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Chapter 41

Sebastian Potter woke up on his birthday with a scowl on his face. He turned twelve today and instead of the perfect day it was supposed to be, it was going to be the worst. His parents had planned a big celebration in order to make up for missing Christmas last year, but.. he had ended up spending the summer grounded. His friends had not even bothered to send him letters. His birthday was going to be a simple cutting of the cake with his brother and then nothing. He was not even getting gifts this year. Only one from his parents, and only cause mum insisted. The other gifts from fans were going to be locked up and given away to the poor.

'They were his presents!' he thought as he punched his pillow in anger and frustration. It was all his Dad's fault. When he had been in the hospital his parents had come to visit him for a bit; they had been so proud of he had gotten home, his father had asked him to tell him the story of his adventure and he had gleefully done so, enjoying the look of awe and pride on his father's face. While his mum had been proud, she had been more worried and had scolded him for running of without talking to the elders. She did not understand. Dad had told him that mum would try and stop him from fulfilling his destiny, because she was scared he would get hurt. He knew what it truly was; His mom did not trust him. She did not have faith that he could handle it.

He had hoped that after telling her about his adventure she would come to respect him and be in awe of his talents and yet she had still been worried and had told him off for taking unnecessary risks. If it had been his brother, he was sure she would have been proud.

At the end of the story his dad had been proud as to how useful the cloak had been and had asked him where it was. That was when things had turned ugly. Who knew the cloak was more important to his father then his chosen one son? He had always thought that he was his dad's number one priority, turned out he was great as long as the cloak was fine.

- Flash Back -

"So", James spoke with a grin on his face, "Where is this cloak that helped you so much? I wanna give it a spin, I miss using it."

Sebastian felt his smile slipping from his face as he tried to keep it plastered on, "Ummm..Well, it's in my trunk upstairs... and I can't be bothered to take it out. I'll give it to you another time."

James just laughed and shook his head, "My lazy boy. Sure, I might need it for a case in a few weeks, I'll ask then."

Sebastian worked to keep the smile as he felt panic start to bubble in him. After he had woken up in the hospital he had looked for the cloak in his dorm. Not finding it there, he had snuck off to the corridor where he remembered dropping it, but it had not been there either. He had even written a message to Dumbledore, who had responded that he had not seen any cloak when he had arrived to save Sebastian.

Sebastian knew that he had dropped it there, and if it was not there then it meant that someone had obviously taken it. Who could it be though? No one had known they were going to the corridor that night that night other than his three friends and Longbottom. Longbottom was the only one who did not know about the cloak.

Sebastian straightened in his chair as his brain reached the obvious conclusion. One of his friends, who had not been injured and had run back to call Dumbledore, must have taken it. Now he just needed to figure out who. Was it Ron? Who was always jealous of his money and fame, or was it one of the other two? Whom he had not wanted to bring along but had done so for extra man power. Hmm. It was another mystery and he was great at solving them.

He would find out who it was and would take his cloak back before his dad could ever find out that it was missing.

-End Flash Black-

Unfortunately things had not gone that smoothly. His father had gotten a break in his case the very next day and had demanded the cloak. Sebastian had tried to delay for as long as he could but had been unsuccessful. He had finally decided to tell his father his suspicion on how one of his friends had stolen it.

He had thought his father would help him find the culprit but his dad had lost it. Sebastian had never seen his dad that angry. He had actually screamed at him.

'How dare Sebastian just drop a priceless family heirloom on the ground and leave it there?'

Sebastian scowled to himself as he remembered the tears that had spilled down his face that day. He had hoped his dad would consider him more important that some stupid cloak but he was wrong. So wrong. His dad had grounded him for the entire summer. All his friends were sent letters letting them know that he was grounded and would not meet them that summer. No going to his friends house and neither were his friends allowed to see him.

He had been grateful that they were at least allowed to write to him but it seems that had been too much to hope for as well. None of his friends had written a single letter to him. He was not even allowed to read the letters from his fans. His father had blocked them all. He had planned on telling Rita about his adventure but his father had banned him from that as well.

Sebastian had originally though his father was exaggerating and would change his mind but his father had enforced all the rules with his magic. Sebastian could not leave the house. If he tried, the magic of Potter manor would hang him upside down by his feet and drop him in his room, locking him in until someone came to take him out. He had only tried it once.

He was beginning to get sick of boredom. There was nothing to do. He was not even allowed on his broom. He had taken to revising from his year books, but had soon gotten bored of that as well. He had finished all his summer homework. A month of this and he was losing his mind. How much more could he take? He hoped his dad freed him soon. This was the worst summer ever.


This was the best summer ever, thought one Harry Potter. He had just celebrated his birthday at his parents home, only Sirius had been there and now he was celebrating it for the second time with his friends and entire family, not including his parents. Even Marvolo had come to the celebration. He had barely managed to control the blush that had spread across his face when he had seen the other man.

This was the first time he was seeing him that summer. Harry had left the Hogwarts express to find Sirius, Rabastan,Alex and Irene all there to welcome him. Amidst welcome and goodbye's Harry had gotten a glimpse of silver hair. Lucius had taken him aside and asked if Harry had something for him. Harry had given him the bag which had promptly disappeared within the man's cloak.

The praise from the other man had made Harry glow with happiness and he had felt shyness overcome him. He had felt heat rise in his body, the fire flickering, and had quickly said goodbye to join his godfather.

He had then spent the last month and half enjoying with Sirius. They had decided to visit the beach, which had been great fun; even Draco and Neville had come along, although Lucius had not been there. Harry had spent the rest of the break finishing his homework and reading up as many books from the Black Library as he could. Being the Black heir gave him access to the tombs which were not available to anyone else.

Harry had avoided touching the Dark stuff so far, but had looked up hexes that could sneakily be cast. He was not going to get Sebastian get away with his bullying this year, especially if he found out about cloak, without retaliating.

The only damper on Harry's good mood throughout the summer had been the absence of Lucius and Marvolo. Other than that one time he had not seen Lucius and the last he had seen of Marvolo was as an imitation of what could have been. Harry still had nightmares about what had happened at the end of the school year. The fire that had started in his stomach had not gone away.

He needed to talk to Marvolo but had no idea how to get the other mans attention. He was also afraid of meeting said man. What if Marvolo found out about his desire? Harry would not be able to stand it if they broke away from him. So Harry was delaying asking them to meet, and praying it would be soon, because he did not know how long he could stop himself from submerging in the pain of the man he had burnt. He had not relaxed his mind enough to think, and the strain was getting to him.

So now, as he stood amidst his well wishers, the birthday cake in front of him, Lucius on his left, and Marvolo in the corner, he let their magic wash over him and felt his shoulders relax as he breathed in relief. Tears prickled at the corner of his eyes but he held back. He closed his eyes, wishing with all his might as he blew the candles. The clapping and thumping made him chuckle.

At the end of the night, after all the guests had gone home, Harry waited for the two in Lucius's office. He went to the couch and with his knees pulled under his chin, wrapped his arms around his legs. He sighed as he settled himself deeper into the velvety soft fabric of the couch. He remembered this room, when he had first appeared; he had been so scared and in pain, but Marvolo and Lucius had taken his pain and fear away. He was strong enough today to face his abuser only because of them.

His reminiscence was broken by the door opening and two entwined magical forces reaching to him. He strengthened his occlumency but allowed himself to relax and relish in the magic.

