Adrian had never truly been on a date, so when Max came to her house and insisted that they go watch a movie, and get a late night dinner, of course she was confused. She couldn't understand how he wanted to do anything besides have sex with her, but after convincing her that she was going to go, she did. And she had fun.

For once she didn't feel like there was any drama in her life. For once she felt like every other normal teen who had a boyfriend. A boyfriend! She couldn't believe that she was finally in a real with relationship, with someone who wanted more from her than just sex. He reminded her of Antonio in a way, he was sincere, caring, and he was actually interested in getting to know her, not just her body. So they stayed out late, they watched a movie, and ate dinner, and he drove her home.

She got to her door and insisted he come in but he didn't. He respected her too much to ruin their date with meaningless sex. So they kissed, just kissed goodnight, and she felt something spark inside her. She touched her lips as she kept wondering how in the world he could make her feel this way, when she had kissed plenty of guys in her lifetime. She closed her door, and a smile fell on her face. It was a silly grin, she was sure, but it was one that she knew she wouldn't be able to wipe off of her face for the rest of the night. She held her arms to her chest, feeling overwhelmingly happy for the first time in a long time. Interrupting her sappy thoughts, she heard her phone ring, and she checked the screen name and it read Ricky Underwood.

But tonight she didn't want to have Ricky come over to have sex, because the only thing on her mind was Max. Because Max was the first guy since Antonio that treated her with respect. That treated her like she was more than just a girl to have sex with. She put her phone in her pocket, not bothering to check the voice mail, because nothing could ruin her night, or top the date she just had with Max. She made her way over to the kitchen and stared at the flowers he'd given her before they went out on their date. She giggled, she would never get used to the word date. She touched the lovely petals and sighed, wanting to smack herself for being so girly at the moment. She just couldn't help it.

Because for the first time in a long time, she truly felt loved. And she didn't care that he was her step-brother, or that her father Reuben didn't want her to see him. She ignored all of that because she wanted to enjoy more nights like that. She wanted to go out on dates, and not have sex all the time. Max was changing her, and Reuben was just going to have to accept that.