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Narcissa Malfoy, former Black, was exhausted. She had been running ragged trying to arrange the party of the year with so little time. She would kill Lucius when she was done.

Her feet clipped the stone floor as she made her way to the main hall. It had been difficult having to arrange a separate room for the children, but she had persevered. All the adults would be in the main hall, where there were drinks and snacks available. There room adjacent to had had been made available for the children. Another room had been separated just for the press, who would be allowed 15 minutes to question the Boy-Who-Lived before they were going to be kicked out.

Only the reporters would be in the room with the Potters, Dumbledore and Minister. All the other guests would be taken to the hall and the children to the room. It had been prepared with toys and play area. The elves were told specially keep an eye on them and the adults would be making the journey in and out of the room.

It would be the first time that all the children of the new era would get to meet one another. Narcissa knew that there would be problems, hopefully nothing she or Lucius could not handle.

She entered the sitting room to see Lucius sitting on the sofa with an exited Draco running around him. Lucius had changed in the last few days. Where once he would have abhorred been seen as weak as to play with children, he did so now. He had been giving attention to Draco which showed by the happy smile on the child's face.

"Draco darling come it is time to get ready".

Lucius looked up on hearing Narcissa and gave her a thin smile. "How have the plans been going?"

"You don't get to say a word. This is entirely your fault, dumping this on me at the last minute."Narcissa glared at Lucius, the nerve of the man to ask such a question, "Of course it is going well, do you expect anything less from me?"

Lucius chuckled, "Of course not", before his face became serious.

"You know, there was more than one reason that I made sure the party moved to the manor. Dumbledore will definitely be there for the press conference, after which he will most likely leave. He would not want to stay in this manor long. He is the only one who might have a chance to recognise Marvolo, we can't test on him. There are few who would recognise him, but he needs to establish himself and we can't risk it. He will be coming today under the guise of meeting people from England with whom he will be working with. I need you to make sure that things go smoothly."

Narcissa narrowed her eye's, there was something he was not telling her. Who was she kidding? The Dark Lord and he were thick as thieves, if they did not want anyone to know, no one would.

"Oh and Narcissa, you will not be familiar with any of the male guests, you understand that right?" came the steely voice of her husband.

Narcissa felt her back stiffen. How dare he? But she held her tongue. Lucius understood people better they themselves did sometimes. She had wanted to meet someone for a while now and had been hoping to get to know some people at the party, but of course, as a Malfoy lady she had standards that had to be kept.

"Of course Lucius" Narcissa responded stiffly, picking Draco up and leaving the room.

Lucius shook his head behind her back. He understood her frustration, but he would not allow his wife to meet with other men. It would not do if it was spread around that his wife was cheating on him. He would become a laughing stock in the political arena and he could not have that. He needed that clout to make changes for his Lord and nothing would come between that.


As noon rolled around, the Potter's were getting dressed in their finery. James had thrown a fit when he realised that the event was to be held in Malfoy manor, but his wife had done a marvellous job calming him down.

His wife did not know, but he had met with Alastor to discuss the situation, and had been informed that this was the best time to subtly check the Manor for dark magic. The Malfoys would not be expecting it. Just because the Malfoys claimed not to be on Voldemort's side did not mean that they were light. They were as dark as they came. He would not allow his child to be in danger by entering a house so filled with Dark magic. He would keep an eye on Sebastian and make sure he stayed with the right sort of crowd. The Weaselys were absolutely lovely and their child Ronan or something was the same age as him. They would make wonderful friends. Dumbledore also agreed.

Lily entered the room to see her husband still in his trousers, "James, we have to be there at noon. It is 15 to. We are going to be late. You also know that there is a press conference especially for us that we have to attend", Lily's expression was more than enough to let James know what she thought of that idea. He did not know how to explain to her how important it was for the news and the public to know what happened to their son. She valued privacy while he knew that the public could be fickle, they needed the public on their side or else they would be in trouble later…. Or so Dumbledore had said.

