Authors Note: Hi all! I am the author of the Big Four Fanfic-Part of Your World. And I am a huge shipper of the Big Four. So recently I've been getting into HiJack and couldn't resist writing a story about it. I really hope you like it and please leave as many reviews as possible! It helps keep me motivated and know what you guys like or don't like. It also helps improve my writing too! I will make sure to post this story on Tumblr, but I stay more updated on this site. My tumblr is gemini-sonic so feel free to follow or just look me up. Enjoy!

Character Notes:

Overlands: Jack Overland, Punzie (Rapunzel) Overland, Gwen Overland (Jack and Punzie's mom who is Rapunzel's mother the queen from Tangled)

Dunbrochs: Hiccup (Hamish) Haddock, Merida Dunbroch, Elinor and Fergus Dunbroch (Merida's mother and father and Hiccups aunt and uncle)

You will find out more as I write.

Setting: Set in Burgess. Jack goes to Burgess Public High School and Hiccup goes to Berk Institute. Modern day setting.

Note: I do not own any of the characters save for any OC's I tell you about. The characters are created by DreamWorks, Disney, and Pixar.


Double Trouble

Jack was sitting at the TV, feverishly clicking away at his game console. He was so ready to finally beat this level when his phone rang. He paused the game quickly, his adrenaline still pumping from the game.

"Yo!" he answered.

"Yo?" his mom scoffed, "Please tell me that's not how you answer the phone now, sweetie."

He laughed awkwardly, "Sorry Mom, I'll try not to act like a hooligan." He teased.

She mumbled about teenagers for a moment and then sighed, "I know this is very last minute, but I just had to pick up an extra shift here at the salon. I won't make it home until late. I need you to take your sister to her ballet lesson at six."

Jack sighed and nodded, only to realize she couldn't see him, "Okay." He mumbled.

"You know you'll get an allowance out of this." She bribed.

"Then I will make sure I remember." He teased.

"Thank you angel, you are wonderful." His mother sighed. He knew she was stressed out. Her salon owner was always giving them extra shifts and acted like a high and mighty queen when all her workers did just that, all the work.

"I know." He answered haughtily, making his mom chuckle. He was glad he could do something to cheer her up.

"Dinner is in the fridge, just heat up leftovers, make sure Punzie takes a bath, her booster seat is in the garage, and do your homework!" she ordered.

"Yes ma'am." He answered in a mocking tone.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you mom." He answered, hanging up.

He sighed and got back to his game. Lucky for him Punzie's class didn't start for a couple of hours. He'd finish this level and then heat up her dinner.

Unfortunately, by the time he did finish, he only had an hour to get her ready as he could before driving her.

He ran up to her room, quickly getting his shoes on and banging on her door, "Yo! Time to go." He called.

He opened the door and saw her sitting at her desk, drawing a picture, "Hey!" he called, "Time for dance."

"I don't wanna go." She whined.

He groaned and came in to see what could possibly be bothering his six year old sister now.

He looked over her shoulder at the drawing. It was a picture of their dad and a little baby girl. Jack frowned and looked away, "So why don't you wanna go?" he asked her, ignoring the drawing.

"I just don't." she spat out.

"Okay, seriously." He got down on his knees and turned the chair to face him. She pouted, her green eyes looking down.

He lifted her chin with his knuckles gently, "What's up?" he asked again.

"Merida." She muttered.

"What?" he asked.

"Merida." She sighed, getting down. He backed up a little and watched her walk over to her bed to sit down. He got up and followed her, his hands going into the pocket of his blue hoodie. He sat down next to her, "Who's Merida?" he asked her.

"A girl in my class." She answered, "She teases and me and pulls my hair. She says I have a funny name and knocks me down."

"What!" Jack said with mock shock. These were six-year-old ballerinas, it's not like Punzie was in danger or anything.

"She's always making fun of me." She said sadly.

"Well, what do you do?" he asked her, his arms resting on his knees.

She shrugged, "Mommy said to ignore her or tell her to stop. But I do and she doesn't stop."

Jack rolled his eyes. Typical Mom response.

