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**Sexually explicit material, last scene **

Chapter 19

It turned out that contacting Evan Rosier was a bit more complicated then they had suspected. He was traveling during the summer on a world tour of sorts, strictly of the magical world of course but that still left a tremendous amount of places he might be. Harry decided that instead of going off on wild hypogriff chase they would focus on finding the person who had cursed Tom while they lined up residents for the apartment building. Harry had informed his father of their suspicions a few days ago and they had just received an urgent summons from the Wizgenmot. Both Tom and Harry knew what that meant; it seemed Morphant Gaunt was guilty, or at least guilty enough for the aurors to bring him to trial.

They quickly flooed to the ministry having finally got themselves hooked up to the system yesterday after a week of travails as the Ministry floo workers had had trouble understanding the floo setting's they wanted for security. The whole process made Harry shudder, it had practically been death by paperwork and that had been after they tested that all the fireplaces even the ones in the expanded floors were floo compatible, at least for fire-calling.

James was waiting for them at the floo, dressed in full auror robes. James quickly gave his son and his son's lover the details of the trial. "Harry, Tom, I don't know where you got the idea that it might have been your uncle that cursed you but the tip truly paid off. The instant Sirius and I asked him if he had he started a duel, casting all sorts of dark magic. We barely got him restrained working together, but Sirius knows his dark magic so he had us covered. Inside his … shack he was gathering ingredients for another black ritual, which lead us to question Gaunt to track down his sources leading to a big black market dealer being busted. That was why the trial has taken so long. We had to catch the dealer before Gaunt's trial." James was clearly rushing the explanation as he guided them down to courtroom 10. The elevator plummeted out from underneath them taking them down.

"I had started to think he might have left the country," Tom stated, his displeasure at being kept out of the loop faint but visible.

"Sorry, Tom," James said clapping a hand on Tom's shoulder. "It's standard procedure, and we knew he couldn't come after you since he was in custody."

Despite being dissatisfied with that answer, Tom nodded in understanding auror procedure was something he didn't know much about, but that was going to change. When they arrived at the courtroom they were quickly shown to seats on the side. The Wizengmot was almost fully assembled, Harry presumed that it was due to the fact this was a case including Black magic and because Albus Dumbledore one of the strongest proponents against it wasn't here to guide the questioning. Harry was all too familiar with the lack of competency in the Wizengmot due to observing sessions with his father as part of his training as the Potter heir.

Luckily, it looked like Amelia Bones, the head of the DMLE, had taken a personal interest. She quickly called the court to order before calling James Potter as the auror who had come forward with new evidence on the case. "Auror Potter, describe the circumstance that lead to your arrival at Morphan t Guant's home."

James, in full auror mode reported concisely and accurately, "I had been given information that he might have held a grudge against his nephew, Tom Riddle, due to the circumstances under which his mother left the family home. His nephew was also publically acknowledging his descent from Salazar Slytherin's line and due to the talent he demonstrated it seemed likely he might claim one of the title' associated with the line."

"How did you receive this information?" Minister Bagngold asked. She might have been a tolerable Minister in regards to her actions towards legislation, but now that Harry knew more about the inner workings of the ministry his respect had both dropped and risen. The fact that she had worked her way up from a ministry aid within the system, though who knew in that day and age since it was a 100 years ago. But that she continued to use it raised an ire Harry had barely felt before. He had read the occasional muggle book, particularly in areas that wizard's had radically different positions, in this case muggle mind healing or psychology had told stories of abused children carrying out the same abuse on their own children. He hadn't wanted to believe it, but here was his first wizarding example.

"My son is Tom Riddle's lover so when they considered the possibility seriously they brought the issue to me due to my position as an Auror," James stated. Harry and Tom both knew that James' declaration even as an auror rather than Lord Potter was tacit approval of their relationship, which while quite acceptable according to the Olde Ways was a bit controversial to the slowly transferring muggle morals.

