The 76th Hunger Games

A sequel to 'Mockingjay': One year after the rebels of The Districts won the war, all of the children of The Capitol between the ages of twelve and eighteen who are descendants of the evil and sadistic high ranking Capitol Officials will be drawn from a bowl in a public reaping to participate in one last Hunger Games, which was the compromise that the people of The Districts agreed to when President Coin, refused to execute The Capitol's entire population.

Author's Note: I love 'The Hunger Games'. This is my first attempt at a, Hunger Games fan fic. I always wondered what the last Hunger Games that they said the kids of The Capitol would participate in, would be like. So here is what my imagination is pulling off. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: The Reaping

Amanda Snow, was sitting in the small two bedroom apartment with her mother. She was the granddaughter of Coriolanus Snow, Panem's late president. Panem's current president, Finch Paylor of District 8, gave them modest accommodations after the war. They were also given jobs in a factory; President Paylor, was trying to show the people of The Capitol, that she could treat them in a civilized manor, unlike the way the people of The Districts were treated, the people of The Districts are trying to set an example by 'being the bigger man' figuratively speaking. The Peacekeepers now enforce the law with 'benevolence', rather than 'malevolence', even towards the people of The Capitol. The people of The Capitol were not starved; for all of the food from Districts 4, 9, 10, and 11, was divided equally between every individual person in the entire country, which was more than enough for everyone. The people of The Capitol were not unemployed; everyone had a job. But they were not over-worked like the people of The Districts were under the old regime; they simply worked 5 days a week for 8 hours a day, and no more. No one was homeless; everyone was given an apartment, or house. The system was good by normal standards for the people of The Districts, but the people of The Capitol were still adjusting, for the people of The Capitol, the new 'Living System', and 'Accommodation System' was a huge step down in lifestyle, but have accepted that it could be worse.

Amanda Snow had been dreading this day for months. Today was the day of the reaping, and her name was in the reaping bowl, 39 times; one for every year her grandfather had been in office.

Eighteen months earlier when the war had been won by The Districts, the people of The Districts, had wanted the entire population of The Capitol, to be executed, because for 75 years the people of The Capitol, had both tolerated and benefited from the suffering, starvation, slave labor, and grueling living conditions of the people of The Districts. President Coin, the former leader of District 13, felt that the death toll of the war had already been so high that there could not be any more killing after the war had now ended. So President Coin sat down with the people of The Districts and came up with a compromise; the people of The Capitol, would be allowed to live if there was just one more Hunger Games. Only this time The Tributes, would be children from The Capitol, who were descendents of high-ranking government officials.

Of course Amanda Snow would be right at the top of that list. Her mother was making an attempt to prepare some of the food that had been given to them, the food was not very good, as neither of them knew how to cook, for all of their food had been cooked by avox servers for their entire lives. Now all of the former avoxs were undergoing an elaborate surgery so that they would be able to talk again; some sort of experimental treatment of transplanting some sort of laboratory grown artificial tongues.

They ate the food that had been very poorly prepared by Amanda's mother. Amanda showered and then fixed her hair which had been dyed a bright bubble-gum pink, one of the many weird and bizarre fashion styles in The Capitol, and then dressed in formal attire.

"Are you okay, honey?" asked Amanda's mother, in their strange Capitol accent, who had bright citrus orange skin, long black finger-nails, and snow-white hair.

Amanda wasn't sure how to answer. She could have simply have said that she was fine, or that she was miserable, or that she was dreading this, but she felt compelled to give a more elaborate explanation of her feelings.

"I'm afraid that I'll get picked mother. It just seems so unfair. I mean, grandpa is dead, and we lost the war, why should I have to pay the horrible atrocities that grandpa did?" her voice cracked with despair on the last sentence.

"Is it any worse than the children of The Districts, had to endure? Don't get me wrong, I agree with you. I love you more than anyone else in this world, and I would never send you to the Games, myself. But this will not be ongoing like the people of The Districts, had to endure, this will be the last Hunger Games ever, and then it will be over, and there is still a chance that you won't get picked. But if you do get picked sweetie, and you win, then you will be given the same status as any other Hunger Games Victor. You will return here with a lifetime of wealth and luxury. And then we won't have to cook our own meals anymore." She gave a halfhearted smile and laugh on the last sentence.

