It was one hell of a day at work for Kagami. A man was stuck in a drain trying to retrieve his wallet and they had to drill him out from there. A bunch of gangster wannabes trying to smoke in the school toilet triggered the smoke detector and they were rushed to the site for nothing. Later that evening, real fire broke out in a restaurant not so far from the school and they had to rush there again. They managed to contain the fire with minimum damage to the surrounding building but it was a gruesome battle. He was a senior officer and fieldwork was not his job anymore, but the department was understaffed for some reason today, so he did what he had to do.

Cracking the joint of his neck as he turned the key on the knob, Kagami heaved out a heavy sigh. He promised Daiichi he'd get back early to celebrate his birthday, yet he got back later than usual. It was a quarter to nine; way past their dinner time and one and a half hour till Daiichi's bedtime. Kagami hoped Daiichi have eaten and taken his bath and done his homework, though Kagami wasn't really counting on it. Daiichi was lazy, but he was smart. Kagami have had an earful from his homeroom teacher about Daiichi's unfinished homework yet somehow he managed to get good grades. Kagami knew it was in his genes. It didn't bother him at all. The most probable thing Daiichi would be doing right now was watch NBA matches on TV.

"Daiichi, I'm home," pushing the door open, Kagami noticed that the whole apartment was pitch black, only faint light of full moon illuminated the room from the veranda. The wind was blowing, and moon light was casting shadows on the curtain. The whole place was draped in silence. This was not what he had expected. Kagami stood vigil there; eyeing the surrounding he saw nothing of, thousands of scenario were playing at the back of his mind simultaneously. Did Daiichi go to bed early and forgot to close the sliding door? Did he go out to play and haven't even gotten home yet? What if somebody broke into the house from the veranda and took Daiichi away?

Kagami frantically molested the wall in search for the light switch when his hand touched something firm and bony, something warm. He didn't have the time to react to it when he saw a collection of yellow light moving in his direction from the kitchen, someone singing 'happy birthday' in a slow tune. It was Daiichi; singing as he carried the cake in his hand, slowly and cautiously in the dark, careful not to stumble over his own feet and ruin the birthday cake. The candles casted shadow on Daiichi's face and made him appeared creepy, but Kagami didn't laugh. He thought his baby was too cute.

Daiichi stopped 2 steps short from Kagami and looked up to him. "Dad, happy birthday."

"You're the sweetest," Kagami got on his knee, grabbed the back of Daiichi's neck and rubbed their temples together, a huge smile stretching on his face. "Thank you baby."

"Dad, what did I say about calling me baby! Ahh, doesn't matter. Quick dad, the candles are melting, hurry and make a wish!"

"Do I have to? I'm too old for this."

"It's a must!"

Daiichi didn't see it, but Kagami rolled his eyes with half-hearted annoyance and blew the candles with a wish in his mind. The same one he had every year, an unattainable one. Yet he wished anyway, because it was just a wish.

It was dark again and Kagami could feel a peck on his cheek and a whisper in his ear. "I've got you the best birthday present in the whole wide world, dad."

He grinned and got up on his feet. Kagami doubt that it would ever happen because both best gifts in his life was in front of him and was no longer standing next to him at the same time. But he wouldn't tell the boy, he didn't want to ruin the surprise. Kagami squinted at the sudden influx of brightness to his vision, assaulting the receptors in his eyes as somebody switched on the light. Kagami turned to look at the switch, at the person whom his or her hand he had touched when he was in panic earlier, the person Daiichi could have invited to celebrate his birthday together. His best guess was Himuro; he was Daiichi's favourite uncle after all. But nobody was there. He turned to look at Daiichi and he was gone too.

In a flash, Kagami could feel strong arms coiling around his waist, a warm presence was standing behind his back with no room to spare in between. He could feel the person's breath falling against the skin of his neck, planting butterfly kisses along the prominent muscle of sternocleidomastoid. A raspy voice so thick with emotion rung in his ears, a voice he heard ever so often in his dreams lately that was far too painful to process.

"Happy birthday, Bakagami."

Kagami was frozen in shock. He could not comprehend this. This was all too familiar. This was all too distant. This was all too good to be true.

"This is a dream," was all Kagami managed to stutter after pausing for a long time.

The arms slid away and Kagami eyes fell on the floor unsure, the sudden lack of contact left him cold. Then there he was, standing in front of Kagami; looking ever so handsome and confident with dignified air and arrogance, the way Kagami had always remembered him. He didn't appear like he aged even a day. The man who was supposed to be dead was standing in front of him. Aomine ran his thumb over Kagami's cheek with intent gaze; unbroken, hopeful. He lightly pinched the redhead's cheek and grinned.

"Painful, isn't it? So no, this is not a dream, Taiga," said Aomine softly as he ran over the area he pinched with his thumb. "I'm home."

