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Albus Dumbledore watched the Potters celebrate their kids 4th Birthday. His eyes were twinkling as he watched the small family of four cut the children's birthday cake. Sebastian was growing up into a very good boy. He was following in his father's footsteps. He loved flying and was very good at it.

Dumbledore watched as little Harry looked around the Hall is if looking for something before his smile visibly dimmed and eyes seemed to grow sombre. Dumbledore looked around the Hall wondering what had caused the effect on the child.

His eyes fell upon Sirius and Lestrange and he had to hold in a glare that wanted to light his eyes. Sirius held a baby in his arms, a brat he seemed to have sired, when he cheated on Lestrange about a year ago. Lestrange seemed to have expected it for some reason. Maybe it was Blacks revenge for Lestrange's kid. The other brat was in his father's lap.

If there was one person who was messing with his plan it was Sirius Black. Black was supposed to have been an auror with Potter, but the boy had decided to join the Wizangamot after his false arrest. He had managed to get back the proxy from him, leading him to have lesser power than he did before. Sirius was still learning the ins and out but had started coming to the meeting held for the Lords and Ladies. Black had voted against the Werewolf registration bill that he had tried to get passed.

It was on hold now, until it could be decided one way or another. It was almost going on the third year since Tom was defeated and yet things were not as he had planned them to be. His pieces were making moves they had no right to make. Black got together with Lestrange, Bella out of prison and the Longbottoms alive. He had made sure to plant the information amongst the death eaters that the Longbottoms knew what had happened to Tom. He had hoped they would get a visit from the death eaters. While Augustus was perfectly agreeable with his plans, what she knew of, Lord Longbottom was too independent. He and his wife refused to fall in with his plans.

They had made a mess of one string, which he would straighten out soon enough. He could not have acted so soon before, otherwise people would have suspected him. Now with the Germans getting a stronghold in the Ministry with that new Lord they had sent over, things were going in a direction he did not want. The ministry had always had distrust over the Germans due to Grindalwalds mechanisms, now that trust was being rebuilt. He could not have that.

Dumbledore curled his fingers in frustration. He had thought things would be easier now. The tide was finally in his favour, but while nothing was wrong, nothing seemed absolutely right either. He had had to change the chess pieces a bit in the beginning and because of that it seemed as if the chess was incomplete. He looked towards the black haired child, who was now completely smiling, face lit up as he looked towards the door. Dumbledore turned and watched as Lucius Malfoy entered the hall with that blasted cane in his hand. He chatted with Sirius for a bit before moving at the corner of the Hall.

The child it seemed was too eager, because he left the gifts, which Sebastian was now opening, and quickly ran towards Malfoy. Dumbledore felt himself go cold. What was this? The boy ran up to Lucius and hugged him. Malfoy did not push him away but hugged back? Then he got on one knee, gave something to the boy from his inner cloak and patted him on the head. The boy smiled up at him and left. Malfoy leaned against the wall, as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

Dumbledore looked at Harry and had to control the anger that was bursting in his veins. All of his problems were because of this one boy. The healers had told Lily she was having one child after they had done the scan. Potter line did not have twins, neither did the Evans one. Nothing in their history showed that there might have been twins. He had planned everything with one boy in mind. Healers said sometimes a child hid behind the other and it did not come up on the scan. The child had been small when he was born. The brat had ruined everything.

He had to cater to two now. One was the Potter heir and the other Black heir. He could not lose one of the titles. Dumbledore took a breath to calm himself. He knew what he was doing. It would work out. The little inconsistencies were of no matter. Everything had worked perfectly with Tom and Regulus and Severus. The major players were where they were supposed to be. The small pawns were of no consequence.

Dumbledore smiled at the Potters one last time before leaving. He had plans to make.


Frank and Alice looked at the couple in front of them,

"Are you sure?"

"Of course we are sure! Unless you don't trust us?." Bella questioned, wide eyes welling up with tears.

Alice looked the women and laughed, "Enough with the theatrics Bella, we are serious. This is a two week trip. We have never left Neville alone without us for this long."

Rodolphus broke in before Alice could continue, "So I guess it is time you guys did. Look we know things were a bit hectic before but now everything is going smoothly. If you are worried about us being alone with your son, we will move in Malfoy manor for the duration."

