A rainy Friday afternoon found Ryan and Zack in the formers bedroom playing video games to pass the time. A side effect of the teen's newfound abilities was enhanced hand eye coordination which helped him best his friend during every round of their favorite video game series since childhood, Fusion Brawlers. "Ha! I win again. That makes ten in a row."

Zack tossed the remote aside in frustration. "Come on, man, you're cheating!"

"It's not my fault I'm faster now because of my powers!" It was a cocky yet very weak defense "Besides, you're playing a character that's a cheetah and lizard combination called Cheezard! I could beat that guy in my sleep!"

"Ever hear the saying it's not the name or what's on the outside that counts, Renomon?" Storm, lying on the bed, barked lightly in response. "What did your dog just say to me?"

I said you stink at these video games, you big crybaby.

Ryan snickered, catching his friend's attention which he then played off as a simple cough. "He said be quiet to the both of us because he's trying to sleep." An alarm on his digivice went off at five minutes to five o'clock. "Sorry to cut this short but I've got to meet Renamon. She wants me to do some training so I can get "acclimated to my new form" or so she says. Personally, I think it's all just a ruse to check me out. I look good as a human but godly as a digimon."

"Keep telling yourself that, buddy." Zack patted Ryan's back in a sarcastic motion, unimpressed by his inflated ego and cockiness. "Good luck. Oh, and by the way…you owe me a rematch. I'll catch you later."

Once he was gone, Storm's owner looked at him and said, "I think Renamon could be attracted to me as Renomon. What do you think?"

I think you should make me a steak before you leave.

Rolling his eyes, he looked up and asked, "Why do I even bother?"

Mr. Mizuno, Shibumi, had eliminated the need for a DTD by putting the same technology into the new D-Power Mark II digivice following Hailey Riley's rescue from Myotismon weeks ago and had also upgraded the technology, based off the readings gathered on the dark portals, which allowed for a better form of teleportation. One press of the newly installed button caused Ryan's body to glow then disappear through a pinhole sized portal.

Lightning arced across the early morning sky while Renamon stood atop DATA Headquarters awaiting the teenager's imminent arrival. I'm quite surprised by how quickly Ryan has gotten used to his new transformation. It's almost as if he was meant to be Renomon. However, it also complicates things even more. I always felt close to him but I feel as if our bond has become that much stronger now that he's become a digimon. Though, I'm unsure if I should discuss these feelings with him. How would he react?

A sudden flash of light and he appeared. "You're late."

"Sorry." A simple apology would have been enough but for his need to add an explanation on top of it. "Zack was trying to beat me with this monster he created and I lost track of time." The vixen faced him with a questionable look. "Oh, I meant in a video game called Fusion Brawlers. The series came out in 1998 when we were both ten and we've been hooked ever since. It's so cool. You take parts from different animals and combine them into creatures that battle for…" Renamon showed little to no interest in what was being explained. "…and I sense that you could care less. So, what's on the agenda for this morning? Sparring? Speed training?"

"Your speed is good and your fighting skills are satisfactory." Compliments, which usually make people feel good, coming from a digital fox with a go hard or go home personality sounded more like criticisms in disguise. "But your balance leaves something to be desired. So that's what we will focus on today."

"Cool." Ryan pressed the center button on his digivice and transformed. "When do we start?"

"Right…" Thunder clapped and the heavens opened up, pouring down rain a little harder than it had been in Fox Hollow. "…now."

"Really? You of all people know how bad wet fur smells." Renamon refused to say a word. "Fine. Lead the way."

At the viewing crystal in Myotismon's dungeon stood Devimon, spying on the two, through the eyes of Aurumon, while his master was resting inside a nearby coffin. They're alone. Now's my chance to kill two birds with one stone and take revenge on Renomon for what he did to me. And I know just the digimon for the job.

About a minute later he entered the area of the castle which housed a gateway into an area of the dark zone where the most evil digital monsters resided. Devimon waved his hand, now aglow with a purple colored aura, which acted as a beacon for a specific one.

The shadow of a rather large creature approached from beyond the veil. "Oh, yes…I'm sure you will do just fine."

Renamon, with Renomon in tow, moved flawlessly across the rooftops of Shinjuku, nearing the Shibuya district, despite the slick surfaces while her trainee was slipping and sliding with every step he took.

At one point he leapt onto a slanted roof and nearly fell to the street below but was grabbed by his arm, preventing catastrophe. "Thanks. That would have been a real doozy."

"You're not focusing." She was frustrated by not only his lack of concentration but also by the way he played everything off as a joke. "If you don't learn to control every aspect of your new abilities you could end up costing innocent people their lives or lose your own. This is one time where you have to stop acting like…you and be serious."

"Whoa, relax…I was just having a little fun." Renomon replied while walking passed with both paws raised.

"This is not the time to for fun!" She raised her voice, pushed to the breaking point by his usual care free attitude. "Remember what happened to your sister? Do you think Myotismon won't try something like that again? If you aren't fully prepared for every scenario, someone you care for might not be as lucky as Hailey was. Do you want that on your conscience knowing you could have prevented it from happening?

Renomon could hardly believe how mad she had become at him. "Of course not but just because I'm making light of my own inexperience doesn't mean I'm not being serious! Now, why don't you tell me what's really bothering you instead of biting my head off!?"