It was too much to process. It was too silent and Kagami could hear the blood pulsing through the veins in his ears. Kagami's brain was strained with all sorts of questions that were beyond his thinking capacity his knuckles turned white from fisting it too tight. What happened, who made it happen, how did it happen, is it even possible, was Aomine playing a bad joke on him for so many years –

But none of it got past his throat. Instead, Kagami's fist flew, a punch landed square on Aomine's face and it had thrown him off his feet. He knew he wasn't done. Kagami grabbed him by the shirt, straddled him, punching him again and again and again until his hand hurt, red and sore, the knuckle bleed. All his bottled up emotion spilled over. The Pandora box was opened and everything was unleashed. Yet Aomine was calm at the receiving end; never spoke a word, not a twitch of muscle to retaliate, not at all battered from the beating. He waited till Kagami was done. And when Kagami finally did, he sat up; he took Kagami's bruised knuckle and kissed it. Gently, slowly, of every nook and cranny, not missing any part on the back of Kagami's palm. He looked up, looked into Kagami's eyes that were glistened with tears threatening to fall.

"If you think this is funny, you are – "

"I'm sorry, Taiga," whispered Aomine low as he enveloped his arms around the other male's shoulder that was violently shaking, trying hard to hold all his emotions in. "I screwed up big time."

It failed; all hell broke loose the second Kagami tucked his face on the crook of Aomine's neck. He managed to spout 'bastard' as his arms wrapped around Aomine's body just as tight, tears streamed down his cheek, clinging on every fibre of his being Kagami missed so much he thought he could die. He breathed him in, soaking in the warmth of Aomine's touch, cherishing every passing moment of having Aomine back in his arms, of this unbelievable occurrence. Kagami could feel the hollowness of where his heart used to be was filled again. Aomine pressed a fierce kiss on his temple and Kagami felt like he was made whole again. He didn't know how long they stayed that way until his sobbed died down. Another familiar voice broke the silence.

"Dad, papa….can I come out now?" Daiichi asked hesitantly from behind the couch, standing there and was covering his eyes with his hands. "And can I open my eyes now papa?"

Aomine grinned and told him it was okay to come out. Daiichi's eyes were red too. He then ran the rest of the way to reach for his precious fathers, embracing them both too tight.


"So you are saying that you are back for the day because Daiichi wished for it?"

"Uh huh," Aomine grunted as he took a huge bite of the burger in his hand.

"And you've been here all day but only Daiichi could see you?"

He nodded, munching non-stop.

"And I'm seeing you right now because Kuroko said ghost has higher chance of being spotted during full moon?"

Aomine shook his head with a frown, only half sure of his answer.

"Are you sure you aren't practicing some sort of black magic, Daiichi?"

Like father like son, both of them shrugged at the same time.

Kagami alternated his glance from Aomine to Daiichi sitting next to each other on the dining table; both were too engrossed in putting the burgers in their hand in their belly. They were probably tired and hungry from running around to make the celebration a success; with cake and a little decoration here and there. They did it. It was a major success. He had been sitting there listening to the whole thing and none of it made sense. Who would have thought his son could bring his dead husband back to life? But he did, and Aomine was there with them. With the same shade of blue locks and arrogant smile, Aomine and Daiichi appeared far too similar it physically hurt for Kagami to look at. He picked up one of the burgers towering on the table and ate it too.

"Don't they have food in heaven, Daiki? Did you miss teriyaki burger so muc….wait, this isn't teriyaki," his words faltered, his sight fell upon the different flavoured burger in his hand. "This is cheeseburger."

"I don't remember you being crazy about teriyaki, so I bought what you always ordered."

Kagami paused before he could manage an 'oh.' He wore a sad smile on his face.

"Dad, papa, let's play basketball after we're done eating!" exclaimed Daiichi in excitement to break up the tension, scrunching up the burger wrapping paper and reached out for a slice of cake on the platter. "I've always wanted to beat papa. I'm confident I can do it. I've been studying papa's videos for a long time."

"Hey kid, don't get cocky," Aomine rolled his eyes to meet with the smaller blue orbs and had his signature feral smirk on his face; the one Kagami was drawn to, the one Kagami wanted to land a kick on. "The only one who can beat me is me."

Kagami threw his head back laughing; he never knew how much he missed listening to that lame catchphrase until he heard it again. It was ironically funny how he never realized how funny it was until now.

"Ahomine, that's super lame," said Kagami in between his wheezing laughter while clapping his hands like a retarded seal. Aomine and Daiichi just looked at each other before giving him a bewildered look. Once he had calmed down enough to just snort at Aomine's words, he continued. "Daiichi, lets beat his sorry ass up for acting so high and mighty."


Daiichi was falling asleep helplessly on Aomine's shoulder as he carried the boy on his back. Gone was the sound of the little boy protesting he still had the energy to walk with his parents, even wanting to race their way home just to prove he wasn't all that drained. But he couldn't get Aomine to let him down though, and soon enough, he was rubbing his eyes out. Before they knew it, Daiichi was hugging Aomine's neck , wrapping his legs around his body and landed his head on Aomine's shoulder.

