"That Man Plays Me Like A Game"

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Song: That Man – Caro Emerald (great song)

"My baby fits the description
And does it easily

A little Gable, some Astaire
When he dances I can hardly breathe"
I placed a palm on my chest and trailed it across my collarbone before letting my fingers slide down my side. The silver sequins decorating the sleek black dress lightly prickling my skin with the path my fingers took.

Glancing back at the drummer – Leroy, I winked and grabbed the microphone and lowered my gaze as I breathed the next words, "Someone call a doctor
Need some help to rescue me
One second I'm thinkin' I must be lost
And he keeps on findin' me…"
when drawing out the last line, I lifted my hands up and rested it back onto the cold metal when the chorus hit.

"Ooh that man is like a flame
And ooh that man plays me like a game
My only sin is I can't win
Ooh I wanna love that man"
I sang happily, dancing across the stage and revelling in the cheers of the audience. They bodies moving along with the music and I could smell the perspiration trickling down their skin, across the veins. I could hear how their hearts beat wildly, this then intensified the different aromas – each distinct and had their own unique flavour.

Oh how I loved fast paced songs.

"Ooh that man is on my list
And ooh that man I wanna kiss
My only sin is I can't win
Ooh I wanna love that man"

Like a drug addict, I inhaled the sweet scent, moistening my bottom lip. The air was now thick with the sweet and tangy fragrances that I could practically feel them tease my tongue. It was so overwhelming that I subconsciously thrashed my head wildly with anticipation.

"Once more" I yelled excitedly as I continued hopping around the stage, my heels leaving behind a quite tap on the wooden stage.

I could feel the music ripple through my veins and flow through every fibre of my being; starting from my toes and all the way up to the tips of my wavy tresses. Adrenaline was coursing, not only through my veins but also the people crowding the bar.

"Ooh that man is like a flame
And ooh that man plays me like a game
My only sin is I can't win
Ooh I wanna love that man"

The exhilaration was only heightened when Leroy exerted more force into his drumming. Each hit echoing through the room and surrounding the room with the thudding beats that beat against my ear drum.

As they began to sing along, it felt like every person's breath tingling against me, jolting the familiar predatory eagerness. My muscles coiled with my zeal and vehemence; the hairs at the back of my neck stood up as their breaths caressed my exposed skin; my nerves grew erratic as the drummer built on the tension right before ending the song.

"Ooh that man is on my list
And ooh that man I wanna kiss
My only sin is I can't win
Ooh I wanna love that man

Ooh I wanna love that MAN!"

My head fell down with the last beat of the drum and I kept it bowed for a few seconds, simply enjoying the loud roars, cheers and applause from the crowd.

I craved the adrenaline that rushed through because it only made me enjoy the hunt more.

When I looked back up, the cheers only grew louder so I grinned and waved, setting the microphone back in place. I then, flashed the audience another pleased grin, blew them a kiss to rile them up some more before walking towards Leroy to give him a hug.

All for show, of course.

"You my dear, are going places" he smiled at me, happily returning the embrace.

When moving back, I gently hit his arm, still wearing the idiotic grin, "I could say the same thing" I replied, wiggling my eyebrows at him. "I'm gonna go get a drink"

Before I could walk away, he gently held my arm and I allowed him to pull me back. "Have Martha send me a sidecar" he pleaded, "Extra cognac"

I nodded in acceptance, "Sure thing"

I walked through the sea of people, feeling hungry eyes follow my path but for some strange reason, I could sense a more piercing gaze burning onto my back. The heavy gaze continued to follow my every step and I felt a chill tremble through my spine with the intensity behind it.

Knowing this, I raised my head and patted down my hair, out of nervousness but also wanting to look presentable for the person watching.

When I neared the bar, I rested my hands on the counter and leaned in, "Martha?" I called out and watched in amusement as the short, red-head waitress whipped her head around in question so I answered, "Leroy wants the usual". The simple mention of his name, made her eyes sparkling and had her giggling like a school girl and instantly jumping to the task in a hasty rush to get back to her crush.