"Isn't that a conflict of interest?" Dolores Umbridge stated, able to speak due to her holding her family seat, rather than her position in the ministry which was only a junior undersecretary to the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

"I discussed the possible conflict with Head Auror Scrimengour, but due to the lack of solid evidence in support of Morphant's guilt it wasn't considered an issue." James raised a hand to hold Umbridge from an obvious statement declaring how accurate that supposition was. "I went to interview the accused, but after we identified ourselves as Aurors he immediately attacked us making any possible conflict of interest in arresting him a moot point."

Amelia Bones quickly cut in, not wanting the trial to take days as it might if Umbridge was allowed to really get going. "We have a description of the battle in front of us, and looking at the curses Mr. Gaunt cast, he would be headed for Azkaban even if he didn't curse his nephew. Potions Master Allard please administer the vertiserum." The rest of the trial was cut and dry. Morphant quickly confessed to cursing Tom as well as performing a whole variety of forbidden magic. Harry quickly lost interest in the little details and considered the possible options the trial opened up for Tom.

"Tom," Harry murmured, not wanting to attract attention or be thought disrespectful. "If you petition the Wizengmot at the end of the trial you might be able to assume a previous lineage's name that merged with the Gaunts. I know you had considered changing your name before, don't look at me like that. The fact that you wanted to be called Lord Voldemort because it was an anagram of your name was hilarious dirt, your friends couldn't not tell me."

Tom sniffed in affront, but conceded the point, the name had been quite pretentions. And changing your name without going before the Wizengmot was an exercise in death by paperwork. He had looked into it. "I'm not sure what lines would be available for me to claim."

"That's what the potions master is for," Harry responded quickly. Tom's belief that he needed to research and know everything for himself had expanded his knowledge miles above most people but it had lead to the assumption that if he didn't know how, most people wouldn't either. Harry knew that Tom would grow into that confidence until it was true, but it certainly wasn't the case yet.

The trial quickly came to a close, but before the Wizengmot could disband, Tom stepped forward and spoke, "As the victim of such an atrocious attack from someone who should be family, I wish to petition the Wizengmot to allow me to assume a previous family name." The approval was quick, and treated as a matter of little importance except by Amelia Bones.

Once the potion had been given to Tom by the Potions Master, he quickly took it before cutting his finger to bleed on the treated parchment. Tom soon saw his surname of Riddle dissolve into three different options Gaunt, Peverell, and Slytheirn. He noticed the potion master's occulmency drop for an instant in shock but he quickly recovered. Tom quickly announced his decision before the Wizengmot dissolved, "I would now be known as Tomas Marvolo Peverell."

The Wizengmot dutifully responded with the traditional response, "We acknowledge you as Tomas Marvolo Peverell by magic's grace." He could tell by looking at the assembled Lords and Ladies that some of them understood the magnitude of having that last name but he quickly went back to Harry and his father and left quickly to go back home. Today had been quite a triumph, he had finally abandoned his horrid muggle father's name.


Tom couldn't express how happy he was with his change in name; it wouldn't have even been possible without Harry. It seemed that all the good things in his life now could be attributed to Harry. He had never considered himself a man meant for love and commitment, or even the despicable fairy tale presentation of magic with the entailed romance. It seemed that foresight wasn't a talent of his at all. But with due consideration, Tom thought it was about time he expressed the depth of his feeling for Harry with something more meaningful than sex and something more permanent than sex.

It was relatively late at night only a few days before Harry's birthday, perilously close to the summer solstice. It was the perfect time to ritually give Harry his promise of commitment and love in the form of a promise ring. And because he wasn't going to form the ring on exactly any one of the four great holidays, it meant the grand circle were available.

"Harry," Tom said, "I have a surprise for you. But we need to take a walk for me to give it to you."