James rolled his eyes at Lily's insistence for privacy and quickly got dressed. They managed to pick the children and floo away, only 5 minutes late.

On stepping out of the fireplace, Lily could feel the atmosphere change. It went from their cosy comfortable house, to sophisticated elegance. Everything, from the glass tip container of floo, to the lush cream setae, and the glittering reflection of light through the windowpanes, seemed to tease at more.

Before they could comment on it an elf appeared next to them, giving the children a start. Sebastain, on his father's arms, started wiggling to get free, while Harry, who was in Lily's arms, turned emerald eyes towards the elf, whose eyes widened.

The elf seemed to be frozen, looking at the child, while Lily and James shared an uncomfortable look, not sure what to do. Lily cleared her throat, "Excuse me. Could you please tell us where everyone is getting together?"

Lily's voice seemed to jar the elf, which suddenly blinked and looked at the ceiling, awe still clear on it's face.

"Yes, Yes, Yes… I will show you the way"

The elf turned on its heel and started walking towards the conference room. The party had been held in the afternoon because the children would be awake then. It was pointless having the children if it was at night, because they would be asleep by then.

They left the receiving room and entered a corridor. It seemed to stretch on for miles , the right side covered with huge windows from which light was coming out, the lush silver curtains pushed away and glinting where the light touched them. The place looked much bigger than Potter manor. Lily wondered why it was called a manor, when it felt more like a castle.

The elf took them along the corridor till they reached a door on the left, the elf knocked at the door, looked at the Potter's, bowed and popped away. Lily and James shared another look, "You don't think he beats the house elves to you?" James questions.

"No I don't believe he does", It was not Lily who responded but Narcissa. Lily felt a blush climb up her cheeks, embarrassed at her husband accusation.

"My apologise for being late Lady Malfoy, I hope it is not too much trouble"

"No no. It perfectly fine. Call me Narcissa, and to be honest we expected families to be a bit late, what with children and the unexpected time. Come in."

They entered the room to see a dozen or so chairs on one corner of the room, behind a rope. On the other corner was an elevated floor on which there was a play pen, a few toys scattered around and 5 chairs, covered by a blue and cream cloth.

Lily just shook her head as she took her child to the pen and put him in, "Why has all this been done. We thought there was not going to be any reporter's interference?"

Narcissi watched them place the kids on the pens, keeping an eye on the two, wondering which one was so attached to Lucius that Lucius decided to skip seeing him until after the conference. He said something about his pride being too much to be seen with the kid. She wondered what he meant.

"You have to understand dear, reporters are like vultures. Had the gathering been in the Ministry, a few reporters might have had an all access pass. Here they are constrained to these 15 minutes. No more. The Minister will be telling them exactly what will happen in the main hall in remembrance for those that lost their lives. The actual commemoration will happen in the Hall after a while."

Lily nodded, understanding where Narcissa was coming from. She smiled when Harry stood up from and started looking around, such a curious boy. Sebastain had already started playing with new toys in the pen.

"Is it okay if he uses these toys? I did bring his", Lily said. James stood next to the pen, his eyes scanning the room looking for any threat that might come. Lily scoffed at the thought that the Malfoys would do something when the whole world was looking at them. They were not stupid.

"No it is okay. Children like playing with others toys more than their own", Narcissa smiled as she said that, "Beside, the Ministry is paying for all the toys for the children and the children will be allowed to take the ones they want home with them"

Lily chuckled at the thought of the Ministry paying for toys.

Lily looked down to see Harry staring up at Narcissa. Narcissa looked at the shining emeralds and knew. She was surprised the others were so blind to the power in the child. It seemed obvious if you knew what you were looking for.

The silence was starting to become uncomfortable; Narcissa had so many other things to do, the food, the setting. Damn Lucius, for leaving this task to her as well. The growing silence was broken by running footsteps and Sirius Black barged into the room.

"Hello beautiful people. I'm here!"