Rodolphus was not expecting one of the sofa pillows the other couple was sitting on to fly towards him and hit his face. Frank put his wand back, his face not showing his irkness that was apparent in his eyes,

"You both are idiots. We trust you. It is not a matter of trust. You know my mother has been trying to build bridges and has been coming over to meet her grandson-,"

"After the bitch tried to hurt me" Bella mumbled quietly,

"Yes, Bella, we know", Frank looked in her eyes. "But she is my mother, the same way Sirius accepted you again, I can't just completely throw my mother out. She had not seen Neville for almost a year, she has the right to see her grandson. But because of that, if we leave you with Neville alone, she might create trouble. So that is why we are hesitant."

Frank and Alice looked at each other trying to decide to throw the prize away.

"We are still surprised that we won the tickets for a two week trip to Germany. We don't remember applying for any competition or lottery. I mean we have enough money on our own to visit if we wanted."

Bella and Rabastan shrugged, not knowing as well. "You might as well take advantage of it. Look we will take Neville to Malfoy Manor. With Lucius and Narcissa no one can say we are influencing your kids, in your long absence. It would be better as well, if something happens we will have support."

Alice sighed, "You guys really want us to go don't you?"

Bella, looked at Rodolphus, then got up and sat on her knees in front of Alice, taking her hand, "Alice, sweetheart, what you did for me…. I can't even describe how happy I am", silent tears fell down Bella's eyes, and Alice took out one of her hands from Bella's to wipe them away as Bella continued, "I just want you to have the same happiness, take a few days away from Britain and its problems. Go relax, have fun, have sex with her husband without any fear" That statement earned her a slap on her head from Alice, as a blush spread over her cheek.

Rodolphus sniggered as a smirked appeared on Franks face, and wiggled his eyebrows. "Who knows, you might come back with another kid".

Alice let out a giggle at that, her blush becoming worse, as it spread down her hairline. She hid her face in her hands, and spoke in a muffled tone, "You guys are horrible!"

Bello took her hand away, tilted Alice's face up, trying to control her own humor, when Rodolphus spoke up,

"I have to say, you two look hot right now. I would not mind seeing a little girl action!", he commented, hoping to make his wife blush, although he knew it was impossible.

Bello looked at Alice, and saw the same glint in her eyes as her own, and turned her body subtly so both guys could see their profile, before kissing Alice gently on the mouth. She opened her mouth and gently pushed against Alice's bottom lip, asking for permission. Alice opened her mouth hesitatingly, and Bella taking advantage thrust in. She raised herself up on her knees, took hold of Alice's hair, and smashed their mouths together.

Rodolphus had made the joke and had been expecting a blush. Then Bella kissed Alice, and he froze. He could only look in shock as two tongues duelled with each other, mouths open. Frank himself was frozen, looking at the spectacle next to him. Heat as he never knew burst in his body, along with a ting of jealousy, which he knew he was of no consequence. Bella was in love in Rodolphus, and this was just to tease them.

Rodolphus felt himself getting hard as the kiss went deeper and seemed to never end. When he felt himself moving and saw Frank do the same, he knew time was up. He sprang up, went to Bella and pulled her up and into his lap, breaking the kiss, leaving the two gasping. He nodded to a flushed and blushing Alice, a predatory Frank, and left the room, with the statement

"I guess you guys are going to Germany after all"


The news hit the Wizarding world like a shockwave, unexpected and painful. The Newspapers picked it up just as soon, and the news was sensationalised. Treaties were in trouble, investigations started and hatred against the Dark rose up again.

Lucius looked at the morning Newpaper in front of him, the cup of tea barely reaching his mouth, when he put it back in shock. He did not wait for Marvolo to reach him, knowing he would be at the Ministry. They had a mess to deal with, and it was going to be awful. He was not sure they could deal with this appropriately. It was a single masterful stroke. Whoever had done this was ….. could only be one person. He did not wait, but popped directly into the ministry. Narcissa rose from her chair, and with shaking hands looked at the Newspaper. Three big headlines screamed at her.




The paper fell from Narcissa's hand, as she turned towards the reception room.


The elf popped up, "Yes Mistress?"

" I am going to the Grimmauld place. Have Draco dressed and bring him there. Quickly!"

Narcissa ran towards the fireplace and flood to Grimmauld place, she did not know whether they had heard the news.


The Ministry was in chaos. Lucius ignored the reporters lining up the front hall, barking out questions. He kept himself cool and calm, no need for anyone to know how this turn of events had shocked him, or how much this worried him. This could take them back years, after all the work they had done.

He had not been expecting this. There was no hint of anything underhanded happening, no news reaching him what so ever. The media was saying it were German supporters of the dead Dark Lord. Lucius knew it was not true. The Dark Lord had not had any such plans and he would have never taken an action that would have implicated the Lestrages, it had been hard enough to let them gain the semblance of Independence they had.

