Here is the first chapter of the Kane Chronicles lemons! Yay! Here is a pair that NO ONE has done before: Anubis x Bast!

When a cat is in heat, they need to mate…. And fast, too. When you're the cat goddess and you are in heat, you need to mate even more fast. Or else, some other god will rape you. Gods are always virgins, so it's always exciting for them to have some fun.

Bast, the cat goddess, was looking for Anubis. She had never mated with him before, and she was excited to try him out. She turned the corner, and there he was, in his ancient Egyptian form; with the body of a man, and the head of a jackal. Bast quickly made sure she was naked, and then stalked up to him.

"Lord Anubis," she purred seductively. "I need some help,"

Anubis stared at her, drooling, and immediately turned naked himself, his dick fully erect.

"I would love to help you," he rumbled. Anubis knelt and pushed Bast to the ground. He buried his nose in her pussy, and licked and sucked it, sticking his tongue or a finger in every once a while. Bast moaned and bucked her hips as she played with Anubis's cock. It was super thick, lick any gods' but it was also barbed, like a dog's. it would tear her human-like god pussy up so much! Bast was very excited, and cummed at the thought of the funeral god's dick inside of her. Anubis cummed too, and made sure Bast was on her hands and knees before ramming his penis inside of her.

Anubis's penis was 9 ½ inches long and 3 inches thick. Bast screamed in pleasure as Anubis's barbs tore up her walls. Anubis hit her sweet spot again and again, and Bast moaned. Anubis's cock changed into a human's, but it was still the same length. Bast changed into a cat, the fun became even more intense. Bast was a small cat, and Anubis's dick stretched her pussy very far.

With a grunt, Anubis shot loads of cum into Bast, and the juices overflowed. Anubis had to give a few more thrusts before Bast cummed too.

Anubis didn't pull out of her, but magically extended his penis thrust in and out of Bast so forcefully that it completely ripped apart Bast's sweet spot and rammed against her womb. Bast screamed in pain as golden godly blood seeped out. Anubis used his magic to tighten Bast's core, and continued to pound into her. He cummed again, just as Bast was starting to buck back, and pulled out.

Bast gave Anubis the blowjob of his life, and made sure it was covered with his own cum AND her cum before padding away…

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