"Uncle Siri!" the exclamation came from both the children. Lily rolled her eyes, James relaxed a little, and Narcissa just shook her head when Sirius came and hugged her, "Hello Cissi! How have you been? Smashing. Well so have I!" Sirius went around hugging everyone before jumping in the play pen.

"Hello kiddos, sorry I could not being your cousin, but what to do he is so small, see"

James felt like sneering at the thought of that child, "You left the brat with the father"

"No actually, my brother and sister in law are looking after Alex", came the calm voice from the entrance.

Rabastan just watched Sirius in the playpen with the boys and had to control the smile that wanted to break out. It had been hard getting Sirius to confess what had happened that night, and he had sworn to himself that he would help Sirius wherever he could.

Narcissa decided to take the situation in hand, the animosity in the room was starting to grow. Damn Lucius, he could have controlled this situation better than her.

"Lily I am sorry but I need to look after a few things about the arrangements. Please seat yourself. Rabastan could you please come with me, I need your help with a few tasks. I will see you all soon." Narcissi did not wait for a response and nodding her head left the room, dragging Rabastan by the arms.

Rabastan watched the seething women and wondered what Lucius had done to upset her so much because it had always been Lucius who had bought Cissa to this state. He decided to keep his mouth shut on the matter; he valued his life, thank you very much.

It was half past noon and the conference room was full. They had decided to have the meeting at 12:00 so that it ended about half past, or even if went a little late it was not a problem. After the meeting, there was a gathering in the Hall where toasts and respect was given for the people who lost their lives in the war. Lunch would start at 1:30, shortly after which the people would most likely want to go home with their kids.

At 12:15 all the reporters were seated at the back of the room, while the rest of the guests not involved with the press had been taken to the hall for drinks and snacks. So far none of the families with children had arrived so for now everything was under control.

Lucius had so wanted to skip this conference but knew that it was important. He needed to know what was going on. He was his lord's eyes and ears. The Minister stood up and thanked the reporters for coming, before directing all questions to Dumbledore who had decided to step in as spokesman. Sirius sat next to the Potters and looked around the room. Remus was of course nowhere to be seen.

He had received a letter from Remus telling him that he had met with his father and his father rejected him. He needed time to deal with the new situation. He said that he was leaving the cottage and Sirius could have it back if he wanted which Sirius refused of course. It was Remus's. The cottage was in a perfect position surrounded by lush forests and occupied by various animals, Remus would never need to fear being seen as a wolf, or locking himself up there. He had already signed the deed, whether Remus accepted it or not, the cottage was his.

"Welcome. I am sure all of you are eager to get to the questions, but before that Lady Potter had something she wanted to say to you all."

The announcement snapped him out of his thoughts. He could see James looking at Lily curiously, he had not known about this then. Lily stood up and went in front of the reporters. She was sure they would not like what she was about to do but it had to be done.

"I am aware that all of you are very curious about my son, but I do not understand what you think you will get from him. He is barely 2 and a half. Half of his words are gibberish. He likes to play and have fun. He is like every other child out there, what could you possibly want to know about him? I see no point in the press harassing us as they do. While I appreciate the thought, I would request the press not impinge on our privacy. It has become near impossible to go to Diagon alley of fear of being mobbed by the press. If such continues I will simply take my family and disappear until their 11th birthday. I would request that you let my children grow up as normal as they can under the circumstances. Thank you."

Dumbledore listened as Lily spoke, smiling genially, eye's twinkling, as if all was right in the world, while internally he scowled at the mess Lily was making. This was no way to handle the press, they would not back down just because Lily asked them do, or threatened them. The people deserved to know what was happening with the Boy-Who-Lived, and Lily was causing trouble for herself and family.

Dumbledore quickly got up and decided to do a little damage control,

He chuckled when he reached the podium, "Well? You heard the Lady, give them a little space, and I am sure they will cooperate and keep you updated on the boy's progress"

Dumbledore winked at the reporters and most of them laughed, relaxing after Lily's statement. Crouch let out a sigh of relief, thank Merlin, otherwise the reporters would have torn him a new one.