"You are hiding something."

Harry's eyes snapped opened as he looked into rusty eyes, his own widening with apprehension. Marvolo chuckled, "Relax Harry. I did not breach your mind. I was just reading your expression and body language."

Harry relaxed minutely and nodded, not sure whether to answer the previous statement.

"Why would he need to hide anything from us?" Lucius's tone was worried.

Harry watched as Marvolo turned to Lucius with a quirk of his brow. Lucius seemed to sigh and moved to sit on the chair in front of the desk, not asking further questions. Marvolo must have mentally told him something. Feeling like he was intruding on their privacy; for the first time questioning his presence, and ignoring the flicker in his stomach, Harry made to get up.

"Sit down."

Harry sighed as he slumped back. There was no arguing with Marvolo, ever.

Harry stared at his bent knees, feeling eyes digging into his head.

"I am not sure what you are hiding from us, because I am not going to betray your trust by going after information you do not want to share, but I want to assure you, Harry, that you can talk to us about anything. We will always believe you and never consider you week."

Harry looked up into the now crimson eyes, startled to realise that Marvolo had actually reached the heart of one of his issues. Harry felt the burn in his eyes and blinked to turn them away. He closed his eyes, seeing the flames burning Quirell, the gruesome figure of his Marvolo, the pain that had encompassed the room after he had activated his soul skill again. It had been so hard. Movement and the strength of the auras encasing told him the other two were close.

One hand fell on his shoulders, pulling him away from his thoughts, only to realise his cheeks were wet. Another hand carded through his hair. Marvolo's magic increased as it seemed to soak in his mind, soon joined by another lighter wave of magic.

Harry... Lucius told me you were too young; but Dumbledore had made his move. I had to counter it or all our efforts would have been for naught. You were the only one in Hogwarts that I trusted and felt confident would help me succeed, and you did. You were wonderful Harry. I am very proud of you.

Harry felt the burden from the night lighten. Marvolo was proud of him. No one other than these two and his mother had ever been proud of him. No one actually believed him to be worth much.

I hate that they think me weak.Harry focused as he thought back. He was not sure whether they heard him, but this was easier. It was easier to think it than to speak it. He did not want to be thought of as weak, never again.

Harry heard laughter in his mind, followed by Lucius's drawl, My dear child. If it is anyone who is not weak, it is you.

Harry felt the magic leave him and realised that he had fallen limp against someone. Too much of their magic tended to relax him to the extreme, especially since he had dropped all his shields for them. Harry straightened his back and brought up his shield, surprised to find how relaxed and at ease his mind was.

He felt better than he had all summer.

"Thank you" he said.

The hand which he now realised was Marvolo, patted his head again. "Never thank us for what we do for you."

Harry smiled as Marvolo stood up and went back to his desk.

"So, how about you tell us what trouble with your skill is bothering you so that we can try to figure out how to deal with it."

Harry nodded as he started to explain about his soul reading and the fire, which he realised was almost purring, rolling around in his stomach like a kitten.


After Harry had gone to sleep in his room at the Manor, Lucius and Marvolo still sat at their desk.

"Did you find what he was hiding?" Lucius asked.

Marvolo shook his head, "I did not go looking."

Lucius did not even try to hide his skepticism as he raised his brow at the other man. He knew Marvolo... Marvolo hating not knowing something that could potentially damage the plans they had made.

"Really?" He looked at the bemusement on Marvolo's face and knew the man was telling the truth. It seemed even Marvolo was not sure why he had not gone digging for the truth.

"Really," Marvolo finally said, "I wanted to and I almost did, but... The boy trusts us Lucius. He killed Quirrell for me. I saw the memories of my image when it returned to me. An eleven year old faced me, as the horrific creature I could have been, and yet he did something that went against half his nature, causing himself pain, for me. I cannot repay that kind of loyalty with betrayal. "

Lucius let the other speak, surprised and yet strangely proud. Marvolo was never one to speak of his emotions the way he was just now. Harry must have done something truly remarkable. Lucius felt a twinge in his chest, rubbing it absentmindedly. He wanted to know what had happened.

"Can I see?" he asked, looking up to see crimson eyes alight with humour. He scowled at the other man, "What?"

Marvolo just shook his head and stood up from his chair. He came to Lucius and bent until their heads were touching. Lucius felt his breath hitch, tingles moving down his neck; Marvolo's presence doing what it always did.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the breath falling against his cheek as lips softly touched his in a kiss. They moved a hair breath away and Lucius whimpered, leaning forward to capture them. They moved further away, the chuckle against his lips making him scowl with frustration.

He prepared to get up from the chair, when lips smashed against his own, teeth biting on his lower lip and pulling. He opened his mouth, neck falling against the seat and groaned at the delicious taste. He felt a haze come over his mind as his conscience moved away from the kiss until he was standing in a Hall, which seemed like Hogwarts. He watched with pride as Harry showed no fear, just sorrow at what Marvolo could have been. He watched the fire blaze, the strength in the bright eyes, and the final moment; when the spirit ran, looking back to see Harry invisible beneath the cloak.

Lucius came back to himself to feel his lips still attached to Marvolo's, although the kiss had stopped. He moved his face away, looking at the other curiously. He saw a shard of expression flit through the eyes, before they were covered again. He smiled softly and shook his head, knowing Marvolo would always try to hide if he felt vulnerable.

"You crazy man. I love you."

Lucius did not wait for the other to speak, but closed the distance again as he kissed the older man, pouring all his love and affection. Did the silly man really think that he would stop loving him just because of what-could-have-been? Never.

They moved away from each other, both panting, trousers tight. Lucius started to remove the restriction when a hand stopped him.

"Wait, we still need to discuss a few things, regarding the stone and Harry's abilities." Marvolo whispered.

Lucius glared at the other man, and pulled at the others shirt. The sound of the rip echoed across the room, before he moved to spread kisses across the chest. He reached the nipples and bit, eliciting a hiss from Marvolo. A hand fell on his hair tightening until the sting became pronounced.

He smirked to himself as he was pulled up from the chair, and pushed against the desk, his back taking the brunt. He would most definitely feel this later, but right now he knew Marvolo needed the reassurance. They could discuss everything later.


(France - Unknown location)

Nicolas Flamel looked at the strange elf that had just popped into the dining room. He had just come home from the bank, submitting his final will, and had been looking forward to a goodbye, see you in the afterlife, faire l'amour (love making) with his wife, when the elf popped in.

Since his house was virtually unplottable, all mails going to bank, he was faintly surprised that the elf had managed to find him. He wondered if he ought to panic, but discarded the though. He was dying anyway, why be afraid of an elf?

"Hello, can I know your name?"

The elf's eyes widened until he was afraid they were going to pop out.

"The great Master Flamel asking for Dobby name. Dobby is happy to meet great wizard."

Nicolas cleared his throat; having been away from the public for so long, he was highly uncomfortable with the almost worshiping gaze of the elf.

"How can I help you Dobby?"

He hoped the elf quickly did as asked and left, Perenelle would be coming home soon.

The elf seemed to snap back at the reminded of his task. It put its hand in its clean and relatively comfortable cozy and took out an envelope.

"My master ask to give you this. Dobby going now, Master calling." The elf had barely waited for him to take the envelop when it disappeared, leaving a baffled wizard behind. Strange. How strange. Were all house elves in England like that?

