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And so the prophesized one will rise again, chosen to fight alongside those who battle for their world. He will grow in power, but he will struggle with his mind, fighting the lure of the madness within himself. He will find his chosen, but he will be lost along the way, falling to that which he must stop. The world will burn, and from the ashes it will rise anew…And so the prophesized one will rise again, chosen to fight alongside his beloveds.

Black ink coiled around pale skin, carving runes into flesh for all eternity. A prophesy had been made, and so it was that a young man was thrown the weight of the world once more. Thousands of people slept in their homes, their peace unbroken by the chaos about to descend. Children dreamt of sugar and candy, nightmares were dispersed by cooing parents, lovers met in nights of passion, and below the earth demons screamed.




Xener's cloudy eyes flashed as he spun away from his consort, his hands clenched behind his back. "You have found him then?" He spat, hands flexing as he silently cursed his eyes. Kristai was curled into her brother's form, shaking slightly as a single tear rolled down her cheek. Her master was so broken.

"Yes Master. I was scrying over the Oόrdinaίres realm when a flare of magic lit up the orb. It was so bright master! He was so pure, despite the taint in his mind." Kristai's voice took on a dreamy quality as she shivered in Kinai's arms. "He is located on a planet above one of the newer providences in Hell. His planet is so young, so fresh..." Kristai trailed off as Xener spun around, pulling her into harsh kiss.

"Thank you my sweet." He crooned, caressing her cheek. "You have done well." Without any further ado, the cursed demon spun on his heel and stalked confidently from the throne room. "Ready a battalion, Leon!" He ordered, snapping his thin fingers as he shouted. "We will be leaving for Providence 546 tomorrow!"

Kinai pressed a gentle kiss to his sister's forehead. "Don't worry love, Master is not too broken to fix. Not yet."




Harry thrashed in the hospital ward, his back arching as a pained scream fled his throat.

And so the prophesized one will rise again, chosen to fight alongside those who battle for their world….. The words were burningburningburning! Groaning, the vampire shook his head, desperate to dislodge the words.

NO! I will not be subject to another prophesy, I won't, I refuse—A loud scream erupted in the hospital ward as several nurses and doctor's rushed from their stations. Bruce Banner followed warily, having dropped in for his monthly check in. Furry had discovered that his blood changed minutely every few months or so due to the radiation, and the director had wanted to monitor the changes in case they became harmful. Following the rush of medical personnel, Bruce was stunned by the sight before him.

A young man lay on one of the hospital bed, his limbs chained down as he thrashed. Black ink was spreading across his body, new lines appearing before his very eyes. Stepping closer as several nurses rushed in to subdue the young patient. The scientist shivered as something washed over his skin. The other guy stirred within him, rumbling at the feeling.

He hurt. He like Hulk. Two minds, one body. Bruce help. Shivering at the ominous air to Hulk's words, Bruce took a cautious step closer, wincing when the young man arched clear off the bed another scream tearing through the room.

"We need to sedate him now! He could reinjure himself if you don't move Pearson!" One nurse shouted. A man in his early thirties sent her a glare.

"I'm trying Linda, but his blood is diffusing the sedatives, they're not working!"

"Then give him another dose! Hurry!" Linda threw herself over the young man when he started to arch again, only to be thrown off as his body bucked. The black ink was searing itself into the man's neck, winding its way up his jaw. Bruce shuddered as Hulk gave him a mental shove. Bruce help! Clenching his jaw, the scientist stepped forward, unsure of what to do. The man's thrashing was growing more violent as his hand's wavered over the inked skin.

How do I help him, what do I—Bruce gave a shout that quickly morphed into a roar. The nurses screamed and scrambled back as the doctor shuddered, his body shifting. Muscles rippled beneath his flesh, growing larger as he crouched over. His skin blushed green, rapidly growing stronger in color as one nurse pressed an emergency alarm, hoping back up would arrive quickly.

Hulk roared, his cry mingling with the screams of the patient. Grabbing the bed, the mutant ripped the bars apart, easily breaking the chains that had been holding the young man down. "Hulk help!" The giant swiftly freed the young man, only stopping when the patient screamed again.

Then crimson eyes flew open.