I sat back onto the stool and swivelled around to face the customers but my sight was met with a black unbuttoned waistcoat on top of a white dress shirt which clung onto a toned body with an athletic build. The person wasn't wearing a tuxedo jacket so I could see the taut muscles underneath.

Trapping my bottom lip between my teeth, I fought back a moan when I looked up at the ample, firm but soft-looking lips that were lifted in a sensual smirk.

Needing to grasp onto some control, I quickly darted up to his perfectly rounded button nose. I then looked up to the short chestnut locks with cinnamon highlights that were slightly gelled up in a slicked back hairstyle, although there were a few loose straps that fell down to his forehead.

When finally meeting his eyes, I couldn't help the gasp that rippled through my trembling lips as I caught the dark hazel orbs with honeyed wisps that brightened when we locked eyes.

I continued to explore his beauty, taking in his sharp defined jawline. However, his pale features were boyish, appearing to be in his early twenties.

As I felt myself satiated with my sense of sight, I gave into my sense of smell, drinking in the musky intoxicating scent. It seemed hinted with a woodsy and almost a bittersweet hint to it.


"Hello, there" he finally spoke.

It took a second for me to answer as I momentarily distracted with the way his lips moved or how the tip of his tongue teased his bottom lip when he said 'there'; or how he would roll his tongue when pronouncing hhis 'l's' as he drawled out his greeting.

To make matters worse, he had the sexiest European accent that I had ever heard. His voice was low, compelling and seductive. It was thick and heavily dripping with his English brogue, layered within each syllable that he voiced and I just wanted to keep him talking.

"Hi" I responded, not able to form any other words as I was still somewhat absent-minded.

He placed a hand on the counter by my side and leaned in slightly, making my breath hitch and my muscles tighten as I fought against arching my back to him.

I didn't like how I seemed to be losing control over myself.

"May I buy you a drink?" he offered with a knowing smile playing on his lips as he looked down at me.

I gulped and forced myself to fall back onto the edge behind me and then crossed my legs, wanting to regain the composure that I had lost. "Depends on your intentions" I peeked up at him from under my eyelashes, wearing a small and sly smirk.

He moved back and feigned innocence when placing a hand to his chest as he answered, "Honourable, of course"

It was my turn to tease him as I leaned in to him, "Wrong answer" I breathed.

In response to my teasing words, he tilted his head slightly with both amusement and wonder conflicted in his dark stare that searched through mine.

Satisfied that I had rendered him speechless, I offered my hand and gently murmured, "Isabella"

"Pleasure is all mine" he replied after a beat of silence. "My name is-"

"Kol Mikaelson" I interrupted when it dawned onto me that I had seen him before – well a picture of him. "Heard about you" I added when I read the confusion writing itself onto his wry grimace. "Literally painting the town red in Europe" I joked with a smirk as I thought back to all the drained bodies that he had left behind.

I could recall the stories of the wild, ruthless and reckless vampire that slaughtered households within seconds. The young Original vampire that lived vicariously through blood and sex (which I heard was pretty good too).

Understanding flooded him as he realised that I was like him. This only seemed to excite him further because he closed in another inch between us, wearing devilish grin and mischief reigning in his hooded orbs, "Impressed?"

"Very much" I nodded, "Though it was a little selfish of you" my frown was mirrored so I hastily explained. "Your bloodlust made it difficult for the rest of us to remain inconspicuous"

"Well I apologise" his grin contradicted his words so I rolled my eyes. He watched me for a while as if he was trying to read me but then after silent deliberation, a decision set itself in his mind as he spoke, "Maybe a drink can make up for it" he arched an eyebrow.

I shrugged indifferently, "Maybe"

"What would you like?" he picked up one of the menus that was discarded on the counter, "Champagne? Martini? Scotch?"

As he continued to list what was on the menu, an idea popped into my head and seeing as I was feeling pretty confident, I voiced it, "What I want is not on the menu…"

"Oh really?" he hitched an eyebrow and I could see the ideas that now entered his mind.

