Finally, they had finally reached the last step. Not that he hadn't enjoyed every moment of reaching it, but Tom had truly infected him with his desire to complete the ritual to bring back the magic of old. He'd come to Hogwarts with only a smattering of knowledge of the magic despite having growing up in its society. His parents had sent him to a muggle primary school and the only magic he really experienced was his mother's charms around the house, and a few medicinal potions. His father had regularly turned into a stag with his circle of friends the Marauders, but while astounding, being an Animagus was only a small part of Higher Magic. Luckily, his mother had trapped the Marauders into signing a magical contract not to prank inside the small Manor so he experienced only a few hexes and jinxes. But the library, with was filled with references for his mothers work with the experimental charms committee had been warded off, so he was left only with a handful of fairy tales muggle and magical to show him the heights magic could reach.

Hogwarts hadn't really changed that. They learned Lesser Magic, and basic knowledge up until Owls. Newts tested students on Middle Magic in the subject students continued with, but Higher Magic was completely absent. Society in general never really stretched themselves to learn it, gaining a Mastery would lead to knowledge of certain Higher Magic's, but the Ministry discouraged practicing of the higher arts except in specific instances. Even becoming an Animagus was discouraged by making people register, and the lack of teaching materials related to the process. Before Tom, he started to learn how because it seemed like a family tradition. His magical majority had come a year early as a Solstice Child, but his mother had prepared him as properly as any pureblood would, leading to the awakening of the Gift of Healing, the Gift of Sight, and the Gift of Shifting or more commonly known the potential to become an Animagus. It was a trait of the Potter Line.

It was his Gifts that brought him to the attention of Tom Riddle, the prestigious Head Boy. He had been practicing with his Sight in one of the court yards when he had seen the handsome seventh year walk past with the most horrible black curse upon him, twisting his magic and his mind slowly, oh so slowly. It had been horrible, hard to overcome, but it had lead him here. Harry stepped out of his ritual robe, unfazed by his nakedness as he watched Tom join him inside the ritual circle. It was ironic, Harry's father was always on his case about his utter lack of rule breaking but he thought completing the awakening of sex magic ritual or whatever it proper Latin name that Tom insisted on using was, was something even his father would have been astounded at. But now was definitely not the time to think about his father.

His eyes trailed the muscular curves and the protruding angles of his lover as they came together in the circle, all ritual incantations had been said and the most challenging thing they had to do was be silent until the both reached completion(or come in normal English). Tom had always been handsome, but he had learned his lover body, learned what made his breath hitch, or made a slight hiss escape and it made him all the more attractive. And it was all his to touch, his to claim for as long as he could hold the ethereal affections of his lover, as so many before him had tried. But those worries were for another time.

It started with a kiss, mouth to mouth, breathe to breathe, the air escaping his lungs only to be captured immediately by his lovers, the moisture making the air muggy between them. Tom took the initiative, his tongue tracing Harry's lip with familiarity, before diving into his mouth lighting nerves on fire. Harry clutched his lovers hair as their bodies pushed together, his lover's cock pressed to his stomach achingly hard already. God, how he wanted to beg for his lover's hands, when they finally slid down his back to cup his arse he couldn't hold back his gasp. Only Tom's tongue inside his mouth muffled his attempt at moaning his lover's name. How he hated being silent while having sex.

Tom's mouth slide from his mouth down his throat to rest on his collarbone before his teeth dug in, drawing a moan from his reluctant mouth. Tom knew what that did to him, this was going to be torture to keep quiet, and he knew Tom was going to get off on it, the bastard. His lover's mouth lowered down his chest as he knelt before him his lips sucking at his nipples on his way down only to bite his hipbone completely ignoring his leaking cock. Harry let himself sink down onto Tom's lap his knees weakening at the sight of Tom at his feet, as if to worship his cock, unfortunately torture was more honest.

It was ten or twenty minutes later when Harry escaped the fevered lustful haze his lover had spun up around his with his talented lips and teasing hands. He grabbed for the lube that had been specifically brewed for the ritual, only to pour it over his lover hands and cock that was already resting on his hole as it had been teasing him, pressing just a little only to pull back until he was aching to be filled, to be taken, to be owned at least for now. Tom swiftly stretched him, the potion relaxing most of his inner muscles immediately. Now if only Tom would finally move his … oh, god he thought gasping at his lover's furious push. He was going to be fucked until he didn't even know his name, and he was again and again each thrust fast and slick just brushing his prostate, his cock untouched as he was bent over his lover taking him from behind as he sat in his lap, with no control, just how Tom liked it. Just like he liked it, not that he was going to admit that to Tom, at least not often.

When he finally came, Tom had finally started to abuse his prostate as it was meant to be used. Harry relaxed into giving his lover his final, furious pleasure as he spent himself inside him. Tom's final bite on the back of his neck drawing blood, Harry turned around to receive a kiss only for Tom to ignore him finishing the ritual by blowing out the candles around them with his wand. Harry couldn't believe that he had forgotten they were in the middle of a sex ritual; Tom was going to smack his ass when he admitted it later.

The magic rose within them until it breached a barrier that neither of them had been aware of, the magic racing over their skin to spark where they touched each other, especially were they were still connected. Harry groaned as he felt himself getting hard immediately, "Once more, to celebrate?" Harry asked.

"Fuck yes," was Tom's immediate reply as his lip trailed across Harry's back, " We need to experiment with what were going to give our generation."

Harry was quite pleasantly sore when he finally made it back to the sixth year Gryffindor dormitory to collapse on his bed.

"Where were you Harry?" Ron asked as he scribbled the last of an essay on his bed.

"Out," was Harry's swift reply, they were friends but after a misunderstanding about Ron's little sister Ginny they had agreed to never discuss Harry's or Ginny's romantic entanglements again. So a simple code had been put in place.

Ron sighed with light jealous, " God, I need to pull."

Harry sighed as he pulled the covers over him, "Then either make a move on Hermione or find someone else." He swiftly shut the curtains, tomorrow was going to be a long day. He could feel it.

Tom found his first ex-lover , he wouldn't refer to him as an ex-boyfriend even in his mind, Darius Greenwood in the Slytherin Potion's Lab. He smiled slyly at his friend and onetime lover, offering the traditional words, " I offer you a kiss of temptation and knowledge, will you accept?"

Darius choked, and then laughed. "Sex magic, you finally found a lover to complete the ritual with, you lucky bastard. Yes, I accept the temptation and knowledge of your kiss." The kiss itself was light, just a bit firmer than a brush but it was filled with magic opening a barrier that Darius had never realized was there before.

Tom smiled faintly, "Don't forget to pass your kiss to your own past lovers. Avoid virgins, it can mess with the magic."

"Yes, sir," was Darius ironic response as he thought about which of his ex-lover's wouldn't hex before he could get a word in edgewise.