Director Fury scrubbed a hand over his face, carefully avoiding his eye patch. The few hours of sleep he had managed to attain last night hadn't been nearly enough to compensate for his insomnia this past week. Downing his coffee, Fury strode into his office, jacket flaring behind him. A stack of paperwork was mocking him from the corner of his desk, reminding the director that he had yet to add the newest addition to SHIELD archives. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Nick sat with a sigh. Grabbing his pen, the strict man settled in for a morning of signatures, when a red alert went off on his phone.

Code red in hospital ward. Repeat; code red in hospital ward. Repeat; code red—Snapping his phone shut, Fury strode out of his office, jogging towards the hospital ward as back up flooded from different corridors. Various agents were checking their guns, flipping the safety off and producing tranquilizers.

"I want Banner's cell prepped and ready!" Fury shouted, his orders bringing round another flurry of activity. Several agents broke out of the bustle, jogging towards the containment cell in their New York base. "We can't afford to let him out! Contain him, agents, contain him!" With those words, Fury and the agents burst into the hospital ward.

"Oh hell."




Shadow had seen a lot in his life. He had been known by many names, had been referred to by many titles, and had done many a terrible thing. He had been around to see the pyramid of Giza rise, each stone carried by sweating slaves toiling in the blazing sun. He had watched in awe as the Great Wall of China was constructed, his curiosity piqued by their habit of incorporating the workers' skulls in the bricks. Shadow had assisted Harriet Tubman in a variety of rescue attempts along the Underground Railroad, and had sat on the very bus Rosa Parks had made a stand in. He had been but a mere two seats behind her when the young woman had been arrested. Shadow had witnessed Martin Luther King Jr.'s death, and mourned the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and seen many a tragedy in his day.

Yes, Shadow had seen many things under many names. He had been Valequar and Rodrick, James and Jacob, Henry and Gregory, but he had only been Shadow for Harry.

Harry was unique, a host that stood out in his long history. From the beginning, Harry had been very different from previous hosts. He had fought his instincts with valor, refusing to drink upon learning of his change, and only succumbing after nearly a week without blood. The young teen had screamed, thrashed, kicked, bucked, pouted, complained, and did just about everything he could to make Shadow leave, and when he realized Shadow was a fixture, Harry had accepted him. But not his instincts. Even now, after 16 years with the brat, Shadow was still forced to do most of the feeding.

He had no problem killing somebody for their life-giving blood. Shadow had murdered when inhabiting a man in the 1800's. He had been an assassin for the CIA; he had been involved in gangs in the fifties. Shadow saw no crime in murder, not when all would die eventually. Harry, though, Harry was pure. He was innocent, as jaded as the young man was, and Shadow felt an inexplicable need to protect that innocence. This urge to protect his host was new, but then again, everything had been new with Harry.

Feelings, urges, emotions, a conscience; all were new to him, but the worst was the madness. In all his years, which was a rather large amount, Shadow had never experienced the utter loss of control that came with a lack of mates. When the madness took hold, Shadow morphed, changing into a primal being quite unlike his rather refined personality. The psychotic persona was incontrollable, an improbability Shadow had never been equipped to deal with.

Perhaps that was why he was in this particular situation. His fangs were extended, as were his claws, and bloodlust rushed through his body. He ached to feel he power rush through his veins. To feel a life end by his fingertips. To see the light die in their eyes. He needed it.

And this brute was in his way.

"You bad! Hulk SMASH!" The green monster, or perhaps giant, roared. Its eyes were filled with violent rage, chest heaving as it charged forward. Shadow smirked, his fangs glistening with poisonous venom. Launching off the ground, the vampire hissed as he dug his claws into the wall, calling on his host's magic to blast a hole in the ceiling.

"You think you can stop me? A puny little mutant like yourself? Ha! I am ancient, older than you can ever hope to be. You can't stop me runt." Crawling through the hole in the ceiling, Shadow attacked the first person he could snatch, plunging his claws into their chest to rip out their heart. The woman, for that's what she was, gurgled slightly as she went limp in his hands. Shadow attached his lips to her neck, moaning at the lush fragrance of her blood. "Mmmmm, it has been so dreadfully long since I've been allowed to play."




Harry woke up surrounded by glass walls. Blinking, he stared out of the window-like walls in horrified fascination. Blood covered one wall, and agents were scattering in every direction, as though they were running from something. Dragging his protesting muscles, Harry clambered upright stumbling slightly as he did so.

