Jack's phone vibrated and he opened it to see a picture of Hiccup in his cap and gown. He wore a silver gown over his suit and tie. His silver cap hung awkwardly on his head matching his lopsided, goofy smile. He'd obviously been trying to make it work before sending the picture.

Jack smiled and looked down at his scarlet gown. He hated the colors, but figured it was just for a day so he would live. He put his red cap on and took a picture of himself to send to Hiccup.

Both their graduations were that day so they would miss each other. Hiccup's party was at his house right afterwards so Jack promised to come over. Since Jack's party was in a couple of days, he was glad he at least got to spend part of his day with Hiccup.

He sighed and looked over at a picture of his dad. He smiled thinking about how happy his dad would be to see him right now.

He heard a noise behind him and saw his door open. His mom came in looking excited and wearing an exotic printed summer dress.

"Just wanted to see if you needed help." She said as she walked in.

"Think I'm good." He chuckled.

She took his face in her hands and beamed at him, "I'm so proud of you."

He smiled back at her, "Thanks Mom."

She smoothed out any wrinkles on his gown and smiled back up at him. He seemed sad about something and she had a feeling she knew why. She took his hands and looked him in the eyes, "Your dad would be so proud of you Jack. He is proud, I know it. And he's got the best seat in the house." She smiled.

Jack nodded and smiled at his mom, "Can I ask you something?" he asked her.

"Of course." She said.

He bit his lip, "Why did you choose to go out with Max now?"

She sighed and sat on his bed, "Well…I guess I was just finally ready."

"Did you worry about how dad might feel?" Jack asked her.

She looked up at him softly, "I did. But then I realized that he'd want me to feel safe and happy. That if he were to choose another guy for me to go out with, it would be Max."

Jack nodded and looked away.

She smiled and stood up, "Jack…he'll always be the man I love, just like you will always be my son. It's okay to move on; we just don't have to forget them is all."

He looked at her and hugged her, "Mom?"

"Yeah?" she answered, hugging him back.

"Thank you for always being there for me. I love you."

She held him tighter, "I love you too. And I'll always be there for you."

Punzie came rushing in wearing her brand new purple dress. Unfortunately…

"What happened?!" her mother screamed, staring at the mess of food all over her.

Jack could only laugh as Punzie looked devastated and cried, "I spilled!"

Gwen sighed, "God, I just want us to look like a family; is that so much to ask for?" she muttered to herself as she took Punzie's hand, "Let's put on that pink one Ana got you."

"But I wanted to wear this one!" Punzie shrieked sadly, her voice cracking.

Jack winced knowing that her tonsils would be coming out soon. All her illnesses were catching up and she'd needed lots of rest but it also managed to really change her voice.

"Punzie, you'll look fine!" Gwen muttered as she walked out.

Jack chuckled and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He sighed once more and headed downstairs.

A camera flash startled him and he heard Max chuckling as he looked at the picture, "What kind of a face was that?" he laughed, "This is supposed to be a good day!"

Jack smiled at him and shrugged, going towards the couch.

"What happened to Gwen and Punzie?" Max asked as he checked the camera's memory card.

"Punzie spilled stuff on her new dress so she's fighting mom." Jack said, sounding bored.

Max came over and sat next to him, "At least I got her picture beforehand." He muttered.

Jack looked at him, still not quite used to this guy staying over and living down the road and visiting very frequently. It was starting to become routine to see Max at least every day, but Jack was still adjusting.

"Okay, no falling, I hear it's bad luck." Max said as he smiled, holding the camera up.

"I thought that was if you dropped your diploma?" Jack said.

Max shrugged and finally aimed the camera at him, "Okay, you ready for your debut?"

Jack grinned and struck a very bad pose and Max laughed as he continued taking terrible pictures of Jack, "Your mom is gonna kill me." He laughed.

"You might wanna take that seriously. Have you seen my mom's victims?" Jack laughed as he took off his cap and tossed it in the air to catch it.

"No, but I've been one." Max admitted.

Jack stared at him.

Max looked at him grinning, "See the slight crook in my nose? All her."

"What'd you do?" Jack gasped.

Max smiled fondly, "Jim had shown her a few moves before they got engaged. A few weeks before the wedding I told her the dress made her look fat."

Jack groaned inwardly and cringed, "You're lucky she didn't tear you in half."

Max laughed, "That would have been a possibility. And I would've let her."

"Why?" Jack asked, laughing.

