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She hid herself in the ditch near the road, behind some trees. Any car that would drive by would not notice her, but she will. That was the point.

Having handled the road part, she was still unsure about the forest behind her. The house that held her hostage was located a few kilometers away.

She could imagine the man, furious and enraged about her escape. She could imagine him running away from the house, searching for her behind every tree.

But for that to happen, he had to be alive. Considering the depth she dived the fork into his neck, this hypothesis was barely possible. Even if he weren't dead, he would surely be unconscious for another five minutes. The exact needed time for Usui to arrive.

A car passed by, driving unusually slow. But by the time it passed her, she noticed that its appearance wasn't near close from a Cherokee.

Where is he, he must me there by now…

She shivered, anticipating the moment when she will see him. Will it be awkward? Have he met someone during the time she had been kidnapped? She decided to not look to disappointed by this news, the probability of her being alive was after all was unimaginable…

Deep in her scenarios, she was startled by the noise she heard behind her.

Oh crap…

It was him, she was sure. She tried to see passed the trees, but the obscurity was too dense.

When she realized the source of all this agitation, she felt almost as relieved as the moment where she left the house.

A tiny rabbit…

Scrutinizing the small hairy intruder, she didn't hear the Cherokee pulled over. She only had time to saw the blinding lights of the car. And then, there was darkness.

She raised her upper body to identify the new comer in an attempt to not unveil her hidden place.

But there he was. The person she was desperately waiting.

She saw him analysing the place, a worried and anxious look on his face, probably due to the fact that he couldn't find her.

It didn't last long because she was already running towards him.

She stumbled across the gravel, which made him look in her direction.

His gaze met her and they both raced as fast as their legs could allow.

When finally they were inches away, he caught her up in his iron grip, crushing her to his body.

They stayed welded to each other, almost suffocating from their solid embrace.

His grip on her tightened and she felt his soothing breath tickled the contour of her neck.

She never felt so entire, so alive.

Although they were still breathing heavily, their respiration gradually returned to a normal rhythm.

He set her down, still holding her face as she saw herself reflected in the wide mirror of his eyes.

Her arms reached up to his neck and he drew her toward him for a long, intense open-mouthed kiss.

He pulled her tight to his body and dove his tongue deeply in the inside of her mouth as his hands grasped her hair.

Their lips parted. Both out of breath, Usui pulled her head into the warmth of his chest.

"I'm sorry" She murmured.

He continued to play with her hair, oblivious about the real meaning of her statement.

"You should be, you led me to falsely thinking that I've lost you"

She looked up and caught sight of his dazzling smile.

"I'm meant sorry for the kiss. Because I assume you've made a new girlfriend" She stated, a nervous edge in her voice, like she was suddenly unsure about her true intentions.

He gazed at her with eyes that were wide and serious, a defeated note shimmering.

"I can see you've lost your insight" He grinned although he was hurt she could assume something like this.

She looked at him, partially offended but utterly relieved.

"Yeah, obviously. There I was, thinking that an another woman than me could actually stand you"

Usui smiled. The extent of his ecstasy was priceless at this precise moment.

"I missed you…"

His whisper lingered between them, a smooth melody for her ears. She ran her fingers onto his wrist, tracing imaginary circles.

"I've kind of missed you too…"

They both laughed as they walked towards the car, hand in hand. Their passionate reunion made them almost forgot the imminent danger.

Usui started the car and moved into the road, all without letting go of her hand.

"Ok, so you've mentioned earlier that the man who kidnapped you was a cop? Do you think he might have accomplices in the police?" He asked, trying to focus on the main problem although he desperately wanted to forget about all of that and kissed the hell out of her.

"Maybe. I don't know. That guy was a psychopath, it's a miracle that he had been accepted to be a cop and a bigger miracle if he has friends" She explained.

"Was a psychopath?" He wondered, confuse about the past tense.

"Yeah. I dive a fork into his neck. So he must be dead, I assume" She stated.

