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Chapter 35:

BANG… CRACK… "Ahhh!"

Lucius Malfoy put his head in his arms, as he sat in his office, and tried to muffle the groan that wanted to come out. If they broke something Narcissa was going to kill him. He was regretting allowing them to come at the manor. They could have gone to Black's, but no; he had to have them under his foot. Narcissa on a rampage was worse than an insane Dark Lord, though he doubted either would like the comparison.

He put his head further in his arms as he heard several running feet coming towards his office. He waited for a minute as the sounds stopped. A hushed argument seemed to be taking place, as if deciding who was going to face the demon in the dark. Someone was shoved and a pair of feet seemed to stumble right in front of his door.

There was harsh whispering and sound of shuffling, as whoever was on the other side seemed to be thinking about what to do. He withheld a smile as he straightened in his chair.

"You may come in if you want to"

All sound stopped for a moment before the door slowly opened and bright green eyes peaked out, hesitant and innocent.

Lucius tried really hard to keep his expression stern, "What is it now Harry? And do come in."

Harry let go of his tight grip on the door as he entered the room, the door closing behind him. He quickly looked up at Lucius before looking at his feet as he rocked back and forth, wondering how to explain.

Lucius looked at the seven year old and was struck again by his resemblance to the 'deceased' Regulus Black. As the child grew he seemed to have come into his Black genes, becoming so like Regulus that Sirius would often get teary eyed. Lucius was just glad that the child still looked like himself, with his green eyes, and black hair; a child who at this moment was no doubt trying to figure out how to get his help to cover for him.

"Well", Lucius said.

Harry peaked up from his eyelashes, trying to read Lucius's expression before looking down again.

"We.. uhm… there was … a kind of accident," another quick peak, " See.. I kind of gave Alex my wand…." Lucius raised his brow, " Really? And why did you do that"

His tone was serious enough for Harry to know it was bad. Harry resisted the flinch that wanted to break out, "It was my fault. We were practicing the spell Mr. David taught us… and Alex wanted to try it as well… and we knew he would be getting a practice wand soon.. cause his tutor said he was almost ready.. so we thought it was okay…." Harry trailed off uncertainly.

Lucius let out a sigh, "Let me guess. You gave him the wand and the spell, and it was the result that I just heard." Lucius saw the black head nod. "What do you guys break?"

Harry looked up again, shuffled his feet in place, and said sheepishly, "The…..Um…. The green and blue flower-pot."

Lucius choked on air as he tried to comprehend how they had managed to break the gift from Narcissa's mother on their wedding; an heirloom that had been in the family for generations. Narcissa was going to kill them.

Harry fearing the worse hurriedly tried to defend their actions, "We were not aiming at the pot. The spell made the flowers look fresh….I asked Mr. David to tell us, and Neville wanted to learn as well. He likes flowers too, he believed me when I told him I could sense them, he said he could feel them too sometimes…... so I wanted to know the spell. Then Alex wanted to know. Draco said Alex was too small to learn. Alex said he so could. Then Draco dared him. Then Alex wanted a wand and tried to take it. I-" Harry cut off and looked up in shock at the sound of laughter.

Lucius had tried to maintain a stony façade but the child was so earnest he could not help himself.

"Harry, Harry" Lucius shook his head, a smile curling at his lips, "I think it is best that you go home early today. I will explain to Narcissa that an accident occurred and her poor pot has joined her mother in heaven." Harry nodded, relief escaping from every pore. He quickly straightened himself, and tried to look sad.

Lucius thought the child could barely hold himself from running and telling his comrades that the situation was under control, "You may leave"

Harry nodded as he quietly set out to leave. He was just opening the door when Lucius said, "Next time, try to go for a remorseful expression and not innocent; especially when you were loud enough to argue over who would go in first"

Harry turned around, his face turning red with embarrassment at being caught, and eyes lightning with laughter at the humour in Lucius's tone. "Yes Sir", he managed to choke out as he sped out and closed the door behind him.

Three heads poked out from the door a few feet away in the hallway, where they had hidden themselves. Harry smiled widely and nodded, the rest visibly relaxing as they high-fived each other. Harry quietly tried to make his way over to them, so that Lucius would not hear.

They all entered the room and closed the door behind them.

Draco was the first to speak, "So what did he say?"

"I want to know why I had to go talk to him!" Harry responded.

Draco replied in his mature tone, "Because Dad likes you and you he won't tell on you to the Potter's. If I went, he would kill me and mom would bring me to life only to kill me again. Aunti Bella is just scary, the vase was her mother's too you know, do you think sending in Neville would have been a good idea? and Alex…. While dad would have agreed to help us, he would have told Uncle Siri and Uncle Rab-"

Harry broke in "Who would not have done anything. You know Uncle Siri does not like his family and he likes pranks. Uncle Rab would not have cared anyway, so why did I have to go?"