Walking up to the nearest glass wall, Harry paled as he caught sight of Agent Coulson dodging an airborne chair. "What the bloody hell is going on?!" Pounding a fist on the glass, Harry winced when a spike of pain glanced trough his head. Great, just what he needed right now.

"Ah, Harry dear, I didn't expect you to wake so soon." An oily voice that sounded eerily similar to his own echoed throughout the room.

"Who're you?" Harry growled, nearly slipping into Parseltongue in his anger.

"That's quite a good question little Fledgling. I am the psychotic little taint in your mind that craves death and destruction. I'm the piece of you that enjoys every drop of blood, the part of you that revels in the chaos of murder. I'm every piece of you that you wish didn't exist, amplified by your crazy hormones. It's wonderful, isn't it?" The voice giggled, its malicious tone disappearing as it seemed to give in to its childish glee.

"Oh Merlin!" Harry gasped his hand flying to his mouth as his stomach roiled unpleasantly.

"Merlin indeed. I do believe your little soul piece was around when Merlin lived. What do you call him...? Shadow?"

"Shut up!" Harry growled, screeching when something tugged on his magic. "What—what are you doing?"

"Oh that? That was just a little something I needed to make a point."

"Wha—" Harry gasped as he ran towards the glass walls. Outside, he could see an office wall blown to pieces, several chunks of plaster raining down on the agents. Fierce scowls covered many of their faces as various agents fired in Harry's general direction. The wizard winced, clutching his left shoulder as a fiery pain shot through the limb.

"Oh, was that supposed to hurt. Tsk, you're irritating me when I'm supposed to be having fun. Let's remedy that shall we?" Harry's screamed as he heard the sickening crack of a neck breaking. The agent currently shooting at them dropped his eyes wide and glassy with death. Resisting the urge to pound on the glass, as he was sure it resulted in the headache he currently had, Harry screamed again.

"Let them go! Please, please—NO!"Laughter echoed in the room, and Harry knew the thing was laughing as he used Harry's hands to tear a woman's head from her shoulders. Director Fury was advancing with a scowl worthy of his name upon his face. Harry squared his shoulders, calling on every ounce of magic he had. He would get this thing out of his head!

"What are you—NO!" Harry screamed clutching his head as his skull felt as if it had been ripped in half. Someone was calling his name, but the wizard didn't care as he searched the crowd for one man. Agents were streaming everywhere, some firing at him, others attempting to contain a large, vibrantly green mutant of some sort. Tearful emerald eyes locked on one cold orb, and Harry brought a shaking hand to the base of his skull, miming the firing of a gun. You promised, he mouthed. It was all he could do as the psychotic thing in his head reared up. Screaming, Harry clutched his head as his magic swirled around him, forming a vortex of his strong suit; death magic.

"Little brat! Did you think I would give up so easily? Oh no, I finally have a foothold in this twisted little head of yours, and I'm going to use it." Harry cried out as the thing possessing Shadow threw some of his magic at the walls in his head. "You're rather broken, aren't you Harry. So scared and alone. Afraid to meet your mates, but so desperate to have them. They're here you know, two very strong, very dominant males just waiting for you." Harry whimpered falling to his knees as an irrepressible ringing began in his ears, drowning out everything but the voice. "You didn't know? Oh you poor thing. Too bad you won't ever see them, dear Harry. You will forever be an unmated submissive."

"NO!" With a violent wave a magic, Harry began to chant in Arabic, his magic pulsing in time with his words.

"No! Don't you dare—" The voice went silent as Harry's spell began to take hold, twisting a cage around the poisoned portion of his psyche.

"You won't hurt them." Harry whispered. "Arίchᾆrone!" Everything seemed to slow to a standstill, and for one second, Harry caught sight of a man with a shield as he sprinted towards him, and another man in red and gold, before his world exploded.




Director Fury downed a shot of whiskey, poured a second, and swallowed it one go as well. The man groaned at the burn as he offered the bottle to an exhausted Bruce and an incredulous Tony. Steve declined politely, simply leaning against the wall watching the team. His eyes would occasionally flicker to Tony, as though he was making sure the billionaire was safe, before refocusing on the director. Clint was seated in the single available chair, while Natasha rested on the only couch in Fury's office, her broken ankle laid out across the cushions. The room was silent as the director sat heavily in his chair, running a weary hand over his face.