Lucius had thought it strange that the Longbottoms won the tickets. They just had to find out what exactly happened. He was moving towards the life when it opened to reveal a cool and collected Marvolo, who looked at him and nodded. This was not good. Marvolo was pissed.

Lucius entered the life with him and nodded. The lift door closed as it moved towards the upper story.

"Are you going to the Ministers office?" Marvolo questioned quietly, even though it was just them in the lift.

"Yes I thought I owe to go there" Lucius replied.

Marvolo shook his head minutely,

"Leave that to me. How about you go see to your sister in law, and make sure everything is okay"

Lucius nodded, getting the double meaning,

"Yes of course. How kind of you to remind me. I really should visit my sister in law. Thank you."

The life stopped on the floor that housed the Law enforcement office and Lucius left. He did not turn to watch Marvolo. He wanted to barge in the Law enforcement office and ask what the Hell was going on but he decided to abstain. Amelia was a fair person from all records, and she would make sure the right person was persecuted, despite her deep hatred for all death eaters.

He knocked and waited, taking a deep breath, this was going to be really hard to manevour. He was not even sure they would succeed, but now was not the time to panic.

"Enter," came a strong voice from inside the room. Well, here goes everything.


2 Months later

Albus Dumbledore sat in his office, fuming. He threw the paper away, that he had been pouring over. Fawkes trilled from his perch and Dumbledore controlled himself from blasting the stupid bird away. His plans were going down the drain.

It had been a masterful stroke, he had to say so himself. He had entered the Longbottoms name in the competition under the Lestrange name and had made sure they won. It had been fool proof. They had gone to Germany, where before leaving he had people dressed in cloaks attack the Longbottoms and kill them. He had left the methods up to them, he did not care and neither did he have to know. He had just asked them to make sure they did not make it to the UK soil.

At least one part of the plan had succeeded, that Diony Lord had to go back because the Ministry would not work with the Germans until they proved themselves trustworthy, so at least he had no need to worry on that account.

His other plans though. He had hoped that he would have the Lestranges arrested and taken to Azkaban within a fortnight, with Neville going under his grandmother's guardianship. But the blasted Longbottoms had made the minister take an oath and all newspaper agencies knew that should something happen to the Longbottoms, the child was to go to the Lestranges. He had no idea why they made a stupid decision like that, but he sure there was dark magic involved.

Which is why it was a brilliant plan, they could not hand Neville over to them if they were involved in the murder of the parents. Someone had gotten to Bones before him though. That women was too darn fair, he needed to do something about that. The Lestranges had been given a trail, where they were asked why they put the Longbottoms name in the competition. Zambini that idiot had them take Veritaserum which proved that they had nothing to do with the murder.

With the Longbottoms will iron clad, and in the hands of Gringotts rather than the ministry, he had been unable to block it. Not only did the will make them the legal guardians of Neville, but damn and blast it all, they made Rodolphus proxy to the Longbottom seat. Instead of Augustus getting the votes with Neville so young, on his side, it ended up with the Dark. Longbottom had so far been neutral along with Black.

He had lost the Black seats to neutral, but at least the Dark did not have it, but now the Longbotttoms has gone from neutral to dark. Damn it. This was not supposed to happen. Augustus had made sure that the will was only in the Ministry which he successfully blocked, how he hated that the Goblins were out of his control. He needed to get in control fast, he was wasting precious time with these squabbles when he had bigger fish to fry. He needed control of the place before Voldemort came back.

Crouch was somehow working on their side as well, to have made that vow and now, two months later he had nothing to show for his work other than the German Lord going back to where he came from. Good riddiance.

Neville had been officially adopted by the Lestranges after they made a vow to take care of and never harm the child. Augustus had not been happy with him. Her heir raised by dark wizards, he dreaded what would happen to the poor child, they were going to downbeat him and ruin him, no doubt. Hmmmmmmm…. Wait a minute, hmmmm. Interesting.

According to Augustus , her son had once confided in her that they thought Neville was a squib, which is why he thought the Potters had the chosen one. If the Lestrange found out the child was a squib, while they could not throw him away, they would most definitely not treat him good. The Gryffindors will take such good care of him, and of course he would want to be against the people who killed his parents, and poor child the killers managed to fool everyone and had taken him in. Poor child would need help and support when he comes to Hogwarts. Yes… He would give him all the support he needed.

Fawkes trilled from his seat, not liking the expression on the Headmasters face one bit.


