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Chapter 1

The day had finally come. Graduation day. The 7 teenage best friends were asleep in the guesthouse next to the pool in the Montez's back yard. Gabriella Montez moved to Albuquerque two years ago when her dad got transferred to a new job here. Her dad was one of the most famous basketball coaches in the country. He had just signed on to be the new head coach of the Red Hawks, the local NBA team. That being sad, Gabriella had a very lavish lifestyle. (So did all of her friends, so it was not a big deal to her. They all lived in the same neighborhood and their houses were similar.) Her house looked like it was out of a magazine. It was beautiful, with it's four car garage, 6 bedrooms and 7 baths. The backyard had a salt water pool, Jacuzzi, and small, but very nice guest/pool house. The view from the backyard was wonderful, too. The house sat overlooking the lake. (All of the gang lived next to the lake. The long dock out on the water had the jet skis and boat tied up to it. It was safe to say, the gang was never busy. Gabriella's mom used to be a lawyer, but decided to stop her practice when they moved here since they did not have to worry about money and she wanted to be a house wife and take care of their beautiful home.

Gabriella was the head cheerleader at East High. But she wasn't the stereotypical cheerleader. She was also on the scholastic decathlon team and was the valedictorian of their class. She was very popular at East High, but it was because she was genuinely sweet and got along with almost everyone. She had the perfect best friend who also happened to be her boyfriend. His name was Troy Bolton. He was captain of the basketball team, quarterback of the football team, and well known around their town because he also liked to race stock cars (like NASCAR) and was very good at it. There parents had went to college together and had been friends since they were little. They kept in touch throughout the years, but Troy and Gabriella never met until they moved to Albuquerque. When they met, it was love at first sight. They started hanging out more and more and eventually they decided to follow their feelings and started dating. They have been together for almost two years now and they cherish and love each other with all their hearts. Gabriella had 6 best friends, besides Troy. She loved her friends and was thankful they were in her life. Sharpay Evans was a bubbly blonde, who Gabriella could always count on for a laugh. Sharpay was also a cheerleader and loved the sport just as much as Gabriella. Sharpay was very much into musical theater. She had starred in nearly all the school's productions, along side her twin, Ryan Evans. Taylor McKessie was also Gabi's best friend. She, too, was a cheerleader and on the scholastic decathlon team. She was the gang's "go to girl" for advice if they needed help. Sharpay and Taylor's boyfriends, Zeke and Chad, just so happened to be Troy's best friends. Zeke was very sweet and liked by all. Chad was the class clown. Sure, Troy loved to pull pranks, but Chad goofed off all the time. All the boys, besides Ryan were on the basketball and football teams. The 7 of them were inseparable and always got along.

The previous night, the gang met up and went out to dinner before playing some drinking games and throwing a little party at Gabriella's. Her parents were out, but didn't mind as long as it didn't get out of hand. The gang played truth or dare, card games, beer pong, and other games before falling asleep as the sun was coming up.

Gabriella woke up and smiled when she saw all of her friends asleep in the movie theater room in the basement of the "Montez Mansion". The gang had decided to have a huge sleepover at her house so they could all get ready for the graduation ceremony together. She giggled quietly when she looked around the room and saw Chad lying on the couch with Taylor on his chest, his mouth open with funny snoring sounds coming from it. Ryan was asleep on the floor cuddling an empty bottle of beer. She smiled when she remembered Sharpay drawing on his face with lipstick after he passed out last night. She saw Zeke lying on another couch, Sharpay laying face down on top of him, so that they were resting on top of each other, Zeke's hands resting on her butt, both smiling in their sleep. She then raised her head slightly, being mindful of her throbbing head to look into the most beautiful blue eyes. She smiled softly and kissed him on the lips sweetly.

"Good Morning, baby." She whispered, careful not to wake the others up.

He smiled and kissed her nose before replying. "mmm. Morning princess."

She blushed before resting her head back on his chest and drawing invisible shapes on it.