Lucius watched the proceeding, feeling a silver of pride for Lily's actions even though he knew they were useless. Dumbledore it seemed wanted them under the lime light. Why though? Would it not be better if the Boy-Who-Lived stayed away from the lime light to be humble and willing to help people? On the other hand, a child who knew his duty from a young age and knew he had to fight the bad guy would get into all sorts of trouble to prove his worth. He guessed having the media on their side would also help Dumbledore later on. If the Boy-Who-Lived said something then it must be right, after all he did save us from the dreaded dark lord, annoying sheep mentality.

Lucius assessed the situation and looked at the Potter's to see their reactions. Potter looked relieved, hmmm, mostly about Dumbledore practically retracting Lily's statement. Lily….. She was not upset over Dumbledore's action, she seemed calm…. Hmmm. Why would she be calm? Dumbledore just said that the reporters would be told what was going on if they left them in peace. Ahh. Clever, Lily wins either ways. There is no news to tell about the baby yet, nothing monumental. The reporters are not going to be bothering them, just as she wanted, and if they did, she would make do with her threat and disappear. …

Lucius wanted to scowl at that, they could not disappear otherwise he would lose access to Harry. Actually…. Lucius thought as he watched James look at Lily with narrowed eyes, before looking at Dumbledore and nodding, just a little movement of the head. His own eyes narrowed minutely. No, Lily would not be hiding, Potter would not let her. He would have to keep an eye on James.

He watched as James looked around the Hall, fidgeting in his place, nodding at something at the back, which had the hair on the back of Lucius hair tingle. Something was going on. Lucius took a silent breath as he opened his mind and powers, eyes looking at the room once, and scanning everything. He spotted a wooden leg leaving the room, and growled, too silent for anyone to hear.

He relaxed the next instant as he reined everything in, chuckling as he did so. So Moody was going to look around the manor while James and he were occupied here. Moody had probably seen in here with that eye of his, and thought he would be able to see through all of the walls. Most likely it was going to be James turn during the party and the lunch.

Fools, as if he was leave anything dark and detectable when so many light wizards, including the ministry and aurors were going to be in his house. He had expected something of the sort when he had agreed to open his house but he had thought they would be smarter than that. He shook his head bringing his attention back to the stage.

He watched the Minister give the names of the people who lost their lives in the war, and how wonderful it was that they had a full year free of the dreaded Dark Lord. In the end the Minister asked if the reporters had any questions. Lucius straightened on hearing that. This was different. He looked at his time piece, a gift from Marvolo, and nodded, they still had 5 minutes for questions.

A reporter in the back raised his hand, "Mr. Potter has your son started talking yet?"

Lucius watched as Lily withheld a scowl, and James beamed with pride, almost preening. Reminded Lucius of a peacock.. No that would be insulting his albino peacocks, he could probably call him another name, but he would not sully himself just for Potter.

"Well, my son is a very smart boy. He has already started talking, little words and the like"

James then looked at Sebastian, wanting to show off, no doubt. "Sebastian?" James called his baby.

Sebastian looked up from plying with the blocks, "Da Da", he raised his hands to be picked up and James did so, throwing Sebastian in the air and kissing him. The reporters, especially the females, all sighed at the show. Lily scowled and Sirius had to hold in a growl that wanted to escape his throat. How dare they make a spectacle of a 2 and half year old boy. Why was James allowing this?

Another reporter raised his hand, "Mr. Potter is your son going to go to Hogwarts when he grows up?"

"Of course he is. I went there; my wife and my whole family went there. My son will do me proud by going into Gryffindor and being the best prankster ever", James gave his signature grin as he said that, causing another round of sighing. Lily, Sirius and Lucius all rolled their eyes at how predictable James was.

