Pain consumes thy every breathe for I can't breath. Fluid fills my lungs. I am in a sack enclosed. I scrap tirelessly to get out, to breath, to live. I am in pain all over, I start convulsing, the sack I am encased in is being torn from the outside. I use my hands to pull the gap bigger and take a much needed breathe. I choke and then Vomit. I am pulled roughly to my feet. I grunt due from the horrible smell that consumes me. I look up into my saviors eyes and know my doom. I get slapped across the face roughly,

"Who do you serve?"

The answer comes to me naturally like it was woven into my brain, a calling, a destiny, thy only reason for my existence! I answer "Saruman," I am surprised by the harshness in my voice.

I am now being forced into wearing a helmet and shield both branded with a white hand. I notice thousands like me, doomed, doomed to die, doomed to be used.

We are forced to run and run, so fast it hurts but if I stop I know what happens. The ones that fall become our food, I don't want to eat my own kind. After I refuse to eat twice I was weak. I was harshly teased and hinted that in my weakness I'll be next.

I had no choice, escaping wasn't a choice either. In the days that I have been forced to run by these maniac leaders they brutally murdered anyone who tried. After the third Orc trying we all lost any want of leaving after what they did to him. The leaders sweet talk us with promises of rewards when we get what Saruman wants. They want creatures named Hobbits.

These Hobbits are my only purpose now, the leaders make us think and know nothing else. After another few horrible weeks the vibe of the company change to hopeful, we are close, so close to our goal. So close to rest, to reward of proper food, maybe war, something to stop this mundane running and running, with only bread to eat ... if no one falls.

We charge into their company arrows fly. Many of my kind get killed. I hear up ahead that they got the Hobbits. I smile evilly. So it has been done. A distraction is all I needed. A distraction from the pain is welcomed. I use this distraction to pretend injury. They leave me, for the goal is more important than an injured comrade. After they flee I move from my hiding place and ran to the river bank. I grab a pack and ran further along the river.

I proceed to open the pack but stop. My hands look horrible. I go to the river and wash. I scrub so hard but my skin still smells horrible. I dry myself and open the pack and notice elf clothing. They are beautiful. I put them on, the cape with a hood suffer to hind what I am. An Orc, my comrades including me are ugly. I sigh. I am marked. I still feel the urge to serve Saruman.

Doomed! But I wish to fight this! I am not like those sadistic leaders. I look in the river to see how I look in the new outfit. I see my face and turn in disgust. I slump against the tree and close my eyes, what am I to do? I am so noticeably an Orc, I'll have a target on my head everywhere I go.

I feel a blade against my throat. I smile. I don't open my eyes.

"Killing me will only bring me happiness, I despise what I am more than you ever could," I say bitterly to the owner of the blade.

I don't feel the blade anymore.

"Where have they taken the Hobbits?"

"They are taking them to Isengard," I reply with happiness in my voice due to the fact I was able to use their capture as an advantage to escape. I open my eyes and I am in the company of a man, elf and a dwarf. The man scent is consuming me, I've been created to love to eat them I notice.

I choke, "Take a step back"

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