Kitten in the Rough

Chapter 2

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Obito POV~

This girl was very interesting, hell, this world was very interesting. There were so many things that I have seen here that I had never seen in my own world. I was currently pawing this thing called 'blender', it was a weird object. The girl giggled at my curiosity. That had encouraged me to paw a button and when it turned on I nearly jumped out of my fur. The noise was loud and I'm ashamed to admit that I ran behind the girl. But, not really; I was just so vulnerable as a tiny kitten.

I listened to the young woman laugh softly to herself and it made me grin. She pushed a button to turn off this monster called, 'blender', ending the loud noise.

"Silly Little Obi," She said to me as she rested her head on the 'computer' desk to look me at my level, "This is nothing to be afraid of. Just don't go inside or it will cut you into little kitty pieces."

I blanched. Why the hell should I not be afraid of that thing?!

I meowed to her and she picked me up and she walked to her bed and plopped herself down with myself resting against her chest. I was content with where I was and just stared at her. She smiled and rested her head against the pillow, her hair fanning out beneath her.

I had to admit, we were lucky to have stumbled upon such a nice woman. She liked to keep me to herself and away from the other members. I was not complaining about that in the least. This meant I could be myself and not Tobi and this meant I did not have to restrain myself from killing the other members. That effort was exhausting. Also... I got to watch this beautiful lady and get to know her. She was a breath taking woman with red, long, flowing hair; eyes a vivid green; skin of porcelain.

I sighed and stared at the girl as she drifted asleep.

Pein POV~

I watched my -Madara's- members as they explored the house, per my orders. I was not taking any chances, the first sight of a stuffed cat and we were gone! The girl was nice and all but that did not mean that we could trust her... that I could trust her.

I was currently walking along side Konan down the hallway that held five doors, three of which were closed. I peered into the first doorway to my right. Sasori and Deidara were thoroughly searching the room. It was a rather large room. Well, large to myself considering I was less than a foot from the ground. Annnd that was a rether depressing thought.

"Report," I ordered. The two turned to answer, giving me their undivided attention.

"This here is an artist's den, yeah," Deidara said from atop a desk with papers thrown haphazardly on its surface, modeling clay in lumps at the corners, wood shavings on the floor.

"A girl named Erza Levny works in here," Sasori said as he grasped a picture in-between his little kitty teeth and padded towards me. I stepped into the room more to meet him half way.

He dropped the picture at my feet and pawed the two girls, "On the back it says that this girl is Erza," He pawed the girl with purple hair with black eyes, "And this is Maeve." He pawed at the image of our lovely hostess. They were dressed in bakinis and sitting at the shallow edge of a wave pool. They were very beautiful. Yet, not my type. I like the rather sophisticated and classy types. Like Konan. But, we are childhood friends so she could never have those feelings for me. Espesially since I am in the body of our best friend and her former love interest.

I nodded sharply, "Good work," Sasori nodded in return as I turned to walk back into the hallway with Konan beside me.

"Maeve and Erza…" Konan said more to herself so I gave no comment.

We walked into the next room across from the 'artist's' den and found Zetsu, "Report."

Zetsu turned to me slowly and spoke, "This is just a bedroom, nothing to out of place," His white half spoke calmly, "There are some plants on the windowsil but nothing incriminating."Black Zetsu explained further. He turned back to the plant and began to speak to it.

The room consisted of a neatly made bed with blue sheets and a thick, blue comforter; a dresser and mirror with a closet at the other side.

I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room again. Trotting further down the hall I stopped in front of the last opened door and looked inside. Itachi and Kisame were looking about. There were books everywhere. "Report," I commanded.

Itachi and Kisame turned to me, "Sir," Itachi began, "This is a small library room; at first glance there is nothing wrong but…"

I perked up, "What is it?"

Kisame drug a book across the room to me and set it down, I read the title, "Beginner's Taxtedermy…" Oh. I saw the problem. I glanced from Kisame to Itachi.

Itachi looked back at me, in the eye; "There's many books in this room on stuffing animals there are-" He was then cut off by a yell from further down the hallway. We dashed out and saw Hidan and Kakuzu, the former's nose under the door.

"Yes?" I asked trying to keep the panic from my voice.

Kakuzu turned to me, "Sir, there is a strong scent of death coming from this room. It is unbelievable," He then turned back to his partner.

Hidan was pawing under the door, "Leader, we need to get this door open." I nodded and looked upwards; the handle was a horizontal one. If we could find a way to pull it down then we could get it open and see what was behind the door. I had a sinking feeling that this was going to end badly.

"Itachi?" I knew he was already thinking of a way to open the door. I watched at his kitten brows knitted together in thought.

"Leader-sama," He began, "We could move one of the empty boxes from the library room in front of the door and pray that it opens when we pull or push down on the knob."

I nodded to Kakuzu and Kisame and they retreated into the library room. A few moments later they were pushing an empty box. "We need someone small to go up there and push down the nob.

We all glanced at Deidara. He had his ears flat on his head, "Deidara," I commanded. He sighed at me.

"Yes Leader-sama, un." He padded over to the box and reared back on his haunches and then sprung forward and onto the box. It shook under the weight but held. I watched the top of the box, my height making it difficult to see Deidara.

I heard the rattle of the knob and grunting from Deidara. In one final grunt the door clicked and he pushed it open with both paws causing him to stumble off the box and face first onto the floor.

The members all snickered at Deidara but that all soon stopped as we saw what terror lay beyond the once closed door and in the mysterious room…

I swore if I were a weaker man I would have fainted… Konan fainted. I really could not register her unconsciousness at the moment; I was too enthralled in my horror to understand anything at the moment.

"The fuck is this!?" Hidan voiced for us all.

In our horror we saw our deaths… There were stuffed animals and animal skins everywhere, foxes, dogs, a bear, a wolf, ducks, chickens… and finally… a cat. That's it, we were gone.

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