"Well Mr. Potter that is interesting. I was wondering if you had any plans for a marriage contract for your son?"

James looked at the Lady who asked the question, his jaw dropping open. Lily just sat where she was, amused at her husband's position. He just had to put his foot in his mouth, didn't he? Sirius shook his head. The babe was a kid; he refused to have Sebastian suffer through a betrothal contract. It took away the ability to make the choice about the person you want to spend the life with. Marriage in the wizarding world was a permanent binding of spirit and magic.

"Well. Honestly I have not though about it so far. My parents refused to have contract for me as I wanted to meet a women and fall in love and my son will be doing the same. I will not allow my son to marry a girl he does not love."

Lucius felt a smirk curl at his lips. He took his wand out and made a jabbing motion with it. From another corner of the room, another reporter suddenly spoke, though no one could tell who it was, "What if your son loved someone and they did not love your son, then what would you do?"

James felt like scowling at the stupid question, "I don't know which one of you asked that, but I am telling you that I was a hunk back in school and so will my son. There is not a chance that any girl would turn down my boy"

Lucius looked at the time piece again. Time was up. He waved his wand at the ceiling and his voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere.

"Ladies and Gentleman, please move to the main hall, the house elf will show you the way. All media personal, please exit from hence you came. Anyone else who wants to leave can do so in a similar fashion. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful evening"

Lucius looked around as the reporters started getting up and what he had feared started happening. Harry who had been sitting and watching everyone from his corner of the pen, suddenly looked up at the ceiling, let out a squeal of laughter that had everyone's attention and shouted, "Luke!".

Lucius controlled his expression, even though he doubted anyone knew where he was. He had hidden himself during the whole meeting. He was astonished at the child's actions. Harry had taken to calling him Lucy, despite being told otherwise. He was not even 3 he had no idea how embarrassing it was. Why on earth was the child calling Luke now? It was as if he knew Lucius did not want him to call him anything else, Lucius shook his head at the thought. It was impossible; the kid was very small to even know anything like that.

He nodded to himself, forcing himself to turn around, and walk away from Harry who was looking around him with green eyes filling up with tears. Lucius felt something constrict and berated himself for letting emotions cloud his thinking.

The reporters who had heard the child speak suddenly had more on their mind. The one closest to the children made a movement as if to get close, taking a camera out and starting snapping pictures of the kids. The bright light was enough to startle Harry and blind him for a minute, he let out a scream at the pain. Black quickly picked Harry out of the cot and covered his eyes, Lily doing the same to Sebastian.

Lucius felt anger burst through his veins, but before anyone could do anything, house elves started popping all around the rooms, apparating every single person away, until only the Potters, Black, Dumbledore and Lucius were left, they had even taken the Minister away. The Potter's looked surprised to see him while Black just nodded to him.

"Thanks for calling your house elves to apparate the reporters"

Lucius just nodded, not letting them know that he had not called the elves, something… or someone else had. He tried not to look towards Harry which would give it away, but Harry was still whimpering, most likely in pain. He would have Narcissa look at the child to make sure he was okay.

Dumbledore looked at Malfoy with calculating eyes. The man had been hiding, it could have been for many reasons but Dumbledore did not like it.

He cleared his throat, it was time for him to go, he would not support the Malfoys by staying here longer, even though he was certain that the blond was against Voldemort and would probably make a good spy when Voldemort came back, because there was no doubt that he would come back.

"Well, that was…..interesting, but I am afraid I can't say here for longer, the school needs me with it being Halloween and the party at Hogwarts. Thank you for inviting me, my boy", Dumbledore looked towards Lucius, "I hope everything works well for you". He nodded towards the man, shook hands with James, and went towards the door.

Lucius called an elf and told it to help Dumbledore find the exit, "Oh I am sure I can find my way Lucius." Lucius withheld a scowl at being addressed with his name. "I insist, I would not like you getting lost in such a big place", Dumbledore chuckled eyes twinkling in mirth, before he nodded and left.