The sound of a door opening pulled him from his musing, his wive's voice bringing a smile on his face. "Dear? Are you home?"

"I am in the dining room Mon Amour (my love)!" he replied back.

Perenelle Flamel entered the dining room, her bag held in her dainty hand which she put on the table as she went straight to her husband, giving him a kiss in welcome.

"How did the trip to the bank go?" she asked curiously, as she moved into the kitchen attached to the dining room. Nicolas felt the air move and jumped to the left, barely avoiding being hit with the rows of bags floating behind his wife, into the kitchen.

He chuckled to himself, moving behind the last bag as he entered the kitchen. He watched his wife as she put the groceries away. He observed her light steps, hair golden hair, tied in an elegant knot at the nape of her neck, the few escaped tendrils glinting in the sunlight form the window. He felt his heart seize at the sight of her. It brought memories of the first time he had seen her; she had only grown more beautiful as the years had passed. Her young exuberance melting into a calm and elegant persona, with the glimpse of her childlike wonderment still in her eyes, as it had been since he had seen her at the age of sixteen.

She looked up at him and smiled at the expression on his face, "What are you looking at old man? Never seen a belle femme (beautiful women) before?"

Nicole grinned at the spark in her light grey eyes, still sharp and bright, "Never one with such charm and beauté enchanteresse (enchanting beauty)!"

Perenelle laughed at his choice of words, "Still a flatterer, mon mari (my husband)."

Nicolas moved into the kitchen, moving behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I can't resist" he chuckled.

His wife ran her hands up his arms making him shiver in anticipation, before the crinkling of the paper in his hand, took her attention.

"What do you have in your hand aimer (love)?"

Nicolas groaned into the nape of his wife's neck, where he had been about to rub his lips to tease her. Damn that elf, and damn him for not leaving it in the room. His wives curiosity would not let her rest.

He kissed her behind her ear, enjoying her shiver, before he removed his arms from around her, handing her the envelope as he went to get fruit from the grocery.

"A strange elf, most likely English, popped in and gave me this from its Master."

"A letter?" asked Perenelle curiously as she turned the envelope in her hands, looking for the name of the sender. Only their name was written on top in an elegant script.

Mrs and Mrs Flamel

She raised her brow at him and he just shook his head, taking an apple and biting into it, as he leaned against the counter.

"Go ahead, open it and get it over with. You and your curiosity."

Perenelle just shook her head at the husband's churlishness as she took out her wand and waved it over the letter, causing it to turn red. She nodded to herself as she sliced the envelope and shook out the letter. She cleared her throat as she prepared to read out loud; her husband may have been blasé on the outside, but was also curious, he was just more interested in other activities.

Dear Mr and Mrs Flamel

It has come to my attention that you have been informed through a 'so called' reliable source of your impending death. I was sad to hear of this state of affairs. I have to admit, I was also perplexed over your decision to lend such power, from its assured safety, to assumed protection. It makes one ponder over the discussion that must have occurred before this monumental decision was made. Acceptance of death has never been my strong suit, and ever more so when it had always been a moot point, as in your case.

If you are confused over the contents of this letter and the reason for the correspondence, then you will just have to meet with an associate of mine on the 5th of August at the Leaky Cauldron at 9:00 pm England time. The associate will take you directly to me. I am confident you will maintain the acceptable disguise but I can assure you that my associate will have no trouble recognising you. If you are uncertain of your attendance, then I have a few words to say, which I am sure will compel you.

'I have something that belongs to you.'

(The mark of the Philosophers stone)*

A Potential Ally

Perenella put the shaking letter on the nearest counter, belatedly realising it was her hands which were trembling. She looked at a frozen Nicolas, the apple having fallen to the ground, when his hands went slack in shock.

"Nicolas", she whispered. The tremble in her voice jarred Nicolas from his frozen state as he moved away from the counter to take her into his arms. He softly rubbed her back, knowing she would be fine in a few minutes.

"Shhh.. it is alright. I am sure it is just a prank. Some Lord playing with us. I am confident they have no knowledge of what happened."

"How can we be sure Nicolas? Besides, he drew the mark."

Nicolas pulled her away, his eyebrow raised in surprise and picked up the letter, turning it in his hands until the symbol was clear.

"No one would do this much research for a prank mon cher (my dear)" Nicolas finally sighed.

Perenelle had taken herself in control by then. She shook her head to bring her thoughts into focus. "So? If this-" she waved her hand towards the envelope still in Nicolas's hand, "Is true, then we need to know and prepare. The stone is too dangerous to be any one man's hand; who knows what they could do with it, even in its inactive form. We need to go."

Nicolas folded the envelope and put it in his coat, "No. I will go alone."

Perenelle raised her brow at her husband and had just gathered the steam to tell him what she thought of this idea of leaving her behind like a damsel in the olden era, when she saw his eyes. His light blue eyes were glacial, hard with motivation and she felt her breath catch at the image he presented. This was Lord Nicholas Flamel of the Flamel family, a 600 year old wizard with the magic and experience to back him. She felt her eyes burn. It had been a long time since she had seen him like this, Dumbledore having turned him into something he despised.

She knew that if the person on the other side was lying or playing tricks on them, they would not survive to tell about it. Nicolas would erase them. Her heart ached for him. He hated himself for having gotten her into what he called 'his mess', but she was his wife, and demanded everything; the good, bad and even the worst.

"Okay, mon amour (my love). You do what you have to. I will await the tale of your new adventure."

Nicolas looked at his wife with pride, knowing how hard it was for the strong headed women to let him leave without her, but this was his problem to deal with. He had bought Dumbledore into their lives, who had left them with nothing but betrayal and disaster; he would fix this and accept death as his price.


Lucius Malfoy sat at the corner of the dingy pub. His immaculate self was disguised by the long cloak wrapped around him, the hood hiding his features. The small glamour also made it look like his cloak was old, torn and filthy. When Marvolo had suggested he wear a ragged cloak he had refused. He could not bring himself to hear something so horrendous, so a glamour was the only option.

He turned the ring in his hand as he waited for the Flamels to enter the pub, watching every new person enter and exit. He had come half an hour early so that he could secure his place and not miss anything. His position was not affirmed, he had already cursed one patron who had tried to bully him and the patrons of the pub were avoiding him at all costs. He smirked to himself as he remembered someone calling him a vampire.

Ah, if only they knew he could be something worse than a vampire. He took out a rusty watch piece from his cloth; five minutes past the hour. They were late. No matter, he would wait till half past nine, and then leave. But he knew they would come, he was sure of it. They had planned everything. The Flamels would not be able to ignore a letter from a stranger claiming to have the stone. They would want to confirm and then most likely kill them, no matter which direction the conversation went.

The tingle running up him arms had him looking at the ring. It was glowing slightly and he could feel the magic from it. He smirked to himself as he marveled at his lover's genius. Dobby had handed the envelope to Flamel and bought back a souvenir. A button from the old man's shirt. Elf magic was so extraordinary he was surprised not many used it. Anything a person wore or used regularly was saturated with their magical essence, what Harry could feel. A button had been enough to capture the essence and make a ring which was attuned to it. He was not sure whether Lady Flamel would come but Lord Flamel most definitely would. Thus the ring's glow told him the man was here.