It was Neville who snickered first, followed by Draco, and then Harry was caught in it as well. They all laughed while Alex tried to figure out what was so funny. He thought the question deserved an answer, "Harry. You go, cause evyone know Uncle Lucis like you more than me"

Harry wiped away at the tears, "Oh Alex. Uncle Lucius likes you too. You are our baby brother after all." Harry tried to rub at Alex's head while the other tried to escape. Soon all were tumbling on the ground, Harry and Draco trying to tickle Alex, while Neville was trying to help him.

Harry smiled from where he was, stuck, trying to stop Alex wiggling away, while Neville sat on him, and Draco accidentally pulling his leg instead of Alex. He was happy.


Lily Potter was moving about in the kitchen. Her back was to the doors. She hummed as she made tea for Severus who was a little late. Harry was at the Malfoy's, Sebastian at the Weasely's, and James was busy working on a new case, the double homicide that had happened near the Ministry.

It had been more than 5 years she had been in contact with Severus again and it had done a world of good for both. James was aware of it but he never said anything , not that she would have listened. Severus had been her support the last two years when she had decided enough was enough and had taken her stance. Seeing the mess her family had become at the Ministry had been an eye opener; the utter acceptance on Harry's face, the triumph on Sebastian's.

She had made some compromises, with allowing the Ministry to send tutors for both her son's, which James had not told her about until later. It was on the condition that the Ministry would never host a party again. All the birthdays were now celebrated with just family and friends, leaving the one session with the reporters that happened before. She had also sat down with Sebastian and talked to him. It had made her realise that in trying to make up for James to Harry, she had not been paying as much attention to Sebastian as she should have. He had been so happy she was talking to him, that it bought tears in her eyes.

During the last two years her relationship with James and Sebastian had improved. Sirius had also been a regular feature along with his adorable son, and beautiful daughter. James had not been pleased, but had decided to let it go, for all there sakes. James and Sirius were not as strong as they had been, but they were getting along again. Harry and James relationship had been the most difficult to mend, even now she was not sure if it had.

Harry had seemed to accept James apology and even sat and listened to his stories about the good old days teasing Severus, which she did not appreciate, but they were talking at least. For that she was happy. She would be happier if Harry allowed James to touch him. He had stopped flinching whenever James was near but she doubted their relationship would ever be as strong as James and Sebastian, but it was better and improving every day.

The only thing she worried about now was if Harry was getting enough attention from them. When the Ministry had sent over tutors, she had been adamant that Sebastian and Harry were going to study together, but the Minister had been worried that Harry would slow Sebastian down.

While it was true that Harry was very intelligent and spent half his time learning from the library, magically he had not shown any great potential, compared to Sebastian. There had been many instances of Sebastian doing accidental magic but Harry… Other than the incident, which they never talked about, there had been no magical outburst from Harry.

She had been surprised when Lucius Malfoy had given them the perfect solution. Sebastian would study with the tutor every day, and at the same time Harry would learn from tutors that Lucius had hired for Draco and Neville. He had explained that it was for Alex as well, for when he grew up. Harry would be with friends.

Lily let out a startled yelp at the hand that came on her shoulder. She turned to see Severus smirking as he went to pour himself tea from the kettle she had been staring at, "Severus! You startled me", she said as she took the cup he gave her.

"What were you thinking about that you did not even hear the elf announce me?" Severus asked.

Lily turned back towards the counter as she thought how to explain. "I was thinking about the past."

A snort came from behind her, "The past… it is better if it remains in the past Lily"

Lily did not ask for explanations, she knew Severus would never tell her what happened to him all those years ago. The bright boy from her memories had disappeared into this person, who was so different and yet still her best friend.

Severus looked at her from the top of his cup, "What has you so worried anyway? I thought everything had been going perfectly recently" The derision in his tone would have stunned her had she not been aware of his concern for her.

"I am not worried…. more like .. concerned. Harry has been such a sweetheart and has been getting along with Sebastian and I don't see even a bit of resentment in him, but I still worry if he might feel neglected. I have tried to keep it together but… my family peace has not been easy. The Ministry has been pressuring James again, about Sebastian, and James has been falling on me. With how busy I have been lately, I don't want Harry to…. feel neglected, and end up doing something dangerous to get our attention."

Severus rolled his eyes at the drama that was the Potter household. "Please, the bastard only cares for himself and what he can get out of it. And your brats are most like their father, always wanting attention-" The clatter of a cup against the counter stopped him, Lily turned around to look at Severus.