"What are you talking about?" Trying to play off his question as if she didn't understand what he meant.

"Since I've become a digimon you've started treating me differently." Deep down, Renamon was afraid that he had caught onto how she was feeling based off her change in demeanor over the last few weeks. "I mean, when I was only human things were fine. But the minute we became the same you started treating me less like you used to. Not to mention that the only time we've spent together lately are these training sessions. What's wrong?"

"Nothing…" Unable to lie directly to his face she turned away. "…I'm fine."

"Anyone else besides Rika or me would buy that. But I think I know the truth." He had a feeling that Renamon's angst stemmed from the same source of his own anxiety. There was only one thing he felt he could do in order to mend their relationship. "It's obvious that we're both…" A fiery blast came out of nowhere and hit the roof in between the two causing both to backflip out of the way leaving melted concrete where they had been standing. "…in deep trouble!"

Renamon scanned the area and spotted their enemy on an adjacent rooftop. "Up there!"

Using his digivice's scanner, Renomon was able to pull up the bio for the nearby, and somewhat deformed looking, creature. "Cyclonemon…a champion level digimon…special attack: Hyper Heat. Yeah, this has Devimon's handiwork written all over it."

"How can you be so sure it wasn't Myotismon who sent him here?"

"Simple: Snaggletooth would never send a digimon who uses a fire attack after us in the rain." A quick observation based off of the attack. "That's the kind of bonehead move I'd expect from his number two man." The vixen's silence could only have meant she concurred with the hypothesis. "What do you say we make fast work of this guy and head back to base?"

There was no opportunity to respond as the dragon digimon leapt into the air, landing at the far end of the rooftop the two foxes were on and slammed his over-sized arm down which sent a wave of stone and concrete at them.

"Diamond Storm…!" The energy shards merely deflected off the dragon's yellow scaled skin.

"Our attacks have no effect on him!" Renamon exclaimed while shielded behind a stairwell hub. "We'll have to find a different approach."

It was then that Renomon spotted a nearby electrical panel with metallic plated wires going into the wall behind Cyclonemon and came up with a way to win the battle. "I've got an idea. I need you to distract him and as soon as I give you the word, get off the ground. Otherwise, you might find my plan a bit…shocking, if you get my drift. Ready?"

Renamon nodded and waited for his signal before walking out into the open to get Cyclonemon's undivided attention. "Yoo-hoo, over here big boy…let's see what you're made of." Several more molten fireballs were sent in her direction which she gracefully, and playfully, dodged, taunting the champion for his terrible aim. "Missed me…so close…missed again…too slow…"

"Now…!" One vulpine back-flipped off the rooftop while the other leapt into the air, unleashing his attack on the same electrical box he'd spotted moments earlier. "Diamond storm…!"

The steel cables were sliced like butter, sparking like fireworks on the fourth of July and falling to the rain soaked ground. An electrical current was then sent coursing through Cyclonemon's body, paralyzing him just long enough for Renomon to deliver a Superman like punch which managed to finish the job as the electricity ceased, causing total power loss to the building but ending an even bigger threat.

You did it, Ryan…I never doubted you could. Not for a second.

After turning back to human form, just as drenched as before, Ryan looked at his friend, smiled and gave her an enthusiastic thumb's up. However, the glee of a winning effort subsided as he noticed what the vixen was perched on: a large antenna.

"Renamon, get off that before you get struck by…!" A whitish blue colored lightning bolt shot down from the heavens, striking Renamon directly in the chest causing her to fall down into the alley below. Ryan leapt over the ledge and landed on the ground, quickly cradling his fallen ally in his arms. "Oh, my God, Renamon…! Come on, wake up! Please don't do this to me! Wake up!" For a brief moment it looked as if the worst had come to pass until the vixen drew snapped back to life, drawing in a number of sharp breaths. "Yes! That's it…breathe. Just breathe. I've got you."

He scooped her up in his arms after transforming back into Renamon and ran off to get help.

Two Hours Later...

Rika burst through the doors leading to DATA's hospital wing, making a beeline for intensive care where Ryan awaited her arrival. "Is she alright?"

"Yeah, the doctor just checked her out. She's going to be just fine." Ryan replied, sounding equally relived. "This is my fault. I told her to distract Cyclonemon and then get out of the way. It was my stupid plan that nearly got her…" It hurt him too much to even think about. "…I am so sorry, Rika. Please, forgive me. But if you can't…I'll understand. I'm not sure I'd forgive myself in anything else had happened to her."

"Don't be stupid." Her tone sounded the way she used to speak to people. "None of this is your fault. It was a freak accident. How could you have known she'd get struck by lightning?" She then wrapped her arms around him in a hug. "I'm not blaming this on you. And neither will Renamon. Now, Come on; let's go see her…together."

They knocked on the door before walking in to find the yellow fox sitting up in a hospital bed looking as if nothing had happened at all. And yet something seemed amiss. Rika approached her partner's bedside. "Hey…how are you feeling?"

"I am fine." The response was almost robotic with hardly any emotion to it at all.

Ryan looked at Rika in confusion. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I am okay." Her face remained deadpanned as she delivered another monotone answer. Looks of concern fell upon both individuals who were failing to understand why Renamon was acting so oddly but it was evidently clear that there was indeed something wrong. "I am okay. I am okay. I am okay…"