Chapter One

She's built up a tolerance for annoying occurrences over the years—with a team like the High Five, you really have to—but Kid Flash manages to push her buttons in ways no one has before. Especially with his dumb roses that she can't seem to throw away. And his cheeky grin and blue eyes and the lightning bolts.

She's been coloring her sketchbook red and yellow and has hexed any member of her team that even thinks about stepping within a five feet radius of the thing.

Imagine how she reacts when she walks into her room and finds the speedster himself sitting on her bed and reaching for the offending sketchbook. Eyes wide with surprise, she immediately shoots one of her stronger hexes at his hand. His hand shot back, cradled into his chest, and he looked up at her with shocked blue eyes that told her that he obviously hadn't expected to be caught in the act.

She smirked, folding her arms over her chest, "Never again, Flash. Not after last time."

She quickly closed the door to her room, locking it so that no one barges in to find her all chummy with Kid Flash. He pretended like he didn't even notice and propped his feet up on her bed in complete ease. It made her eye twitch.

"Just a little peek, Jinx," He whined, smiling widely, "I want to know if you're still drawing unicorns or if you've moved on to more intimidating mythological creatures."

She scowled at him, the tips of her fingers sparking with pink energy. He usually showed up during fights. And sometimes not even then. She had to be literally facing death; only then would he swoop in and save the day. She had just finished eating breakfast. Hardly a deadly activity. Quite the contrary, actually.

She decided to voice her thoughts out loud.

"What are you doing here?"

He shrugged, "I thought we could hang out."

If she had eyebrows, one would be raised, "Hang out?" She sounded so incredulous that he may as well have been asking her if she wanted to join him on his quest to Narnia. He only nodded, quite enthusiastically if she might add. He looked absolutely ridiculous. "Why would you ever want to hang out with one of the bad guys?"

"Probably for the same reason you haven't called any of your super-zeroes in here to try and catch me."

She decided she would ignore the 'super-zeroes' jibe. For now. She, however, could not ignore the way he blatantly took reign of this whole situation. That was her job, and no one out did her in that field. Not even spandex-wearing heroes. Speaking of which, this one looked way too smug to be considered healthy.

As in, if he kept that smug look on his face for two more seconds she would probably throttle him. And that's probably not healthy.

It was then that he decided that she looked real cute when her eye twitched like that.

"Point taken," She muttered, hating herself more and more for allowing him the upper-hand with every passing second, "Still doesn't mean I want to hang out with you." His smirk only widened, and her eye only twitched a thousand times faster. She hexed him again, but the look never let up.

It was then that she decided to just give up before she put a lot of effort into this, and she hung out with Kid Flash.

It wasn't as weird as she thought it would be, to be honest. He busied himself with finding a movie as she quickly hid her sketchbook somewhere he would never find it. He picked out an old Batman movie, made fun of her for even owning it, and then said nothing more for the next hour and a half. She honestly didn't think it was possible for him to be so quiet for so long. She chalked it up to his hero complex. He probably looked up to the big black bat.

At the end of it, they were sprawled across her bed discussing the movie intently.

"Who was your favorite character, Jinxie?"

She glared at him for the nickname but answered nonetheless, "Catwoman. Duh."

"Aww, you didn't think Penguin was cute?"

She shot him a disgusted look that said everything words couldn't.

"I liked Catwoman too, actually. She reminds me of another thief I know. 'Cept minus the whip." Jinx rolled her eyes, shoving his shoulder roughly. He winced, rubbing it gingerly. He figured this topic was giving him too much physical abuse and so decided to change it, "How do you think Bats feels about Hollywood trying to make movies about him?"

"He probably can't stand it, which is why I fervently believe that Tim Burton is really the Joker in disguise. His movies are honestly creepy enough."

"That's an interesting theory," He said, rubbing his chin in thought, "And you're probably right. That's the scary part about it."

"Of course I am. I'm always right. You only now realizing this?"

He shook his head, "It may seem like I'm disagreeing with you a lot of the time, but really I just like to push your buttons." And, oh, did he push them, "Really, I do think a lot of what your saying is logical and witty. However, there is one thing I disagree with you on . . ."

Oh no. Here comes his little 'good is better than evil' rant.

He smirked deviously.

It was obvious that he wanted her to force the answer out of him. She gulped, hoping beyond hope that she wouldn't regret this. She asked hesitantly, "Which is?"

He pulled something from behind his back, "The fact that you thought you could hide this from me." Her eyes widened in horror at what he held. Her sketchbook. Her sketchbook that was covered in lightning bolts and scenes with red and yellow blurs and roses.