Max shrugged, "Because she was my friend…and she was Jim's fiancée'…and because I loved her…still do." He said softly as he stared off, a fond look in his eyes.

Jack smiled at him. It was moments like this when Max was open with him he felt like he had his dad back.

"We ready yet?" Gwen called, carrying Punzie down who was sniffling and wearing her pink tutu dress.

"Been ready!" Max smiled and then frowned at Punzie, "Why the long face?" he asked her.

"She didn't want to wear this one." Gwen sighed.

Jack smiled and got up, putting his cap on her head and grinning. She'd been more testy than usual because she was always sick, so he knew she'd feel better soon.

"At least you don't have to wear this goofy thing." Jack grinned, winking at her as he lifted the cap to see her blotchy face.

She smiled at him, her green eyes sparkling. Her brother always made her feel better.

"Now you look like a princess with that smile!" Max said, as he snagged a photo.

Jack's phone vibrated again and he walked towards the living room to look as his family and Max got ready.

He smiled when he read Hiccup's text: Congratulations!

Jack quickly texted a reply and hit send as he followed his family out: I love you!


Hiccup was relieved to finally take off his cap and gown. Jack's ceremony still had another forty five minutes to go, but his party wouldn't start for another couple of hours.

He changed into some jeans and a nice green t-shirt with his brown vest.

Merida was running around happily, trying to sneak food when she could. The triplets were in their walkers, invading the kitchen.

Hiccup put his cap and gown as well as his diploma on the display table. Among these were pictures of him growing up as well as his senior photos. He cringed when he saw them. He just didn't think he looked that good.

Now Jack's on the other hand made him look like a supermodel. He smiled as he remembered taking about five of them and sticking one in his wallet and a few more in other places.

Jack had written personal messages on each and every one and Hiccup smiled. He took a few of his photos and decided to get to work writing some messages for Jack.

His mom placed food on the table while Fergus attempted to put up a banner out front. Hiccup could hear him cursing.

The phone rang and his mom answered it. He was so busy writing his messages to Jack that he didn't hear what she was saying.

"Hiccup!" she called.

He looked up and realized she'd been calling for him.

"Sorry." He apologized.

She held up the phone and looked nervously at him, "It's for you, dear."

He got up and took the phone from her, "Hello?" he answered.


"Dad?" he gasped.

There was a small silence for a moment and then his dad cleared his throat, "I just wanted to call and tell you how proud I am of you. I know today was your graduation day."

Hiccup couldn't help but smile, "Thanks Dad." He said softly.

"I know you said to let you go…but…"

"It's okay." Hiccup said quickly.

His dad began stuttering nervously, "I…I want you to know that I am…I am getting some help now."

"That's great!" Hiccup said, "Really, I'm glad, Dad."

Stoick remained quiet again and then finally released a breath, "I am very sorry Hiccup…for everything. What you told me…well…it kept me going, it's keeping me going. Had I not done what I'd done…I'd have been able to watch my son graduate today."

Hiccup swallowed, trying not to cry.

"What I'm trying to say is…" Stoick said, choking up, "Is that I love you, son."

Hiccup kept his tears at bay and finally smiled. For once in his life his father had actually told him that he loved him. Not that he was just proud of him or happy for him…but that he loved him.

Hiccup closed his eyes and smiled, "I love you too Dad."

He could hear Stoick choking on his sobs and finally take another deep breath, "I'll let you get back to celebrating…I just…really wish I could have shared this day with you."

"Me too." Hiccup said quietly.

"Bye son."

"Bye Dad."

He hung up and could see Elinor watching him from the counter, the food long forgotten. She wiped her eyes and rubbed her hands on her apron, "Everything all right, sweetie?" she asked him.

He smiled at her and walked up to her. He suddenly put his arms around her and began crying.

She held him tightly, resting her head on his own.

Merida came up to them, "What's wrong?" she asked.

Elinor wiped her eyes again and Hiccup wiped his own.

"Oh…" Elinor sighed, taking Hiccup's face into her hands, "I'm just very proud of my son is all." She smiled.

Hiccup smiled back as she wiped his tears with her thumbs and kissed his head like she used to when he was small.

"How come Hiccup's crying?" she asked.

He smiled at her and bent down, "I'm just thinking about how much I'm gonna miss you." He said.

She frowned sadly, "You're going away?" she asked.

He nodded, "I'll have to go to college in a few months."

"Do you have to go?" she asked sadly.

He nodded.

"Will you visit me?"

