Razor once again. So I got this idea while listening to Endlessly by The Cab. It's so cute. Words don't describe it. Anyway, this fic totally morphed from what I originally wanted. I am going to write a different one with my original idea…hopefully…

Warnings: High school AU. Mild(?) cussing (not a lot). I also made Onyx (Pitch's Nightmare) a human as well! Also rating MAY change, I haven't decided yet.

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Jack sighed as he sat slouched over his desk in his seventh period class. He wanted the day to be over. He didn't particularly like school, although he didn't particularly like home either. School was full of bullies who picked on him for being albino. He couldn't help that he had white hair and pale skin but the bullies didn't seem to understand that. Home wasn't much better. His parents didn't like him much either.

He shuddered as he thought of his parents and turned his head to his left to look out the window. It was a bright day with the clouds absent and the sun on full blinding mode. He didn't like the sun. It was too hot. He preferred cloudy days full of whipping wind and snow falling from the sky.

Jack jumped as the bell signaling the end of the day rang. He slowly packed his stuff in his backpack as everyone else filed out of the room as quickly as possible. The day was over, like he wanted, but he wasn't in a particularly eager mood to leave the classroom. With a sigh he slung his bag over his shoulder and walked out.

He gasped as he was suddenly grabbed and thrown against a wall. He looked up at the taller boy, his hair dark as night and skin an odd pale/gray combination. His amber eyes glowed cruelly as he smirked at the smaller blue eyed boy.

"Hello Jack." Pitch sneered. "We missed you at gym."

Jack swallowed hard as he looked between Pitch and his girlfriend, Onyx. She had black hair and amber eyes as well with the same skin tone. People mistook them as brother and sister all the time. She was pretty, Jack would admit, but she was just as cruel as her boyfriend.

"I, uhm, had a makeup te—" Jack started but Onyx fisted a hand in his hoodie and threw him to the floor.

"Cut that crap, Frost." She hissed and grabbed his backpack. She dumped everything on the younger boy before throwing the bag at him. She bent over until she was eye level with him. She was so close her nose was almost touching his and Jack felt himself blush. She was just too close. She sneered, taking his blush for something else and shoved him back.

Jack winced as his head hit the tiled floor beneath him. He rolled to his side to push himself up and looked back at Pitch and Onyx. Pitch kissed the girl's cheek as he wrapped an arm loosely around her waist and lead her past the boy on the floor, making sure to step on his fingers as they walked by. Jack pulled his hand to his chest, hissing silently as a sharp pain shot through his hand. It wasn't anything unbearable, more of a surprise than actual hurt.

He glanced up and felt his cheeks heat up once more when he realized just how many people were staring at and whispering about him. He quickly ducked his head and shoved his things into his backpack. He stood up and hurried outside to get to the bus.


Jack sighed as he got off the bus. The ride home had involved yet another game of "throw the albino kid's stuff around." His calculator had fallen out and some kid had "accidentally" stepped on it. Needless to say it was broken. He slowly trekked home, not really eager to reach his destination but not really wanting to stay outside in the hot sun either.

The walk was only a couple miles and it wasn't long before he actually reached his house. He opened the door and wasn't surprised to have to dodge the tv remote that had flown at his face when he walked in.

"The fuck have you been?!" the slurred words of his father hit him but he merely ignored them and shut the door.

He made his way upstairs and left his father yelling at him at the bottom. The older man wouldn't follow him; he was too drunk to coordinate himself up the steps. He walked into his room, shut and locked the door, and flung himself on his bed. He buried his face in the pillow and let his eyes drift shut. He stayed like that for a few moments until he deemed himself rested up enough. He grabbed his backpack, went to his desk, and began his homework.


"Jackson! Get down here!" Jack jumped awake as he heard the angry voice of his mother. Unlike his father, he was afraid of her. She could make it up the stairs and she could unlock his door if need be. She didn't have alcohol clouding her coordination. She could aim and she could hit.

Jack went to his door and peeked his head out. He didn't see her standing at the bottom of the stairs so she wasn't in a very bad mood. He made his way to the first floor and saw her standing in the kitchen, a cup of coffee in her hand.

"You wanted me?" he asked and he hated how small his voice sounded.

She turned her cold gaze to him and motioned at the stove. He knew what she meant. Where was supper? Why wasn't it ready? Why couldn't he be useful?

"I'm sorry." He apologized and let his eyes fall to the floor. "I started doing homework and lost track of time. Would you like me to start it now?"

"No. It's fine. I can do it like I do everything else in this damn house!" she threw her mug to the floor as she spoke and Jack flinched at the crashing noise it made as it shattered. He immediately kneeled down to the floor to pick up the shards of glass and sighed with relief as she left the kitchen. He had messed up and she still didn't hit him. He must have done something right for his luck to be this good.

Jack didn't mean to let his guard down but he regretted it quickly enough when a boot suddenly connected with his side and the air was knocked out of him.

"What is yer probl'm? Don' you know when she's pissed at you she's pissed at me? Why can't you do anythin' right?!" Jack gasped as another swift blow struck his head and he rolled over to protect his face.

"Git up!" his father yelled and Jack slowly climbed to his feet.

He didn't stand up because his father told him to. He stood up because maybe if he listened his dad would get bored. No such luck.

"Look at me."

Jack sighed but made no move to obey the command.

"I said look at me."

What was the point? Jack knew what would happen if he looked up. Why give this man the pleasure of controlling him and overpowering him when Jack could just ignore him and piss him off?

"I. Said. Look. At. Me." Jack closed his eyes and counted down the seconds in his head. It wouldn't be long until the first blow came. 3…2…1

Jack wasn't disappointed as he got to one and his head flew to the side with the force of the punch to his cheek. He stumbled back a few steps and wiped his mouth in case he had accidentally bit them.

"When will you learn to listen?!" another blow to the face and Jack found himself against the counter. He still refused to look at the older man. Looking at him, although it showed defiance, gave him the pleasure of knowing that Jack was acknowledging him. Jack wouldn't give him the satisfaction of his attention.

His father let out a drunken snarl and grabbed Jack's face before slamming his head into the cabinet. He threw the boy to the ground and kicked his side once, twice, three times before he stormed away. He was irritated with the lack of reaction from the child and couldn't stand to deal with him any longer.

Jack waited a few seconds to make sure he wasn't coming back and rose to his feet, steadying himself on the counter. He rubbed his jaw and felt his sides. Satisfied nothing was broken and he just hurt, he left the kitchen and walked back upstairs. Maybe he should just get a shower. He wasn't eating and sleep sounded good right about now.

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