"A fork? Damn, remind me to never piss you off…"

She softly hit his head, amused.

"You pissed me off more than once and yet, you're still alive" She joked.

He sneaked a look at her from the corner of his eyes, more than happy that they were finally reunited and were able to kid around just like old times.

"Ok, back to the problem. Psychopath and loner as he was, we'll assume that there is no accomplice. Therefore, we'll call the police right now and they'll let us know if he's really dead. In the mean time, we'll head towards my apartment and catch all the time we've lost"

He explained, a somewhat perverted grin on his face.

"If you know what I mean…" He continued.

Damn right, she knew what he meant and couldn't be more than pleased.

He slowly opened the entrance door, suddenly realizing the extent of the damages accumulated in the past months.

Misaki entered, analysing the place. There were beer bottles, trash and dirty dishes everywhere. The place was a dump since she last saw it.

"Usui… sorry to inform you, but I think you've been victimized of vandalism" She sarcastically declared.

He chuckled although he was ashamed of his missing cleaning abilities.

"The past years have been rough on me, I didn't feel like cleaning"

She looked at him and caught a glimpse of his vulnerability. She wasn't the only victim of this kidnapping after all…

As she was about to utter another joke about the state of his apartment to ease the atmosphere, the phone in Usui's pocket rang.

He answered, assuming it was the police.

"Usui? Congrats! I've heard about Misaki from the police department. You must be happy!"

It was Haruko, his geeky friend who helped him to track the phone call earlier that night.

"Yeah, very. I'm home and she's with me. Are you at the department?"

"No, I'm at that wacko's house. I've been appointed for the crime scene investigation. Say bravo to your girlfriend, it's a serious attack she has accomplished. I mean, a fork? There's blood everywhere!" He shouted, fascinated by the scene.

He glanced at Misaki, somehow proud of her.

"So do you mean he's…" Usui began but was cut by Haruko.

"…Dead? Dude, nobody could have survived to this. So yeah, he's dead. The police department asked me to deliver you the good news. Ok, back to business, need to go, see ya!" Haruko rushed, hanging up, without letting Usui say bye. Well, not that he cared.

He turned towards Misaki, his lips curling into a smile.

"Good news, your fork's attack has been successful"

Her gaze held his for several seconds, like she didn't heard. But she finally let out a relief sight and threw herself on the couch as she felt off-balance. Some beer cans and other unidentified objects rolled off and fell on the carpet. But she couldn't care less because her nightmare was finally over.

Usui headed towards the couch and crouched beside it, his head at the same level as her.

Her arm hiding her eyes, he couldn't see the relief. Even though he didn't ask her yet the extent of the hell she suffered those years, he could only assume that his death could be a balm to her mental injuries.

"I know one way to celebrate that" He stated, leaving her no time to reply. He picked her up from the couch, one arm below her legs and one arm underneath her shoulders.

He stepped over few leftovers covering the floor and walked towards the bedroom.

When he opened the door, it was like night and day.

"At least you know how to clean the room where you sleep" Misaki observed, surprise by the contrast. The bedroom looked exactly as the time she last saw it.

"I haven't slept for ages in it. At least, not since you've disappeared…" He said with half a smile.

That explained the not-messy part.

She walked quietly to the bed, contemplating the frozen space. There were photos of their numerous trips hung on the wall, posters of their favourite band and a lovely picture of them on the bedside table. This room brought her back so memories but it was probably for the same reason Usui chose to condemn it.

She sat on the bed and sneaked a look at him. He was also staring at all the pictures, enigmatic.

"You can start to believe it now" She whispered, the message destined for both of them. Since their reunion, they were finally able to breathe and realize it wasn't just a dream.

He walked across the room, leaned forward and laid his hands on the bed, each side on her hips.

"It's just so surreal" He murmured still holding her gaze.

His face was so close that she could feel his breath tickled her nose. The torment of wanting to touch him was palpable within her.