"That was our newest and most dangerous agent, one Harry Potter. SHIELD found him after a spike in Gamma radiation near Dead Horse Bay. He is volatile, and extraordinarily unstable." Tony snorted mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like obviously into his drink, smirking when the director glared at him. "Harry is the only known vampiric mutant, and he suffers from hormonal imbalances that cause psychotic breakdowns, such as the one you all just witnessed. This only the second of which I have personally seen the results of, however Agent Potter informed me that he suffered many of these break downs in the past."

"What hormones cause them?" Steve's voice was low, a comforting baritone to the rest of the group. Tony twitched slightly, his body leaning almost imperceptibly closer to the blonde. Natasha narrowed her eyes, her gaze darting between the two men. "If we can pinpoint what causes these break downs, perhaps we can find a way to control them, as Bruce did with Hulk." Director Fury shook his head.

"It is beyond our abilities to treat. Harry informed me that his species usually forms triad bonds through pack dynamics—"

"So Alpha/Beta/Omega." Tony cut in, much to the director's annoyance.

"Yes. Harry is an omega, a submissive in his culture, and as such his body produces large amounts of chemicals for mating and pregnancies—don't ask—which are exclusive to his species. The chemicals become unbalanced when a submissive goes without their mates after five years, resulting in 'the madness' as he called it. Harry has gone without a mate for eleven years." Several people sucked in sharp breaths, and Bruce's eyes held hints of pity in their brown depths. He knew how hard it was to be on one's own with only the company of one's mind.

"You aren't going to keep him on as an agent, are you sir? He's far too dangerous, more a liability than an asset." Fury sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as he leaned back in his chair.

"Potter has abilities that are priceless. His vampiric nature allows him to go hours without being forced to breathe, he moves at the rate Tony can fly in his suit, and has heightened senses. He is skilled in all manner of weaponry, has extensive training… Potter is a very valuable asset to the agency, if we could simply manage to work around his illness."

"With all due respect sir, that isn't a solid reason! This man managed to take out two of the floors in the building, destroy four offices and most of the hospital ward, kill 58 people, and critically injured 34 others all in the span of 20 minutes! He is a massive liability! What would happen if he were to have a breakdown during a mission? We would be fighting not only our enemies, but against a teammate as well—"

"That's enough, Natasha!" Fury roared, nearly standing from his seat. The room went silent as the assassin closed her mouth with an audible snap glaring icily at her boss. "I have been well informed of the risks by Harry himself, in fact, he personally required that I promise to either sedate him or kill him should he ever break like he did this afternoon." The director admitted quietly, his shoulders sagging as if the weight of the world rested upon them—though, if he was honest with himself, it likely did.

"That's why he looked at you, wasn't it?" Bruce murmured, staring pensively into his glass of whiskey. "You know, Hulk knew something was wrong with him when we found him convulsing in the hospital. He said Harry had two minds in one body. I didn't think anything of it, but it makes sense now. Hulk wanted to help him, and kind of took control when Harry had his break down. That thing that Harry turned into…it wasn't good, but I think he deserves a chance. Loneliness does things to people, and for Harry it's amplified. I vote for his status as an agent."

Director Fury smiled grimly. "I would as well Bruce, if not to give him a chance than simply because he scored the highest our agency has ever seen on our examination. He passed through the courses with flying colors, often going toe-to-toe with the instructors." Both Natasha's and Clint's jaws dropped in shock, while Tony raised an impressed brow.

"It doesn't matter either way." A small voice stated. All heads whipped around to stare at the dusty, bloodied form of a nurse standing in the doorway. "Agent Potter has locked himself in his mind somehow. It is impossible to touch him, as he's sealed his body in some kind of shield. We managed to work him into a CAT scan using some rope, and his brain activity is far beyond what it should be. My guess is he locked himself in with that—that thing." The nurse's voice trembled as she sagged against the doorframe. "There's nothing we can do."




