Hey guys! Oh my god it's been so long since I've last posted here and trust me, this isn't a special chapter for Don't Leave Me, In fact it's a special announcement for my new story coming out soon!

So if you've read my old story (tears) Don't Leave Me, you'll know that I mentioned making a story based on SAO - Sword Art Online. Well, here it is your first sneak peek to the first chapter of the story!

I am a huge anime/manga fan and SAO happens to be one of my favorites. I just love the plot of it and the characters are just amazing. Plus Asuna happens to be one badass female character.

Like always when I do rewrites on stories or AU's, I did change the setting of the game, the plot is sort of similar, and I had the PJO/HOO characters take their place instead. However I will change a few things or add new stuff, but if you watched the first season of the anime you know how it ends, BUT! I'm- never mind I can't say :)

My prediction for the amount of chapters for this story is probably around 20-25, all depending on how it flows.

So it's now my honor to present to you the first sneak peak chapter of Olympus Art Online! Or OAO :D enjoy!

I do not owe SAO or any PJO/HOO characters

On top of the clouds, beneath a ground that doesn't exist, was a place that only existed in myths or books.

Famous heroes from Greek mythology have been blessed to have seen heaven or have been cursed to be cast away from it as well. The Greeks believed that there was a kingdom on the clouds where the gods and goddesses lived. Mount Olympus is what they called it. However, this wasn't BC.

This was the year 2022. A time where new technology is being advanced, including gaming systems. Just recently, it's been announced that the newest game consoles is ready to hit the stores. It would be the first ever gaming helmet console and players get to play virtually. They shut out the world and become who they want to be online. Whether it's good or bad.

And it wasn't until in a matter of hours, thousands of players will be logging into the newest game and calling Ancient Greece their home.

This will be simply be known as Olympus Art Online.

(January 17, 2022)

I stared at the white board with a blank expression, as the teacher wrote down the notes and explained how math equations were solved.

Math is something that never came easy to me and you'll think I'll pay extra attention to get it, and I do, but not today. It was a special day today and I my excitement was getting the best of me.

"Mr. Jackson, I do suppose that you not taking the notes means you know how to solve this equation. Am I right?" Says my teacher Ms. Dodds, calling me out right in front of everyone.

All eyes turned to look at me and felt my palms getting sweaty. She caught me staring off into space and was for sure going to give me detention, but then I looked down on my desk. Seeing a piece of paper with the answer of the equation.

I grin and say, "Of course I do, Ms. Dodds. The answer would be y=4x+5." I answer smugly.

She huffs, glaring daggers at me, and writes on the board again. Clearly annoyed at how I managed to recover. I look to the desk next to me and smile at my friend Rachel. Who smiles back at me and mouths, "Pay attention."

But I couldn't for the bell soon rang and everyone ran out the door. As it was Friday and this was the last period of the day.

I pack up my things and walk out the classroom and go straight to my locker. Putting away the books I didn't need and taking my material I need to do my homework back home.

"You really need to stop dozing off like that," I hear Rachel say to me. Standing next to my locker.

"I got the answer right didn't I?"

She rolls her green eyes. "Yeah, all thanks to me." She then sees the magazine on my arm. "Wait, you're going to get that game everyone is talking about aren't you?"

I shrugged, putting the magazine on video games away in my backpack and closing my locker. "And if I am?"

Rachel sighs, both of us walking down the hallway and leaving through the front of the academy. I can already see some students dashing off to the nearest cafe or burger joint, while some tried to remove the tie on their necks or bows. Which was part of the required uniform.

"Percy, you know how dangerous those virtual games can be," she says. "I don't want your brain to be even more fried than it already was."

"Geez, thanks." I say sarcastically, getting my keys and opening my car. It was actually my dad's but I'm calling it my car.

"I'm serious," she muttered and closes her eyes. "Just...be careful okay?"

I knew Rachel meant well, but I knew what I was doing. Besides, I was a beta tester for this game so I know what I am up against. All will be well.


She smiles and kisses my cheek, saying she'll talk to me later. Next to my car, I hear a couple of guys wolf whistling and I glared at them. Shushing them completely. It's not that I was ashamed to have Rachel as a friend, it just bugged me that people think we're dating. And we're not! She's just a girl who is my friend. Yeah that sounds about right.

I mean, Rachel is pretty with curly red hair and cute freckles that went all over her face and arms. Plus, she was rich and one hell of an artist, but I only saw her as a friend. Nothing more.

Anyways, I get in my car and drive off to the my home. Where my new game console and game would be waiting for me.

I lived in a medium sized with my mom, stepdad, and my little sister in a decent apartment complex in Manhattan. I got my own room, while my eight year old sister got her own as well.