"Nah, that ain't gonna work." He laughed, getting down on his knees in front of her, "What you really need to do is punch her in the face." He said.

"What?!" Punzie gasped, "But I'll get in trouble!"

"You will, but hey, at least she'll stop." He said. He then held up his hand, "Pretend this is Merida's face."

"I don't wanna punch her." Punzie said, shaking her head.

"Come on!" Jack prodded, and then he took on this high pitched voice, waving his hand in her face, "I'm Merida, and I'm so much better than you, you have a funny name, let me pull your hair! Meh!"

Rapunzel giggled and then frowned angrily at the hand and made a fist, punching it quickly, nearly falling off the bed. Jack laughed and pretended that she was super strong, nearly hitting his face, "Whoa!" he yelled excitedly, "There ya go!"

She giggled.

"All right, we're late, grab your stuff, tutu brain." He said, getting up. She ran up to get changed and he patted her head as he left the room to grab something for them to eat on the road. He settled for a Gogurt and fruit snacks. He'd just get them McDonald's afterwards. He had thirty minutes to get her there on time. With his driving record though, he'd make it in two.


Hiccup sat at the table finishing his homework when Merida came barreling in, red hair flying everywhere. She crashed into him playfully and he chuckled, "Squirt! You're not supposed to come in without knocking!" he laughed.

He looked over and noticed she was wearing a pink leotard with tights, her ballet bag in her hands. He groaned. He'd nearly forgotten she had ballet tonight.

He closed his book and got up, grabbing his car keys and brown leather jacket, "Let's go." He told her. She giggled as she followed her brother, "You almost forgot, didn't you Hiccup?"

"I did not, now let's get you over there pronto." He said, feeling flustered. Luckily he'd installed the booster seat earlier that day so she hopped in and got her seatbelt on.

He got in and turned on the radio quietly and took off.

Merida whined in the back seat, "Can we listen to Gaga?"

Hiccup rolled his eyes and muttered, "No. I need to focus."

"At least put on that mix CD you made me." She said.

He sighed, "Fine." Sure enough, crazy kid songs filled his car with Merida shouting along with the words. He cringed as her voice screeched through the car.

He was slightly distracted and rubbed his brown shaggy hair from his deep green eyes.

He drove by an ice cream shop and Merida got excited, "Hiccup can we go get ice cream after ballet?" she asked.

He looked at her through the rearview mirror, "No." he said sternly.

"Please! Pretty Please!"

"Merida, Mom said you've been misbehaving again, so no." he said again.

She pouted sadly, "What if I'm good?"

He thought about that. It would make his night easier, "Okay, tell you what, if you're a good listener and a nice friend tonight, then I'll get you ice cream after."

"Yay!" she cheered, "I'll be good." She promised.

Hiccup rolled his eyes and thought 'yeah right'. Merida was a sweet kid, she had a big heart, but her wild streak was a mile long and she caused so much chaos wherever she went. She was loud, crazy, daring, and mischievous, but Hiccup wouldn't ask for a better sister than Merida. He was super protective of her, but he also knew how naughty she could be.

She bounced in her seat excitedly and Hiccup smiled, shaking his head.

"Hiccup?" she asked suddenly.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Does it hurt?" she asked.

"What?" he gasped, wondering what on earth she was talking about.

"Your leg." She said.

"Oh." He nodded. He had a feeling that now she was older she'd start finally asking the deep questions about his leg.

He looked down quickly at the prosthetic foot under his pants that was driving the car. He looked back up and shook his head, "Doesn't hurt at all." He answered.

"Did it hurt when you lost it?" she asked.

He smiled sadly, "I don't remember it much." He lied, shrugging. Lord knows she didn't need to hear that story at this young of an age. She was six and he knew she wouldn't understand what really happened to him.

"Mama says that you were guarded by angels and that God sent you to be our family." She said.

He smiled at that. His aunt Elinor, now Mom, always made a point to make sure Hiccup never felt left out of anything. He nodded to what she said and finally pulled up to her dance studio.

He turned off the car and turned around to face her, "Okay, remember our deal. No fights, no picking on people, and no being mean." He told her.

"And then ice cream!" she cheered.

He laughed and got out.