Just then, Ryan groaned and jumped up before running to the bathroom. Chad soon followed and went into the bathroom down the hall.

She could feel Troy chuckle and she looked at him. "Good thing you can handle your alcohol, huh babe?" He nodded and smiled that sideways grin that always took her breath away. He then winked and kissed her forehead before pulling her closer to him, if that was possible.

He looked into the chocolate brown eyes that he easily got lost in and got a concerned look on his face. "How are you feeling?" He moved a piece of hair that had fallen out of her messy bun and tucked it gently behind her ear before softly caressing her cheek with his thumb. She leaned into his touch with her eyes closed. She opened them and smiled sweetly. "I'm ok. Just a slight headache, but I'll live." He pulled her face gently and placed a sweet, but loving kiss on her lips. They pulled away when Chad threw a pillow at them.

Chad laughed then winced in pain loudly when he stubbed his toe on the coffee table. Troy started laughing, but buried his face in Gabriella's neck to muffle the noise. Ryan, however, could not contain his laughter and laughed loudly at the look on Chad's face. Taylor, Sharpay, and Zeke all woke up and shot a glare towards Chad.

Taylor smiled as she slowly sat up. "I can't believe we graduate today, guys!"

Sharpay looked at her phone and jumped up squealing "Oh my gosh! We have to start getting ready! It's already 12:30!"

Troy groaned at Sharpay's high pitched squeal and buried his head in Gabriella's neck again. "Shar, shut up! Some of us have a migraine!"

Sharpay smiled sweetly, "Well Mr. Bolton, if you wouldn't have continued to do body shots off of Gabs all night, maybe you wouldn't have a headache." Gabriella giggled as Troy winked at her.

"We have plenty of time baby," Zeke said, "we don't have to be at the school until 6:30 tonight." Sharpay rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him playfully. Just then, Gabriella's dad, Michael walked into the room and cleared his throat.

Gabriella and Troy sat up quickly and blushed. She and Troy had not gone "all the way" yet. They were waiting until the time felt perfect. They would be each other's first and had promised not to put any pressure on the other to rush into it. Gabriella's dad approved of Troy and really liked him, but he was very protective of his little girl. "Hey Dad." Gabi said as she broke the silence. "We were just going to start getting ready. What time is everyone coming over?"

"Good morning, you all. Everyone should be here around 5:30 to take pictures and all of that." He smiled before putting down some brownies their chef had made and walked back out of the theater room. The gang ate some brownies before they started to get ready for the ceremony. Many of their friends at school had mixed emotions about graduation because it meant the senior class was splitting up. The gang, however, was sticking together. They had all decided to go to the same college. Sharpay would be studying design, Taylor would be doing pre law, Ryan was doing theater, Zeke was doing culinary arts, Chad was doing athletic training, as was Troy, and Gabriella was doing nursing. The girls all were going to be cheerleaders at UofA. Troy, Chad, and Zeke would all be playing basketball and football there. Ryan wasn't into playing the sports, so he decided to be the mascot so he would at least be involved.

**That Night at Graduation in the East High Gym**

The senior class was sitting in chairs on the floor in alphabetical order while the parents and families sat in the stands. All the gang's parents were very close and were sitting together to watch their children graduate. Gabriella was sat on the stage with the important people, seeing as she was the valedictorian. Taylor was also up there because she was the salutatorian, and Troy sat there also because he was the senior class president. They all gave their speeches and then returned to their seats on the main floor. Then, the names started to be called. Zeke was the first of the gang to be called and he got up and walked across the stage, smiling big, as Principal Matsui read his full name and announced his plans for college. Troy was the next to go. He pumped his fist in the air excitedly and blew Gabriella a kiss as he got his diploma. Chad followed shortly after Troy and hugged Ms. Darbus, making everyone laugh as she made a disgusted face jokingly. Next, was Ryan and Sharpay Evans. Then Taylor, and finally Gabriella was the last of the gang to her diploma. Troy whistled loudly at her, making everyone laugh as she blushed and winked at him. After all the senior class had received their diplomas, Chad stood up and did the "What Team?!" chant before they all through their caps into the air and applause erupted in the stands. The wildcats all started hugging each other and many girls had tear-stained cheeks. Troy ran up to Gabriella and kissed her passionately. She squealed as he twirled her in the air after. "We did it, Wildcat!" She said as she smiled and looked into his eyes. He kissed her softly again. "Whoooo!" She giggled at his excitement and the rest of the gang ran over. They celebrated and then went to find their parents when the gym started to clear out. They all decided to eat dinner with their parents then change, the girls at Gabriella's and the boys at Troy's before meeting up at a party they all wanted to go that night.