"You bet, squirt." He smiled and poked her belly, "Promise you'll be good?"

She nodded, "I'll be real good."

He smiled and gave her a hug, "Don't ever change Merida." He said as he held her close.


Hiccup would have laughed that Jack and his family was the first to arrive had he not been his boyfriend. Of course Jack was the first one in his door.

He quickly ran to Hiccup and scooped him up for a hug, spinning him around, "We're done!" he cried joyfully.

Punzie ran past them and found Merida in the kitchen.

"Nice to see you too Punzie." Hiccup laughed as he and Jack broke apart.

Max and Gwen came in along with Jack's uncle North.

Hiccup had never met the guy but had heard a lot about him. Jack wasn't kidding; the guy looked like Santa! Only if Santa were in some kind of Russian mafia, he would be it.

North walked up to Hiccup, who was expecting to shake hands, but was instead picked up in a big bear hug.

Jack chuckled as Hiccup gasped for air.

North laughed happily, "So good to finally meet you!"

Hiccup smiled and decided to lead them inside before he collapsed.

Jack was about to follow them when Hiccup pulled him aside as they disappeared behind the door, "Hold up." He smiled, taking out his senior photos.

Jack smiled happily, "Finally!" he laughed, "Let me see 'em!"

He took them and smiled, "Hic, these are good!" he said as he examined each one. Some, like his, were head shots while some were body shots. They were unique and Jack liked that Hiccup looked like himself in the photos.

"All of them are here, and…I made sure that each one has a message on the back." Hiccup said, his hands behind his back shyly.

Jack turned over the first one and smiled when he read in bold letters: You always make me so happy. I love you. H

Jack beamed at Hiccup and decided to read the rest when he needed to. He pocketed them and hugged Hiccup close to him, "I'm so glad I met you that day." He whispered.

Hiccup tried not to cry as he held on to Jack. He really didn't want to mess up his light blue dress shirt.

They broke apart as Toothless came bounding in, making a ruckus.

Jack bent down to pet the dog who was actually holding a large bone in his mouth. The poor thing was actually whining at them; especially Hiccup. He was obviously not sure if he wanted to hide his bone or just eat it and it frustrated him.

They laughed as the dog left, searching for some privacy.

"What was that about?" Jack laughed, watching the dog go upstairs to Hiccup's room.

"He does this thing where he knows company is coming so we give him a busy bone and then he freaks because he wants to bury it, he wants to chew it, he wants to hide it, he wants to give it to me, and he can't make up his mind." Hiccup explained.

Jack chuckled as they walked to the kitchen.

One of the triplets in the baby walker crashed into their legs and Jack bent down, smiling and raising his arms excitedly, "Hubert! My main man!"

"That's Hamish." Hiccup said.

"Hamish! My main man!"

Hamish giggled, babbling at Jack, drool coming down his chin. Their red hair was already coming out curly and they were just as mischievous as they were promising to be. Harris was staying close to his mother and following her and Gwen around while Hubert was being entertained by Max as he was held by Fergus.

"How do you tell them apart?" Jack asked as they walked into the kitchen and he snagged some cheese from a plate.

Hiccup shrugged, "I guess when you're not around them all the time it's hard to tell the differences. But Hubert has a small freckle under his left eye. Hamish has bigger ears than the other two. And Harris has a receding hairline."

Jack laughed. You could never tell just by looking at them, but he figured that when you lived with triplets, you were able to tell them apart based on small quirks they had.

"Also, Hamish is needy but calmer than the other two. Hubert eats like it's nobody's business, and Harris does this thing where he blows raspberries every five minutes."

Jack widened his eyes and shook his head. He couldn't imagine three Punzie's at this rate. Too many personalities for him at once.

Jack and Hiccup went outside and found a seat, both relaxing from their tiring mornings.

"So when do you head up, college boy?" Jack smiled at him.

Hiccup nodded and then sighed, "I go to orientation in August, so we have time to kill."

"Don't know what I'll do without you." Jack admitted as he took Hiccup's hand in his own from where he was sitting. Both were staring at Hiccup's backyard, littered with toys and a baby pool next to a trampoline that had seen its use. But through it all, the forest was as lush as ever, almost as if the chaos in the yard were nonexistent.

"I'm only an hour away, and I'll come back and visit." Hiccup told him, sounding hopeful.

"Or I can come see you?" Jack suggested, giving Hiccup a sideways glance nervously, "But if you don't want me to, I'll wait for you to come home." He said quickly.