Lucius then looked towards the remaining people. "Well, please follow me to the main Hall, and I will direct you to the space made available for the children"

They family nodded, Lily not letting Sebastian go while Sirius was still rubbing his hand against Harry who seemed to have fallen asleep. While they followed Lucius, Sirius looked down at the sleeping Harry and felt worry seep in, "Lily, Harry has fallen asleep….Should he be?"

Lily looked up from playing with Sebastian, "What? No does not fall asleep till 2:00, if he is very tired, otherwise he is awake the whole day almost. He must be tired because of the whole debacle, poor baby, let him rest"

"Okay", Sirius did not know much about babies, despite raising one, but should Harry be falling asleep only because of a flash incident.

Lucius watched Sirius trying to figure out why the baby was sleeping. Lucius suspected the baby was exhausted because of…. Whatever he did that made the house elves come and take the reporters away. Actually this was perfect….

"Hmm. Since the child is sleeping, it would be better if he rests. I will have another room arranged-close by- for the child to rest. That way the noise of the other children will not wake him up."

Sirius looks up at Lucius at that, "That will be fine", while Lily just sighs, "Thank you".

Lucius nods to the both of them, keeping an eye on Potter senior, whose sole attention was on the child in Lily's arms and was trying to subtly check the manor, trying being the correct term. Lucius knew what he was doing and knew he would find nothing.

Lucius showed the family the room where they would be dropping Sebastian off. The room was one of the larger ones, completely carpeted in blue, the material looked thick and made Lily want to take her shoes off and just run her feet in it. There was a single chandelier in the centre of the room, which glinted and shone with the light that came in from the windows which covered the whole ball wall, from where the gardens could be seen. It was a stunning sight. The whole room seemed to be separated in different sections. The right wall was covered with a book shelf; all seemed to be children stories from what Lily could tell. With sofas and chairs around.

Lily had to blink and rub her eyes at what else was there. She looked at Malfoy with incomprehension in her eyes while James and Sirius eye's widened. Sebastian squealed and wanted to get down more urgently. While the centre of the room had cribs and toys, the left seemed to be the children's dream. Lily remembered seeing something similar in the muggle malls, where the children were left while the parents shopped but was shocked the a pureblood had it. It was a play area with slides, balls, nets, boxing bags, rollers, ropes, in an intricate manner that all were in one area. It seemed surreal.

Lily could not handle Sebastian anymore as he jumped out and ran in the ball area the small balls moving away to make space. Sebastian giggled while Lily saw his whole face lighten with happiness. Lucius watched, a smirk turning at the corner of his mouth.

"Come, please, the elves will keep an eye on him, and the other families will be coming in. I will just show you the room to drop Harry of at and then escort you the main Hall. I will inform Narcissa to look at Harry to make sure he is okay, just in case".

Lily and Sirius nodded and turned to leave the room, while James vehemently refused.

"No. I am not leaving Sebastian here. You guys go. I will come when the Weaselys arrive."

Lucius decided to let Potter be. They moved towards the main Hall which was right next to the children area. The room across from the main hall had been converted into a study during the party in case someone wanted to discuss something in private. Sirius put Harry in the newly converted small bed, which had a bar on one side so that the child would not falloff. Lucius assigned an elf to keep an eye on him and they left.


James watched his son playing in the area, going up the small stairs made of what seemed to be a soft material and going down the slide, ending in the play area filled with the balls. He had never seen something like this before and was adamant to have it in his house as well. He saw another child enter the room, probably the same age as his son, followed by a house elf. James felt a scowl form on his face when he saw the blonde hair on the child. He decided to ignore the kid, watching his son playing.

Draco Malfoy entered his play area, only to see another child playing with his toys. He started shouting as he ran towards the other child and jumping into the ball area, snatched the ball from his hand, and trying to push him away. Sebastain himself startled by the attack started crying and trying to snatch the ball back. Draco, not giving in jumped over the boy to push him away. James who had been shocked moved into action, trying to pull the blonde from his son. He took hold of the child's arm and pulled.