Harry yawned and rustled around on the sofa underneath the throw blanket. They had been cuddling together while they read and relaxed after their long day. The tenants were going to start moving in tomorrow so that they could raise the resident specific words with everyone invoked on the solstice. "Sure, I'm not too tired. A bit of cool summer air would wake me up and be quite refreshing."

They lazily put on shoes and sweaters before heading outside, arm in arm. When they were in a sufficiently protected area from muggle's Tom side-apparated them away, taking Harry by complete surprise.

"Tom," Harry said the moment he recovered from the unexpected apparition, "Were on earth have you … taken me?" Harry trailed off, as he looked around and realized exactly where he was, Stonehenge. He could see the small run down circle that the muggles considered the real Stonehenge and directly behind him was the larger original circle. The smaller circle had been built so that families could perform rituals without taking up the larger space that was more suited to a coven or conclave. The wards could have included the smaller circle during the great divide when the magical world separated from the muggle world, but too many people knew the legends of old that spoke of Stonehenge. The only way to fully protect it would have been a fidelus, which wasn't created at the time. A fidelus would have made the sight almost as useless to wizard's as well, so it had been much better to leave a fake available.

"I know we haven't exchanged any promises about our relationship," Tom stated. "But I want to change that, because while it might be understood that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to promise it to you."

"A promise ring?" Harry asked astounded. It was one of the first steps to forming a soulbond. It didn't guarantee it, and the ring was also a common step towards marriage or bonding as it was more properly called but it was a big step either way.

"A promise of our future together," Tom replied. He actually spotted another couple on the other side of the great ring. He led Harry over to them, since they needed to see if they were actually planning to use the circle. Surprisingly enough they both knew the couple if only vaguely, Percy Weasley and Penelope Clearwater. They had been Head Boy and Girl two years before Tom, while he had been a prefect.

"Hey, Percy," Harry said genially since his own connection with the Weasley family had once been quite close. "Are the two of you here for a ritual?"

"Yes," Percy coughed, obviously uncomfortable. "I have asked Penelope to marry me and she has accepted." Percy trailed off looking a Penelope worshipfully. It sent a shiver of disquiet down Harry's spine, because the sanctity of Percy's mind wasn't safe and hadn't been for years. Who knew if his feelings for Penelope were real or not?

Spur of the moment at the bidding of a flash of intuition, Harry asked, "May I give the both of you a blessing as a Healer?" Tom looked surprised at the offer but the couple were even more surprised at the offering of such an old fashioned gift that was generally associated with Olde Magic, and by the nature of the blessing as well.

"I didn't know you were going to train as a Healer," Penelope said misinterpreting his words, but she was a muggleborn you couldn't expect anything else.

Harry smiled and explained, "I won't be training as a Healer. I received the gift of Healing with my majority. Healing will come naturally to me now; I don't need to use specific spells. I just need to figure out how it works."

"That is a precious gift that you have received, and a precious gift that you offer us," Percy said.

Harry raised his magic so that it was almost tangible in the air around him before he leaned forward and kissed the forehead's of Percy and a surprised looking Penelope. "May your pairing be blessed, and let you heal each other." Harry wasn't sure if the blessing would help Percy avoid mental problems due to the obliviates, but he certainly hoped so.

Penelope and Percy then went to the middle of the ring and raised magic invoking every fourth stone formation as Percy engaged himself to Penny and she to him. Tom and Harry were safely outside the circle but it seemed that Percy was guiding his fiancé in the Olde Ways. "Do you think your blessing might help with the after effects of the obliviated?" Tom asked as the completion of the ritual caused the couple to collapse due to the magic invoked.

"I think so … I hope so," Harry replied. Percy and Penelope recovered quickly and offered to observe their ritual. Harry smile and said, "Instead of watching us you should go tell your families the good news." They gathered their belongings and quickly left glowing with happiness and the residual magic left from the ritual.