Bella looked on the bed where Neville slept, tear tracks still visible on his face. She sat down next to him and pressed a kiss on his forehead, her eyes filling as well. She felt as if a hole had developed in her chest. For two months she had to be in control, two months she had to pretend she was not worried about what that women was doing to her baby and trying really hard not to think of Alice, sweet Alice…dead.

A tear spilled from her eyes and fell on Neville's soft hair who twitched in his sleep as he felt the cold. She felt a hand on her shoulder,

"Bella, come on sweetheart, it is time to go to bed."

She did not move. "Come on Bella sweetheart"

"Can't I spend the night here, please"

Rodolphous looked at tear blinded eyes of his wife, and could not find it within himself to say no. He increased the size of the bed, let Bella settle before moving in behind her, splaying his hands on her waist. Neville seemed to squeeze into her, wrapping his tiny arms around her waist.

He could feel her shoulders shake as she let go of the pain she had been holding in. He allowed his emotions to get the better of him as well, as he closed his eyes tightly against the burn. They had not been prepared; the war was over damn it.


Rodolphus and Bella had came back to the manor the night before the Longbottoms were supposed to arrive. They had everything prepared to welcome then. There was a cake, a banner with a huge Welcome back sign and Neville had made a present for his parents. There had been a shock from the manor and the next thing they knew, the doors blasted opened and the aurors were forcing their way in followed by Augusta.

It seemed as if she had let him in, which would only have been possible if the Lord was dead, and the title fell on her, with Neville been so young. They did not have time to process the fact that she was there, when the aurors arrested them, and started to bind their hands for the murder of Lord and Lady Longbottom. They were both attacked while Neville cried out and screamed.

Neville came running to them, when he saw his aunti being attacked by the other people, but an auror took hold of his arm. Bella started screaming and fighting back then, seeing the tight grip that auror had. Rodolphus knew not to fight, it would have made the situation worse, but Bella had started fighting to get to Neville who was now under his grandmother's hands. He tried to calm Bella when one of the aurors fired a stunner at her and she fell.

He would never forget the face of the child at this time, nor the grandmother. Augusta looked ecstatic, while Neville; his eyes had widened as he opened his mouth and let out a scream. He barely remembered what happened after that, because as soon as that stupid, idiotic, moronic, BITCH, had stunned Neville, he had lost it. Everyone knew not to perform strong magic on a child, but the bitch did it without a care. The last thing he saw before a stunner hit him was her gloating face, as if she had won a war, as if her son was not in his grave.

He woke up in a cell, his wife next to him. He could feel her manic energy through the bar and knew not to talk to her. Few years of safety might have made her a little soft but she was a Black, who considered Neville her child. Thank Merlin she did not know he had been stunned. She would kill Augusta and they could not have any more murder suspicion on their heads. Yesterday, from what he could, she had let the shock get the better of her; she would never let that happen again.

He sat up on the thread bare cot on which he was laying and looked around. They were in two adjoining cells in, what seemed like a room. There seemed to be one entrance in front of the cells, with a rickety chair next to the door. The cells were small but they were not in Azkaban which meant Lucius was working on it. He had no idea what happened, how Frank and Alice had been killed. He did not know where Neville was, he did not know anything, and he did not like it.

The doors opened and Zabini came in, conversing quietly to the guard standing outside, before entering and closing the main door behind him. He looked around with distaste clearly on his face, before pulling the chair neared to the cells, and sat down.

"Well, would you never stop creating trouble for me and Lucius? Really Rody, it is time you grew up," Rodolphus winced, he knew it was a tease, but he felt his wife's energy spike, damn, now was not a good time. "Cadmus, now is really-"

"Zabini!", Bella hissed. Rodolphus saw Cadmus swallow as if just realising his danger, "I don't care for jokes right now. Tell me what is going on!Now!"

Cadmus nodded and straightened up. He spelled the area silent, so that no one could eavesdrop.

"Well, it is a big mess. Lord and Lady Longbottom were killed by German dark wizards, as revenge against the demise of the fallen Dark Lord. The only problem is that the dark sect does not have any news about who it could be or why, for sure. Lucius has had people since morning do check-ups, and Lord Dionysus has had his own people check back at the ministry as far as I know, but no one has any idea of who it was or why they did it. We tried asking the newspapers where they got the story that 'it was Dark Wizards' from, but they refuse to give their source and we cannot force them."

