Afterwards, Gaz and Zim walked over to a lone bench.

"Well.. that was quite... intresting," said Zim, "What do you propose we shall do next on this... 'date'?"

Gaz bluntly shrugged and pulled out her GameSlave.

Zim quirked an eyebrow, "What's that?"

"A GlameSlave..." Gaz responded while tapping buttons on her game.

Zim stared at the handheld game, "Game...slave." He glanced up at Gaz, "A weapon of some sorts?"

"I guess you can say that," said Gaz, her eyes never leaving the game.

Zim watched Gaz cautiously, keeping his guard up as he watched Gaz play, unaware what she could possibly do with that sort of 'weapon'.

"Aw MAN!" Gaz shouted as she got a gameover. Zim cringed and held his arms up in a defense. "Lost again!"


Gaz handed her GameSlave to Zim. "Here. Wanna play?"

Zim slowly took the handheld game and studied it closely. "Such an intresting peice of work... what do you do with it?"

"Like this, you dope!" groaned Gaz as she reached over and pressed the start button.

And as the game started, Zim yelped as he quickly tapped the controls as the events unfolded in the game. "What is happening?? What is going on??"

"It's called 'Space Invaders'. You're suppose to destroy as many planets as you can while penetrating all their defenses."

Zim smiled evilly at this. "Really...."



Gaz yawned, "You done yet?"

"I have yet to conquer the last galaxy, my dear Gaz," snived Zim, "Wait until everyone at the military heard what I have done! No more will they mock my small size!"


Suddenly the game shut off.

"NNNOOOOoooo--!!!!" Zim's voice rang about the entire town.

Gaz took her GameSlave back. "Darn... The battery's dead..."

"--oooooooooooo!!!... Ah well, lets go on another ride," said Zim.

Gaz huffed as she put away her GameSlave. "The carnival's over," she said, "We spent more time on the bench than on the rides."

"Oh..." Zim scratched his chin in confusement, "Then... this concludes our date?"

Gaz looked up, "Well not really," she said, causing Zim to put his guard back up, "I mean, we can still get something to eat."

Zim remembered the 'fruit' part of the date he was told about. If he's going to learn more of this attack, he'd have to go along for study.

"Let's," Zim nodded.

Zim stared down at his dinner. "What IS this stuff??"

"Pizza," said Gaz, gobbling as much as she could.

Zim quirked an eyebrow. "This looks more like the garbage Gir loves to eat so much..."

"Gir's your dog, right?"

"Uh... right. He's my dog, like I am a human... that loves Earth."

"Who doesn't..."

Zim rolled his eyes at that remark. He then stared down at his pizza some more. "So tell me, Gaz... is this by any chance a 'date'?"

Gaz blushed alittle, "Yeah... I guesso..."

Zim picked up his pizza and examined it, "I don't understand... where is the 'woody seed'?"

Gaz gave an odd look, "WHAT woody seed?"

"Oh... so this ISN'T a date?"

"Why wouldn't it be?!" Gaz shouted, angrily throwing her soda on Zim. In response... Zim cried out in pain, clutching his skin while falling to the floor. He writhed around in agony, "Aaaahh!! The moisture! The steam!! My vessels!! THE SUFFERIIIIIING!!!!"

Mistaking this as an attempt to say he was sorry, Gaz only giggled at Zim's "sense of humor".

Zim and Gaz walked together back home. Gaz had a feeling Zim was being a gentleman walking her up to her front step. Zim was only following her because he didn't know where else to go.

"Well..." Gaz scratched the back of her head, "I guess I had a good time today,

"As did I, I suppose," said Zim.

"Well," Gaz looked down as she started rubbing her arm, "I hope we can do this again sometime..."

Zim nodded, with a serious look on his face. "Yes. I didn't completely gather what I needed to know of this 'date'."

Gaz chuckled, "You're funny."

Zim blinked. "Um... Thank you," he said looking at the ground.

The two stared at each other for a moment. "Well.... Bye..." said Gaz.

"... Bye," responded Zim.

After another moment passed, Gaz looked around herself, seeing if the coast was clear. Then she looked back up at Zim. "Aw, what the heck??" She grabbed his face and give him a big smacker on his lips!

Zim stood back in utter shock after what she did. Gaz quickly opened her door and raced inside. "Goodnight, Zim!" The door slammed shut.

Zim just stood there, his expression never changing. "...What in the world was that?" He then crossed his arms and pondered, his expression finally changing into that of deep thought. "Was THAT the date she had planned to attack me with? But... I don't feel any different." He smirked, "Foolish Gaz! You're evil doings cannot harm ZIM!"

With that, he walked home.

But on that walk, he was finally finding out what the result of the "attack" was.

Gir blew his nose on the still-full popcorn bag as he finished the final Soap Opera tape.

Zim walked inside. "Stay on your guard, Zim!" he told himself, "I can't let this take over me! But I can't help what wonder what effect that... 'date' is doing to me..."

He plopped on the couch next to Gir in hopelessness. Gir just stared at him for awhile before asking, "How was your date??!!"

Zim sighed, "Confusing... I didn't get enough vital information I needed to revet Gaz'a attack. And I'm afraid this 'date' has injected into me. I must be aware, Gir... but I need to know what this warm feeling is! Why do I want to be around her again! Why do I want her to attack me with that 'date' again?? Why do I even have this CRAZY thought that she should be spared in our mission?!"

Gir cracked a smile, knowing what was happening, espcially after watching all those soap operas all day. He leapt off the couch and began bouncing around. "YAY!!" he cheered, "ZIM HAD A GIRLFRIEND!! ZIM'S IN_LOVE_!!! YAY!! LOVE!!! ZIM'S IN LOVE!!!"

"Love...?" Zim thought. He held his fit up so Gir ran into it, knocking him out and therefore, shutting him up. "So the 'date' is just a decoy for the main attack..." He grinned evilly, "Very well... I will go along with this 'love' game that Gaz is playing... Little will she know that I am aware of your plan, and that I will LOVE her too! And then the entire world! And with that, I shall have CONQUERED IT!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!" Zim went off into fits of laughter for awhile.

"HAAHAAHAAHAHAAAAAA...... but first..."


"Dib?" Zim called.

Dib turned around in the school hallway, seeing Zim approach. "Zim??" he cried, getting into a defense position, "What do_you_want?"

"I come not to harm you... but to... rather make ammends," said Zim.

Dib cocked an eyebrow, "Ammends?"

"Yes... I want to destroy the world, yet you want to save it... It's completely atrocious taht we should bicker over complete opposites, don't you agree?"

Dib scratched his head. "Yeah, I... guess that makes sense."

"And to help make ammends," Zim held out a box of popcorn. "I give you a peace offering of food."

Dib took it. "Popcorn?" he said, glancing up at Zim unsure. Zim smiled and nodded. Dib opened it and sniffed. "Smells okay..." he said, "Heck, I love popcorn anyway!" He grabs a handfull and stuffed it down his throat.

"Yes..." said Zim, "And I'm sure the popcorn will love you back..."

Gaz impatiently waited by the boy's bathroom, waiting for Dib to stop vomiting the "lethal" food.

Glancing up, she noticed Zim walking past. He stopped, looked over by the boy's bathroom, smirked evilly, and said, "Victory for Zim..." and then walked off.

Gaz watched as he left. Once again, another rare, once in a lfietime smile crept on her face.