He had little time to wonder, as the child let out a shrill scream and he was thrown back by a blast of magic. There were sound of running feel before Lucius came in to see his son hunched over protectively over his arm, saw Sebastain pick up the ball and run up the story, a groaning James at the other corner of the room and an elf which was twisting its ear and muttering to itself.

For one instant Lucius did not know what to do, before deciding that his son was his priority, he could beat Potter later. He quickly went to Draco, who jumped towards his father on seeing him. By this time Narcissa had come running in, the Weasleys, Lovegoods, and Diggorys coming behind her. Lucius handed Draco to Narcissa, who went about heeling the bruise that had already formed on her son's arms, while Lucius tried to control his temper. No one touched his son. He really wanted to beat Potter up who was only getting up and scowling at malfoy.

"You might want to teach your sons better manners Malfoy. He came in and attacked my son, who had not done anything. I only tried to put him off my son", James refused to lower himself as to apologise to a Malfoy.

Lucius had to utilise all his occlumency techniques to calm himself. He turned towards his guest, deciding to wait for his revenge. After all the children had settled down, Lucius went to Draco, explained to him how it was only for one day he had to share, and that Draco should try to make friend, and was the first one to leave. He would inform Lily of the incident and let her take care of matter. The rest of the elders followed, while Molly decided to stay behind to keep an eye on the kids before she would come as well.

Draco refused to go towards any of the children who had all circled around the other red haired boy. All of them had the same colour, other than that one boy, so he guessed he needed to stay away from people with that colour. He went to the books corner and took out a book with coloured pictures and tried not to look at the children playing with his things.

Soon he felt another child come towards him this one had a different head. He thought the colour was brown, he saw the child's mommy coming to them,

"Neville sweetheart don't you want to play with the other children. See over there." The lady pointed towards the children on the swings, took the child's arms, and carried him towards the swings, pressing a kiss to his forehead and leaving the room. Draco watched the other child moving around and trying to get to the red boys, when one of the bigger boys bumped into him and ran off, the other chasing him. The child waited before picking himself up and coming back to sit with Draco. Draco looked at the boy who seemed to be drawing on his knees, and pushed the book towards him, before taking out another one.


All the elders had gathered by now in the main Hall and the Minister took to the podium, giving a speech on the surviving and flourishing. After which there was a few minutes of silence for the poor souls who had lost their lives to the war.

Crouch refused to look at his son, who was also in attendance. There was no reason to keep him hidden away the man was not a wanted criminal. One day of freedom was more than enough. There were a healthy number of light, dark families and neutral families present. They were content to stick to their lot though, with only the Minister and Lucius mingling with the rest.

Lucius looked around the hall, nodding to Evans and Rabastan. He felt like laughing. If only these fools knew that other than Greyback and Regulus, the whole inner circle was in attendance. Marvolo would be coming in a while, oh the irony. They were celebrating the death of the Dark Lord, and said dark lord would be joining in… He felt laughter trickle his throat and had to control himself, a smile escaping none the less.

"What has you so happy, my Lucius?" came a voice that brought a shiver through his spine. He was glad no one was watching.

"I will explain later. The child is sleeping in the study across, he might be waking up soon, it would be better if you visit now. Later I can introduce you to everyone. Slughorn is here, you might as well, test on him first. He would be too frightened to say anything if it is not working"

Lucius heard a chuckle, "Do you doubt me? I will be back".

Marvolo did not give Lucius time to respond before he left, just as he had arrived, silent and unnoticed. He would have made an excellent assassin.


Marvolo silently entered the room, waving the house elf away. He had kept his magic tightly leashed for a while now, but he had to see what powers the child possessed.