He brought his lips to the curve of her neck and she felt his warm tongue moved slowly over her skin, to her neck down her shoulder.

She pulled the collar of his shirt to draw him towards her but he was quicker and grabbed her roughly around the waist to fling her across the bed.

Her back touched the fabric and she arched it up to bring her body closer to his. He dove deeply his tongue in her mouth, tasting every inches of it. She sucked his tongue and moved her mouth against his.

Her hips maintained a divinely sensuous sway, feeling every muscles of his legs and stomach colliding rhythmically against her. They were both breathing heavily, their breath transforming into short pants. He unbuttoned her shirt with one hand and took off his with the other. The loneliness accumulated for the past years forged into a perfect symbiosis.

He played her body in a sensual and feisty way and when she finally lost that last edge of control before they went further, she heard him whispered to her ear:

"I'm starting to believe it"

That was great sex. The best sex they had as long as they could remember.

Entwined under the covers, they were both startled when they heard Usui's doorbell.

He stood up, reluctant to go out in the fresh air, away from Misaki's warmth.

Who could find convenient to visit in the middle of the night?

He walked across the living room and headed to the entrance. At the same moment he had reached the door, his cellphone rang on the hall table.

Looks like a contest of who can piss me off the most…

"Yeah, hello?" He answered the phone with a hoarse voice.

Behind the frosted doors, he identified the silhouette of his friend Haruko.

" ? Here is Irie from the police department. I am now at the address you gave us but I regret to inform you that the kidnapper has escaped. But we can only see blood out here, he must be in bad shape…"

This announcement echoed in his head just as he opened the door to Haruko.

But Haruko said he saw the man dead…

He couldn't make sense of the situation.

Just when Haruko flashed him a smile, Usui's heart started to hammer unexpectedly.

The policeman continued to speak over the phone but Usui had stop to listen a long time ago, shocked by the cloth drenched of blood wrapped around Haruko's neck.

A howl of rage strangled his lips but just when he took a step forward to strangle the man, Haruko pointed a gun on Usui's head.

"Irie? I'm kind of busy right now, I will have to call you back"

He then hung up and the room was filled with complete silence. Until…

"Usui? Where have you been, there I am, missing for two years and you're alread-" But she didn't get to finish her sentence, petrified by the horrifying scene.

Driven by a sudden rush of adrenalin, Usui pushed the gun aside and aimed it on Haruko's chest. He was about to pull the trigger when he heard Misaki yelled of agony.

His gaze shifted reflexively in her direction. Short jolts curled his body down and all of her moves were twitchy. He wanted to end her suffering but it was difficult since he had absolutely no idea of what was going on.

"Drop the gun and I'll stop"

Usui looked at him, noticing a small remote control in his hands.

"You shoot me and I'll electrocute her to death"

Her yelling was unbearable; he had to make him stop.

So he dropped the gun and ran towards Misaki who was now curled into a ball.

"What do you want, Haruko?" He exhaled sharply while helping Misaki to sit down.

"Your silence obviously…" He replied, sitting in front of them still holding the gun.

"W-Wait, you know him?" Misaki managed to ask, still shaking from the electroshocks.

"I thought I did… he's one of my co-workers. So that's not a cop badge you saw but his ID card from the crime scene department"

"So you've worked with him all along?" She asked, trying to make sense of this coincidence.

"Well, I didn't know back then…" He replied.

"But I did! Since the very first day…""

They both fixed him as their thoughts raged in their heads.

"You think it's a coincidence that I entered the CS department just after Misaki suddenly disappeared? Well, think again…"

They waited, fuming, and expectant.

"I have to admit that the car crash was an accident… I was drunk so it was destined to happen. But what was not ready to happen was my career going up in flames. Drunk driving? I would never have succeeded to get a job in criminology…"

He paused and polished the muzzle of his gun.