I moved my eyes away from him and looked into the corner at the group of girls, huddled together. "I want the one in blue with the flower in her hair" I nodded towards them and licked my lips. Just thinking about sinking my sensitive incisors, into her soft creamy skin as I pulled in every single drop, brought me great euphoria.

He followed my line of sight and when he understood, his gleaming eyes glazed when he nodded in consent. "As you wish"

The hunt just became a lot more interesting.

I watched as he sauntered over to the girls, all of them instantly falling under the spell he put them in with his smooth talk and his charms. I was sure that none of them didn't stand a chance, the second he opened his mouth.

His tactics were impressive.

Slow calculated movements to calm and entice them; small smile to appease them which may occasionally stretch into a slight grin; keeping close so that the scent would hook them in. Deliberate brushes of his fingers gently sweeping across the heated skin, piquing their interest but also leaving them insatiable.

I watched as he offered the young girl in blue a compliment and she giggled shyly but felt proud to be the centre of his attention.

It was the victorious feeling that led her into accepting his hand and allowing him to escort her towards me.

I hopped off the stool and approached them. "She is even prettier than I thought" I purred, trailing my fingers down her strawberry blonde curls. Her wide blue eyes grew frantic as they hastily darted around the surroundings, growing anxious by the minute.

"Isn't she?" Kol smirked with a wicked glint playing in his darkened eyes.

Someone was feeling playful…

His own elation only intensified mine as I continued to calm the girl who now grew jittery and apprehensive with my presence. "What's your name, darling?" I whispered softly.

"E-Elizabeth" she stuttered, nervously glancing towards Kol for assurance.

I smiled warmly and sweetened my tone further. "Such a sweet name" my tone lowered as I stroked down her cheek and down her neck, feeling the pulse underneath her skin only tempt me further. I leaned in and breathed in the smell of apples, apricots and something else sweet. "You smell delicious" I murmured subconsciously and opened my eyes to look at Kol, "What is that?" I questioned.

He leaned in and smiled once he drew in his own breath, "Hard to tell…"

She trembled at the sound of his voice and took a small step away from us, "I-I sh-should get back with my f-friends" she stammered with the fear now defined.

"Oh please, join us for a drink…" Kol stroked up her arm and used the other hand to gesture towards a booth situated within the darkness but huddled under a burgundy glow. "I would really like to get to know you better" his words seemed to be calming her down.

We both swooned at the sound of his smooth tones and I wasn't surprised when she gave into him and meekly nodded, following us towards the unoccupied table.

Once we were hidden within the shadows, both our hungers grew tangible in the atmosphere and the darkness seemed to intensify the lust.

"I can't wait any longer" my breathed words were released in a barely audible whisper.

He met my eyes and nodded in agreement, "Me neither". Then he whipped his head towards the girl and murmured, "Don't scream" he ordered and she sank into the chair, unwinding her whole form as she gave into the inevitable fate that we would bring to her.

Her compliance had our fangs retracting and I whirled down to push the hair out the way so I could end the prolonged wait and it was almost as good as I had thought it would be.

The blood was thick, warm, sweet and it felt like silk when each drop rolled down my tongue and fluidly descended down my throat.

It had been a while since my last feed and the moans and pleasured groans were involuntary. However, they subdued when I heard the low chuckle and moans were the subdued when I looked up to Kol's hungered gaze.

I drew back, giving into the buried want that gnawed at me as I leaned across the limp body beneath us and took hold of his collar to draw him into a kiss.

The second my lips were perfectly moulded with his, he let go of his inhibitions and poured his hunger and passion into the kiss, licking and tasting every part of my mouth. A desperation underlined with how he cradled the back of my head and pulled me in, fiercely moving the soft lips against mine.

When we parted, releasing the kiss, he leaned his forehead onto mine, breathing heavily as he gasped, "I knew you were trouble, the moment I set my eyes on you"

"Double the trouble, twice the fun" I winked.

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