Cadmus let out a sigh, "Compounding the trouble is that evidence has turned up that you two turned the Longbottoms name in the competition that gave the award for the trip of Germany. Which means you are involved in their murder, because why else would you do this, you could have bought them a ticket outright, but going through this way means you did not want them to know it was from you. With previous suspicions against you and the Longbottoms no longer there to keep an eye on you or to vouch for you, the ministry is thinking you of transporting you to Azkaban for life, for being accomplice to murder of a Lord and lady and suspicion as a death eater"

The room was silent as Cadmus gave the situation. Rodolphus could feel sweat bead up on his forehead, this was not good. How on earth could they get out of this mess? No matter what, they were going to lose something. It was Bella who broke the silence, "What about Neville?"

Cadmus looked at her carefully, as if deciding whether she could handle the news,

"Lady Agusta Longbottom has taken over the seat and her grandson. She moved in Longbottom manor. From what I know, the boy refuses to be with her and has screamed a whole lot, but she is his grandmother, and while you guys are here, you have no rights to… well anything really. The Lestrange proxy has fallen on Rabastan to take care of, who has been notified."

The room was silent again. This seemed like an impossible mess. How on earth were they going to manage "Well, what now?"

Cadmus just looked at them," Well, you just sit tight over here and let us deal with this. Lucius is working on it from what I know. If nothing, he can be trusted to do something, but I have to be honest with you. This is a mess, it is a serious mess"

"What about the will?" It was again Bella who asked. It seemed her mind was working faster than ever, while his seemed to be filled with molasses.

Cadmus frowned, looking confused, "What will? There has been no mention of a will anywhere. As far as we know, the Longbottoms never made a will to any effect"

Rodolphus felt his eyes widen, before a smirk came on his face, Yes thank Merlin for Alice who let slip about the changes in the will, just in case. That women was smarter than she let people know. He felt a tinge of sadness at the thought, before he shoved it aside, now was not the time.

"Frank and Alice made a new will on Neville's birthday. While Frank was satisfied with the previous stipulations we had made, and the oath from Crouch, when he trusted us more, he decided to go all the way. I am not sure what exactly the will stipulates, but I know that there is a will"

Rodolphus saw a smile brighten Cadmus's face and knew they had found something. Cadmus jumped from the chair, "I have to go look into this. I will be back with more news. Until I am not there, do not talk to anyone and don't let anyone move you from those places. I will be in touch as soon as I have a semblance of a plan and Lucius has gotten back to me. "

Cadmus left the room with a knock to the door, dropping the silencing barrier and Rodolphus just let out a sigh, before going to lie on the cot again. This was going to take a while.


It had taken them two months to arrange a trial, find the second will in Gringotts, who had come forward. It had taken a lot of chance and it was all because of the careful way Frank had arranged everything that they managed to get everything done. They had told under veritaseum that they had nothing to do with the Longbottom's death.

The next battle had been getting hold of Neville, which had been made almost impossible because of Augusta and Dumbledore, but the will had managed to smooth over that as well. They had gotten Neville who had been brought to the Ministry the day of the final trial where they were made his legal guardians. Thankfully the cameras had been useful for once, as they managed to catch Neville's tear filled face before he saw them. His whole face had lit up as he snatched his hand from his stony faced grandmother and ran to them.

Bella had for once forgotten her pureblood dignity and fallen on her knees to hug Neville. The child had been crying and Bella had barely managed to control herself.

Rodolphus looked down at the two people who meant the world to him now and a sad smile lit his face. He would dearly miss Frank and Alice. They had decided to stay in Longbottom manor so that the child would have memories of his parents around him. Neville had not yet told them of his month with his grandmother so they were not sure of the damage there. They had time now, Neville was truly their son now, and they would find out who killed his parents and crush them. Thoughts of revenge were moving through his head as he felt himself drift into sleep.


Marvolo sat in Malfoy manor, looking at the fire as he drank straight from the bottle. He needed it today. He felt the moment Lucius entered the room, and the others hesitation as he sat next to him, and took the bottle from his hand.

Lucius put the bottle on the ground and sat in front of him on his knees, back towards the fireplace. He put his head on Marvolo's knee and tried to speak.

"Lucius, it is not your fault. You cannot be expected to know or do everything. Things had been going to well for a while now, this was bound to happen. The damage is not as bad as it could have been. Dumbledore most likely wanted to break ties with the Germans, have the Lestranges in jail and the Longbottom title under him. We got the title, the child, and no prison. The ties with the Germans have been damaged badly but not completely. I have to go back now. I think I need to find out what happened. Why Dumbledore does not want ties with the Germans? it does not make sense. Would he not prefer having allies with the Germans. What is he afraid- "

Marvolo cut off suddenly as if hit by the Knight bus.

Lucius looked up at him, curious, "Marvolo?"