"Severus… please… You are a friend so I will let it go this time, but you have never even seen or talked to the children, so do not let your memory of James cloud your judgement"

Lily looked Severus in the eye to help him understand how serious she was. The creak of a door opening broke the silence and the unspoken thoughts.

Harry came in the kitchen and stopped at seeing his mommy staring at a man with long greasy hair. He could only see the man's back but he had a long black cloak that reached his feet. The man turned around, his eyes widening, just as mummy spoke, "Harry! Sweet heart what are you doing here so early"

Harry saw a light enter the man's eyes and thought he heard something like 'gulu'. Was this a crazy man mummy took care of in her free time.

"The tutor had to go home early, so I decided to come home."

The man was still looking at him. Harry suddenly felt the hair on his arms raise up. He did not like this man. He was looking at him funny. He did not feel right, something was not right, the wrongness were permeating in the air around him, he needed to leave.

"Mummy I am tired, and the tutor gave us some things to study. I am going in the library. I just wanted to let you know I was home." Harry said quickly so that he could leave.

"Okay sweetheart"

Harry turned, feeling nervous and had taken a step when the man spoke. His voice was cold and felt like nails across his back. His heartbeat was increasing; there was something wrong with this man. It had been fine when he entered the room, there had been nothing bad, but the moment the man looked at him and mummy said his name, everything had turned wrong.

"Lily I think this is a perfect opportunity for me to get to know your son, so that I may judge him for himself. I would also not mind a trip to the library, if you are agreeable to it."

Lily frowned at the strangled tone that Severus had developed. She saw the pained lines around his eyes, and rolled her eyes. Oh the stupid man. Just the thought of spending time with James spawn was enough to make him sweat.

"Of course you can. Harry, show Severus the library will you? I'll join you guys in a few minutes." Lily chuckled as she turned around.

Harry stood frozen where he was, "But mummy I want to go by myself" he scowled.

Lily faced him again with a comical expression of bewilderment on her face. Harry never refused her. The disdain she could see forming of Severus face told her he was about to put her son in the same category as James. That would not do.

"Harry. Do not argue with me. Show Severus to the library" Her tone was firm and Harry knew not to argue with her. He tried to avoid the Severus man's eye. "Yes mummy" he replied petulantly.

He dragged his feet as he moved away from the kitchen, and hunched over himself as a leaden feeling spread through his stomach. The man was following behind him. Harry moved through the Hallways, and up the stairs. He had wanted to go to the library below, but that was only for family. He tried to drag his feet as much as he could, shoulder stiff as the feeling in his tummy grew.

The man was silent behind him, only the sound of this breath could be heard, which seemed to be increasing with every step. Harry shivered as he felt eyes on him, as if they were looking at him. He wrapped his arms around his chest as if to protect him, moving towards the library door. He looked at it blankly, refusing to enter, "You can go in. This is it. I am going to get water from downstairs"

He turned to leave when a heavy hand fell on his shoulder, stopping him in his place. He felt panic slither up his spine. Something in him was screaming in him to run, there was danger here.

He could not help the flinch at the sibilant tone of the man, "Why don't you show me the room inside?"

Harry shook his head as he tried to push the man's hand away. The man was too strong. He opened the door and shoved Harry,the sun from the windows blinding him and the sound of doors closing was loud. He looked around in fright; the window was on the right wall, opening into the grounds below. A sofa was placed in front of the window and on the left side of the room was a fireplace. The rest of the room was just rows and rows of books.

His chest rose and fell in frightened gasps as he tried to comprehend what was happening. He needed to get away from this man. He turned to run towards the door when a spell pushed him away and towards the ground.

"Master Harry!"

The cry broke through the haze of fear that had enveloped him as an elf popped in and tried to attack the man, but the man was faster, he waved his wand and the elf was bound unconscious. Harry used the opportunity to run towards the door again.

He reached and pulled the handle but it would not budge. It was daylight, he tried to remind himself, nothing was going to happen, there was too much light. He was just about to relax, when the heavy curtain's fell and the room fell into complete darkness and his breath hitched in the remaining silence.

He turned his back to the door. He could not even see his hands but he still tried to make out where the man was. He could feel his cloths sticking to his skin, as sweat broke out. He jumped in fright as the grate suddenly lit on fire. The fire looked sinister as it lit up the area closest to it, casting the rest of the room in shadows. Still he could not see the man.

He jumped when the shadows moved and a heavy weight of a body fell on him. He fell to the ground with a thud, pain spiking up from his shoulders. He opened his mouth to scream with fear when a heavy hand covered his mouth.

He tried to breathe through this nose, and it hitched when he felt a nose and lips around his neck and ear. He cringed and moved his head away, feeling sick, He was going to vomit. Mummy!

