Just a recap for the names :)

Fringe: Deidara

Puppet: Sasori

Bruce: Kisame

Joker: Itachi

Leader: Pein

Bird: Konan

Oreo: Zetsu

Little Obi: Tobi

Mr. Stiches: Kakuzu

Silver Tongue: Hidan


Maeve POV

I sat up slowly, wiping the sleep from my eyes. What time was it? I looked to my nightstand; it was only five in the afternoon. I saw Tobi asleep in my lap and I instantly melted, he was so cute! I picked him up and held his waking form to my ample chest and swung my feet over the side of the bed and decided to check on the other kittens.

I walked to my door and opened it slowly then narrowed my eyes as I walked into my living room. It was so quiet...Where were those little cats? I looked in the kitchen and there was no trace of them. I sighed as I walked into the hallway and I looked on in confusion. At the end of the hall was a box in front of the last door… I walked closer, why was my work room door open?

I saw the cats standing in mortification. Okay, this is weird. I must have like, super smart cats.

They hadn't noticed me yet as I studied them. Their bodies were tense, poor Fringe was shaking like a leaf. I saw Silver Tongue pawing at the ground excited along with a much more subtle Mr. Stiches. Joker and Bruce were off to the side, shying away from the others.

I noticed Leader, he was so tense, ready for action… or to run and hide. I like to think the former though. That would be one bad ass cat! I then saw poor Bird! My eyes widened slightly; she was unconscious on the wood floor, just lieing there like a rag doll. I gasped and leaned down, gently placing Obi on the floor to pick up Bird. Leader seemed to come to life and hiss at me and managed to scratch me.

At first I was startled then mad. "You little shit, you tink dis is funny?" I was so mad that my Irish accent was coming out.

Okay quick explanation. My mother is Irish. When I was younger I had a heavy Irish accent. My father didn't like it so he paid a speech therapist a lot of money to have speech lessons with my mom and me. My accent is still there but it comes out once in a while. Excited or scared; angry or surprised. Those are the times where my accent is really heavy. My I's sound like Oi's. Words like this become dis; and think becomes tink; also doing becomes doon. Those are just examples… My friend Vasilia has it even worse with a heavy Russian accent. Sometimes yikes, it sounds beautiful. Anyways, so far for the past two days I've been able to sound American. But I hate when I have to hold my accent back. I still practice but I really am not caring right now.

I then calmed myself and remembered how tense the little guy was. I gently picked him up buy the scruff of his neck and then held him under his arms, "You are cute so don't push it hun."

He seemed to glower at me, ears pressed flat against his head and meowed deep in his throat in warning, "You tink you wanna be a stuffed cat, eh?" He panicked a bit in my grasp, did he understand me? Because that would be absolutely ridiculous. "Oi'll do it if ya don't calm yourself." That seemed to do the trick because he was still, so still he seemed to have stuffed himself.

I placed him down gently and picked Bird up and cradled her to my chest and walked into the room and placed her on my desk atop some raccoon skin I was working on early yesterday morning.

The cats all gathered around me on the desk as I began to check Bird's heart rate with my cool little stethoscope. I was in vet school for about three months then decided I would rather work on the dead. Needless to say, my parents were not proud in the slightest. So yeah, I stuff dead animals for a living!

I smiled and looked at the worried kitties, "Bird is okay," I saw the cats relax... hmm... okay this was getting super weird. "Um, look at meh." Oh dear my accent was rearing its big head right now. However, I wanted to try something out. I was wondering if the cats could understand what I was saying. Sure enough, they all looked up at me, their little kitten heads tilted to the left in adorable confusion. I quirked an eyebrow, "O...kay," I had a cat once. I could talk and talk and it would ignore and ignore me and sleep and sleep. "If you can understand me then nod twice." They then nodded twice.

"Oh. Moi. Jashin!" I said stunned. Silver Tongue jumped happily, "You can understand me. Okay, cats, Oi now love you." I then stood and walked and picked up Obi, "Time to make dinner. You all are smart kitties so Oi refuse to feed you cat food. And you get a spot at the table!" I chirped merrily as I skipped to the kitchen, my kimono flapping about in my excitement.

Tobi POV~

I looked around the kitchen from Maeve's arms. Pein had told me what to call her a few moments ago so I finally knew her name. She had a strange speech pattern. I have never heard something like it before. It was endearing.

She then turned me in her grasp and looked me in my cat face, "Okay Obi, don't freak out alright? I'm going to wash your feet off so you can stand on the counter to cook with me." I nodded my head and she turned on the water. She wet her hand and rubbed the pads of my paws... it felt so good. She then applied soap and repeated. Using a paper towel she dried my paws and set me on the counter. I watched her then wash her hands... she seemed like a germaphobe.

She began to hum and get out different ingredients, "Okay Little Obi, we are going to make something simple, ribs; Oi need to go shopping..." She seemed happy with that. I was as well.

I watched her turn on the sink. Padding over, I watched it fill with hot water as she dropped the frozen meat in. "We need to wait for it to defrost," I nodded and I followed her to the stove. In a cabinet next to the stove were glass pans. She sprayed it with... something. It was called 'Pam'. Interesting. She then put in a sauce. Dipping her finger in the bottle of brown sauce she then held it to my kitten nose, "You are now the Official Taste Tester. Go on," I looked at her finger and swore I was not blushing as I licked off the sauce. She giggled and I grinned a cat grin and licked again. It was good. I nodded and she smiled wider and turned back to her cooking. She was humming to herself and I watched her sway back and forth merrily as she prepared the meal.