On my way home, my mom called to make sure I picked up Sabrina from her elementary school. I was fine with it but I really wanted to get home and see if my package had arrived. Unlike me, she didn't attend a school where they required uniforms. Lucky her.

I parked in front of the school and waited for Sabrina, until I see her running down the steps and calling my name.

"Percy!" She shouted, getting in the passenger seat and hugging me. "You came to get me!"

I laughed, kissing the top of her head. "You know I always will right?"

"Yes!" She exclaimed, sitting back down. I toss her My Little Pony backpack in the back of my seat and make sure she's buckled in.

Once she is, I drive off. Sabrina was actually my stepsister, but she grew up thinking I was her real brother. Me and our parents agreed it was best not to tell her the truth. At least until she was older.

My mom was once married to a disgusting guy named Smelly Gabe. He smelt so bad that I gave him that nickname. He wouldn't do shit around the house but spend our money in poker or liquor. We lived with him for six years, until my mom had enough and called off the relationship. Half of it was for my well being, the other half was because that bastard abused her none stop. Verbally and physically.

Gabe lived in New Jersey and we haven't heard from him since. Which was a huge weight off our shoulders.

About two years later, my mom met Paul Blofish. An English teacher at my academy actually. They hit it off right away and got married after one year. Soon they had Sabrina and we've been happy ever since.

I've always wondered how my mother can be so strong and managed to live with a guy as Gabe. Besides having a terrible husband, I also had dyslexia. Which made school hard for me. All I can remember was my mom staying late at night with me, helping me do my homework or reading. I would get frustrated and throw the books away, until I realized it was the only luxury we had. I cried when I picked them up, apologizing for nearly ruining the few goods we had. My mother would only kiss me on the cheek and assure me that it was okay.

Like I said, we left Gabe in the dust sooner than I expected and we've been on our own for awhile. Until Paul came into the picture. Than Sabrina. She's a spoiled little one, but I love her to much to care.

"Percy, can we get some ice cream?"

"Sure!" Then I get an idea. "How about we go for some pizza and then ice cream?" I suggested and she cheers. Clearly agreeing with me.

We go to a pizza parlor by our apartment and I order our pizza; while Sabrina gets us a table. As we waited for our food, Sabrina looks at the flat screen tv and points at it.

"Hey, look! They're talking about that game you're obsessed with lately."

I turn around and I look up. It was one of the local news channel and they were broadcasting live in various stores around Times Square and in a few shopping malls. Including GameStop, Best Buy, and even Target. Everyone held up their copy of a video game and some even made themselves the dramatic ones and kissed it.

"As you can tell from behind me, all these fans just received their first ever copy of Olympus Art Online! Better known as OAO!" I grinned at the name and continued listening to the anchorwoman. "From what I have been told, they all have been waiting since yesterday morning and they are clearly over the moon. OAO will be the first ever virtual game, where players can be their own avatars and literally leave the real world behind and enter a new one! There are also a totally of 200 floors so they have a lot to accomplish! This has been done before, but reports say there are new setting systems, amazing real life graphics, soundtrack that goes with each players story, and even an eternal battery for the newest edition of the Nerve Gear. Even the beta testers have described the game as 'amazing' and completely 'out of this world'. Again, what's so different about this game no one knows yet but clearly if you're into Greek mythology and fighting monsters, this is the game for you. Even I got my own copy waiting for me back home, waiting for me to log in. This is Drew Tanaka reporting live from New York City, Times Square. Back to you Rick!"

Sabrina giggles, "They're weird when they do that."

I chuckle, "Do what?"

"Act like they know what they're talking about, when they're clearly reading from a screen in front of them."

For an eight year old, she was pretty smart and well spoken. But I knew Drew Tanaka as she was also a beta tester and she was a real gamer. Sort of bratty and rude, but she was cool.

"You got that right."

Our pizza was placed in front of us and we ate in pure silence. The channel was soon changed to some lousy movie channel, much to my dismay. I really wanted to know about the game, even I knew so much about it already. Much more than the average player. I was one of the few thousands of players, who got to be a beta player a couple of months ago. I didn't know I even had the chance to play it first hand as millions applied. But luck was on my side. They had us test it for two weeks, until they released us from the contract and promised us our own copy of the game on the day it came out. Which was today and I was very very anxious. Big mistake, which I would find out in a couple of hours.

The game was a death trap, but it was adventurous. It kept my blood rushing and heart racing. I never experienced something so delightful and it helped me escape the reality of the real world. Maybe that's why so many fell for it and maybe that's why so many of those players are gone to this day.

