Chapter 3: The Tribute Parade

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Katniss, Amanda, and her mother arrived at a fancy decorated dining hall in the Remake Center. It was serve-yourself, with an all-you-could-eat-buffet.

They went over to the food table and loaded their plates with choice items.

They all sat together at the large dining table. Conversation flowed easily. Katniss heard everyone talk about common things that they usually talked about in the Capitol, which was gossip; who did what, or who made a fool out of themselves with this or that. But mostly fashion; bizarre hair, weird skin coloring, and skin alterations, though the skin alterations had stopped since the end of the war, as skills, public services, and labor were all prioritized as per the needs of the recovery of the country from the war.

All of the living, Hunger Games Victors were there. Hamach Abernathy from District 12, Joanna Mason from District 7, Annie Cresta from District 4 and her 10 month old baby, who is the son of her late husband and Hunger Games Victor Finick Odair, Beetee from District 3, and Enobaria from District 2. Each of them were mentoring for a Tribute. The rest had volunteer Mentors.

Peeta Melark entered the room and walked over to his wife.

"Hey there honey, I missed you." Peeta said cheerfully, and then kissed Katniss on the cheek.

"How was the tour of the city?" asked Katniss.

"It was fine." said Peeta. "Parts of the city are still being rebuilt. But it is nice to get out and about."

He walked over to the buffet table and filled his plate with choice items. And went to sit next to Blaze Trenton of whom he was mentoring.

Katniss got up and walked over to Annie Cresta and her baby.

"Hey Annie." said Katniss. "You look well."

"Yeah, I'm doing alright." said Annie.

The young infant seemed to be very healthy. He looked at Katniss with interest. The baby reached out and took her finger and smiled.

"I think he likes you." said Annie.

Katniss smiled at the baby in return.

"He's adorable." said Katniss.

"Want to hold him?" asked Annie.

"Sure." said Katniss.

The Girl On Fire, took the baby in her lap and Annie began to eat.

"I named him Finnik, after his father." said Annie.

"It suits him." said Katniss.

Conversation that carried on between the two women went well for a while.

"There has been an output of coal coming into District 4 lately." commented Annie, "I thought the coal mines were closed down?"

"They recently reopened." said Katniss. "Not full time, for six days a week, for 13 hours a day, for minimum wage, like during the old regime. Now the coal miners are given a huge pay, they work at their own pace, for only four days a week, for only six hours a day. The such light labor in the mines doesn't produce much coal, but better than nothing; the little coal that is produced is being spread around to all the Districts, and it is far more coal than the Districts ever got before, as during the old regime ninty-nine percent of the coal went to the Capitol."

Conversation carried on for the next few hours. But then all of the Tributes escorts said it was time for bed.

Sixteen hours later, the tributes were being cleaned up by there prep teams.

They were then going to be put into the hands of their stylists.

The prep teams were used to kids from the Districts, who were usually emaciated from malnutrition, and plain in there fashion sense. None of the tributes this year were plain or ordinary. They all had the weird and unusual styles of both hair, face, clothes, and body as everyone else in The Capitol. And they all showed signs of being well fed for their whole lives.

The MockingJay, had told Amanda Snow not to struggle or fight with what her stylists were doing to her. And Amanda Snow had been very, very cooperative. Unlike most of the tributes from the districts, almost every person in The Capitol had seen a stylist and prep team at some point in their lives as a luxury, like going to a spa, this was not the first time a prep team had scrubbed down Amanda Snow and fixed her up. Since The Capitol citizens had undergone their step down in lifestyle, days at the spa were few and far between.

She relaxed and enjoyed the pampering.

An hour or so later, she was given a bathrobe to put on and was taken to a empty room and waited with her mother. She was then met by her stylist. A woman entered the room. She had dark brown skin, hair that had been dyed a bright gold, and navy blue nail polish.

"My name is Zoe Bluth," said the woman, "and I'm here to fix you up for The Games."

"So what will I be wearing?" asked Amanda.

"Well, since you and Blaze Trenton were the last tributes called for the boys and the girls, you will represent District 12, so you will be dressed in plain coal-miners outfits." explained Zoe Bluth.

"What? What are you talking about?" asked Amanda, putting two and two together, but hoping against hope that she would get a different answer.

"Well, traditionally each year, The Hunger Games are represented by the The District's 'figurative colours' during the 'Tributes Parade'." said Zoe Bluth. "But since this year all of the Tributes are from The Capitol, The Tributes will represent The Districts depending on what order they were pulled out of the reaping bowl. For example, Lisa Derrick, and David Crane were both drawn first, they will represent District 1. Susanna Xavier, and Hecter Ardamin will represent District 2, and so on and so forth."

Amanda Snow could not help but feel that all this was all just a little silly. But then on the other hand, the tributes from The Districts being dressed up in costumes based on their own district was always silly. But she decided not to ask any further on the matter, as it was quite apparent that they were trying to make the standard protocol like any other year. The only thing that was different was the fact that the tributes were from The Capitol, and that the training would go on for a full month instead of just three days.

