"ANGAKON! What are you doing! Sorry Vruurk!" Agnak cries to me. Agnak Lifts Angakon from the floor who was having a tug of war over a toy with my littlest, Védith.

I get up from my throne and pick up my beautiful daughter.

"It's OK Agnak," I say then gently kiss my daughters forehead to soothe her.

Angakon has run out of the room now. Agnak starts to get up.

"Relax Agnak, there is nothing in the palace to hurt him," I reply.

He sighs, "I wish Kog was here,"

"Don't we all, I thought you were settling in Isengard nicely enough though?" I ask.

"Yes it's a beautiful city, years has passed since the war of the ring, the changes that have occurred are major. Isengard is a wonderful Orc city but what city wouldn't be run well with you in charge. I am so grateful for having Angakon. Éomer really was a life saver, finding a family to take care of him while battles were raging, I must go," Agnak replies.

After hearing all this, it now makes sense why Kog was so grateful to Éomer and placed so much trust in him.

"See you later my friend," I say to him.

I sit back down on my throne still hugging my daughter.

The door opens, my messenger enters.

"You have visitors Mam, two elves and a dwarf," He announces.

"Yes I am expecting them, please lead them in," I reply.

Legolas, Gimli and a female elf named Haiweth, who Legolas married not that long ago, which I attended. It was a magical ceremony, not as excellent as my own but still magical none the less. We talked great lengths and feasted.

I had put Védith to bed. It won't be long now until Aragorn and his family will meet Védith for the first time. I kiss her good night and went to my sons room to see if he needed me

"Father, father please tell another story," I hear Hourk cry.

I stand at the door and watch them.

"Please tell me the story of how you got your scar," He says pointing to his chin.

"You have heard that one many times! Lucky for you that's my favourite story too. It was a time when battles were fought, a time so dark that we were enslaved. I found out there was an Orc able to befriend our enemies and I wanted out. Your mother wasn't so trusting ...

Erulo then look's up and smiles at me.

͠ Gug'ye ͠