**At the party**

The girls arrived at the lob cabin that was situated privately on the lake, not far from where the gang lived. They got out of Gabriella's brand new BMW X5 SUV that she had received as a graduation present from her parents (picture in profile) and the girls smiled. The party was already crazy. Some people were around a bonfire down next to the water, others were in the hammocks scattered through the nearby woods and many were inside. The music was loud and the girls were excited to celebrate. Gabriella was wearing a peach colored, short party dress with a black belt around her waist and tall black heels on. Her hair was down in its natural curls and she had on light make up. (Like Vanessa at the 17 again premiere). Sharpay was wearing a black strapless party dress with matching black bootie heels (Kids Choice Awards). And, Taylor had on a cobalt blue party dress with a silver belt around her waist, with black heels. (HSM People Magazine Photoshoot) No doubt about it, the girls looked hot. They walked inside the house and went to the kitchen to get a drink. There was a big tub of "punch", along with a few kegs, tons of beer and bottles of liquor, along with juices and many many jello shots. The girls started to get a little tipsy very quickly.

"Look what I found!" a drunk Gabriella smiled and said over the loud music. "Tequila!," the girls screamed. They immediately got some limes and salt and took a few shots of Jose Cuervo.

Taylor grabbed Gabi and Sharpay's hands and took them to the dance floor and they immediately started dancing and having a great time. Gabriella dancing when she felt arms wrap around her waist and someone pulled her close. She thought it was Troy, but when the person grabbed her breast roughly she turned around and slapped him. "Get off of me!," she said as she tried to pull away, but he kept pulling her hips to his roughly.

"Come on, baby. Troy doesn't have to know. I know you really want me," Jake said. Jake was the basketball captain for West high and it was obvious he invited himself to the party. The music was too loud for anyone else to hear what was going on. "Oww, Jake you are hurting me. Please let go" Gabriella pleaded. He laughed evilly and Gabriella could smell the heavy stench of alcohol on his breath. He was slowly pulling her towards the hallway, away from everyone else.

**With Taylor and Sharpay**

The boys, meaning Troy, Chad, and Zeke (Ryan stayed home after last nights hangover) walked over. Troy looked worried. "Girls, where is Ella?!" He knew that she should be with Tay and Sharpay. Taylor looked around confused. "She was just right here!" she screamed over the music. Chad placed a hand on Troy's back. "Calm down, bro. I'm sure she is right around here somewhere." Troy shook his head and scanned the room. "No. Something isn't right. She wouldn't leave without telling the girls. And she wasn't in the kitchen getting a drink."

"Let's go find her then. She has to be around here somewhere. " Sharpay suggested and they started looking through the house.

**With Gabriella**

Jake pulled her into a room and locked the door. "Look," he smiled sweetly. "I will let you go and leave you alone if you let me get you a drink." He handed her a shot of tequila with lime and smiled.

"Ugh! Fine!" Gabriella said angrily. She just wanted to get back so she could see Troy. She took the shot and threw the cup down. She started to leave but he grabbed her tightly and covered her mouth. She tried to scream but couldn't. Before she knew it, she was slipping in and out of consciousness. Then, everything went black.

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