So here's chapter 7

Warnings: Attempted rape of a minor (you've been warned!)

Disclaimer: I don't own Rise of the Guardians


When Jack returned home he wasn't surprised to see the lights off. It was late and his mother wasn't home, plus his father was probably passed out somewhere down stairs. Jack went around to the side of the house and pulled himself up to his second story window. He pushed it open and slipped quietly inside. He shut the window and turned, gasping in surprise as he saw his father sitting on his bed glaring at him.

"D-dad—" Jack stuttered and took a step back.

"Where've you been ya li'l shit?" the older man slurred and stumbled towards him.

Jack swallowed hard as a lump formed in his throat and he felt like he couldn't breathe. He helplessly tried to push himself into the wall. He closed his eyes tightly and let out a small whimper when the man grabbed the front of his hoodie and threw the smaller boy to the floor. Jack forced himself to relax after he hit the ground. He was used to this. He couldn't give him the satisfaction of having control over him.

"Git up." His father demanded. When Jack didn't respond he took a step towards the other. "I said git up!"

Jack opened his eyes and looked at the wall across from him. He focused on his breathing, trying to remain calm. Don't respond. Don't react. He closed his eyes once more as he saw his father make his way to him, swaying as he went, and wasn't surprised when the older man grabbed him and jerked him to his feet. He was shocked, however, when he was pushed down onto his bed. He sat up and looked questioningly at his father until the older man once again pushed him down. Jack didn't like the smirk on the other's face.

"You don' wanna listen? Fine. I'll teach ya a lesson."

Jack was about to voice his confusion when the older man suddenly pinned him to the bed and kissed him. Jack's eyes widened and he struggled to escape the other man. He managed to turn his head away but his father just took the opportunity to kiss his neck.

"Get off!" Jack yelled. He managed to get one of his hands free and used it to slap the older man.

The moment of silence that followed the smack stole Jack's breath and he could do nothing but stare up at the drunk above him. Jack's mouth moved as he tried to find words to apologize but he found none. The man didn't give him enough time to think of anything to say. Next thing Jack knew he was on the floor with the other on top of him, pinning his legs down and his arms above his head. He heard ripping as his father grabbed at his hoodie and ripped it in his struggle to get the clothing off the smaller boy.

"No! Stop, please!" Jack begged as tears stung at his eyes. "Please don't! Please!"

He said nothing to Jack and Jack felt the tears fall down his cheeks. He couldn't believe this was happening. He didn't know when he closed his eyes but they snapped open when he felt cool air hit the bare skin of his chest and abdomen. He cringed when he felt a sweaty palm slide down his body to the waistband of his pants. Jack's breath caught in his throat as the hand brushed over his crotch. Jack bit his lip as he felt the button of his pants pop off and the zipper come undone.

"Pl-please…s…s-stop…" Jack whimpered. Dry lips connected to the flesh of his neck and Jack cried.

Jack involuntarily bucked his hips as the same hand that brushed him moments before cupped him roughly. He hated his body for feeling even a tiny amount of pleasure from this and for a moment he closed his eyes and felt he deserved it. A phone ringing snapped Jack out of it and he held his breath as his father stopped his ministrations and cursed to himself before standing up and walking out of the room.

Jack was stunned as he lay on the floor. He panted as his heart raced, trying to catch up with the reality of the situation. He looked towards the door before he sprang off the door and ran to his window. He didn't bother to grab another hoodie or to change his pants as he made his exit. He climbed down as quickly as possible and when he hit the ground he was already running. Everything passed by him in a blur as he ran, not caring where we went.

When the lack of oxygen caught up with him Jack fell to his knees. His body ached, his already sprained wrist throbbed, and he felt the tears flood out of him. He wrapped his arms around himself and screamed his frustrations to the empty, starless sky. He fell to his side and curled up. His body shook with as the fear and loathing drained from his body in the form of pathetic sobs that Jack couldn't stop.

Jack took a few deep breathes as he tried to calm himself and after a moment he pushed himself up into a sitting position. He glanced around the area and realized he had run back to the park. He was disappointed to find that Sandman wasn't there any longer and sighed as he stood up. He rubbed his arms, ignoring the pain in his wrist, trying to warm himself as he walked over to the jungle gym. It wasn't the warmest place but he was sheltered from the wind and any surprise rain that decided to fall.

He curled up against the back of the rock wall and let his eyes slip shut, but his body shook from the cold and made it impossible to sleep. He knew he should probably go home. His father had probably forgotten all about him, but he didn't want to take the chance. He opened his eyes and bit his lip. Maybe he should go back. He was used to getting hurt and if he went back he could have a hot shower and a warm bed and forget anything had even happened. He smiled sadly to himself when he weighed the pros and cons in his mind.

Jack stood up and was about to climb out of the jungle gym to head home when he saw a figure walk passed him to the swings. Jack held his breath as the stranger sat down but didn't move otherwise. He swallowed hard as he studied the figure. When the stranger didn't make any movements, Jack slowly stood and backed away. He tried not to make any noise but he forgot to watch out for the step. Jack yelped as he fell back and hit the ground.

"Who's there?!" Jack closed his eyes as he heard the stranger speak. He didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He heard footsteps coming towards him and only opened his eyes when the other stood above him.

Jack looked up at the other and tears sprang to his eyes but he forced out a small laugh instead of letting them fall.

"Ha…hey Aster."

That was pathetically short…