Bluebird, they're not.", the saxophonist winked and insisted once more, "C'mon guys."

"Don't count on me." Tokiya continued refusing.

"You can count on me like one, two, three!"

"Haaa…", Masato sighed again, "Why does he have to turn into a jukebox whenever he is intoxicated… Otoya shut up and stay still for a second."

"Shut up and drive, drive, drive, drive!"

Masato grumbled in response, that guy was a headache when he was drunk. Next time, he would take every droplet of alcohol away from his reach.

"You're afraid, Ichii?"

"I am not."

"Prove it." Ren knew him well, he knew the bluenet's weaknesses and just how to pull the right strings to make him accede to his requests. The bluenet growled deeply and ended up accepting. That was an easy win, Tokiya's resistance diminished whenever he was intoxicated which only played in the blond's favour. Now, there was only one left to convince, his dear Bluebird.



"C'mon, Bluebird, ya don't wanna be left alone-"

"Still, no."

He didn't want to bring that issue up. Pulling that one string could be the final blow, he would feel bad for it, guilty, ashamed…



"What If suddenly everyone knew about your little secret…?", he leaned closer, "Your BDSM collection…"

Masato's eyes doubled, "W-what?!"

"My dirty little secret! Who has to knowowow…"

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