Tom quite approved of getting rid of any kind of audience, even a friendly one. They didn't want to attract any attention to the level of their power again or something worse than interrogation might happen when either of them got kidnapped next. They went to the center of the circle and Harry just stood there as Tom pronounced the complicated Latin and Greek incantations to form the promise between them. Harry couldn't take part in the ritual at all except by releasing his magic into the circle, because this was Tom's one-sided promise. If any circumstances came between a pair linked by a promise ring only the person who received the ring could end the relationship.

As they expected the whole circle lit up with their magic, as if a whole conclave was using it. Harry almost felt as if he was flying with all the magic that was surrounding them. The ring finally came into being above their heads, a snake that was swallowing his tail, one of the traditional symbols of eternity. Tom got down on one knee to present him with the promise ring; it was the basis of the muggle tradition for proposals. Wizards before the Olde Ways started to fade would promise themselves to their intended and after a period in which they became comfortable with a future they became comfortable with a future they planned together, they would get married. Muggles had taken it as the waiting period before marriage and that was a large part of the purpose but it was more a commitment of certainty on the giver's behalf, an expression of their feelings because without love wizard's or witches couldn't produce a ring, the ritual would fall flat. And the details of the ring always showed the depth of feelings that the giver felt, not the size of their wallet as the muggle custom turned into.

"I accept," was all Harry said before Tom put the ring on his finger and swept him away to celebrate. They apparated from inside the circle leaving it fully invoked until their magic faded. Another couple had turned up 20 minutes later and had been shocked to find the empty circle activated.


Tom had apparated them straight to bed completely happy with everything, the kidnapping shunted to back of his mind. Harry had accepted his suit, not that he had expected anything differently but it was official now. And he had already received Harry's parents' permission to be with their son, well it had been understood if not stated out right when he had spent a month of the summer living with them while he stayed in Harry's bedroom. You couldn't get any more accepting than that from your lover's parents.

Tom kissed Harry over and over, not caring about storing sex magic or trying to create more magic through exploring various sexual exploits. He just wanted to be with Harry. Harry kissed him back just as veraciously, practically ripping his clothes off as they settled on their bed. Tom hissed a few words in parseltongue, which activated the bracelets and left Harry tied to the bed his wrists and ankle's hissing in frustration. "Tom, quite screwing around," Harry hissed forcefully as he tried to get out of his bindings despite knowing better. Whenever Tom had tied him up with them previously, he could never escape. "And screw me."

Tom laughed, he couldn't help it. His Harry got so commanding when he was horny, even as he was submissive. "Of course, love. But tonight of all nights we should slow down a bit, not rush to the finish line."

"There's never just one finish line with us," Harry replied inspiring another gale of laughter that did nothing to decrease either of their arousal.

"Oh, how I love you Harry Potter," Tom said, emotions filling not only his voice but his whole being. "I could not describe it with ten thousand words. You are so precious to me. My salvation, my temptation, my devil and my conscious. My lover. My partner. My friend. All of you, my Harry."

"I think this might be the worst timing in the world to mention this, because you just told me you loved me for the first time, but I need to say it anyway," Harry rambled. "My true name is Hadrian James Potter. Harry's just a nickname … and I love you, too. But you already knew that." Harry stated smiling up at his lover even as he was tied to a bed as his lover disrobed them with magic. Sex while still a foregone conclusion, slipped away for a moment, as their feelings were laid bare.

"My Hadrian," Tom stated, musingly. "It certainly more proper, but I think I'll stick with Harry for our intimate discussions. You have always been Harry from the beginning."

"Just as you will remain Tom, despite changing your name completely," Tom stated with a smirk. Harry laughed gleefully; there would always be a certain challenge between the two of them. Tom bent down and licked Harry's inner thigh pulling a small moan out of him before he bit down, leaving quite a mark. Harry gasped at the sensation and tried to spread his legs wider despite the restraints. Tom slowly worked up Harry's right inner thigh until his nose was brushing his ball. He nuzzled them away before leaning down to lick Harry's perineum. Harry's whole body twitched in reaction. Because no matter how many times they had sex, and no matter how filthy or depraved it seemed Tom's whole being was devoted to giving him pleasure, and he had become spectacular at it.