She hid it in the first place someone would think to look. With her art supplies. She figured that he wouldn't be stupid enough to actually look there. It was this day that she decided that she should never underestimate stupidity. Especially Kid Flash's level of stupidity.

This would happen to her.

"Kid Flash," She began threateningly, "If you so much as crack that sketchbook open even a centimeter, I will kill you." She was completely serious.

"I'm going to die one day anyways," His eyes were full of laughter, "But what a way to go! You're really doing a fantastic job of convincing me here." He propped the book up on his lap, holding a hand out as she lunged to get to it. His arm wasn't budging, his hand was on her face, she was this close to touching her sketchbook, and her hair fell out of their ponytails in the process.

This was so humiliating.

She was practically desperate at this point. The first thing that could ever even remotely work flew from her mouth like vomit, "I'll never hang out with you ever again, Flash. I can promise you that!"

And just like that, his hand flew away from her face (leaving a Flash handprint in its wake), and the sketchbook was returned neatly to her lap. She hugged it to her chest, her heart beating wildly. That was too close of a call. Way too close. When she looked up she saw scared eyes that looked horrified at the prospect she had just put forth.

A split second later, his smile was back and it was as annoying as ever.

"So," He began easily, "Because I returned it to you so readily . . . that means we can hang out some more?"

The first thing to come to her mind was that she had just royally screwed herself over. To be truthful, she almost liked hanging out with Flash. But he probably interpreted this as him being welcome any time he well pleases. That idea didn't fly so well with her. Her mind was suddenly overwhelmed with scenes of him barging in unannounced when she was changing, or when she was cuddling with Mr. Teddy, or—she gulped—when she was fondling pages in her sketchbook.

This was a delicate situation, and she didn't really know what to say. So why not just say the first thing that comes to mind?


He jumped up from the bed, flailing his arms around in what she assumed was a dance. She thought that he just kind of looked like an idiot when he did that. But he looked smug again and that was more than enough to annoy her to wit's end. Her eye began to twitch again.

How dare he victory dance at her expense!

She hexed him, and he fell over with a yelp.

Who's the smug one now, Flash?

The goofy grin on his face as he ate carpet told her that, perhaps, he still was.

His communicator started beeping at the same time she heard Gizmo calling her name from down the hall. He stood up, snatched it from his belt quickly, opened it briefly, and immediately put it back. He was in complete hero-mode when just a second ago he had tripped over himself and face-planted into the carpet of a villain's bedroom.

"I better go," He said, grabbing her hand and kissing it, "Duty calls."

She blushed.


He straightened, sent her a salute, and then proceeded to vibrate his molecules through her wall. Not even a second later, Gizmo was pounding on her door.

"Jinx?" He asked, "You've been in there all day long. Get off your lazy crud-munchin' butt. It's time for crime!"

Man, did she hate that rhyme.

She contemplated that for a moment, and then face-palmed.

She felt a breeze brush through her hair, saw a blur of red and yellow, and just like that it was gone. She wouldn't have been surprised if she had hallucinated the whole thing if it weren't for the rose lying on her pillow like it's been there all along.

"Just give me a minute," She called. She picked up the rose, brought it to her nose, got a good whiff, and then hid it in her dresser along with the rest of them. She fixed her hair in record time, and then opened the door and followed Gizmo down the halls until they reached the living room where the others were waiting for them.

She was in complete villain mode when just a second ago she had been treasuring a rose given to her by a hero.

Hell was freezing over. She could feel it.

-End of chapter one.

And by that I guess I mean that there are going to be more chapters. Because I had originally planned this to be a one-shot. You know. Flash and Jinx just hanging out and it's pointless and completely fluffy. But then I thought of all the possibilities. Plus, I like this a lot more than my other Kid Flash/Jinx story. If you guys have read that, then sorry. I'm probably going to be focusing a lot more on this one just because I actually feel like I can go somewhere with this. But I'm still going to try to update Good Luck With That only because, even after not getting into it that much after like a year, I still feel like it has so much potential. You guys picking up what I'm putting down?

I'm starting to dig third-person point of views. So much more room to expand. I've only ever done first persons. I kind of suck at first persons. What is wrong with me. You guys probably aren't even reading this. If you are reading this, you're cooler than I am. I never read these. And yet when I write these, they're novels.

So give me some feedback. Heaven knows that I need it. I'm a bit rusty because I haven't been writing as much lately. But then again, it's been a year. I would hope that maybe, after a year of creative writing, I would be a little better.

You guys complete me.