Lucius turned his head towards the entrance, watching as a young man, no older than twenty, entered the pub. The man was nervous and kept looking over his shoulder. His dark brown hair and light blue eyes stood out amidst his strangely light complexion. The man seemed to look around the pub curiously, eyes carelessly crossing over his form before looking at the other patrons; he held in a shiver at the magic that had passed over him, and bowed his head in a nod, letting his own magic out to touch the man's and quickly pulled back. Touching magic in raw form was an intimate act, unless you used them as spells or magical actions. What he just did surmounted to knocking the door at someone's house and letting them know of his direction.

He noticed as the man seemed to move towards him so he quickly got up from the table. He walked to the bartender behind the counter, and whispered in his ear.

"Give this to the man who comes to the counter after me."

Tom nodded his head, knowing that anything involving Lucius Malfoy was best left unquestioned. Lucius handed the coins along with the piece of paper to Tom and slumped his posture as he moved towards the exit, ignoring the questioning gaze of the young man. As he crossed the man, the ring burned bright on his finger and he withheld a flinch at the sudden sting.

He exited the pub into the drizzling road of London, breathing in the relatively fresher air compared to the smoky setting of the pub. He turned right and headed towards a small alley way behind. He turned and laid against the wall, ignoring the stench from the alleyway itself. Marvolo so owed him for this.

The young man came out of the pub and looked left and right. His frazzled appearance gave Lucius a semblance of satisfaction and he gave a low whistle. Brown hair snapped into the darkness of the alley, a wand subtly moved into a steady hand as the man moved towards the entrance.

When he was close enough to be heard, Lucius took out his wand, put it behind his back and cast a careful silencing charm.

"Welcome to London, Mr. Flamel. My master is waiting for you." His glamoured voice rasped out, shaking at the end.

Nicolas tightened his hand carrying the wand, preparing to cast at a moment's notice. He may be out of practice but he was powerful enough to take on this man.

"Why did your master-" he spit out the title, "not come to see me himself."

The cloaked figure seemed to shake in laughter as the raspy voice answered back. "My master likes his games. If you want your freedom, take my hand."

A gnarled hand, skin tight against bones, shaking in the wind, rose towards him in offer. Nicolas held in his disgust, anger tightening his gut. He hated his feeling of weakness. Damn Dumbledore and his schemes. He could end up in a complete unknown place with people who would want his knowledge to create their own stone. Too bad they would be unable to make it, but blast it all, knowledge was power, and he was sure someone out there might have the same skill as had a choice, should he risk it or not.

"How can I even trust you or your master!" he snarled out.

The withered frame let out a another chuckle, "You are an old man. You should have thought of that before you came here. This meeting could have been a trap for all you knew. But… Why do you care about trust? You are dying anyway."

Nicolas clenched his jaw to hold the retort on the tip on his tongue. A tick flicked in his jaw. How dare that..old man call him old…. He felt his magic strain against his being as it snapped forward and then wrapped around his core again. He felt his eyes burn and held his body tight to stop himself from losing his composure in front of this stranger. He had no choice. He could ignore this and die in a few months, and take this chance and live to take revenge, or die knowing he went out like the Nicolas Flamel he was, and not the shell he had become.

He breathed out as he looked at the shaking arm in front of him. He kept his wand in his dominant left hand and took the withered hand in his right. He felt the tiny bones digging into his hands, making him afraid of putting too much pressure lest he break the bones.

The cloaked man rasped, glee audible in the tone, " A wise choice."


Nicolas looked around the room where they had apparated, eyes wide in surprise. He had expected to be taken to a ransacked cottage, or a den or something, but not this. This seemed like a place for a Lord. He looked at the hunched form next to him, letting out an undignified yelp, when the image of the shrunken form in a horrific gown disappeared. The other man took off the cloak and Nicolas could not help but be awed as he looked at the distinguished figure of Lord Lucius Malfoy. Everyone knew of him, even he had heard of the political strikes Lord Malfoy had taken and his keen ability to handle a situation.

"I did not sense the glamour." He spoke, voice hoarse with awe. The amount of magic, the power behind it must have been astounding that even he had not felt it.

A chuckle came from the young Lord, a smirk forming on his lips.

"Your praise does not belong to me. My lord is the one you should commend."

So saying Lucius moved towards the office. The halls were empty as the kids had been put to bed, well, herded to bed more like it; no doubt they were awake and causing havoc in one of the children's room. Alex and Neville had come up to join the kids for the weekend, giving Sirius and Rabastan the much needed time together. Bella had taken over the care of Irene, no doubt the boys had not wanted a girl around for the weekend.

Lucius turned towards the study and knocked at the door. A sibilant voice spoke from inside, "Come in."

He opened the door, letting the young man enter first. "I will leave you two to discuss the matter. Please let the house elf know if you require anything. When you are ready to leave, Mr. Flamel, inform the house elf and it will show you the way out. You can then apparate to your desired location. Good Night Mr Flamel. Hope to see you in the future. " So saying, he closed the door behind himself as he left, sighing as he moved towards their bedroom. It was tiring pretending to be a quack.


Inside the study Nicolas looked at another cloaked figure. The man was sitting in a chair behind the desk, with an empty seat on the other side. The window curtains were open and showed the starts twinkling away.

"Come, sit." The voice came from the hood.

Nicolas walked inside slowly, carefully taking a seat, barely holding in his flinch when the fire in the grate on his right came to life, instantly warming the frigid air.

Nicolas managed to gather his wits about him, "Are the theatrics really that necessary? I am sure you are also glamoured the way Lord Malfoy was. The question of your identity is going to be revealed anyway. Besides I am almost certain you are a manifestation of that being everyone called Voldemort."

The hair on his neck rose in apprehension when the being laughed, "Oh believe me. I always have a reason. You will find it soon enough. I have use of you…"

And suddenly the atmosphere changed and lightened. The dark shadows of the room dimmed and the figure seemed to relax, before the hooded cloak was taken off. Nicolas had to contain his shock in.. he did not know how many times.. in the same week. The dark hair and rusty eyes, he knew this man as well. Only he was rumoured to be Germany at this moment.

"Lord Dionysus" he whispered, "What? How? Why?" He did not know what to ask first. One would expect a man of his age to have more composure but this whole situation was giving him a run for this money.

Lord Dionysus smirked as he sat in his chair, twirling a quill in his hand. "Lord Nicolas Flamel. An honour."

Nicolas only nodded, unsure what to do or say. He had been certain he was going to meet a version of the Dark Lord, not a Lord from Germany, but then why would Lucius Malfoy who had been known to follow Voldemort, although coerced, call this man his Lord? Something did not make sense here.

"Would you like some tea?" the other asked. Nicolas knew no sound would come from his dry mouth so he nodded his head.

"Peg," Lord Dionysus spoke into the room, followed by a pop as an elf appeared, "Please bring tea for our guest."

"Yes Master!" The elf squeaked before it apparated again.

The two sat in silence while they waited for the elf to arrive. Nicolas looked around the study, noticing the large book case at the corner of the room. His eyes lit with curiosity but he manage to control himself.

The chuckle from the other man had him looking up, "I see you have a craving for knowledge."

Nicolas nodded, "Yes. Knowledge can make or break a person." His voice was smooth but heavy with meaning. He had lived his life with the benefit of knowledge and was intimately familiar with the consequences of its absence.

"I agree. Which is why have decided to help you. But I am going to need something from you in return."