Amanda smiled as well. She did not look at this as a death sentence. If she was to be picked she was of course going to try her hardest to win, and she was as prepared as she could be; since the announcement of the fact that her name would be put into the reaping bowl for one last Hunger Games, more than a year-earlier, she had gone to the gym every day, practiced with a personal trainer, lifted weights, took up fencing, and practiced throwing knives at a dartboard; even with all the practice, she couldn't hit the bull's-eye every time, but could at least hit the area around the bull's-eye most of the time. She wasn't very good, even after a year of practice, but she had at least mastered the bare minimum basics, and hoped to put on a good show, and that she had…a chance…not a big chance, but just the chance, at winning…if she got picked.

She remembered visiting the old arenas. She always enjoyed participating in the re-enactments. But this was not going to be a re-enactment, this was the real thing, she was going to go up against 23 opponents that were prepared to kill her, and were a lot more determined on winning then she was…assuming that she would get picked of course. Her family had been close to the families of other high ranking Capitol officials. Many of the other kids who would be reaped today were her friends. And then a wave of remorse fell over her, this is what the children of The Districts, had to endure; she felt horrible. Maybe if she was picked, maybe if she did win, she could do something to make a difference. No, there was no difference to make now; the people of The Districts, were free, and once this Hunger Games is over, The Capitol, will never have to endure this again. Maybe the simple fact that she now understands, was all that mattered.

They got up, put on their shoes and headed out the door. They had a car waiting for them, which had been arranged by the officials, because Amanda Snow was required by law to attend. They rode in silence to a public square on an area near the edge of town. Thousands of people were there.

"Amanda, over here."

A girl with banana yellow hair, and banana yellow skin, who was smiling and waving at Amanda, had been beckoning her over. Though Amanda did not need to get close to know who it was; her bright, banana yellow color, was a dead giveaway to her identity. It was a girl named Lisa Derrick, she was the daughter of President Snow's most trusted adviser.

"Hey Lisa, how are you feeling?" asked Amanda.

"Oh, I'm alright I guess. My name is only in the bowl once, so I guess I'm as safe as I can be. How are you holding up?"

"I'll be all right I guess I'm just eager to get this over with." said Amanda.

They hugged each other in encouragement. They then both went off to stand together with the 15-year-olds of all of the high-ranking government officials for the past 75 years that had some hand in the suffering of the people of The District's, there were approximately 500 of their descendents between the ages of 12 and 18.

After all of the eligible children were registered, they all went to their respective places. A stage and podium was right in front of them. There with the two large glass fish bowls filled with the names of all the children who are eligible, though there were a lot more than 500 slips in each bowl; the number of slips with one's own name on them was determined by how many years that high-ranking Capitol official was in office, some were in the office of their positions for almost their entire lives, while others lasted less than a year.

In Amanda's case, her grandfather had first become a high-ranking Capitol official 39 years earlier, he then plotted and schemed for a few years until he managed to become president, where he then remained in office until the end of the war.

And then, out onto the stage came the one and only, Effie Trinket, the Hunger Games escort for District 12. They were trying to make everything about the Hunger Games, from start to finish, including the reaping, as normal as possible, though since this was not a normal Hunger Games by any sense, they did have to make a few modifications to the standard protocol.

"Welcome, welcome!" said Effie Trinket with a smile on her face and in an enthusiastic voice of the occasion, "Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds, be ever in your favor. Now, before we select who shall have the honor of representing The Capitol, in the 76th annual Hunger Games, the President of Panem, Finch Paylor, shall read the formal, 'Treaty of Peace', between The Capitol, and The Districts, as well as a reiteration of the feelings of The Districts, towards The Capitol, at the end of the war, and the compromise that was made, that has now brought us peace."

President Paylor, then walked up to the podium. She unrolled a scroll and began to read a quote from the old, 'Treaty of Treason'.