Marvolo shook his head, "Of course, I am an idiot. Dumbledore is afraid. It is safe to assume that Dumbledore does not want the alliance, why ? Could be because Germany has a strong dark party which dominates it, but he never tried to help the small light party either. They are more integrated there, but Dumbldre goes and has alliances with France, which has a very similar policy as the German's. He has an alliance with that madam of Beauxbaton's. He has never tried with Germany though. Lucius, I think I need to stay in Germany for a while."

Lucius let what his Lord was saying pass over his head. As usual when Marvolo went like this, he had no idea what the other was blabbering about. He hid a smile at the thought. Marvolo was one of the only people who said something and he did not get right away, making him slow in Marvolo's eyes, but making Marvolo so interesting in his.

"- listening to me!"

Lucius shook himself and bought himself back to the matter at hand. He looked up at rust eyes glaring at him, and just shrugged, letting the other know, how much he understood at this moment.

Marvolo rolled his eyes, took hold of Lucius's hands and apparated them to the bedroom. Lucius needed to be punished for not paying attention.


Harry Potter could tell you that he was a very strange boy. He did not know how why. He lived in a world of magic and dragons, and yet he always felt different. He was going to turn 5 in a few days mummy said they were going to celebrate the birthday very privately this year, like only family and Sirius. He was happy about that. When they had big party he did not know why mummy tried so hard, nobody came there for him, other that Uncle Siri family and Luke.

Neville used to come but since his mummy daddy left daddy would not let him come. He said bad seed. Harry was sitting in the library, trying to find out what a bad seed was. Everyone knew that Harry was smart. He was 5 but he could read, he could not write yet, but he was learning. Soon he would know everything. Harry loved his flowers so he had been reading about them. The books were so hard with so big words he had to look in a dictionary.

His mummy loved him very much so she let him read the big books, and if Harry would not read mummy would read it for him. His daddy, his daddy did not like him. Daddy loved him, but daddy did not play with him. Daddy like Sebastian more, Harry knew that. Daddy play with Sebastian but harry did not like the games they played. He did not want to pr-pr- trick someone. He did not want to fly. He did not like the broom, he felt so alone, like he was very alone.

Harry shook his head to stop the buzzing that was growing in the back of his head. He always had the warm buzzing; it was always there, he could feel it. He felt a tingle run up his spine and he shivered. He looked up from the book and looked around the room, feeling a chill suddenly permeate the air.

He shut the book and got up. He went outside the library and looked around. Not seeing anything he decided to go to mummy, she would know what was going on. He went running towards the kitchen, his bare feet loud in the empty hallway. He ran to the kitchen and entered to an empty room. He looked around, his breath coming strong, he was afraid.

Tibby must have felt his fear, because she suddenly popped into the room,

"Master Harry! What you be doing running barefoot"

Harry felt calmer now that she was here, but something was still not right. "Where is my mummy Tibby?"

The elf blinked up at him, "She be in the office room with Master James"

"Can you take me to her?"

The elf did not answer but took hold of Harry and popped him outside the office door. It was on the second floor a bit further away from the nursery he used to have as a child. He was about to knock on the door when he head sounds from outside.

Curious he put his head on the door to listen.

"James, Please I am telling you. It's enough already," that was mummy.

"Lily. I am sorry, but I have tried. Merlin have I tried"

"No you have not! You have not tried hard enough!"

"Do not raise your voice to me, Lily Evans"

There was silence in the room,

"James. He is your son and he thinks that you like Sebastian more than him. Don't look at me like that, he has never said it to me, but I am his mother. He looks at you and Sebastian playing, you teaching him pranks. You telling him stories about the Hogwart days, you never involve Harry in them. Why? Why are you letting my son be pushed away like this", Harry could hear the tears in his mummy's voice. Why was she crying? Daddy loved him, it was okay. He did not want to know stories.

"Lily, sweetheart, please don't cry. I have tried, I really have. He refuses to get on a broom so I can't fly with him or teach him. When I talk to him about a prank I swear he looks at me as if he is disappointed in me or something-"

"Well, why don't you do something that interests him for a change?"

"He is five Lily. What on earth am I supposed to do? He spends all his time in a library; I would be shocked if he was not in Ravenclaw, but Lily he just looks at the books. He can't even read."

"James Potter how do you know your son can't read?"