He started wiggling and screaming which was muffled behind the hand, and kicking with his legs to get the man off, but he was too big and too strong. The mouth around his jaw went to his neck and a sob broke from his throat. He scratched at the hand on his mouth, get it off, get it off, get it off… why was no one coming. He used his other hand to scratch at the floor, trying to push himself away.

The man put his own legs over his, moved back and the sound of his shirt ripping was heard in the room. He heard the man groan, as he reached up and whispered in his ears "I have missed you so much"

Harry turned his head away from the man, looking at the fireplace. He kept fighting to move away, tears steadily falling from his eyes. He opened his mouth to bite the hand, but his teeth barely grazed it. The man hissed as the hand disappeared.

The breath he had taken for the scream escape in a cry as his head banged to the side under the sting of the slap. He felt the hand press strongly on his mouth again as sharp pain radiated from his neck. He could feel teeth pierce into his skin.

He choked for breath and bit his own tongue. He could taste his tears and blood as he felt his energy waning. He looked blankly at the fire as the man threw the torn piece of shirt away. The fire was so beautiful, the way it swayed as if trying to escape the grate. Fire, Lucius liked fire, Lucius….. Harry felt his mind come back the moment the man reached for this belt.

He had to fight more. He could not give up. He scratched at the hand, as he started kicking his legs, trying to scramble away. The mouth moved to his chest, and he scratched at the floor to get some balance and raised his other hand towards the fire.

He did not know what he was doing. He just wanted out. Lucius said the fire was not bad. Tears fell from his eyes as he kept looking at the fire before he saw the slithering flames moving in agitation, the room became hotter and sweat stared pouring into his eyes, but he did not stop. The flame moved in the grate as it rose higher and higher. The fire caught the man's attention who looked up just in time to see the flame as it left the grate and came towards him. The man tried to move his head, but the flame was faster.

The man let out a scream of pain and Harry pushed him away. He shoved and crawled away towards the door, before standing up with a gasp. He prayed the door was not locked and turned the handle. It opened and he ran from the room, not caring to look as a spell hit him on his way down.

He ran, he ran faster than he ever had, fear still coursing through his veins, heart beating fast, breath coming in gasps, threads of pain radiating from his jaw and neck. He stumbled on the stairs, and went crashing into Lily.

Time seemed to come rushing back to him as he looked up at his mum and tried to tell her. He heard running feet behind him and wrapped his arms around his mum as the man came lurching down the stairs, one hand covering the right side of his face. His hair was burnt from the side and he smelt of fire.

"Severus! Oh my God. What happened?!" Lily put Harry aside as she bounded up the stairs to look at him.

Harry did not want mummy to go near the man, "Mummy that man is bad! He hurt me!" Harry shouted, tears falling from his eyes as he saw his mom waving her wand at the man.

"What are you talking about Harry? Severus would never hurt you"

"Buy mummy!-"

Severus broke in before Harry could say more.

"Lily it was my fault. I was trying to talk to him but he was not answering. I wanted to know if you were worrying about nothing, but-" Severus hissed as Lily poked the burn with her wand, "I went in the library with him, and made a remark about Sebastian being better than him, when he got angry and pushed me into the fireplace"

Harry watched the man tell mummy his lies, but he knew mummy would never believe the man,

"Mummy, the man is lying!"

Lily tried to make sense of what was happening. She gave Harry a stern look, "Harry, if you did not push him into the fire, and if Severus is lying, then tell me how he got burnt?"

Lily was silent as she waited for the answer, hoping for a reasonable explanation, Severus had no reason to lie, but then Harry did not have a reason as well, unless he had been listening to James stories with more interest than she had realised…

Harry looked at mummy and tried to explain, "The man was pushing me mummy, the fire jumped from the chimney when I called it and hit the man in the face. The man was hurting me mummy. He bit me!"

Harry flinched, falling back a few steps, as the sound of the slap resounded around the staircase. He looked up with wet eyes, which widened with confusion at the horrified look in his mummy's eyes. Why did she hit him, if she believed him?

"How dare you?" Lily gasped, horror filling her as she comprehended what her son was insinuating. "How dare you lie about something so serious?! Fire leapt at him? Explain your lie to me? How could fire move? Even accidental magic cannot control fire! And where did you even get information of such a nature?! How did .. How dare…"

Lily did not know what to say, she was shaking in her anger, seeing nothing but Harry in the cloths he wore this morning, looking just as perfect as always, and accusing Severus, who he had pushed into the fireplace. What was happening here? Why would Harry lie like this. She could not take this right now. Severus had to be looked at.

"Go to your room, I don't want to see you until you are ready to tell me the truth!" Lily could not look at him. She turned to Severus and took him towards the potion room where she had a burn salve.

