Chapter One: The Beginning of it all

She could only nod as Master Yoda explained where she was going and why. She was pretty excited to be honest; she was 15 now and finally was becoming a Padawan.

"To Skywalker assigned you will be." She nodded softly. And bowed as he dismissed her to go onto a cruiser and then to the planet Christophsis to meet up with her new master and send an important message. The next few hours were kind of anxious as she traveled. However once she finally arrived on the cruiser it would be a short ride to the planet's surface.

~On the ground~

Obi-wan and Anakin talked as the battle stopped, for the moment at least, the supply ship landed and a Togrutan girl stepped off the ship, light saber at her hip and a small smile on her face. After a short message to the temple they did their proper introductions.

"I'm Ahsoka Tano the new Padawan learner." She watched Obi-wan's face light up a little.

"I'm Obi-wan Kenobi your new Master." He smiled and she returned it though she was lost.

"I'm at your service but I was assigned to Master Skywalker," she pointed to the younger Jedi who looked shocked; Ahsoka swore as Obi-wan scratched his chin that she saw a smirk.

"That doesn't make any sense I didn't order a Padawan, he did."

"Master Yoda was very clear." After a bit of grumbling and a few curses in Huttese and turned away, Ahsoka looked hurt and tried her best to hide it.

"I'm going to talk to Rex…" he glared softly ahead.

"Take her with you Anakin." Obi-wan said and gave her a reassuring pat on the back along with a slight push forward. He swore again and motioned for her to follow. She met Captain Rex and took a pretty quick liking to him she was bubbly and happy her face and Lekku showed it, the bright blue indicating it.

"You're stuck with me Skyguy." She told him smirking after he made a comment about her. She heard Rex, laugh as Anakin glared.

"What did you just call me? Don't get snippy with me little one." He then sent her off with Rex. After a battle and exploding the shield generator she felt slightly defeated as her new Master sat next to her. He had been yelling at her and seemed unhappy with her presence at all. Her Lekku turned a darker blue, she was sad and afraid of being rejected by the Chosen One, of all the people in the world, why him.

"You're reckless little one." He said and saw her Lekku turn a shade darker. "You would never make it as Obi-wan's Padawan." He paused for a moment to take in a breath. "But you might just make it as mine." He watched those Lekku brighten in color as she looked at him.

"Really?" she asked her voice hopeful.

"Really." He smiled at her. She looked at her Master, the Hero with no Fear, the Chosen One, whatever they called him she knew she was his Padawan and his alone.