My name is Percy Jackson. Today started out like in any other day in my life, but my story doesn't begin here in the pizzeria. It begins back in our apartment later that same afternoon. In just one hour that night, my life will change. It was what I call to this day, the fateful hour.

After coming back from the pizzeria and ice cream parlor, me and Sabrina each went to our separate rooms and did what we usually did. She goes and plays with her toys, while I do my work and anxiously wait for my package.

My copy of the game hasn't arrived yet, so I distracted myself by playing a few videos that I already had in my room.

After a few hours of playing lame old games in my PS 10 (that involve using your hands) I hear the sound of the front door opening and my parents voices.

"We're home!" They both announced, their voices echoing down the halls.

I turn off my game and me and Sabrina walk out of our rooms and to the living room. Seeing Paul putting away a few items in the kitchen and my mom holding a few boxes and a yellow package. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it being labeled as fragile. But I had a few things to do first before I got the grand prize.

"Hi," I greeted, kissing my mom on the top of her head.

"Hey kids." She greets us back. "How was school?"

"Good," me and Sabrina say in unison.

"How was that essay for English?" Paul teases me, him being one of my teachers.

I smirked, "I think it went well, but the teacher can't make jokes for the life of him."

Mom and Sabrina muffed their giggles. Paul chuckles and points at him, "Say that again and I'll assign a ten page research paper."

"I'm kidding, you're the funniest man ever!"

He smiles on satisfaction. "That's what I thought."

"Percy," I look over at my mom. "I believe this is for you?"

She holds up the yellow packaged that was addressed to me and I took it. Seeing that it was sent from GameStop.

"Oh my god it's here!" I gasped, "I finally have it!"

"Have what?" Sabrina wonders, even if she had an idea of what it was.

I open the box with a pair of scissors that were nearby and open the box. It was filled with bubble wrap, that I couldn't help but pop a few before I take out the video game from the box.

I look at her and show her the most beautiful cover of a glorious white marbled temple with a few of the Greek gods and goddesses standing around it.

"I finally have it!" I exclaimed, holding up my newest game. "Olympus Art Online."

Sabrina tilts her head, "What's so great about it?"

I dramatically gasped at her, holding a hand over my chest. "What's so great about it? New graphics, sound affects that can be heard when you're fighting, and you get to use powers! That is if you have a cool godly parent."

Olympus Art Online is based on Greek mythology and you got the chance to play as a demigod. That is if you get to chance to have a godly parent. I didn't have a godly parent when I was a beta tester, hopefully this time it would be different. Last time I remembered, you also get the chance to fight against legendary monsters from Greek mythology and use weaponry from the time period. Nothing new to me as I also owned the Roman version of the game. Even that wasn't as amazing as the Greek version.

The creator of OAO, Hermes Castellan, has spent years developing the game and I know that his son was a beta tester. The hard work really paid off as far as I can tell.

Sabrina didn't look convince at all of the game's greatness, but she dropped the subject. I skipped to my room in excitement, but was stopped when my mom immediately said, "Dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Don't play that game just yet."

"B-but mom!" I pleaded, showing her the game. "I've been waiting weeks to get the game ever since I was a beta for it! You have to let me play."

She shakes her head, "Sorry family dinner first. Gaming later."

Arguing with my mom would be pointless, I learned that long ago. I mutter an 'okay' and leave the game in my room to help out with dinner.

I immediately apologize to my mom for my behavior and she only gives me a blue chocolate chip cookie.

Dinner went by slow, but it was fun like always. We talked about our day, we had dessert, and we talked some more. Me and Sabrina were in charge of the dishes, so I scrubbed every dish until she tapped my shoulder.

"I can handle it," she says, taking away the dish I was washing. "Go play your game. I know how excited you are for it."

My eyes widened. "What, really? No, Sabrina I can't make you-"

"Go before I change my mind," she interrupted me, shoving me out of the kitchen. "Go!"

I grinned from ear to ear, kissing the top of her head. "I owe you one!"

"Don't forgot it." She responds, going back to washing the dishes.

When I entered my room, everything became a blur to me. I had taken a shower earlier so I changed into my pajamas and fixed up my room a little. I installed my Nerve Gear, put the DVD in the PlayStation, connected the two consoles and laid on my bed.

As I laid down on my bed and waited for the game to finish loading and transferring to my Nerve Gear. I look around my room. My phone was buzzing on my nightstand and I knew it would be Rachel. Before I could answer her call, it ended. I left it like that.

Finally, the Nerve Gear beeped, meaning it was ready.

Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and logged into the newest and hottest game. Not knowing that my life will also change forever.

"Link start!"

And that's it! Your first ever exclusive first look at OAO!

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