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Chapter 6


***4 more long, long hours later***

The doctor walked in and removed his scrub cap as the group waiting stood up and rushed to him.

He cleared his throat and started to speak. "I'm sorry- - -"

He cleared his throat and started to speak. "I'm sorry that it has taken this long. We ran into some complications as my colleague and I did the surgeries. Thankfully, they both made it through surgery and are now stable."

Everyone let out a loud sigh and relief and some tears of joy.

The doctor started speaking again. It is now up to them as to when they wake up. It could be hours, days, even months. At that point, we will be able to assess if any brain damage has occurred. We have placed them in a room together and I will be in to check on them in a little while." Maria and Lucille hugged the doctor and thanked him before he left. They all slowly walked to Troy and Gabriella's room and walked in. There lying in two beds were two of the most important people in their lives. Both of them had bruises forming. They were hooked up to many machines and they just rested there with their eyes closed.

The at the bottom of their beds, seeing as how the two beds were next to each other, to create a large bed. It seemed as if both of their heartbeats were beating at the exact same time, which made their friends and family smile. Lucille slowly pushed Troy's hair out of his eyes and kissed his forehead softly. Chad reached over and slowly put Gabriella's right hand inside of Troy's left hand and smiled.

Zeke looked at Chad with a weird look on his face. "What," Chad said, "now hopefully they will at least be having good dreams." Everyone laughed softly, agreeing with Chad.

It had been almost 7 weeks since that accident. In that time, a lot has happened. Troy and Gabriella have still not woken up, yet they haven't gotten worse, which the doctor said was good. Their injuries have almost completely healed, now all they needed to do was wake up. The gang and their parents still visited everyday. The gang had gone to orientation for college last week and registered Troy and Gabriella for freshman year too, just incase. They knew that Troy and Gabi would want them to carry on without, so that is what they were doing. Or, at least that is what they were trying to do. Nothing they did felt right with them. The person that hit them was caught shortly after their accident. It was a West High basketball player that was drunk and on drugs.

The gang walked into the room and sat down around Troy and Gabriella. Zeke and Chad sat in the chairs next to Troy's side and Taylor and Sharpay sat in the two chairs next to Gabi's side of the bed.

"So," Chad started, "we registered you two at U of A. So we need you to wake up. That way Gabster, you can be on the cheer team with Shar and Tay like we planned. And Troy, you can play football and basketball. And not to mention, your race is coming up. So you guys have to wake up. I know I give you hell, but I miss seeing you two all over each other. I need my best friend back." He blinked back tears as he looked at state basketball championship ring on Troy's finger.

Taylor and Sharpay wiped away tears at Chad's speech. They talked to the two everyday, as the doctor said it could help, but this is the most emotional Chad has been.

Zeke spoke up next. "Yeah bro. You need to wake up so I can kick your butt at basketball again. I promise if you wake up I will bake you guys all the cookies you want. We miss you."

Sharpay laughed quietly and smiled at her friends. "We all miss you Gabs and Troy. I know I pick on you Troy, but it's because you're like my brother. And Gabriella, I miss my shopping buddy. I got this really cute dress the other day and I can't wait for you to see it. I know you'll love it."

Taylor squeezed Gabriella's free hand, as her other one was still in Troy's hand, and held back tears. "I miss my best friend. I need you to get better so that I'm not as scared for starting college. We start in three weeks. I don't know if I can go if you guys aren't there. You guys have to be okay and wake up. You are the couple. You're going to get married and have beautiful children. Please wake up."

"Whoa! Did you see that?" Chad asked, "Troy squeezed her hand!" The gang jumped up and watched them closely.

"Troy? Troy! Troy, if you can hear us, squeeze Gabriella's hand," Taylor said with hope in her voice.

They starred at the couples joined hands and gasped as Troy squeezed Gabriella's hand. Just then, the machines hooked up to him started beeping and going crazy as doctors rushed in.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss your bride."

Troy smiled his million-dollar smile and leaned in before capturing her lips passionately. He opened his eyes and looked into the two chocolate brown eyes that he loved getting lost in.

"I present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Troy Bolton!"

The guests all stood to their feet cheering as they walked down the aisle smiling.

He picked her up and spun her around as she giggled. "I love you, Gabriella Bolton!" He kissed her passionately as he placed her back on her feet. Next thing he knew, Gabriella wasn't there. "Gabriella?! Brie?!"

"Troy! Troy?" he heard someone calling his name. He looked around trying to figure out where it was coming from. The church doors opened and he ran towards them as the sunlight got brighter and brighter to the point he couldn't see. He closed his eyes and opened them quickly.