He laughed at that, "Of course you do. There is nothing for free in this world, but I doubt you can help me. I am sure that my death is imminent. What you have is a fake?" He wanted to bring the matter of the stone quickly so that this conversation could be over and he could return to Perenelle.

The elf's pop stopped further conversation as tea was poured into two cups and one was offered to him. He took a sip, letting its warmth soothe him. It was perfect, just as he liked it, of course a house elf would know. Their magic was strange.

"So, how do you know that the stone in your possession is the original?" He asked.

Lord Dionysus sighed as he took a sip of his tea, before he straightened in his chair, "Let's cut the circling around shall we? I know you gave the Philosopher's Stone to Dumbledore to protect. I know he kept it at Hogwarts and I know he informed you that he was destroying the stone at the end of the year. The reason for this meeting is that Dumbledore does not have the real stone, I do."

Nicolas looked the other man straight in the eye. "I don't believe you. Dumbledore was my student. He was around the stone most of the time. He has watched me use it and is intimately familiar with it. In order for you to have the stone, Dumbledore would have had to have a fake, which I assure you he would have noticed and informed me of. I made the stone, I can call it to me at any time."

Marvolo looked at the man sitting in front of him. While the visage was young, he could feel the heavy powerful magic, along with the experience that ran in the man. He could also feel his skill. No wonder he had not been able to duplicate an actual stone, only this man could. His skill was so specific that he doubted another person in the world would have it.

"If you could have called the stone to yourself at any time, then why give it to Dumbledore to protect in the first place? Even if it would have gotten stolen from where it was hidden the last 500 years, you could have called it to yourself. I will give you the stone, in return I would like for you to answer my questions, honestly. That is the deal."

The older seemed to be giving it some though before he slumped in his seat. Marvolo watched a new magic strain around him as the other opened his mouth to speak, before closing it again.

"I trusted Dumbledore with my life. I also trusted him to protect the stone, which he did. He is correct that the stone is very dangerous and destroying it makes the most sense. Besides you have not answered my question. How do I know that you are not bargaining with a fake? As I am sure you are."

Marvolo watched as the foreign magic seemed to settle and disappear again. A frown appeared on his brow as he arranged his knowledge to figure out what was going on. He needed to ask the other man some more questions, but first, he needed the other to believe he had the stone.

Marvolo carefully opened the drawer of the desk. He hesitated before taking out the dark box. The same one he had sent Harry. He let a tendril of his magic touch the hidden button, making certain that the older man did not feel his essence, and watched as the sparking stone was exposed. He ran his finger against the stone, thinking over its power. The Philosopher's Stone was no mere trinket. Not only could it convert base elements into gold and produce the elixir of life, it was also rumored that it had the capability of boosting any magic performed with its presence. The only problem was that no one could use it. He had tried, as had Lucius, but the stone had not done anything. He had even asked Rabastan to give it a try with rune magic, but nothing had happened. It was like the stone was an ordinary stone, but he had seen Harry put it in the box.

At first he had thought the Dumbledore had planned on keeping the stone for himself, while letting the Flamel's die, but after his experiments he was sure that Dumbledore had destroyed the fake. He had not realised that the stone could not be used by anyone other than the one who made it. It was knowledge that was hidden, and thus made the whole keeping it safe plan even more ridiculous. If no one other than the Flamel's, who created it, could use it, then why would they give it away to be protected? It did not make sense and he hated things which did not make sense.

Marvolo turned the case over to the older man, showing him the stone within. "I am sure you can tell whether this is a fake?"

He watched as the other man's eyes snapped wide and what he was sure was a sheen of tears appeared in his eyes. The man raised himself from the chair and moved towards the table. As he reached for the stone, it started to glow and Marvolo felt the magic increasing from the stone. The air around the stone seemed to burn red. Marvolo snapped the box shut before the fingers could touch it.

The other man looked up with anger in his face. Marvolo did not move, just stared back until Flamel cooled down. He looked at the box before slumping back in the seat. "How?" he asked coarsely. "It should have been impossible. Only I and my wife can activate it. Dumbledore knows that. It is impossible to create, duplicate or even copy the stone itself. So How?"

Marvolo put the box on his table, closing his eyes when the other man's words hit him. Stupid, stupid, stupid, idiot. He had put Harry in grave danger by asking him to replicate the stone without knowing if the stone could be replicated, but it had. He had known Harry's powers were different, they were still learning how. He had tried everything to activate the stone, using Lucius, Rabastan and even Narcissa, but had not asked the one person who had replicated it and bought it to him in the first place. You needed to feel the aura of on object to replicate it. If the stone was in stasis then how on earth had Harry felt its aura? He was an idiot. He needed to slow down before he ended up harming the boy.

But, this deserved to be tested. Now he just needed the right oaths.

"I will give you your answer after you have answered mine. Not only will I let you take the stone, as only you can activate it, I want the method you used to make it. I want knowledge in return? Is that acceptable?"

Flamel seemed to cave in on himself, making Marvolo frown again; this was not the legendary man he had expected. The stone and its safety measures were the work of a genius but there was something missing and the other man was just not telling him.

"I will try to tell you as much as I can. As for the creation of the stone, I could tell you the whole process but without my skill you can never make it. I will not make it for you."

"I am not asking you to make it. I just want the knowledge." Marvolo replied.

Flamel looked at him strange, before shaking his head. He looked at the box again before nodding to himself. "I Lord Nicolas Flamel do of sound mind, swear on my magic that after our transaction is complete, I will inform you of the exact steps, tools and magic needed to create the stone, without hiding any information. So I will it, so mote it be."

A light filled the room before it went away. Marvolo watched as the silver magic from before snapped tightly against the man. He watched as the other winced before rubbing at his eyes, tight in what Marvolo was sure was pain.

"Ask your questions?" Flamel spoke, voice conveying his exhaustion.

"No. I think it would be better if I tell you what I have gathered, and your reaction will let me know if I am right. All I request is that you not hide your reactions from me, which I know you can do so easily."

Curiosity lit Flamels eyes as he nodded and settled back in his chair. Marvolo moved ahead, popping his chin on his hands, as he focused in senses and observation towards the man.

"You are an intelligent and smart man. I have read up on your history and your relation with Dumbledore, so I will start with general knowledge." He started as he watched.

"You had already created the stone by the time you met Dumbledore. He came to you when he was researching the uses of Dragon blood and the two of you started out as partners before becoming close friends."

Flamel was relaxed in his chair, and the foreign magic was nowhere in sight, "Soon after your work was completed, Dumbledore most likely requested you to help him study the stone, for knowledge of course." He watched as the Flamel knuckles tightened around the arms of the chair.

"Since you knew that he would be unable to do anything with it, you allowed him to study it, in its inactive form at first. Dumbledore soon figured out that only the people keyed could activate it. I reached this conclusion since you informed me that you made it, but both you and your wife could activate it. Which means that your wife was keyed in somehow, most likely during its creation. Afterwards Dumbledore wanted to study it while it was activated, and seeing no harm in it, I am sure you allowed him. Since you claim that Dumbledore is intimately familiar, and would not be keyed in, it is obvious that you then let him study it while activated."

By now Flamel's face was tight, seemingly clenching his jaw.

"Hmm…. So my question was why would you let Dumbledore take it from you to keep in safe, when it is pretty obvious that the stone would have been safer with you? Why did you give it to him?"