Harry stood at the bottom staircase, feeling nothing. He felt like a single breeze could break him. Tears which had halted at his mum's anger fell again. He looked down at his hands, and saw them shake. Actually his whole body was shaking. Mummy did not believe him.

He heard the man's sound and fear spiked in his heart as he ran towards his room, ignoring everything, tears blurring his eyes. He ran inside, closed and locked the door. He looked around in panic for something to block the door and moved his chair from the study table and put in under the handle. Then he moved to the furthest corner from the door behind the bed, and sat on the ground.

He slowly drew his knees up, feeling his heart pound as he wrapped his arms around his knees, squeezing until his legs hurt. He drew himself into a ball, feeling the wind coming from the windows against his hands, increasing the shivers already wracking his frame.

Mummy did not believe him. He did not know what hurt more, his heart or his neck, or his shoulders or his knee. No one believed him, no one ever believed him.

No. Lucius. Luke. Luke believed him, he wanted Luke. Harry felt his body rock as he tried to think of a way to get to Lucius. He needed Lucius. Lucius would believe him. Lucius would help him. Lucius always helped him. He wanted Lucius. He wanted Lucius.

Harry felt the air around him turn warm, and felt himself falling, as if disappearing into a mist. He felt warmth spreading through him for a moment before he was again in a cold room and broken from his thoughts by a gasp.

There was a man in the room. His hand snapped up as he looked at a man sitting in what looked like Lucius's office. How did he get here? It was not important, there was a man here. The man had dark blackish hair which shone with a brownish tinge in the sunlight, falling to his shoulders and eyes that looked so red, it was like blood. He tried to sense the man if he was bad but could not find anything. He felt his breath increase as he tried to control that panic that was spreading again, he was in Lucius office, he recognised it. This man would not hurt him in Lucius's office. "Lucius?" Harry whimpered.


The man formerly known as Tom Marvolo Riddle, received the shock of his life as a boy seemed to appear in Lucius's office from nowhere. It looked as if he came from inside the floor, first the head, then the entire body. The child had wrapped himself in a ball and was shaking. He had been unable to hold a gasp at the boy's appearance and then he could not hold in the shock when the face snapped towards him and frightened green eyes stared at him. Eyes he knew, eyes that had never held the expression they held now. Bleak and hopelessness, along with betrayal so strong he could feel it.

He felt a blast of strange magic coming towards him from the child, as if searching for something. He kept his magic wound tightly in his core. The boy had not reacted well to his magic last time. He narrowed his eyes as he felt another magical aura from the boy. He tilted his head in thought, just as the child asked for Lucius.

He raised his brow and nodded, "Okay."

He tried to keep his tone soft, there was something wrong here, the child was under a glamor, looking just like he did this morning, when Marvolo had observed him, "I will call him just now, but child you need to relax. You are safe here."

Marvolo tried to see if he could send the message to Lucius with the link without using his magic but it was hard. The child was still attacking him with that curious magic. It was becoming heavy and demanding. He had no doubt that the magic could remember every being that it touched, it would know his magic had been used to attack the boy, and the boy would feel it in some way. He needed to get the child to stop.

"Harry. I am a friend of Lucius. I can't call him if you don't stop the magic"

The child seemed to let go of his tight grip on his knees, but did not relax completely. The magic lightened a little, "Magic? What magic?"

Marvolo felt his eyes widen, the child was doing this subconsciously. "Harry, you want to find out if I mean to harm you and your magic is attacking me to find out if I am"

Harry's eyes widened and seemed to spark with interest for a moment before horror seeped in them. Marvolo grit his teeth in frustration, this was going nowhere. He needed to find out what happened.

"Harry, I can sense a strong glamour on you," He looked at the child's confused face and took out his wand, an action which only increased the magic pressure and seemed to make the child push back against the wall, as if trying to hide.

"Listen, I need you to relax, and forget about me. I will just do a spell to make a mirror and you can see and tell me where the glamour is." He knew it was a full body glamour but he needed to get the child's attention away from him to call Lucius.

When the child refused to even blink, he let out a sigh. This was worse than what he was expecting. Okay then.


The house elf popped in and seemed to gasp at the child on the floor.

"Go get Lucius quick!"

Minty nodded as he popped away. The child was relaxing and the pressure was decreasing. Marvolo put his wand away, "Can you tell me what happened?" he asked.

Harry just shook his head, and looked towards the door, as if willing it to open. The sound of heavy feet coming towards the office seemed to cause a smile to form on the child's face before the door opened and a ruffled Lucius barged him, eyes wide with what Marvolo knew was a well hidden terror. The whimper had Lucius's complete attention, and the next instance a child had collided with his legs, squeezing.