Aomine had his pace in sync with Kagami as they walked through the dark lane, illuminated by the streetlight and the moon, gleaming beautifully high up on the starry sky. Kagami was thankful for the clear night sky tonight, or he wouldn't have been able to feel how he felt right now – blessed, thankful, fortunate. He ruffled Daiichi's hair and smiled to himself.

"You're getting rusty at basketball, Taiga," said Aomine, breaking the comfortable silence between them.

Kagami scowled. "Oh shut up, Daiki. It has been seven years. And you forgot that I aged, unlike you."

Aomine chuckled. "But this kid. Daiichi. He has potential. Who taught him to shoot like that?"

"He almost broke the tapes of your games for watching it for god knows how many times," Kagami recalled the time had to confiscate and hid it because Daiichi refused to do his homework; he was too engrossed in basketball and learning to perfect his moves and passes. Daiichi bawled his eyes out, ran away to crash there for days at Himuro's house. Kagami had to be the one to apologize first, and he had to make a deal before the kid agreed to come home with him. Now Daiichi had to show his completed homework before Kagami hand him the tapes.

"He's good at basketball."

"He's your son."

"Ours," Aomine fixed his gaze with strong conviction on Kagami's red orbs. "He's our son."

Kagami startled. He snapped himself out of his trance and ran his fingers through his hair, smiling at Aomine. "I'm sorry. He is, isn't he?"

Street style basketball combined with power jump at his age, Daiichi was truly ahead of his pack. Soon, when puberty hit and his growth spurt accelerate, he'd be able to dunk his way to victory. By then he would be unstoppable. Kagami wonder if Daiichi would end up like Aomine in his years in Teikou, wonder if there was somebody strong enough to get his head out of the cloud and bring him back down to earth like he did to Aomine years ago. There were so many years ahead for the young Aomine. And it was something worth living for to Kagami.

They had a lot to talk about, so many things to ask, and overabundance of feelings to be expressed. Yet Aomine and Kagami chose to walk in silence. Their arms brushed against each other on occasion and it was like a buzz of electricity on Kagami's skin. After a while, Aomine had enough of the accidental contact and went ahead and grabbed Kagami's hand to have their fingers interlaced. Kagami could feel his face heated up. It was back to year they first started going out together, after they realized their relationship was more than just fuck buddy. He tightened his grip on Aomine's hand hey kept it that way until they reached home.


Kagami stood in the doorway as he watched Aomine tucked Daiichi in his bed. The boy hardly reacted to it; slumber land was pulling him down hard. Aomine pressed a kiss on Daiichi's forehead and Kagami couldn't help but thought it was too good to be true, as though he was watching things off his wildest dream since Aomine was gone. Kagami was tired handling the surge of emotions since Aomine's sudden appearance. He was afraid of the possible ending to this miraculous tale. He didn't want to think about it. He didn't want to see Aomine off. He sauntered off to his bedroom; their bedroom, to have a peace of mind.

He couldn't have walked more than five steps when he heard the door behind him being locked; Aomine leaning against it, the glint in his eyes narrow and dangerous under the dim yellow light. A thought didn't even have the time to flash in Kagami's mind. A fraction of seconds later he was standing right in front of Kagami, locking their lips in haste, pushing him in the direction of the bed. It was animalistic – how Aomine hungrily devoured him, explored him, and conquered him, sucking his soul and senses away. Yet somehow the touch of Aomine's finger on his face, as it ran through his damp hair, down the length of his spine was gentle and compassionate; packed with emotion that could never be translated into words. They were reunited with the only way they knew best, the way it all began. Never mind the fact that Kagami hadn't been touched in such way for years. His body reacted to Aomine as though it was programmed to do so, as though it was his second nature. With Aomine inside of him and filling him with every way possible, Kagami felt complete.

Kagami was alive again.

They didn't dare to keep track of the time. Kagami kept his arms wrapped around Aomine, clinging on everything he could in this indeterminate amount of time he had left with Aomine.

"Taiga. I'm sorry for – "

"Shh." Kagami reached up for a kiss to shut him up. "I don't want to hear it."

"But –"

"Stay with me until I fall asleep."

Aomine swallowed hard as he clutched Kagami's arm tighter, planting one last kiss on his lips.


When the sun was beginning to spill over and light up the sky, Kagami lay awake, staring at the ceiling, alone in his bed. Minutes turned to hours and it was time to go to work, but he couldn't get himself to move a muscle. Kagami wasn't sure how he fell asleep. He wasn't sure what woke him up. But he was sure of one thing – Aomine was there with him. With tears pricking his eyes, Kagami seized the crumpled bed sheet and inhaled the scent Aomine had left behind. It was faint. But it was enough. Kagami had the memories of last night burned into his mind forever, and it was enough to last him the remaining lifetime he had left. Aomine was alive inside of him. It was all that mattered. It was okay for him to leave.

I'll see you again soon, Ahomine.



A/N : Honestly speaking, I had a hard time summing up enough courage to finish this fic. It has an OC, and it is different than Aokaga usual genre so I felt insecure writing it. But I'm glad I finished it, because it kinda rekindled my feelings for this couple. They're just so beautiful together I'm helplessly in love with them.