"The earth once thrived with billions of people, then with nuclear war, the population was decimated. Out of the ashes of the destruction of what was once a place called North America, came our great nation of Panem; thirteen districts and one glorious beautiful Capitol. But the human race was destined to go to war again; the 13 districts of Panem, rebelled against The Capitol, and The Capitol won the war. District 13 was destroyed and Districts 1 through 12, were defeated. Then came the peace. The 12 districts would offer their labor and resources so that they would be allowed to live. As punishment for choosing to rebel in the first place, each year the 12 districts of Panem would offer up tributes, one boy and one girl, where all 24 children will compete in a pageant of skill, encourage, and honor. This annual event would forever be known as, The Hunger Games. The winner would be permitted to return to their home district, and would be relieved of any and all past charges of their ancestors, and would live out the rest of their lives with wealth and luxury as a symbol of The Capitol's, generosity, and forgiveness."

President Paylor then rolled up the scroll and to address the entire audience.

"This scroll that I hold in my hand, 'The Treaty of Treason', is a lie, it was always a lie, there was no generosity from The Capitol, there was no forgiveness, the Hunger Games victors were not excused of their ancestors crimes. The people of The Districts, were so angry about this at the end of the war that they made a request to have each and every one of you who has Capitol citizenship, to die. We the people of The Districts, would've then been accused of a massacre, and then how would we be any better? To completely ignore this request from the disgruntled malcontents might have caused a civil war between District 13 and the other 12 districts, so we asked the disgruntled malcontents, if they would be satisfied if the seven remaining Hunger Games victors, would vote on a compromise." President Paylor then unrolled a different scroll. "And now I quote the recently written and signed, 'Treaty of Peace'. And I quote. The compromise was that the seven remaining Hunger Games victors would go by majority vote of yes or no for one more Hunger Games, only the children who would be reaped would be from the descendents of high-ranking Capitol officials and that is all of you," president Paylor gestured to the 1000 children in front of her, "it was a four out of seven majority vote of yes. Rather than have your entire population of your city die, 23 of you will die in a pageant of strength, courage, and survival. To show that there will be an end to suffering in the country of Panem, every single citizen will be given modest living conditions, modest labor with decent pay, modest recreation and entertainment, and all of the food from districts 4, 9, 10 and 11 will be divided equally between the entire population, which our experts have calculated is far more then enough for everyone. The Peacekeepers are under the law that will be strictly enforced, that they will not be sadistic about their position over the people; they will adhere to a strict code of conduct, and they will keep the peace by helping people, not by intimidating people...And that is the 'Treaty of Peace'. So I will say to you, survive if you can win, and if you can't win, die with honor. Effie Trinket, back to you."

Effie Trinket stepped up to the podium once more.

"Thank you President Paylor. Now, the time has come for us to select who will represent The Capitol, in this year's Hunger Games. As usual, the ladies first."

Effie Trinket reached into the bowl and dug her hand to the very bottom stirred the slips of paper up a little and then pulled one out at random.

"Lisa Derrick."

Amanda looked at her friend was standing right beside her. Lisa had look of horror on her face, but with brave determination, she walked up on stage.

Effie Trinket reached into the same bowl and drew out another slip of paper.

"Susanna Xavier."

Susanna Xavier was the 18 year old daughter of the most ruthless, evil, and sadistic Head Peacekeeper, that District 5 ever had. She was tall, muscular, and powerfully built, and it was rumored that her father had trained her in the use of weapons and hand-to-hand combat for her entire life. She had no fear as she walked up onto the stage.

This went on, one slip of names after another.

"Breanna Crane."

Breanna Crane was the daughter of the former Head Game Maker, Seneca Crane.

"Martha Filmer."

"Janice Miller."

Joyce Harrison. Gloria Goldwater. May Salmon. Irene Avion. Belinda Rogers. Beverly O'Malley.

And that was 11 girls. At this point it seemed to Amanda Snow, most unlikely now that she would get picked. One more girl, one more random slip in thousands, and then it's all over. Effie Trinket reached into the girls bowl for the last time, and rather than digging her hand to the bottom, she snatched a random slip off the top. She unfolded the piece of paper to read out the last girls name.

"Amanda Snow."

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