Liam's tail twitched in irritation as he strode down the halls, searching for his master or one of the other consorts. His skin had been tingling unpleasantly for the last hour or so, as if someone had performed massive amounts of magic. It had the incubus in a terrible mood, agitated and cross at the slightest of wrongs. A door opened farther down the hall, and Liam sighed in relief as recognized two of the consorts. "Kinai! Kristai!"He cried, dashing towards them.

The two stopped, spinning around with smiles on the faces. Kinai swept Liam up in a bone crushing embrace, his long arms wrapped tight around Liam's waist. Laughing, Liam returned the hug with gusto, pressing a kiss to Kinai's lips. The massive man set his lover down at Kristai's pleading, and the petite girl immediately buried her face in Liam's slim chest. "Can you feel it?" She whispered against his heart.

"Yeah, it's got my instincts all fired up." Liam replied, nuzzling the seer's hair. "Is it something bad?"

Kristai shrugged, tilting her head back for a kiss. "I don't know. I started to see something, but I was blinded by a bright light. Something exploded, and I thought I heard…" The girl trailed off, kissing the incubus again. "It doesn't matter anyway, it was likely faulty since that spell hasn't been seen in over two millennia." Liam frowned as he lifted Kristai, carrying her into the consort chambers. Her visions had never been wrong before, though she was known for doubting her abilities. Glancing over his shoulder, Liam caught Kinai's gaze and the man nodded. They would look into it later.

Setting Kristai on the bed, Liam nuzzled her neck and gently sucked a rosy mark to the pale surface. "I'll be back in a bit love." He whispered, groaning when Kinai swept him into a kiss on his way out. Liam smirked when he heard Kristai scream in pleasure as he walked down the hall, his thoughts drifting to Kinai's ability to have her writhing and begging for them in minutes. Shaking his head, Liam focused on the task at hand. Trixie is the most knowledgeable on spells, perhaps she will know what's going on…




Steve growled deep in is chest, the sound reverberating loudly in his otherwise silent bedroom. The blonde had been pacing for the last half hour, nearly running holes in the carpet as his thoughts tumbled over each other, running in rampant circles. How dare Tony even think about putting himself in danger! He should only ever do that should our sub be at risk… Steve blinked, shaking his head. There was no "our!" He did not share a sub with Tony, nor did he have a relationship with the billionaire.

He had better not be seeing anyone; Tony is mine! Groaning, Steve threw himself onto his bed, cradling his head in his hands. The urge to hunt the brunette down was nearly unbearable! I need to check, make sure he's not hurt! He shouldn't have just run in like that; he was completely unprepared! Damn Betas, always looking for some action… I could show him action. If he wants it, all he's gotta do is ask…beg, mo—

Steve growled as he stood up, resuming his tense pacing. The captain's hands were balled into fists at his sides, and his muscles were tight as a strung violin. "Tony is NOT mine. He is NOT a Beta, I do NOT want, nor need to show him any action, and we do NOT have a sub!" Steve muttered under his breath, breathing deeply as tried to dispel images of the naked billionaire breathless as he panted, spread out for him…

"Argh!" Slamming his fist into the wall, carefully so as not to break the plaster, Steve snarled. It didn't do any good if he couldn't use the full force of his strength! "Right, the fight. Let's think about the fight."

Potter may have valuable abilities, but Natasha was right, he is a massive liability. The way he attacked without reservations, laughing about it as though it were a game… Steve shivered, smiling grimly as his thoughts seemed to swerve away from their previous danger zones. He threw Tony around like the suit was nothing, just lifted him like a rag doll! Tony could have been killed! He's probably injured, getting patched up by Thor or Clint… Steve's lips curled into a snarl as his growl began again, increasing in volume. Tony is MINE! The sound of his bedroom door clicking shut snapped Steve out of it.

The captain sighed. "Maybe I should just check up on him…it'll help with these crazy thoughts if I know he's not hurt, right?" Steve knew it was a flimsy excuse, but it was the only thing he could think of. He was going to drive himself insane if he didn't verify Tony's safety this minute!

Decision made, Steve strode through the peaceful tower, making his way towards Tony's workshop. Injury or not, the billionaire always sequestered himself away down in the basement after a fight. It was for the same reason Steve kept a supply of sketch books in his room, for their calming effects. Sliding open the glass door, Steve's breath hitched at the sight before him.