"Lily, come one, he is five. Besides did I tell you about what Sebastian did today? He brought the broom to himself when he wanted to go flying, he did wandless magic. I told Dumebledore and he says that is great, our son really is powerf-"


"How dare you? How dare you? I love Sebastian and I am happy that he can do magic but we are not talking about Sebastian right now. We are talking about your other son! You want to get to know your son then get to know him! Read with him, just sit with him. Talk to him. He is a very smart kid, talk to him James. "

"Lily, I would appreciate it if you never raise your hand to me like that ever again. It's bad enough Harry is friend with that Malfoy brat and Neville because of that stupid arrangement of Sirius. The Lestranges are raising that kid, Merlin only know what kind of Magic they are teaching him, and he is teaching my son. I am glad Harry does not know a lot of magic, I shudder to think what would happen if Sebastian had been allowed to go. No! You listen to me now Lily! You have had your say, now let me say mine!"

Harry slipped down the floor near the door, trying to understand what was going on, "I love Harry as much as you do Lily. I have tried to talk to him. I went to him when he was in the garden, he was next to that flower patch, and I asked what he was doing. You want to know what he told me Lily, he told me he was 'talking' to the flowers. Have you ever heard of such a ridiculous thing. Okay a 3 year old imagining things, fine I'll let it go, 4 ill also let it go. They boy is turning 5, and he thinks that flowers talk to him. He wanted to me say 'HI´ to the bloody flowers."

"James, he is a kid. There is no harm in just saying hi to them. Just go along with it. He rarely gets to have friends over. He is lonely-"

"Lonely! The Weasely boys are here almost every weekend, not to mention days when Harry, Ron and Sebastian are studying together, and the boy is lonely. He can make friends with them if he wants. What is stopping him?"

"James, not every person can get along. Ever since Sebastian and Ron played that prank on him, which you told them about, might I add….. They don't get along. It is not compulsory for everyone to get along. You and Severus never –"

"Do not bring that topic up. You do not want to fight with me over that. What does it say about the kid, that he does not make friends with good people like the Wealseys, but makes friend with a Malfoy and the Neville? Hm? What does that say about my son? I don't trust Malfoy no matter what anyone says. Once a death eater always a death eater. I don't even trust Sirius anymore. I have not seen or heard anything from Lupin for the last 3 years. Wormtail betrayed us. Lily I am going to give my son the best childhood he will ever have, and I am going to make sure he never goes through the pain I went through when I lost my friends."

"Which son would that be James?"

It was silent for what seemed like forever, Harry held his breath.

"Lily, Sebastian is the Boy-Who-Lived and the Chosen one. You know he needs us. I love Harry but Sebastian is more important right now. No one cares about Harry to wonder. He is not powerful enough to be a threat to Voldemort and he is safe. Sebastian will always have an arrow towards him, so I am sorry but I have to make sure Sebastian remains safe. "

Harry felt a tear slide down his face. He touched it and wondered why he was crying. He did not know what daddy was saying. Daddy was not saying anything.

"But for your sake and for Harry's sake, because I love him Lily, I do, I will keep trying to connect to him. I don't know what you think Lily, but never doubt that I don't love my kids. I love them with every fibre of my being, I would give my life for Harry, you know that but Sebastian needs me Lily. You tell me what to do then"

Harry heard his mother crying, "Oh James", and sounds of a table hitting something, but he had enough. He got up from the place in front of the door and ran towards the library. They must never know he was there. They must never know.


BOY-WHO-LIVED TURNS 5 in 2 days! Party at the Ministry!


Yes Dear Reader, you heard right. Today is the big day. The Boy-Who-Lived reaches the big fiver. The birthday is being celebrated at the Ministry of Magic. Yes! You heard that right, the Ministry of magic. That means you too can make it. This year, as a special surprise the Minister of Magic, Mr Crouch himself decided to throw the big boy his birthday bash!

"Well, we at the Ministry are very proud of the boy. He is doing very good in his studies from what I heard and his father tells he had his first bout of magic at 4 but can consciously do magic now. I was so proud of the boy, I told Head Auror Potter that I was not going to take no for an answer. I was going to throw him a birthday party at the Ministry and I am."

There you have it folks. The tickets to the big day are going to be available tonight at midnight and all the proceeding will go towards a special charity created for the orphans of the last war. One does wonder why a charity like that has not been opened before, but there you have it folks. Lord Malfoy bought it to the attention of the Wizengamot (For details, please see page 2).

We the prophet will be there, and hope to see you as well. Again from all the well-wisher's, Happy Birthday Sebastian Potter!

Lily turned the paper away and tried to take deep breaths. She put her hand in her arms and tried to control the fury that was erupting in her. How dare they?! How dare James?! Did they not realise what this meant. Did they not know what they were doing? When had she lost so much control?

