A/N: This started as a random little thing I was writing for myself, so it may not be very well structured or accurate. I found it fun so I decided to post it. It will be posted in parts and there's no telling how long it will go for because it's like a set of short stories. They are written from Dean's perspective and change in tone as he ages. I hope you like it!

The book said that parents should keep a log. I tried to but then Daddy got mad and told me to take it out because it was a fire hazard. So I decided to just write down what happens instead. I'm not a parent but Daddy doesn't do anything that the book said to do so I thought I should do it because otherwise Sammy might not turn out right. I wonder if Mommy used the book before the fire took her away.

Tuesday, May 1, 1984

Tomorrow is Sammy's first birthday. I wanted to go and get him a present but my piggybank is gone because Daddy had to borrow it but then he didn't give it back. I asked him to help me get Sammy a present but he said no. He's too busy. So I am going to give Sammy one of my comic books. He can't really read them so I read them to him and make the sound effects. I don't think he understands what I'm saying but I think he likes it when I read to him. But I never let him have them because he just breaks them because he likes to eat everything even though it's not food. But it's his birthday so I am giving him a Superman one because he is Sam's favorite. I like Batman best but Sammy is scared of the Joker so we don't really read Batman much.

Wednesday, May 2, 1984

Today Sammy turned one! He also started to walk today! I was really excited and I ran to tell Daddy but he was too busy and just told me to go away. That's okay. I gave Sammy my special piece of chocolate that I was saving as a reward and we played together all day. He liked the comic book I think. It already has teeth marks but that's okay because he mostly eats things that he likes. He also likes to bite my hand but he never bites Daddy.

Friday, May 18, 2984

Sammy is sick today. Daddy is mad at me because I took Sam to play outside and Daddy said it's too cold and dangerous. He is trying to find a monster. He thinks it might be the fire that took Mommy. I don't understand because how can a monster be a fire? But Daddy said it's not safe outside and also it was raining and really cold so now Sammy has a cold and it's my fault. I feel very bad so I read Sammy comic books and we played puzzles. I wanted to watch TV too but Daddy said no. So I pretended to be Superman and I made Sam Lex Luthor and then we had a tickle fight until Daddy yelled at us to be quiet because he was working. That's okay. Daddy is busy a lot.