Lucius went down on his knees and raised the child in his lap and hugged him, before taking him to the sofa and sitting down, "Harry?" Lucius asked confused and worried at the sobs that were being muffled by his shirt. Lucius looked up towards Marvolo, demanding an answer. Marvolo abstained from rolling his eyes, this was a serious situation.

"He has a glamour on him. No-" Marvolo said, when Lucius tried to take out his wand, "You don't take it off."

Lucius looked even more worried.

Relax Lucius. The child fears my magic. I think his magic records the last sensation from every person. Your magic always helped him, just as we expected and thus he feels safe with you. My magic harmed him and he feels the memory of the pain. I believe he would have felt Potter's fire as well. But I need him to trust me and my magic now. I can never help the child, and he can never be with us if he fears it. Support him and cover him, I will remove the glamor and see what needs to be done.

Lucius nodded and turned towards the Harry.

Marvolo created a large mirror in front of the sofa and Lucius turned Harry around so that he could see himself.

Harry frowned for a moment, trying to understand what was happening; everything was so hazy. He looked in the mirror, shocked. He looked just as he always did, but no, his shirt should be torn. He tilted his head to the side, where he could feel the beads of blood as they slithered down towards his shirt but there was nothing there. His eyes widened in horror. Mummy did not see anything. She thought he was lying because she did not see anything. Would Lucius see anything.

He turned towards Lucius, unable to stop the rambling that came out, along with the fresh tears, "The man attacked me. Mummy does not believe me. I did not know why. But it's because she could not see. But you can't see either. He …. He bit me…" Harry pointed his finger to his neck, wanting to trust Lucius so bad.

Lucius felt his eyes widen and the magic from the other man spiked. No.. Please no... Not that.. He looked into beseeching green eyes, which were darker than that morning, tinged with pain so strong, and hazy with fear. He pulled Harry tight against him as tear fell down a pale cheek.

"I believe you", he said, voice coarse, holding in the demand for explanation.

He turned to Marvolo then, whose eyes seemed to be glowing in the lit room, the sun from the window lightening them with a demonic glint. Someone had just signed a death warrant.

He let go of a limp Harry, and raised his face, "Harry. You see this other man. He is a friend of mine. He will not hurt you. He is going to bring out his magic to remove the spell that is hiding your injuries. If the magic scares you, hold on to me and trust me okay."

Harry looked into sapphire eyes and knew he would trust this man, no matter what he asked for. Lucius Malfoy had been there for him when nothing else ever had, he would hand his life over if Lucius asked. He nodded solemnly.

Lucius smiled and Harry felt a magic raise up, similar but he was not trying to taste it, so he could not tell, it came closer and touched around his skin, as if searching for something, before a crack lit the air and the glamor broke.

Marvolo looked at the torn shirt, the bloody neck, and the hand print on the child's face and had to rein in his magic, before it went hunting and scared the child. He knew this magical signature! What on earth?

Memories tried to break free, of wandering hands and painful encounters but he blocked them resolutely. He knew better than most what this child had just gone through, and he would help in any way he could.

"Harry" Marvolo hesitatingly began, seeing that Lucius was too horrified.

Do not let him see your disgust. He will assume it is for him rather than the situation. Do not let him see your horror and hold on to him while I heal him.

"Harry, I am going to heal you now okay. My magic will touch you to take the pain away. Lucius is here so know that I won't hurt you"

Harry nodded, trying not to look at himself in the mirror, his neck was on fire and jaw hurt so bad, but he was safe and warm. Lucius seemed to wrap him in a warm cocoon. He felt the same magic tenderly seek him out, the magic bought memory of hazy pain, but he was in too much pain to remember the old one and Lucius was here, so he let the magic in.

The magic did not hurt, it was warm as well, but different; it searched for his hurts and he felt his jaw heat up before cooling, the pain going away and then his neck was hot. He looked in the mirror just in time to see the ghastly mark disappear, along with the blood, leaving unblemished skin behind. The magic seemed to be searching for more, and he let it, trusting it now, because it had healed him. The magic spread to his shoulders and the ache from falling to the ground went away; then his legs, where his nails had bitten into skin.

Soon all his pains were gone and the magic was leaving. He let it, as he felt his body floating away. He did not know when he let the warm comfort him and fell into a deep sleep, too tired from the emotional rollercoaster of a day.

Lucius looked down to see a sleeping Harry and turned to Marvolo letting the other feel his turmoil. He tightened his hold on Harry as a shudder went through him. "Who?" he manged to croak out.