Tony was stretched out across a table, reaching for some insignificant tool or another. His hips were pressed against the edge of the table, pushing his delectable ass out. The man's jeans fit him well, clinging to the curve and swell of his cheeks, and falling in a tasteful boot-cut to his ankles. Tony was wearing an older AC/DC shirt that was obviously a size small as it had ridden up to reveal the smallest of dimples in the billionaire's back. Steve growled, and it took him about a minute to realize he was walking forward. He was too late.

Steve's hands closed around Tony's hips and he ground himself into the billionaire's ass. The genius let out a rather undignified squeak as his head snapped to the side to look over his shoulder. "Steve! What are you—"Steve growled, leaning forward to nip at the junction between Tony's shoulder and neck.

"You shouldn't have run into the fight today without preparation. What if you had gotten hurt, hmm? You had no idea what you were getting into! If I had lost you…" Steve trailed off and rocked harder, pressing his hips flush against Tony's. The captain trailed one hand up the billionaire's ribs, teasing the hem of the man's shirt but keeping himself from tearing it off. Tilting the genius' face up, Steve captured his lips in a harsh, passionate kiss.

Steve nibbled at Tony's lip, licking the seam and demanding entrance which the billionaire gave with a low moan. Steve slid his tongue into Tony's mouth, mapping out every corner, crevice, tooth, and finally tangling his tongue with the other man's. Nipping at the genius' lips, Steve spun Tony around, lifting the man onto his work bench and slotting himself between Tony's legs. "Don't you ever do that again, you hear me?" Tony whined when Steve latched on to his throat, sucking furiously.

"Sorry, I'm sorry, fuck Alpha!" The man groaned, wrapping his legs around Steve's waist. The captain growled, pulling Tony closer as he bit down gently, marking his Beta for everyone to see.


"Yours, I'm yours! Oh Alpha, fuck!" Steve groaned as he pulled Tony in for another kiss. Steve had no idea where this put the two of them, but the captain figured he could worry about such trivialities later. For now, he was much more interested in just how skilled Tony was with his tongue.




Thanatos lay on the sooty ground in the Forest of Souls. He had been performing his usual rounds in Hell, when his bond with his Master had cut off. Sheer agony had filled his very being, blinding him the world around him. Groaning, Hell's Master stumbled to his feet. The world tilted precariously to the side, sending Thanatos crashing into a tree.

"Oh Master, what have you done?" Hauling himself up once more, Thanatos clutched his head as he stared at the ashy earth, waiting for the world to right itself. Crashing in the trees around him alerted death to an unwelcome visitor. Drawing his blade despite the dizziness threatening to overtake him, Thanatos clung to a tree branch. "Show yourself!" He cried, holding his blade warily. Chuckles floated towards his ears.

"Well look what we have here!" A demon emerged from the shadows, her flesh rotting off the carcass she was inhabiting.

"Why, I think Hell's Master stumbled into us Helen!" A second demon squealed, her fiery eyes glowing with unadulterated rage. Two hellhounds stood by her sides, growling menacingly at Thanatos.

"Hmmmm, didn't Master give us orders?" Helen queried, tapping her chin as she smirked at the second demon.

"Oh yes, nobody goes in or out!" The second demon giggled, flipping her hair over her shoulder. Thanatos swallowed bile as his stomach turned, twisting itself into knots. The loss of his Master's bond had weakened him greatly, and he would be at a disadvantage in a fight, especially against hellhounds.

"You think Master would want a prisoner, Jessie?" Helen cooed, stepping closer.


The triumphant howls of two victorious hellhounds could be heard for miles around.




Harry screamed as the thing possessing Shadow attacked him again. A whip lashed across his back as the thing taunted him. "You think a sacrifice to save your mates will make them love you?! They will see you for what you truly are, Harry; a whore, a bitch to be bred and thrown away! They won't love you when I'm through with you, nobody will!" Tears tracked down Harry's face as he pleaded for mercy, and yet nobody heard him. They didn't hear him scream when Shadow burned a handprint onto his thigh. They didn't hear him sob when the thing sliced open his stomach.

Nobody heard him, and nobody came.

Harry Potter lay still and silent on a hospital bed in SHIELD's New York base, his body protected by magic, his mind at the mercy of a psychopath.

He will grow in power, but he will struggle with his mind, fighting the lure of the madness within himself.