Monday, September 19, 1988

Sam got an award today at school. He actually gets a lot of awards but this one was really special and it was presented in front of the whole school. What's more, Dad was actually there. Sam's a quiet kid and he doesn't say much at school. Normally he just smiles and looks really shy. But he was up there on the stage today, and he grinned at me, and I waved and pointed to the back. And then Sammy saw Dad, and his entire face just lit up. It was brilliant. After the ceremony thing, Sam ran out the back and threw himself at Dad. Dad just picked him up and hugged him real tight. He was chuckling and there were tears on his face. I don't think it was just because of the award, even though that's a big thing, too. Dad was really happy to see Sammy. I could tell. And Sam was happy to see him, too, even though Dad isn't much of a dad sometimes, to be honest. It's good to see that they're still as close as they can be in our situation because sometimes I feel like Sam's getting distant from Dad. It means he gets closer to me, which I like a lot, but I feel sad for Dad because he lost Mom and now he's losing Sammy. But he'll always have me, and now it looks like Sam's here to stay as well even though I was secretly scared for a while that Sam would leave after he grew up. We went for a celebration dinner that night. Normally we just have takeout pizza but Dad actually took us to a real restaurant for a proper dinner because he said it was a special occasion. I don't remember seeing Sammy so happy for a really long time. It was kind of really awesome.

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