Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

Author's note: Last chapter means this story has come to an end. There will be another story shortly. There will be a sequel in time, I promise you that. ALSO an important note this is my story and I will end it however I want.

Ahsoka sighed softly as she sat outside the hut, half buried in the sandy ground. She watched the suns set. One and then the other, she had been running yet again. She had almost gotten caught by the storm troopers this time. Lux wouldn't be happy about that she was sure. He remained to be her best friend; he seemed to be the only thing that remained of a life that she used to live.

"Soka?" a small voice asked and she turned to see a 6 year old Luke looking at her.

"Yes little one?" she asked softly as he walked over to sit in her lap. Ahsoka hadn't changed must in 6 years. She was still slender, though there were more muscles on her, but not a lot. Her Montrals were taller and her Lekku longer. She still had the same teenage face; she was in her early 20s by now.

"Are you going to leave again?" he asked and she kissed the top of his head. To him she was an aunt, that's what he called her 'aunty Soka', she was fine with that. She was a close family friend as far as he knew.

"I have to little one, but I'll be back, I always come back don't I?" she asked and giggled softly holding him.

"Yes… but will you not wait so long…" Luke said and she laughed softly.

The next morning she left after saying goodbye and thank you to Owen and Beru. Luke woke up and hugged her tightly, he told her she was his favorite, and every time she visited she brought gifts and told all of these crazy stories about when she fought as a Jedi in the Clone Wars. She said goodbye and he handed her something when she opened her hand she nearly lost what self-control she had. It was a little carving made from wood, it was child-like but she almost started to cry. As she crouched down to kiss his forehead he traced the marking on her cheek as Ahsoka traced the pendant. Her cheek markings, carved into a small piece of wood. She hugged him and kissed his forehead.

"I will bet better! Just you watch, when you visit next time I will be able to carve it all much better…" he told her and she smiled. She left soon after and went to the Twilight, the old spice freighter that held up for so long how could she part with it. She took Luke's pendant and put it next to the one Anakin had slipped around her neck so long ago. She placed them both into the pocket where she kept them.

Ahsoka landed and saw a little girl run out waving, her mother and father following. Ahsoka knew Leia better then Luke; she saw her more and currently was here to pick up Lux after one of his meetings. She picked the small girl up and hugged her as she giggled softly. Leia pulled Ahsoka to her room, and showed her all sorts of little things she had gotten. Ahsoka smiled happily at all of the little things however, she did have to leave as Lux came to grab her. The pair went into the Twilight and went back to Onderon. Lux cared about Ahsoka but didn't ever push her towards anything. Ahsoka had nightmares about everything that had happened. She had all sorts of bad dreams but Lux would be there to comfort her. On the rare occasions that Shaak Ti or Plo Koon was there, they would be there when she woke up. That was what Ahsoka needed, something to comfort her, something that remained of the life she used to know.

~7 years later~

Ahsoka landed on the sand covered world, she felt bad it had been 7 years since she had seen Luke and maybe 6 months since she had seen Leia. It was something Ahsoka really hated but it was hard for her to get to Tatooine without being caught. As she landed she saw his head poke out and a look of excitement but also anger. She knew it was coming… she deserved it… and she hated herself for it. She sighed softly and walked out carrying a few things with her. He crossed her arms and she smiled and pictured Anakin, and how he used to do that whenever he was upset with her.

"I know I know!" she said putting the bags down and hugging him. "I'm sorry and I know there is nothing I can do to make it up to you, but I can try right?" she asked and he hugged her back.

"You don't look much older you know." He said and she sighed

"I run around too fast for aging to catch up to me." She replied and he grabbed one of the bags as Ahsoka grabbed the other and they went inside. Beru and Owen were happy to see her and welcomed her in. Luke took her back to her room as he showed her all the things he had done over the years. She pulled something out and showed it to him. His face lit up as he saw the carving he had made for her next to one he didn't recognize.

"Who made the other one?" he asked rubbing his thumb over it.

"An old friend…" she replied softly and he added another, a cleaner, more detailed one onto it.

"Now you have three." He said and put it over her head. She smiled and looked at them. "Can I ask you something?" Luke said sitting across from her on his bed in his room. Ahsoka nodded softly for him to go on. "How well did you know my father…" he asked and her eyes widened.

"I don't know what you mean?" she asked

"Uncle Owen said that you still fly about in the ship my father used to pilot… so you knew him right?" Luke asked and Ahsoka nodded softly. Damn it Owen why did you have to do that.

"I did, very well actually…" she chose her words carefully.

"What was he like? I thought you were a Jedi, where did you meet him?" Luke asked and she smiled

"I still am a Jedi first of all." she said, she still carried around her weapons, and used them. "We met when he became my Master, I trained under him for about 3 years during the Clone Wars." She said and smiled fondly "He was kind but could be mean if he wanted to be. He was headstrong and stubborn… then again so was I…" she laughed "He called me Snips… and I called him Skyguy." She said and Luke looked so happy she decided to go on.

"What happened to him…" he asked and Ahsoka bit her lip, she had to lie.

"He died… during Order 66…" she said slowly testing her voice.

"Oh… how did you make it out…" he asked and she looked at him.

"I ran… I hid…" her voice trailed off

"What about my mother?" Luke asked

"Attachments were forbidden… I only met her once, when she gave birth to you…" Ahsoka said.

The rest of the night was filled with Luke's questions and Ahsoka's carefully chosen answers. She stayed for a few days before leaving saying she would see him soon. Ahsoka went back to Onderon and saw Lux waiting for her. She put her hands up in defense; she was supposed to be back days ago. After some scolding from the Senator Ahsoka rolled her eyes and said it wouldn't happen again, though they both knew that it would. It was something that remained unsaid; Ahsoka would go off and do things that the less you knew about them the better it was for everyone.

Things would be fine… Ahsoka was learning to live with how things were now. Ahsoka would be fine, things would be fine… Ahsoka would do whatever it took to keep Leia and Luke safe, whatever it took to keep Lux safe… she would die trying if she had too. She was strong and ready and willing to fight. Ahsoka walked into the large building that she called her home and was greeted by some little kids, her very own group of younglings. If she didn't find them and protect them someone else would and they would either become the Emperors personal weapons or killed.

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