Hiccup smiled and finally looked at him, "I'd like a visit now and then; if my roommate is okay with it that is." Hiccup explained.

"Do you know who you'll room with yet?" Jack asked.

Hiccup shook his head and sighed, "I won't know until late June."

"Well he better treat my boyfriend nicely." Jack said defensively, "But if anything happens, promise you'll call me, okay? I don't mind making a trip up there." He smiled.

Hiccup grinned and narrowed his eyes playfully, looking at Jack with a smirk, "Oh? Mr. Protective gonna rescue me?"

"Hey! I hear those exams up there are murder." Jack said defensively as he smiled. He then leaned forward, "But yes, I am very protective of my boyfriend."

Hiccup smiled at him. He really wanted to just skip his party and be with Jack the rest of the day, but he knew that wasn't happening.

He heard his mom calling him and he sighed. Jack squeezed his hand and gave him a fond side-long glance, "Promise me one last thing before we go in?"

Hiccup nodded as he looked at his boyfriend.

Jack sat up a little straighter and turned towards Hiccup, looking a little sad about something, "Promise me that you won't forget me while you're up there? I just…I just feel like you going away is really going to change everything and I know that's good but…."

Hiccup took his face in his hands and finally kissed him, "Does that answer your problem?" he chuckled.

Jack grinned and both were suddenly bombarded by two squealing girls advancing on them with Nerf guns. Jack got up dramatically and pretended to die while Hiccup growled and ran after them. The girls squealed excitedly and laughed as their brothers came after them, Jack now a zombie so he could actually chase them. If one were to look outside to see the spectacle, it would have been hilarious. But who cared if they looked like a couple of fools playing with their little sister's? It was their fault after all that their brothers met and fell in love in the first place.

To be continued…

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Come What May


Hiccup stared at the giant brick building before him. Vines crawled up the sides of the beige walls, nearly covering the windows. The thing was at least five stories tall and had windows that looked pretty old and pathetic. Shoot one had a giant crack in the middle. Most of them had old fashioned AC units sticking out. Hiccup groaned, knowing that a very hot August awaited him inside. But alas, he might as well get used to it, considering this was where he was living for the next year.

He held on to his suitcase while Fergus and Elinor made themselves busy arguing over what to carry inside first.

Hiccup held on to his new ID and key, attached to his brand spanking new lanyard, decked out in their school's logo. It was incredibly cheesy, but it helped not having to fish through his pockets.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over at a now very familiar white-haired boy who looked up at the building.

"Not gonna lie…that's pretty ghetto." Jack mumbled to him.

Hiccup scoffed and looked up sadly.

"What floor are you on?" Jack asked.

"Four." Hiccup sighed.

"Hope they have an elevator." Jack said as he hoisted up a small refrigerator.

Hiccup smiled as he watched Jack struggle.

"You could help me you know." Jack grunted as he tried balancing the thing.

Hiccup smiled and shook his head deviously.

"Some boyfriend you are." Jack mumbled as he walked ahead, "Let's go."

Hiccup sighed and opened the door. People bustled around, parents yelling at each other and their kids as they tried figuring out where to put things, RA's trying to give directions, and nervous looking kids who had the same face Hiccup was wearing trying to figure out why on earth they were doing this.

He found the elevator and led Jack and his parents to it. They hurried inside, crowding around next to at least five other people with luggage and boxes. It was cramped and stuffy but Hiccup had Jack next to him to make him feel a little better.

Truth be told, his stomach was in knots about the day. This was it. Hiccup was finally in college. It was a strange feeling of freedom and yet…nervousness of what was to come.

Would he fit in? Would he do well in classes? Could he make it on his own? All these thoughts and more ran through his anxious brain as the elevator stopped and went at each floor, more people leaving and getting back on at the same time.

By the time it reached the fourth floor, Hiccup could breathe again, but only a little bit. He looked down the hall as he walked out and finally looked at his sheet of paper, his hands shaking visibly.

He led the way to his new room: 424

He took a breath and swallowed as he tried his key on the door. Only the door opened in a flash and a surprised looking boy looked back at him.

Hiccup stared at the kid, not sure what to say.

The guy narrowed his eyes, "You Hiccup?" he asked.

Hiccup nodded.

"Guess I'm your new roommate." The boy smiled mischievously.

Now here's the fun part: You guys get to make guesses as to who his roommate is. I am not giving hints except for the fact that it is not and OC! Good luck and have fun!