Flamel opened his mouth as if you shout, "I never—", before his jaw snapped shut. His Addams apple hobbled as he swallowed; the silver mist had sprung up again and seemed to wrap around his throat, "Dumbledore is a good and trusted friend. Of course I would give it to him when he asked," he snarled out.

Marvolo narrowed his eyes and subtly tasted the new magical strand, finally finding its core. He recognised the aura and quickly backed away. He could break it, he was sure. It had gotten weak, most likely the casters attention was diverted because he expected them to die.

"Yes, a friend. One who curses and coerces his friends. I am sure."

Blue eyes snapped to him in shock, as the mist rose up again. Marvolo did not wait. He let his magic out and focused it with narrow sharp precision, gripping the strand and piercing it with his own magic. His eyes bled crimson, the magic leaking into the room as the curse fought against him; Flamel's body shaking, sweat breaking across his entire body, before it broke in silver sprinkles, Flamel falling limp in his chair, ragged breath escaping him.

Marvolo fell back against the chair, feeling a bead of sweat falling on his nape. His breath escaped him in a whoosh as his magic tugged back into his body, swirling around. He smiled in triumph, a chuckle escaping as the adrenaline left his system. He loved testing his magic.

Flamel jerked up and coughed, rubbing his throat, before light blue eyes, sharper and clearer than before gazed at him. "You are Voldemort. Your eyes gave you away."

Marvolo raised his brow, waving his wand to clean the sweat from his body, watching Flamel do the same, "Are you going to use that against me?"

Flamel chuckled as he sat down again, a smoothness in his motion that had been missing before, "Considering how you just gave me back my life, I doubt I could repay you by telling everyone. How did you guess?"

Marvolo relaxed as he saw the gleam of gratefulness in the others eye, "Lord Flamel-", "Call me Nicolas," the other broke in.

Marvolo tilted his head in acceptance, "Nicolas, you may call me Thanatos. Anyway, my first clue was that you did not act like the wizard I had expected, to be honest you were too meek for my tastes."

Flam- Nicolas let out a throaty laugh at that, "Meek, what a word to describe me by. I was never meek. Meekness would not have allowed me to stick to my path of creating the stone. It required sacrifices and risks, which only the bold would have tried."

"Well, after that was your reluctance to speak ill of Dumbledore. Even if you were his best friend and completely loyal to him; to get the stone from me, you could have easily told me why you would risk the stone's safety? What reasons compelled you? Every time you tried to answer I could feel foreign magic interfering and decided that it needed to be gone, if I wanted my answers."

Nicolas smiled, eyes crinkling in amusement, "So you removed a very powerful curse, just because you wanted information?"

He smirked, "Of course. Now, please begin your tale."

Nicolas sighed as he forced himself to remember that fateful day, "You have guessed fairy well actually. Dumbledore wanted to study the stone it its activated stage and I indulged him. I have to admit, being old and having many students come to me to learn the art of alchemy, none showed the potential as strongly as Albus had. He was extraordinary and I was impressed. I wanted to see what he would make of the stone so I let him study it. I did not think any harm could come from it."

Nicolas told the story as he remembered. Dumbledore had done all the research he could and asked to be told the secret. The secret to make his own stone. Nicolas had told him, leaving out a few key elements; anyone could start on the journey to make the stone, they just could not finish it without the skill. He had done so with the hope that his protégé would would find the missing link, and research ways to make it better. He had had high hopes, but Albus was unable to succeed. He came the closest anyone ever had, and that was the only reason Nicolas had allowed him to keep his memory of the knowledge. All failed protégés were obliviated; they knew this from the start, he could not let the secret out.

He let Dumbledore free, knowing the man would never want to share the knowledge as he seemed to hoard it. He had not realised what a grave mistake he had made. Dumbledore had been incensed over his failure. He refused to believe that he could not make it. He finally decided that if he could not have it, then no one could.

"I finally met the man behind the visage five years ago. I don't know how long he had been planning and plotting against me to find a way to curse us both without it getting back to me. My mistake was that I had trusted him too much, he knew me and my weaknesses. One day he came to our house while Perenelle was away and as I turned my back to him he cursed me. I fought against him and would have succeeded but I was surprised at his power and magic. He had been hiding his strength from me. He was too powerful. He subdued me and let Perenelle know what would happen if she or I let anyone know what had happened. He then informed me that the stone was not safe, and he would need to take it when it was time. Imagine my shock when I found myself agreeing and could do nothing to stop him."

Nicolas felt tears well up in his eyes and did not try to stop them. For the first time in five years he felt free. "He forced the full secret of the stone from me. He knows how to make one, but he does not have the skill to do it." After he finished he called the house elf for water, letting Thanatos come to terms with what he had told. He wondered if he would have to explain what blood skills were to the other man.

"I assume your blood skill is what makes you the ultimate alchemy master, though I do wonder what it is?" Thanatos asked.

Nicolas smiled to himself. He should really stop underestimating the other man. "Yes. I can sense the elements; not exactly the 4 elements we know as air, water, fire and earth, but more specific than that. These are the elements muggles are discovering; that every object is made of an element or a combination of elements. I can feel them and can tell what elements each object is made of. I could probably find metal in any place, or gold. I can tell exactly how much of his manor is made with mortar, silver, gold, even iron. I could probably pinpoint the exact location of each concentration of the element. I can sense how these metals interact.

The Philosopher's Stone is the ultimate visualisation of this. Everything in this world is made up of an element, the stone produces the elixir which renews out body's elements, making us young again. It can heal, by re-growing the cells, focusing on the elements which make it. It can convert any metal into any other metal, though most care to note that it can turn anything into gold. It is nothing and everything; the most extreme version of elemental control."

Marvolo could not help the gleam that entered his eyes. He knew muggle chemistry, from when it was still being discovered and afterwards when he starting his research on the elementals. Having the four elementals under his roof at one time or another had made him curious to learn everything. While elementals dealt with the four forms elements took, this was an alchemist dream actually.

"No wonder you succeeded when many failed. You must have had to look for each element separately and combined them somehow to create the stone, in order for it to deal with each element."

Nicolas eyes widened and a grin split his face, "Oh, you are a genius. I won't tell you more yet. First it is time you answered my question. How did you get the stone?"

Marvolo frowned to himself, letting out a sigh, "In hindsight I realise that had I chosen the wrong person for this task, they would have failed spectacularly and destroyed every single progress I have made so far. By twist of fate, or luck would have it, I know a child who could sense magic, so I had him replicate the stone."

The other man was obviously not satisfied with his answer, "And as I said, that is impossible. You need to be able to feel the magic in the stone to replicate it. You can't sense it if it is inactive; as I made sure it was, before handing it to Dumbledore."

"Is the stone active right now?" Marvolo asked, curious.

"No, I just confirmed it was the original. I did not activate it."

Marvolo hummed as he pondered the dilemma. If the stone had been inactive that how had Harry felt it. "Can your wife activate the stone?"

"Yes. I added both our bloods to it during the creation, so only we can activate it."

"How do you activate it?" Marvolo questioned, trying to figure out what might have happened.

Nicolas blinked as he thought the answer through, "Well, I just do it. To explain, I would guess that the magic of the stone is there, just in hibernation form. Since my blood is added to the stone, I can access it in its hibernated state and turn it on. That is the best explanation I can give you."