He groaned as someone held his eye open, holding a light in his eye. He shut his eye quickly as he tried adjusting to the light. He could hear soft tears and his eyes fluttered open to see Sharpay, Taylor, Chad, and Zeke standing by him. The girls had tears in their eyes as Chad and Zeke had big smiles on their faces. As his hearing was slowly adjusting, he heard the doctor say that "he was awake and seemed to be completely fine and that hopefully Gabriella will wake up soon." The doctors then left as the gang stepped closer. Gabriella….where was she?! He looked down when he felt something in his hand and smiled softly before speaking for the first time in weeks. "Ella…"

Taylor quickly handed him a cup of water with a straw and he smiled weakly as he took a sip. He then realized he had a scar about 4 inches long down the middle of his chest. He looked confused as he looked up to the gang for an explanation. Chad spoke up, explaining what had happened to him. Troy sighed then looked over at Gabriella and looked at her from head to toe. He then looked up. "H-H-How is she?"

The all looked at each other before Taylor spoke up and told him. "….and the baby didn't make it, Troy." His eyes filled with tears as he looked down at their joined hands. They saw a tear fall out of his eye and he looked up at them. They all rushed over and hugged him. When they pulled back, Troy looked at the girl lying there beside him. He kissed her cheek and buried his face in her hair. "Please wake up, Ella," he whispered, "I need you to wake up. Please baby girl. I need you. Come back to me." He jumped back when he saw and heard her machines start going wild. Their doctor rushed in and smiled as her eyes fluttered open before shutting back. She slowly opened them and seemed confused as to where she was. The doctor checked her over and left. She felt someone squeeze her hand and looked to her right and saw the beautiful blue eyes she has been fighting to see for what felt like ages. She opened her mouth to say something but it hurt too much. He handed her the cup of water and she got some then he handed it back to Taylor. The gang stood there silently, not wanting to ruin their moment.

Gabriella saw the scar on his chest and she remembered why she was here. She had tears in her eyes when she looked back up at him. "Troy," she whispered as the tears fell. He leaned in and kissed her softly and reached up and wiped her tears away. The gang ran over and hugged them both as they all started crying, not caring who saw. They had missed their two best friends so much. They filled Gabriella in on what all happened. Shortly after, their parents arrived and started talking to them too. Gabriella slowly felt sleep overcoming her as they all sat there and chatted for a few hours. Since the doctor had disconnected all of their wires since they were just being watched for, for a few days to make sure everything was good, Gabriella moved over and snuggled up to Troy's chest.

"We should let you go," Carlos said as he stood up. "We will be here to get you in the morning." He kissed her cheek softly, as did Maria. Jack and Lucille shared the same interactions with their son and soon, everyone left after the gang said bye.

"Brie?" Troy said quietly as he wrapped his arms around her.

She looked up at him. "Yeah, baby?"

"This umm…experience made me realize something. I can't live without you. You are my entire world. Life is too short to just sit around and wait so I just want you to know that I plan on marrying you. I don't have a ring or anything and I'm not proposing right now, but I will marry you Gabriella Montez." She blinked away her tears and smiled softly before rubbing his cheek with her thumb softly and looking into his eyes. "I can't wait." He leaned down and kissed her lovingly. His tongue brushed her bottom lip, asking for entrance and their tongues danced together as they held each other close.

It had been 6 weeks since Troy and Gabriella had been released from the hospital. Three weeks ago, the gang all started at UofA. Since they were in college now, they had all gotten apartments on campus. Chad, Troy, and Zeke are roommates and Gabriella, Sharpay, and Taylor are roommates. They all lived in the same apartment community, but they were in different buildings.

They were currently at practice. The boys were at their basketball practice in the gym, as the girls were at cheerleading, which also happened to be in the gym. The boys were sitting on the bench taking a break and watching the cheer practice. Gabriella was the head cheerleader and she was a flyer. She has always been a flyer because she has always been so little. (A/N: I had this routine in mind while I wrote this. The title of the youtube video is: HellCats #112 "Sectional Cheerleading ChampionShip" Routine). The guys watched in amazement at how good they were. Looking at Gabriella, you would never know that she had a broken leg a few months ago. She was flawless, in Troy's opinion.

Gabriella was stretching when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist from her behind. She smiled and turned around. "Hello, do I know you?," she asked jokingly as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Well last night, you were screaming my name, so I think you do," Troy whispered huskily in her ear. She hit his chest softly and smiled. They kissed lovingly and Gabriella smiled while kissing him. She pulled back and smiled. "I love you, babe. So much."

He smiled and his blue eyes sparkled. "I love you too, Brie. Now go get your bag so we I can walk you to class." She bent over to grab her bag and he smacked her butt. She giggled and stood up to put on her cheerleading cover up pants and pulled on her hoodie that said "Red Hawks Cheer" on it. "Let's go, babe. I have anatomy in 15 minutes," she said as she grabbed his hand and they started walking. He kissed her hair and opened the door as they walked out into the campus. He walked her to class and kissed her softly as she let go of his hand. "Try to pay attention instead of thinking about my anatomy," he smirked. She laughed and winked. "I'll try my best." She pecked his lips one more time as she walked into her lecture hall. He smiled and walked to his English class. He didn't understand why he had to take English. It was boring and he didn't really need it for his degree. He spoke it and that was all he needed it for, in his opinion.

