The creatures of the forest bid you
"Welcome to the dark,"
Nothing here can hurt you
Darkness has no heart.


October 2004
Miraflores, Guaviare Department, Colombia
Day 2

The soldiers stepped around the jeep, and Ford stopped walking towards them. He was looking at their feet. They were wearing boots. Rubber boots. The same rubber boots Eliot had pointed out in Jorge Cabrera's front yard. These guys weren't military. They were FARC.

Ford turned back to Eliot, eyes urgent and questioning. Was he watching this? Wasn't he going to do something?

Eliot just leaned back in his seat and shrugged. He crossed his arms over his chest and ignored the sting he felt at the accusation written all over Ford's face.

It wasn't his fault. He'd given Ford a way out in Miraflores. He couldn't help it if Ford had been too stubborn to take it.

Whatever happened now was out of his hands.

Just a Few Notes:

Well, first and foremost, a giant thanks goes to Conelrad, an amazing writer whose fic you should check out if you haven't. We had endless google chats about concept and narrative and she contributed snippets in chapters 2, 5 and 6. We had hoped to do a full-on co-written story, but alas, life intervened! Maybe next time . . .

This fic was written as part of the Leverage BigBang over at LJ, and and I also want to thank weaselett over there for her assistance in beta'ing a good portion of this. Any errors that remain are mine and mine alone.

This story is set in California and Colombia and liberties are sometimes taken with geographic locations and historical background to suit the story. I also cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the punctuation correct on the Spanish snippets in here, so please forgive the lack of proper accents, etc. I will eventually conquer it, just not today.

This story is fully written, so there should be regular updates.