Marvolo nodded to himself as a smirk flitted across his face. Of course. He was still an idiot for not getting this information before asking the boy to get it for him. Also his stupidity resulted in him having to give the stone back without testing its limit. If he had asked the boy, he could have probably activated it, but to test his theory.

"Would you mind if I ask the child who got the stone for me, to tell you how he did it? I would of course require your oath that you will not repeat what happens now with anyone, not even your wife."

He watched as Flamel thought over his proposal. He could not tell anyone about Harry without the added protection, but if what he thought was correct, then Harry could probably create his own stone, one which would work better than this one. Because while Harry did not feel the elements as such, he still felt the essence of everything.

"It will be hard, as I do not hide anything from my wife, but…. My curiosity will not let me rest. I will do one better for you. I Lord Nicolas Flamel, do swear on my life and magic that I will not reveal any information shared within this room, regarding identities or subjects discussed, to any third part, through any means of communication. So I will it, so mote it be."

Marvolo felt the magic bind the two of them, and gave a slight smile. "Thank you. You will understand the reason for the vow in a minute. But to reciprocate, I Lord Thanatos Marvolo Ares Dionysus, also known as Lord Voldemort, do swear on my magic that I will not share the information given to me regarding the stone, with anyone, other than Lord Lucius Malfoy and Harry Potter-Black. As I will it, so mote it be. Tibby?"

A new house elf popped in this time. "Yes Master."

"Please go and check on the children. If they are still awake, which I am sure they are, tell them that Lord Thanatos would like to speak to Harry in Lucius's office."

"Yes Master!"

While the elf popped away to bring the child, Flamel asked, "Why did you include those two names?"

"Because Lucius Malfoy is already aware of everything that goes on this room, so excluding him from the vow, would have just resulted in the loss of my magic; second Harry Potter is the child whom you are about to meet, and he is smart enough to realise something is amiss. Besides you will be glad I excluded him in a few minutes." Marvolo chuckled at the last bit.

"Exactly how old is the child?" Flamel queried.

"Twelve." Marvolo smirked at the surprise on the others face. Yes, Harry would definitely surprise him. The boy deserved a reward for this.


Harry Potter sat with his friends on the bed looking at the flower placed between the four of them. Neville was trying really hard to control the flower.

"I can't!" he exclaimed.

Harry put his hand on Neville's shoulder to comfort him, "It's okay Neville, we just want to test what you can or can't do yet. Beside your skill is not open yet."

Neville nodded tiredly as he slumped back on the large bed. "I am exhausted. Come on Draco, your turn!"

Draco turned his nose up at Neville, "Don't order me, plebeian."

"Where did you learn that word? What does it even mean?" Neville said, with a strangled laugh.

Harry shook his head at the two, "It just means common folk. Now Draco, come one. Try."

Draco looked at the flower, concentrating. The air beneath the stem seemed to move. All four of them came closer. Sweat broke on his forehead as he felt the pressure rise. Before anything could happen Harry looked up, "Hide! An elf is coming!"

All four quickly jumped and moved between the sheets. Draco turned off the lights just in time as a loud pop was heard in the room.

"Tibby knowing you kiddies be awake. Master Thanatos be asking Harry to come to Master Lucius office. Tibby be taking you with."

Harry's eyes snapped open in shock, he looked up to see the rest of them looking at him with confusion and fear. Why would Marvolo be calling him at this time of the night?

"Okay, Tibby. I'm coming."

Harry got up and wearing his slippers to protect him from the cold floor, followed the elf to the office. His stomach knotted with nerves. Did Marvolo want to talk about his secret? Oh please don't let him know anything. Why now? Harry twisted his hands, feeling the fire started to twist and turn as his emotions got the better of him. He pulled in a breath, pushing his nerves behinds his shields as best he could. It would be fine. He trusted Marvolo.

Tibby reached the door and knocked. "Come in," Marvolo's voice spoke from inside.

Harry swallowed as he followed Tibby inside and the elf popped away after closing the door. There was Marvolo sitting on the chair he took over every time he came to the manor. On the other seat was a man. The man had turned around to look at him and Harry could see brown hair and light blue eyes. The man was young…but.. Harry narrowed his eyes, nerves leaving him as he found something of interest. He tightened his walls as he reached out to touch the man with his power. The man looked young, but he was old.. too old. The feeling from the man was one of tired calmness, of soaked knowledge; feelings he had gotten from the old oak tree at the back of Malfoy manor.

He pulled back his powers when he noticed the sharpening of the other man's eyes. Could the man feel him. Harry's pondering was broken by Marvolo, "Harry, come here please."

Harry ignored the other man as he moved towards the desk. He reached it and saw the box on the table. The box which carried the Philosopher's Stone. Harry's eyes snapped back at the man, "Your'e Nicolas Flamel," he choked out in awe.

"And how would you say that child. Nicolas Flamel looks like an old man. I am but 21," Flamel responded, curious why the child reached that conclusion.

Harry shook his head at the old man, brows drawing together in a frown, "You look young.. but you feel really old, even older than Dumbledore. Plus this box has the stone I got for Ma- Lord Thanatos. So obviously you have to be Lord Flamel. Right?" He turned to look at Marvolo as he directed the last part.

Marvolo smiled at him with pride, "You are correct Harry. Now I need you to open this box, and tell Mr. Flamel how you replicated the stone, and gave Dumbledore the false one."

Harry nodded, posture relaxing. He was not in trouble, Marvolo just needed him to explain it to Mr. Flamel, but why did Marvolo not explain himself. No matter. He had been wanting to touch the stone again, it was so pretty.

Harry took the box from the table and felling for the key pushed with his magic. The box snapped open and layered in the velvet covering was the stone. He looked at it in awe. It was so silent right now, but he could feel it. Harry let his magic out and touched the stone carefully, feeling its internal magic brightening and rising. He looked up at the gasp from Flamel, and remembered what he was supposed to be doing. "Oh, So I was told to replicate the stone. Lord Thanatos gave me fake one. I just read the magic on this one, and copied it to the fake one. While the essence is copied, the fake one would not work they way this one would, because I would need to cast the magic, not copy it. So.. that's all that I did really."

Harry looked at the stone again, smiling as he felt it sing, waving his magic over it and letting it mingle with the magic of the stone. Had he looked up he would have seen the awe and a hint of greed on Nicolas's face, while Marvolo just watched him with pride. The two exchanged a glance, saying without words how remarkable it was.

"Do you mind if I ask what your blood skill is Harry? I have sworn an oath not to tell anyone." Nicolas asked, watching the child manipulate the magic of the stone, unable to control the greed that erupted in his body. He wanted the boy. He could teach the boy so much. The boy would only be loyal to him.

Harry flinched as the atmosphere turned harsh. His skill erupted in his veins and Harry knew something was not right. He needed to escape this room, now. He quickly looked up at Marvolo, fear apparent in emerald eyes, trying to let the other man know that he needed out. Marvolo's magic enclosed him, settling on top of him like a blanket, encasing him in warmth as the feeling evaporated as if it was never there. "I will answer his questions, if needed. Why don't you get to bed Harry? And tell your friends to sleep. Narcissa will not be happy if you fall asleep at the breakfast table. No go."

Harry nodded his head, closing the box as he did so. He carefully put the box on the table and with one last look at Flamel, saying, "It was nice to meet you Lord Flamel," left.