Gabriella walked into her lecture hall and sighed. There was about 100 people in this class and she didn't know very many people. Of course everyone knew who see was. After all, she was the head cheerleader who was dating the quarterback and the captain of the basketball team. She found her saved seat next to Taylor and smiled. She got out her laptop and opened it up. She smiled when she saw her background, which was a picture of her and the gang in Jamaica. She silenced her phone and sat it next to her computer. "Jamaica was fun. I wish we could go back," Taylor blurted out before she could stop herself. Gabriella felt a wave of sadness overcome her she remembered what happened right after their trip. Taylor placed her hand on Gabi's and smiled softly. "I'm sorry. I should have thought before I said something. " Gabriella smiled and shook her head. "It's okay, Tay. Really, it's cool. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Troy and I have talked and we agreed that in the future we will have plenty of baby Bolton's running around." She smiled as she thought about it. Taylor giggled as their teacher silenced them. "And they will be SO cute," she whispered. Gabriella started to type what the teacher was saying. She loved anatomy, but the teacher talked so quickly it was hard to understand him sometimes. Thankfully, Taylor recorded most of the lectures so if she couldn't remember something, she could always find the answer.

She looked over when she saw her iPhone screen light up and she smiled as she started reading the text.

"Hello Baby Brie, just wanted to let you know that you looked extra sexy at practice today. Even though you look hot in the cheerleading outfit, I think you look even better without it ;) "

She blushed as she quickly started to reply. "Oh, is that so? Well I think you always look sexy. But I would have to agree, you look the best when you don't have anything on you…except for me. ;) "

"Mmmm, my favorite extra-curricular activity. Haha. You're still coming to the game tonight, right?"

" Wouldn't miss it for the world, sweetheart. You forgot to give me your jersey though : ( Now what am I supposed to wear to the game? And don't say "nothing" because I don't think you want a couple of thousand people looking at me naked. I'm all for your eyes only."

"You know me too well, Montez. I will run to the apartment later and you can change in the locker room. Is that good? I'm really sorry babe. "

"Yeah, that is fine. No worries. : ) Are we all going out downtown after the game?"

"Yupp. I can't wait. This has been a hell week. I had to give a ten-minute speech, I had a chemistry exam, and we have had practice at 2 everyday. Thankfully it's the weekend though so I have you to take all the worries off my mind."

"Awe, baby don't you worry. I'm sorry, but I'm right there with you. I had that 8 page research paper and an anatomy lab this week. I'm so stressed about the talent show that is tomorrow night. I can't believe we all have to do it. Sharpay is in the sorority, not us. I normally wouldn't mind, but it's just piling up on top of me."

"I know babe. But I have a surprise for you at the talent show. And I will pile up on top of you and make alllll your worries disappear. ;)"

"Troy Bolton! Are you suggesting that you want to have sexual intercourse with me? I am astonished!"

"All day, everyday, baby. ;) "

She giggled silently to herself and blushed as her teacher dismissed class and she realized she had been texting her entire 50 minute lecture. She packed up her stuff and looked at Tay. She just smiled and gave her a knowing look. "When I see Troy Bolton, he is in so much trouble for sexting you throughout anatomy." Gabriella giggled as they walked out of the building and to the café that was across the street. They sat at their usual booth next to the window as the waitor came over.

"Can I take your order, beautiful ladies?" the waitor asked, hitting on them.

"We're waiting on our boyfriends. Thank you though," Taylor said with a sickly sweet smile on her face. Gabriella busted out laughing as she sipped some of her coke. "So Tay, are you excited for the talent show?"

"Yeah, I'm ready to hear the song that you wrote. I can't believe you actually talked Chad into singing with you."

She rolled her eyes and smiled. "I have my ways. Just kidding, but seriously, it wasn't that hard. He was going to do some basketball thing with Zeke and Troy, but Troy has some surprised planned for me so Chad decided to sing with me. Plus I used the puppy dog eyes." Taylor busted out laughing. "That explains it all. He always falls for the puppy dog eyes."

The boys walked up to their table and slid into the booth next to their girlfriends. Chad kissed Tay's temple as Troy kissed Gabriella softly on the lips and put his arm around her as she rested her hand on his thigh. The four of them enjoyed their usual lunch together and talked about the game that was that night.

Wow, a lot happened in that chapter! Sorry if you thought it moved to quickly. I didn't want to say what they did each day during the summer because that would be kind of boring. I will do some flashbacks to certain memories of that summer though, in future chapters! Anyways, let me know what you guys think.