The birthday was in two days, which meant all the arrangements had been made, why was she finding out about this now? She and James had a row about the matter a few days back and now he did this. Everyone was going to bring presents for the boy-who-lived and there will be cake cutting, one cake. Oh God. Harry had been so down for the last few days, spending all his time either in the library or in the garden with the flowers. James had kept his promise and tried to talk to the boy, but they seemed to be getting nowhere.

James was expecting Harry to treat him as Sebastain does, but Harry was not Sebastain, why could James not see that? She would hate to fancy one child over another but Harry reminded her of her a little bit, so why could James not treat him as if he would her? rather than how he would have dealt with Sirius or Lupin. She had tried to tell him the same thing, but he refused to listen. He kept blabbering about it being the flowers fault.

Lily snorted, it seemed James did not like losing out to flowers for his son's attention. She left the kitchen to go outside towards the gardens. She exited just to see Sebastain, run across the garden and stumble into Harry, who was in front of the flowers. She was just about to tell them to be careful, when Sebastain fumbled and fell right into the rose bushes, Oh dear.

His scream of pain was loud. Lily ran across the garden to get him out of the rose bush, the thorns were definitely hurting him. From the corner of her eyes she saw James run from the entry way, where he had been about to enter the house. She took out her wand to take her son out and vanish the thorn's. James was just behind her. She waved her wand when she heard Harry shout,

"Please don't hurt the flowers!"

Over the sound of Sebastian's crying she tried to tell Harry that she was just levitating Sebastian, but she was sure he could never hear her over the crying.

"Sebastian, it's okay hunny. Just wait, let mummy take you out",

She waved her wand and Sebastian came out, snot running down his nose, fat tear drops falling from his eyes, and bloody gashes all over his hands and face.

She gently put him on the floor, "It's okay sweetheart. Shh. Shh. It's okay"

Lily gently extracted all the thorns and cleaned up the gashes, pressing a kiss on his forehead. She hugged him tight, "Shh. It's okay."

James had reached them by then who pulled Sebastian to him, gave him a hug and then handed him back to Lily and turned towards the bush. She turned as well, and saw Harry looking over the flowers as if making sure they were not hurt.

She saw James take out his wand and felt uneasy.

"James, Harry, let's go inside and get come ice-cream", she looked down at Sebastain, who was just sniffling by now, "Is that okay sweetheart, you want ice cream?" Sebastain nodded.

She turned to look at James and froze at the scene in front of her. James had his wand aimed at the flowers while Harry stood in front of them, hand raised at his side as if to block him, eyes wide.

"Daddy?" Harry asked.

"Harry, move out of my way. I am removing these menaces right now. I have wanted to for a while now, but you loved them so damn much I let it be. But they are becoming a danger now, and I can't have that."

Lily felt gobsmacked, they were just flowers! Why was this all being said over some darn flowers.

"James this is enough. They are just flowers, and it was an accident!"

"I can't have accident like these happening again!" So saying James moved and took his sons arm tightly and pulled him away from the flowers. Harry screamed the whole way,

"No! Daddy no! What are you doing ?! Daddy what are you doing!"

James passed Harry to Lily who took tight hold of the squirming boy, "It's okay Harry. He is just going to remove the flowers."

"But you'll hurt them!" Harry screamed.

James looked back at them, and Lily saw in his eyes the question. Harry was too attached to the flowers. Believing the flowers could talk and who could talk to them was enough, but flowers did not get hurt. They did not feel. This was going far enough. She wished it did not have to be this way, but why was Harry creating a fuss over flowers. They were just flowers!

She did not know what to say. Before she could decide, James must have decided to take her silence as a yes, because he turned towards the flowers, wand pointing at them.


Fire burst from the wand, hitting the flowers. Sebastian took a few steps away from the fire, and then another few when his crazy brother screamed.

"NO! You are hurting them! You're hurting them! Stop it.! Daddy Please stop it! They hurt Daddy! Daddy they HURT! Daddy it's Hurting them! Daddy! Please! it's hurting me!"

Harry was screaming and fighting in Lily's arms. Lily had to take a stronger hold on him, he was moving so much. He was screaming as if he was in pain. James looked back, uncertain for just a moment at his son's scream, before he resolved his mind. This madness had gone long enough, before strengthening the power.

The fire raged on and Harry's painful screams and sobs continued as if not the flowers but he was on fire. The fire burned out, before nothing but a burnt structure was left. Harry's sobs had slowly turned into whimpers. He looked up just in time to see the ash flying away in the wind, before he fell unconscious.

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