"I did not go any deeper so I don't know the details… but the glamour…." Crimson shone under the glare of the light, "It was Severus". Lucius felt the blood freeze in his veins. What!? How? Of all things Severus had done, he was not a pedophile and neither would he ever abuse a child. Lucius could see a muscle tick in Marvolo's jaw as he continued, "I did not try to get access to his mind. He has let me in, but it will be while before he can trust me, and you will be needed all the way. While it is a good thing, I hate the reason for it"

Marvolo's tight voice spoke more than his words at his disgust for the situation. He went around the table to sit on the chair and turned to look outside the window. It had been a surprisingly warm day and he resented the weather now.

They let the child sleep. The pop of the house elf broke the silent. It squeaked at the glare it received from the two men in the room because of the sound, as it roused Harry.

The elf twisted his ears, "Mistress Narcissa be here. She calling for lunch"

Lucius's attention was on Harry who was moving, so Marvolo answered, "Tell Mistress we will not be joining her. Bring lunch for three, here in the office. Also tell your Mistress not to disturb us."

The elf frantically nodded his head before popping away again. Lucius glared at the spot where the elf was when Harry woke with a gasp, and looked around in panic before realising he was safe, and falling limply on Lucius.

Marvolo watched as tears filled emerald eyes. Marvolo felt something inside him clench at the pain the child was in. The emotional trauma of the event would come later, and they would deal with it. Right now they needed to know what happened.

Tell him I will be bringing you in his mind to find out what happened. He won't feel any pain, and he won't have to say anything. Oh and make sure he knows you don't hate him.

Lucius moved Harry away from him and wiped the tears that had managed to escape, "Harry. We need to know what happened", Glistening eyes widened in fright, as the head shook from side to side.

"It's okay. You don't have to say anything. Marvolo, my friend, is going to go in your memories and see it."

At Harry's apparent confusion, Marvolo decided to answer, "I can look at your memories, but I need to send my magic to do that. You don't have to worry, Lucius will come with me"

Harry still looked hesitant but with one look at Lucius nodded and borrowed his head in Lucius's arms.

Marvolo rose from the chair, and ignored the food that the elf bought in; they would eat after this. He came over to the two and sat on his haunches. He brought his hand to pet the hair before moving the head up,

"You need to look into my eyes, and trust me and Lucius okay. I know it is hard, but….trust us"

Harry looked into red eyes, and felt a slighter of fright up his spine, this man was dangerous, but then Lucius took hold of the other man's hand, and the other let him, and the red eyes seemed to soften ever so slightly. Lucius would never hurt him, and if this man was Lucius's friend then he would never hurt him. The man healed him before as well.

Marvolo saw acceptance in those eyes but waited for a verbal clarification.

"Okay" Harry said, and that was all that was needed.

Marvolo gathered a tiny strand of his magic, and reached for Lucius, letting their two essences combine, it would make it easier for the child to let him go deeper. He let Lucius in his mind and looked into those deep pools of emeralds, glistening with tears, looking like shimmering silk. He looked until he felt he was going deeper and deeper into the swirling mist of green before he ended up in what looked like forest. The gasp from Lucius told him it was the forest behind Malfoy manor. Everything seemed so pure, fresh and alive. It seemed like the plants were breathing and singing as they swayed in the wind.

The sound of a twig snapping broke them from their wonder and they turned to see Harry looking at them with a frown.

Lucius went up to the child and hugged him. Harry relaxed little by little, a small smile on his face.


They followed the child to Malfoy manor where they entered the floo room. Marvolo had expecting to find a mess of memories and thoughts, and not this, but he had forgotten that Lucius had been teaching the boy occlumency for the last two years.

They did not need to speak to know the importance of Harry having chosen Malfoy Manor as his safety place. Harry went to the fireplace and shouted, "Potter manor!"

Marvolo exchanged a look with Lucius. This was far more than what they had been expecting.

They followed Harry to Potter manor where he stopped. His whole being froze up and they could see the image of the floo room become hazy with his fear.

"Harry, just take us to the memory. You don't have to watch it with us" Lucius said.

The grateful look he received was enough to choke Lucius,

Marvolo decided to take matters into his hands and let the child be,

"I will take it from here Harry okay, just relax, go to sleep"

Harry disappeared from their eyes, and Marvolo spread his magic to bring the memory to the forefront and their surrounding changed to earlier that day.

They watched Harry as he went to the kitchen, watched as Harry sensed the change in the man, as he tried to escape but Lily sent him of. Lucius made to move forward and Marvolo took him in his arms. He held on tight, feeling the muscles under his arms straining to make a move and change what they both knew had already happened.

They watched as Harry was pushed in, they felt him struggle, Lucius frozen in his arms. They watched as he remembered Lucius and his warmth, as the fire rose from the grate and hit Severus in the face. The watched Lily react with disbelief and horror and hated her for it.