"Back at the river, I followed your two silhouettes in the current. I've tried to help, but I've lost sight of you, Usui. I assumed you had drowned. At one point I found Misaki who was still breathing. So I did what seemed to be logical at the time… I captured the only witness to, what I thought, a dangerous driving causing death"

"But you knew Usui wasn't dead! You forged an article clearly stating that he was alive!" Misaki protested as she glared defiantly at him.

"You're right. But when I did I had already fell under your charm…"

There was a certain vulnerability disguise in his voice. But Usui couldn't care less.

His grip on her tightened.

"But why the hell would you choose to work at the same place as me?" Usui asked to divert his dirty look from Misaki.

Haruko silently stood up as his eyes narrowed playfully.

"To keep you under my radar. I knew you wouldn't give up easily, so every time you came close to the truth, I guided you further away. It was particularly useful when you've called me to track the sms Misaki sent you. All I did was to erase it"

An intense fury made Usui's hands clench into fists. He was played all along and he was stupid enough to believe that he was his friend?

"And even more useful two hours ago, when I called you to inform you of my own fake death when all I needed was to know if you were home…"


"Usui? Congrats! I've heard about Misaki from the police department. You must be happy!"

"Yeah, very. I'm home and she's with me. Are you at the department?"


How could he have been so stupid! He even welcomed him to his entrance door.

"So now what?" Usui asked tersely as anger flashed in his eyes.

Haruko glared at him, misery on his features. Unexpectedly, a tear glided down his cheek.

"I never meant for this to happen. All I wanted was to have friends and a job that I've worked so hard to get…"

His voice was choked. He dangerously began to raise his gun, spasms shaking his hands.

"But I can't anymore. You both hate me and my footprints are all over my house. It's just a matter of time before the police connects the dots… "

He removed the safety of the gun with one click.

"That leaves me no choice…"

They tightened up their solid embrace, both silent to their cruel destiny. They closed their eyes, not wanting to know who will be the first to go. Because they both wanted to be the first: living even for one second without the other would be terrible.

They thought of racing towards him but it would be a waste. That guy had a military training so he knew how to shoot.

So they both stayed in the middle of the filthy space, waiting for their respective end.

A detonation was heard and they waited for the second one. But it didn't come.

They opened their eyes, realizing that none of them had been shot.

As they gazed at each other, mute of incomprehension, they heard a body collided with the ground. And then, dark blood flowed to them.

They didn't yell. They didn't cry. They just stayed hand in hand, contemplating the suicidal scene.

Usui checked his vital signs as Misaki kicked the gun away.

"He's dead. For good" Usui declared.

Misaki hid her eyes behind her purple locks, sensing a tear coming.

She didn't cry when she was kidnapped.
She didn't cry for the way he treated her for those two years.
She didn't cry when she saw him in this room.

So why would she cry when every thing was finally over? She hated to be the prey to her emotions.

Usui noticed her mental fight because he was having the same one in his mind.

His arms enlaced her waist and she was suddenly welded to his body.

So she let out the first and last tear she would ever cry for that despicable man.

Later, they will call the police to remove the corpse lying in the living room. They already knew that it would be to the biggest surprise of every one because Haruko was the favourite of the police sector.

But as for now, Usui brought Misaki in his garden, away from the scene of horror. She saw him kneel down which brought her back to the night of two years ago.

"Misaki, would you do me the honour and be my wife"

A red shade coloured her cheeks even if, unlike the night at the restaurant, there was no public, she was still embarrassed about the whole proposal thing. So she adopted a fake arrogant attitude to soothe her.

"I don't see the ring… how could I say yes without the ring"

Usui's lips curled into a smile, somehow ashamed.

"Sorry, I've kind of lost the ring. Truthfully, I threw it in a river…"

She was ready to retort something but she figured out it would break the moment seeing how pitiful he looked.

"What a romantic gesture…" She sarcastically replied, smiling.

So he laughed and they both laughed. She continued to oppose an argument at every thing he said, just figuring how much more time he could last on his knees. At some point, she finally said yes.

The reply she should have uttered a long time before. All Usui found to say was:


"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet "

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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