"First Date" (Better title coming soon)
By: Toni Ferraro
Zimmy and crew are all owned by Jhonen Vasquez.
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"He's planning something... I just KNOW it!" Dib cautiously eyed Zim, sitting at the far end of the cafeteria at a table by himself.

Gaz huffed, while tapping her controls on her Gameslave. "He's just eating his lunch..."

"That's exactly what he WANTS you to think, Gaz," said Dib, "But I know what he's really up to... conducting some scheme to destroy the planet.. or even me to begin with!"

"Why don't you just leave him alone, dork," said Gaz, looking up for a moment, "I mean, what has he ever done to you?"

"What has he done... what has he DONE to me?!" Dib shouted, "He's ONLY tried to put me out of the way and try to take over our planet! Am I the only one who knows that's he's an alien??"

"Pfft... whatever," said Gaz, as she turned over to look at Zim, who was indeed conducting a plan to get rid of Dib and take over the planet.

As she stared, she started to grow a rare, once in a lifetime, smile on her face.

"Hmm... perhaps if I arrange a science expo, many people will come..." Zim muttered to himself, while sitting at his desktop back at home. "Then I can 'demonstrate' my power laser-annihalator. But what will attract them all to come? Hmm...."

"I know, I know, I KNOW!!!" Gir shouted, jumping around the room.

Zim sighed, "What is it, Gir?"

Gir held his stuffed pig in Zim's face, "TACOS!!!"

Zim quarked an eyebrow. "No, Gir.... tacos will not inspire sci fi fans to their ultimate doom."


Zim put a finger on his chin, "Think, think! What would truely possess people to visit an expo that has a giant laser.... any ideas, Gir?"


Zim whipped around in his chair, "What, Gir?? Do you have an idea?"

Gir stood at the window, leaning on the sill, "I seen a squirrel! It did this this!" He made chipper noises.

Zim scowled. "You are no help whatsoever... Gir, why don't you go watch that monkey show you love so much?"

"It's pre-empted..."

"Curse you, NFL football!" Zim groaned, and pulled out a box, "Then here. Make use of these videos I found. I have no idea what they're about, but I'm sure even you can be inspired by such little things."

Gir took the box and looked inside to see trashy romance videoes. "Ooo! Soap operas!"

"No, not soap. Vid-ee-oh, Gir! Video!"

Gir gave a blank stare for a moment, then ran out of the room laughing like a maniac. Zim shook his head, "I swear... It's almost as if the Tallest created his mind from lint, spare parts, and what not?"

He turned back to his work. "What shall I do to conduct this plan further..?" Out of frustration, he tore it out, crumpled it into a ball, and threw it behind him. "No, no no! This just won't do!"


"Intruder??" Zim growled, "It's probably that Dib! Only he is clever enough to surpass my secruity systems. ACTIVATE EMERGENCY DEFENSE MECHANISMS!"

At that moment, every window and door's steel blastdoors slammed down, and emergency spikes poked from every corner of the house.

In the control room, Zim's chair raised up to a higher level, approaching a periscope. "You're not getting away THIS time, Dib! PREPARE ALL ATTACK DESTRUCTORS!"

From every tile on the roof, lasers popped out and advanced power downwards. Zim looked through the periscope. "Now to lock target on Dib, and forever will that thorn be plucked from my foot...." He then noticed something. "Wait, a minute..."

Through the infra-red periscope, he saw on the front doorstep not Dib, but Gaz.

"That's not Dib! It's that gothic sister of his. What is she doing here? HOLD YOUR FIRE!!!"

At that command, all blast doors zoomed right back open, and the lasers quickly retreated back into the roof.

A moment later, Zim opened the door in his human disguise. "What do you want?"

Gaz, her 'annoyed' expression never once changing, handed Zim a peice of paper. "Here."

"What's this?" Zim asked, looking it over. It seemed to be instructions to arrive in a place called a carnival, at excactly 7 tonight.

"It's a date," Gaz glumly responded, "Meet me there, okay?" She turned and walked off.

Zim only looked at the paper in confusement. "A... date?" He looked back up, "Wait!"

Gaz stopped and looked over.

"..... How did you get passed my evil gnomes?"

Gaz pointed at the wall, "I unplugged them..."


Gaz turned back and walked off. That was when Zim realized that he forgot to ask. "Hold on! Just what exactly IS a date??"

Gaz was already too far off to hear the question. Zim closed the door and walked back in, examining the instructions. "Seven o'clock, at this carnival... What is Gaz trying to pull here? What is this thing she calls a 'date'?"

There was only one person with the answer to that...

"Computer!" he ordered in the control room, "Define 'date'!"

"Analyzing..." the computer beeped, "Retrieved three results."

"Give me the first result."

"Date - a sweet and edible fruit with a single long woody seed."

Zim rubbed his chin, "Why would Gaz want to present me with a fruit? Confusing Earthnoids... All right. Computer, read me the second result."

"Date - a specified day of the month."

Zim pondered more, "The day of the month.... does she want me to come over to this carnival just to tell her it's the 3rd Tuesday of November?"

"Would you like the third result, master?"

Zim suddenly grinned, "No need! I know of this 'date' she is scheming! She planned this specified Tuesday in order to subdue me of my mission to destroy this filthy planet with her little 'fruit'. Very well.... I will play her little game. But now that I know of her plot, I shall find a way to turn the tables on her! No one will stop ZIM! Mwaaahaaahaaahaaa!!!...... but first, it's time to get ready for my... 'date'!"