He started running the moment he was far away from the office, and they would not be able to hear him. Tears erupted in his eyes, as the fire in his belly burnt. Marvolo's magic was still there, covering him and giving him comfort. Tears spilled down his cheek. He was glad he had listened and followed Marvolo at the end of last year, not matter how much pain he had felt; The man was always protecting him, always comforting him along with Lucius. He was sure Marvolo got his message and would deal with Lord Flamel. His heart thudded in his chest, breath escaping in pants.. How he lo- cared for that man…


Marvolo watched Harry leave the office, his body not moving an inch. He closed his eyes, keeping his senses attuned to the boy, feeling as the other started running. He left the protective magic where it was, opening his eyes with a snap. Crimson eyes glared into guileless pale blue as his magic erupted from his body. The magic wrapped around the man and removed the air around him. Flamel choked as he tried to get in oxygen. With a wave of his hand, Flamel's wand was on the table next to the box.

Flamel was lifted into the air, still trying to get the meager amount of air to breath, as Marvolo stood up from the chair and came close to the other man. He pushed with his magic, the old man hitting the wall with a thud, a groan taking away the little air his lungs still had. His eyes rolled into his head.

"Listen well," Marvolo hissed, anger dripping from every word, letting the man have enough air to be conscious, but not enough to truly breath, "Harry Potter is mine. You do not look at him, you do not try to get close to him, and you definitely do not try to coerce him. The boy has more potential then you could ever imagine. I will not let your greed destroy it. You will not take him as your protégé as I can tell you want to. You have already sworn to tell me everything about the creation of the stone. You will tell me. I will teach Harry all he needs to know. "

Marvolo put his lips near the man's ears, almost slipping into parseltongue, "You are a 600 years old fool. We will have an alliances. You have no idea how powerful I truly am. Do not test me!"

The magic suddenly disappeared from the room. Flamel fell on his knees, gasping and choking as his body tried to get in oxygen, a few tears leaving his eyes. That was horrible. He was not going to take the boy, but he could not help it. The boy was a gem. Merlin only knew what else the boy could do. But he could not jeopardise his survival because of the boy. Dammit. Had he known the boy was capable of such a feat he would never have sworn the oath to tell Voldemort everything. He only did so knowing that no one could make another stone. Damn him. Damn him!


Sirius Black watched as people clamoured inside the small store, hoping to get a glimpse of the legendary Gilderoy Lockhart. Stupid, moronic…. Idiots. Could they not tell that he was a fake? Sirius had to admit that the glossy cover was well done, but underneath that, there was nothing. He watched as Lily tried to get a closer look at the man, cheeks tainted red, Molly Weasely just beside her, also red cheeked and most likely admiring the young man.

The feel of arms wrapping around his waist had him calming, as his attention was taken to their owner, "What are you frowning at?"

Sirius turned to look at Rabastan, keeping half an eye on the younger kids in the bookshop, not that he was worried. The entire gang, dark and light had decided to get their school shopping done on this day. Harry and Neville were keeping an eyes or Alex and Irene. Alex still had one more year before he could join Hogwarts and could not wait. Irene would not like being the only one alone, having to wait another year. Lucius was with them, Narcissa having left with Bella to go somewhere, most likely shopping for girl stiff, he shuddered just thinking about it.

"I am frowning over the fact that seemingly intelligent girls become ….. stupid, over that moron."

Rabastan let out a chuckle, "You are just jealous. You were a ladies man but even you did not make the intelligent ones lose all their senses."

"I am not", Sirius snapped back, pouting as the other only laughed, "No, really. I'm not."

Just because he had once hit on Lily and failed spectacularly did not mean he was jealous, besides he was in love with Rabastan, had been since they were teenagers.

"I was drunk!" he excused his behaviour. He was going to get Rabastan for this when they got home. The increase in noise had him looking in the centre of the shop, just in time to see Sebastian join Lockhart in having their pictures taken. Ugh. He did not like the way the man was looking at Sebastian, not at all.

His musing was broken by a loud crash from inside the store. Letting go of Rabastan, he quickly moved towards the bookcases where the sound had come from. He ran when he saw Draco picking up books which had fallen from the racks. Black hair peaked from beneath them.

"Harry!" he shouted. He took out his wand and did a mass Leviosa spell. The books rose in the air and Draco fell on his knees besides Harry, shaking and sweating for some reason. Sirius magicked the books in their place while Rabastan bent on his knees to check Harry. He was unconscious, there was a bruise forming on his cheek and he had a bloody lip but otherwise seemed fine. Rabastan quickly looked around before taking out his wand wand and making a rune on Harry's forehead.

He looked at the results and turned to Sirius, "He has a concussion, split lip and bruise. Everything else is fine. Thank Merlin."

The moment Sirius had put the books in their place, he went and picked up Harry. "Where are his books that he has chosen?" he asked. Draco pointed to the basket carrying Harry's books and got up to carry them, before Rabastan stopped him, "Why don't you find the rest of the kids and join your parents? Let them know what happened. Sirius will no doubt take Harry and the others straight home. Tell Lucius I will require him in dealing with the owner of this establishment."

Draco nodded as he looked at his friend. Harry had felt something was off and had panicked right before the bookcase had fallen on top of him. He looked down at his trembling hand, realising he was sweating. Thank Merlin no one had seen him. He had felt the wind move as the case fell. It felt like time had slowed, he had seen the fear in Harry's eyes, knowing the other would have been terribly hurt if the case fell on him. He had raised his hands and pushed. Ever since last year when he had fought the troll he had been trying to control the wind to some extent but had not managed to do anything. Today was the first time he had felt it. The air beneath the falling case had become solid, stopping it, but not the books. He had pushed the case in its place and run to Harry when the others had shown up. He needed to tell his father.


Harry sat in his bed, frowning as Sirius went around arranging things for him. "Sirius, I'm fine," he whined.

The grey glare sent his way had him moving lower on the bed and hiding his face in the sheets. He was fine. Draco had stopped the case in time. He just had a few ….. more like dozen books fall on him, but he was fine.

"At least let me read my new school books, Sirius. Please!" He looked up, widening his eyes, and letting them mist over.

Sirius snorted at him, "I come from a family of Slytherins Harry, those tricks wont work on me. No reading, until you are better. Do not strain yourself." He then moved towards the corner where his new books were stored and took something out.

Sirius dropped it in his lap. "Here, write on this, as long as it does not hurt your eyes. Okay? I will have Kreacher keeping an eye on you."

Harry looked at the black bound book in his lap, a frown tugging at his brow. He opened it to find empty pages. A journal? "Did you get me this?" he asked.

"No, it was already in the books you wanted. The store clerk said it was not theirs, so I kind of guessed you may have found it and kept it with your books, so I brought it along. Why? It's not yours?"

Harry looked at the cover, turning it around, to see if there was a name anywhere. There, at the bottom corner.

Tom Marvolo Riddle

Harry felt curiosity well up in him. The name had the same middle name as his Marvolo.. Hmmm…

"No its fine. I was just wondering. I'll keep it." Harry smiled up at Sirius. The other smiled in return as he left the room.

Harry turned back to the book. He felt its thick cover in his hands, letting his magic run over it. He gasped in shock, an electric current running through his veins; from his hands, all the way to his chest, which seemed to burn. The fire in his belly flared in heat and recognition. Marvolo?

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