"Fuck me, Tom," Harry panted, struggling for words as Tom rimmed him, sucking and thrusting however he liked. "Please … make me … yours. Just like … like you promised … gave yourself… urgh. Please, please … need it."

Tom always appreciated begging, but Harry only rarely gave into it so he rewarded his lover immediately, a hiss released his bonds and he quickly flipped Harry over. Harry was so lost in pleasure he barely noticed being moved as he melted into the mattress in response to Tom filling him quickly after. A small rune provided the small amount of lube required when Harry's hole was already relaxed and wet. Tom lifted Harry's hips to make stroking into him easier and then let go fucking Harry as fast as his hips could move.

Harry quickly tensed and came. Tom's loving hisses in his ear pushing him over the edge. He was starting to react in a startlingly Pavlovian manner to parseltongue. Tom continued to fuck his lover relaxed body, adjusting Harry's limp form however he wanted just to emphasize his control. One last quick stroke behind Harry's ball's had his ass tightening around him, bringing him over the edge. He pulled out slowly and pushed a finger into Harry's ass to pull his cum out. Tom loved to watch it drip down from Harry's ass over his thighs, a more personal mark of possession.

"You pervert," came Harry's mumbled protest into the mattress as he finally became aware of his surroundings.

"I am," Tom replied instantly, "and you love me for it."

Harry sighed and nodded into the mattress. Tom smiled and slide two fingers back into the mattress. Tom smiled and slide tow fingers back into Harry before scissoring them, not to loosen Harry up but just to feel him and his cum inside him. Harry started to wriggle away revealing he was getting hard again. Harry's protesting little mmh's were ignored as Tom moved forward to kneel directly in between Harry's spread thighs.

"I'm not done with you yet, my love," Tom declared as he pulled Harry's hips back into the air.

"I couldn't move if my life depended on it," Harry stated.

"Well then," Tom said with a suspicious looking smirk, "why don't I do all the work." Tom pulled Harry's hips back further and pulled his torso back until he was leaning back on Tom's chest. A few adjustments and Tom's rapidly filling cock was once more inside Harry's tight and wet warmth.

"Tooom," Harry moaned quite hard by now. "You're just going to play with me like a sex doll. I just know it."

Tom's smirk was filled with even more mischief as he replied, "That's your best idea yet, my Harry." He grabbed Harry's wrist's and let his body fall forward as much as it could.

Even if Harry had had the energy he couldn't have moved. His thighs were trapped, spread wide by Tom's and with his arm's being held by Tom he was trapped. Tom slowly pulled out before thrusting forward while pulling Harry's arms to pull Harry toward himself. Harry was completely helpless, and Tom couldn't have been more turned on.

"To … Tom," Harry gasped as Tom once more started fucking him at speed. "I can't … can't do anything."

"You could use that pretty mouth of yours to give someone pleasure. I wonder if there's a potion to make a double of someone, so I could fuck your ass and mouth at the same time." Harry's moan wasn't at all a protest and Tom jacked into Harry's prostate over and over again as he imagined it. His orgasm came over him unexpectedly, with Harry still keening to come.

Tom sat back pulling Harry with him, still buried deep inside him. Tom's cum slowly startling to leak out around him. "Seems someone has a problem."

"God … please … Tom … let me. Fuck me. Do something," Harry pleaded. Tom let go of Harry's wrists, knowing he had left bruises.

"Jack yourself off my Harry, let me see you cum," Tom whispered in Harry's ear. He immediately did so, and with only a few stokes came all over himself, streaking his chest and having reached his face. He fell back onto Tom, having almost blacked out.

"What a pretty picture you make my love," was the last thing Harry heard.