I knew this feeling bubbling up inside of me. This raw emotion. I remember it. I felt it once for her. But this time it felt different. I shook my head. No! I just met this girl. And besides, I am a cat. Oh dear Kami, I'm a cat! I groaned to myself as I watched the woman pre heat the oven with a bright smile. I pushed all thoughts of liking my hostess to the back of my mind and watched Maeve-chan cook.

Hidan POV~

I explored this beautiful room of death, not paying a lick of attention to Leader. Fuck him. I'm immortal so death threats don't bother me. Plus threats of pain don't bother me either cus I fucking like it!

I padded over to a stuffed rabbit. The bitch Maeve was creative because it was so fucking demonic. I liked it. I grinned and looked up at its slit, red eyes, its mangy and matted white fur, long yellow nails, and overgrown buck teeth. This shit was cool. I was then smacked in the head. I turned to glower at my fucking partner. Who the fuck does he think he is? Getting off on hitting me like I'm his bitch! Fuck him; I'm no one's bitch.

"The fuck Kakuzu?!"

He looked at me with a threatening glare that made me lose my mind in anger, "Pay attention! You are just as bad as Tobi."

I gapped, "I am not!"

"Yes. You are." He said as he turned back to Leader.

"Fuck you!" I hissed.

"QUIET." Leader said. I mumbled some colorful words and turned back to the fucking cock sucking leader. He was talking about our fucking stay here.

"We are to act as normal kittens would. I'm not entirely sure how that is but we cannot lose this woman's trust." He then looks over us all slowly with a damn grimace on his face, "Konan said we must... act cute."

We were all silent for a few moments... "The fuck?!" I yelled, "I'm not gunna act fucking cute for no one!"

"I agree with the psycho, un!" Deidara yelled too. I simply glared at the fucking dumbass.

"Shut up Brat!" That old bitch, Sasori glared as he smacked the blondie.

I laughed at the blonds embarrassment then was smacked at well. I looked towards Kakuzu with an unholy murder in my eyes, "The fuck?! Really?"

"Shut up idiot," I then lost it.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!"

He glared back at me and showed his teeth, "Let's find out if you are still immortal," he then turns towards me fully with a snarl.

"Enough," Leader said dangerously. I sighed and shut my mouth. Fuck you Leader-sama.

Akatsuki POV~

Pein looked over the members, "Look," He sighed, "This place is terrifying, yes. We are weak in these forms. I have been thinking about how we can change back. I began with what technique this is and it seems to be an advanced henge. In theory, if we were to channel enough chakra we could revert back to our normal bodies. So, while we are here store your chakra, later on we may be able to break the henge with a single release."

Itachi hummed, "Leader-sama?"

Pein nodded his head in acknowledgment.

Itachi continued, "Are we going to stay here? Even after we released the advanced henge?"

Pein was still for a moment, looking around the room. He finally locked eyes with Itachi, "I do not like this situation, Maeve is an obvious threat, but we have nowhere else to go. Just simply by what I have seen this is obviously not our world. I have a feeling we will need that girl to help us assimilate to this world until we have found a way home."

"Hai Leader-sama," They all answered in unison.

Kisame perked up, "Oh, that smells delicious," He then turned on his kitty heels and dashed from the room of horror and towards the kitchen"

Kisame POV~

Whatever that smell is, it was delicious. Meat~ my mouth was watering at the assault to my nose.

Walking up to the kitchen, I peered around the corner and watched the red head. She was a cutie. I snickered to myself then noticed Tobi on the counter. I thought that was rule number four?! So is that guy Tobi her favorite? Well, let's just find out.

I walked up to the girl. Okay, act like a cat... I rubbed her bare leg with my face and meowed. She looked down at me and smiled. And she spoke, "Awe, hello Bruce." She kneeled down and picked me up. "You are a smart kitty, no?" She asked in her strange accent. I nodded my little cat head and she giggled. I flashed the best toothy grin I could give her.

I really did not enjoy being handled like a common house pet, but I guess it couldn't be helped. As she began to walk away to a couch I looked down and saw that tiny pest Tobi. He was a real de-stressor to the Akatsuki and I enjoyed the carefree attitude, but he was this girl's favorite and I had absolutely no idea why.

I watched Tobi walk beside Maeve and inwardly snarled. What was just so good about him? Hm!? Why did Maeve like him best?

"You're such a cute kitty Bruce," Maeve smiled at me and I grinned again, showing my sharp teeth. This kid was okay with me... except for that room of horror. I shivered remembering where I just left moments ago. This girl threatened Leader-sama saying she would stuff him. I then realized that we had better be good.

She sat on the white fur couch and placed me down on her lap. "I wonder what these are," She began to trace my gill-like markings underneath my eyes, "why would someone do this to a cat?"

I realized that she thought my appearance was unnatural, which I agree because it was true. However, my sharky appearance was due to my relationship with Samehada, my sword.

I watched Tobi from atop Maeve's lap as he sat on the floor, a smug grin on my face as Maeve scratched behind my ears. I could have sworn Tobi's eyes flashed red as he meowed deep in his throat. Now that was odd and slightly terrifying. He looked just like Itachi. I watched as his ears went flat. Tobi was mad? Tobi? That was a first.

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