He looked at the small child sleeping on the cot, hair a lot calmer then it had been. It stuck Marvolo that the last time he had been in this situation he had a wand on the child. To think it had only been a year. It seemed like forever had passed since then, so much had happened. The child twitched, moving, his forehead scrunching up in a frown, as if in pain. Marvolo got closer, letting a tendril of his magic leave him and move towards the child. He should be able to tell what powers the child had.

The tendril had just touched the child, when those eyes opened, burning with a green fire, and a scream ripped through the throat. The child would not stop he screamed and crawled back, eyes wide in fear. Marvolo took a step back and hastily pulled his magic back, for the first time in a long while, utterly shocked and confused over what to do.

Lucius barged in to see a frozen Marvolo, and he was taken back to the night, the same scream, the pain in that scream. He did not wait,

"Marvolo, a silencing barrier Now!"

Marvolo pushed all thought aside and put a barrier and watched as Lucius waved the barrier away from the bed, picked the child up and hugged him, rubbing his back. He saw magic leap from Lucius and settling around the child, who seemed to go limp. Small hiccups were still coming from him but the screams had stopped.

Marvolo pulled himself from the memories of those screams, and tried to calm his beating heart. He was almost afraid that he would find himself stuck in that mindless haze, but was grateful that his mind was his own. He had no desire to hurt the child. Not anymore, and especially not after hearing those screams.

Lucius raised the child up, and wiped the tears away from that face, a look of utter care in his eyes, that made Marvolo want to hit something. No way would Lucius ever allow him to harm that child, even if he turned light. Well, then they needed to find out why the child screamed and what to do to get the chid on their side. He refused to feel any jealousy, none what so ever.

Lucius looked into those wide eyes, a small voice speaking, "Lucy, ouch"

Lucius felt a slither of amusement, such a precocious child.

"Can you tell me why you hurt? What hurt?" he whispered softly, not to startle the child.

The boy looked to be thinking, closed his eyes, and pointed towards the table, where Lucius was surprised to see Marvolo had migrated. Marvolo himself was surprised, "I did not touch the child Lucius, he started screaming when my- Ah. I understand. This might be problematic. Lucius I will leave, why don't you drop the child off with the others, and I will meet you in the main Hall. No need to worry Rabastan will introduce me. He did ward the house for me. I will explain everything to you later." Marvolo hurridly spoke, nodded and left.

Lucius looked at the exit, watched as the boy relaxed further now that Marvolo had left. This was worrisome.

"Harry, where did it hurt?"

Little Harry looked around the room, not seeing anything and then pressed a finger to his head and then his chest.

Lucius was confused, as mature as the child seemed and acted, more mature than he should, he was still a child. He did not know whether the child was in actual pain, or remembering the pain. Marvolo probably already knew.

"Come Harry, let's take you to the toys, okay?"

Harry just nodded, slumping against his chest.

Lucius took him to the room, saw his son and Longbottom playing with the toys in the centre, while the Weasleys, and Potter child played on the swings. He had a moment to choose, and he did. He took Harry to Draco.

"Harry this is my son, Draco. Draco this is Harry, take care of him okay"

Draco looked up at his father and the boy with the shining eyes and went about playing with his toys. Lucius put harry on the ground and pressing a kiss to his son and a murmured "Be good" left the room.

Harry watched the children with him ignore him, one with Lucy sun hair, and looked towards the big toys. He jumped up and ran towards them, jumping in the ball house and playing. He went to his brother who was still in the ball area, pretending to swim, picked up a ball and started playing with it. Sebastian came from under the balls with a breath, looked at his brother with the ball, snatched it from him and pushed him to the ground. The balls broke his fall. He looked up at his brother who had already turned his attention towards the slide and left the play house.

He walked back towards the two children playing with the toys before he saw the books. He went towards them and sat on the ground taking out the closest. He opened it to see a dragon breathing fire. He let out a giggle before he started turning the pages. A few minutes later both the other children came towards him and the Lucy one took out some books, gave one to the other boy, took one himself and gave one to Harry, sitting down next to Harry and pointed to the already open book, "Dagon".

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