They watched Harry break and all the plans Marvolo had made for Severus Snape and the war came crashing down with this new reality. Severus Snape was going to answer now. Marvolo had waited for his own revenge but this….. they would not wait for this.


Severus Snape nursed the wound as he sat in Lily's kitchen trying to calm the sobbing witch. He kept his mind black, using every occlumency skill he had ever possessed. Lily was shaking, "Why would he say something like that?.. I – I don't " hiccup "I don't get it"

Severus tried to keep his body relaxed, "Lily, I think you have your answer as to whether Harry feels neglected. I think your son is too nice to create any havoc for you to get attention. Me thought…. seeing as I am sure Potter senior would have told stories him about me, I think he figured a perfect way to get his father's attention would be by hurting me and yours by making the story. You have to know that Potter would have believed his son, had he ever made such a preposterous accusation against me"

Lily snorted through her tears, "I know that. I know you loved Regulus and I know you have not been with anyone else. As if you would ever touch a child!," The dismissive laugh she had wanted to give disappeared in the sob that escaped. She felt bile rise up which she tried to choke down at the thought. The very idea made her shiver.

"Listen Lily, I think you just need to talk to Harry and explain. I don't know how Potter will react if he is told"

Lily tried to calm down, and think logically, but thinking was impossible right now, she felt so conflicted. Harry never lied, but Severus would never do something like that, of that she was sure. She had just reacted when she understood what Harry was trying to say, but now she just felt lost.

"Severus, I think it would be better if you left for now. Sebastian will be back in a while, and I need to think and you need to get that burn checked at the hospital. I don't know why the burn salve did not heal it completely."

She looked up to see Severus nod as he went towards the fireplace. Lily did not move to walk with him; she put her hands in her head and let the sobs continue, trying and failing to comprehend what had happened in the last hour. Nothing made sense, how could she face Harry now?


Severus Snape entered his quarters in Hogwarts. He looked around the room not seeing anything as he tried to control his heartbeat. He licked his lips in nerves and his stomach rolled at the lingering taste of blood. He was running to the washroom in the next instance, as bile choked him. He fell on his knees as tears started falling from his eyes, and his whole being felt heavy with the atrocity he had just committed. What had he done? Why had he done it?

He had never been attracted to children, never ever, and he would not touch a child like that with- the memory of the struggling body beneath him made the chasm that had opened in him wider as horror such as never before gripped him- he puked until there was nothing left, and still his body tried to eject more, as it tried to clean his soul. His frame racked with the sobs and coughs.

He fell on the ground when there was nothing left. His whole soul felt vile. He brought his hands up to his eyes, not believing they belonged to him. He tried to comprehend what had happened and then he felt pain radiating as he banged his hand against the cold floor. He wanted to hurt himself; he wanted pain to let out the blackness that he could feel eating away at what was left of his soul. He beat his hand again before he felt the energy leave him.

He stayed there, feeling glassy-eyed as he looked at the stones of the wall. He let himself feel, breath escaping in heaving gasps. He closed his eyes and completely lowered his walls, he needed to feel before he lost himself.

He did not know how long he stayed there when a sound of the floo shook him out of his self-imposed prison. He tried to raise himself, stumbled and fell on his knees again. He crawled to the sink, feeling shrunk, as he used the sink to raise himself. He avoided looking in the mirror, afraid he would see the monster he had just become. He waved his wand to clean himself, opened the sink, to splash water over his face. It was imperative no one find out what happened.

He felt as if his legs were too week to hold his weight, so he used the walls to support himself and made his way to the floo.

"Severus!" It was Lucius.

He moved until he was in front of the fire and gratefully knelt as he felt his legs give out. "What is it?" he croaked.

He had not had Lucius contact him since their argument, the other man had not come nor had he let him see Draco. The realisation that Harry and Draco were of the same age felt like another blow to him, which he was sure he was not able to hide, as his face lost what little colour it still had.

Lucius watched him with cold eyes. He could only make out the shape in the fire but they were hard as marble. "Draco needs your help. It is urgent. I have opened the floo to my office. I need to you to come over quickly. Just say Malfoy office."

Lucius left as soon as he finished speaking, not giving Severus enough time to voice the rejection that had been on the tip of his tongue. He had no choice now, he had to go.

He could not get up, but he forced himself, casting a strong glamor on himself. He took the floo powder and flooe'd away.

He exited with a stumble and looked up in time to see gleaming sadistic rubies,


He felt his nerves explode with the pain he never thought he would feel again, and not knowing what or how or why, he let it be. He knew it did not matter, he deserved this, and he accepted, allowing the shrill scream of his soul to move past his lips.

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