Three hours later they were standing in the horse stables at the Remake Center, with their carriages, and the other tributes. Both Amanda and Blaze were dressed in just simple coal-miners outfits.

Amanda looked over at her friend Lisa Derek and in the colors of District 1. Lisa was dressed in what appeared to be a ballroom gown covered with useless but decorative items. The items in question were items that they, the people of The Capitol, always valued; District 1 manufactured 'Luxury Items', so the items were items that had little to no practical use. Though, now-a-days, District 1 had changed; due to the damage that the country had suffered during the war, the District 13 officials had District 1 alter the production in there luxury items factories to manufacture practical items. It seemed more efficient.

All the tributes got onto their chariots and they began to be let out into the city one at a time.

Viewed on the TV Screens:

On the television, the parade was commentated by the two talk show hosts, Claudius Templesmith, and Caesar Flickerman.

"Well Claudius, I must ask you what do you think of this year's games?"

"Well Caesar, I will say, it is an interesting twist, and I think that it is going to be exciting!"

"I couldn't agree more." said Caesar. "And here we have the first glimpses of the Tributes Chariots coming out of the remake center. And here comes the first Chariot carrying President Snow's right-hand adviser, Jefferson Derrick's daughter, Lisa Derrick, and former head game maker Seneca Crane's son, David Crane. And their chariot is representing District 1. And I must say that I just love their outfits representation of the impractical, but highly decorative beautiful objects."

"I quite agree Caesar. Oh, and look, there is District 2. They are dressed as Peacekeepers. During the old regime, District 2 provided Peacekeepers for the other Districts. And it seems fitting, given that Susanna Xavier is the daughter of a former head Peacekeeper from District 5."

"Yes, he was Claudius."

"Now, beside her is Hector Ardamin. He is small but I bet he's full of surprises." said Claudius.

"And then we have Seneca Crane's daughter, and David Crane's sister, Breanna Crane, and Sherman Griffin who are both representing District 3, and their costumes, I love the fictional, futuristic, high-tech look of the clothing, you know." said Caesar.

"Yes, I quite agree." said Claudius.

"And there we have Martha Filmer and Neil Jones. And what is that, that they are dressed up as? What are those costumes?" asked Caesar.

"I believe that they are dressed up as dolphins." said Claudius.

"Oh, I love dolphins!" said Caesar excitedly. "And fitting for the exciting show the tributes will put on; Dolphins are strong, fast, and smart."

"And representing District 5," said Claudius, "we have Janice Miller and Barney Simpson, and I'm sure you can tell what they are dressed up as?"

"I believe that they are dressed up as tesla-coils."

"I will say, for District 5 that theme is clever, and I think very imaginative." said Claudius.

"And to represent District 6 we have Joyce Harrison and Randy Bing!"

"And judging by their clothes, I think that they're simply wearing normal 'Operators Uniforms' for supply trains." said Claudius.

"And Gloria Goldwater and Dennis Green to represent District 7, Now, at all the other Tributes Parades, the District 7 Tributes have always been trees, but it looks like they're going for a theme other than trees; they are wearing boots, bluejeans, tank tops, and hard helmets...I think they are dressed up as Lumberjacks."

"I like that, it is something new, and it makes it interesting." said Claudius.

"And May Salmon and Harley Dillon representing District 8, it seems that they are wearing long cloaks and robes striped with a variety of different kinds of fabrics, that is a clever idea by their stylist if I do say so myself."

"And Irene Avion and Chaz Zoltan, what are they wearing?" asked Claudius.

"I believe they are supposed to be shirts and pants covered in stalks of wheat."

"And behind them they have Belinda Rogers and Giovanni Leon dressed up as a cowboy in a cowgirl." said Claudius. "And behind them representing District 11 we have Beverly O'Malley and Klay Randolph who are wearing overalls, T-shirts, straw hats, and leather gloves; standard clothing for all-day vegetable-gardeners."

"And last but not least, to represent District 12 we have Amanda Snow and Blaze Trenton, who seem to be wearing standard coal miners outfits."

"And listen to that crowd." said Claudius. "They are cheering for every single one of them. For the first time in the 77 years since the Hunger Games first began, the people of the Capitol who love the Hunger Games so much have all 24 Tributes representing our fair city."

"And though some of these tributes appear to look small and weak, not a single one of them can be ruled out; when the Games begin, each and every one of them will have an equal chance of winning, it all comes down to how well they play their skills against their opponents." said Caesar explaining an obvious point of logic.

"And, it always helps to be lucky." said Claudius in an amused tone of voice.

Both Claudius and Caesar laughed at that last one.

"And the chariots are lining up into formation in front of the President's Mansion."

President Paylor then spoke to the tributes just as President Snow always did.

"Tributes of the Capitol, welcome to the 76'th Hunger Games. I thank you for being here, we the people of Panem honor you, and admire you, for your courage, and for your sacrifice. And we wish you, happy Hunger Games, and made the odds be ever in your favor. By the terms of the official 'Treaty of Peace', this will be the last ever Hunger Games, and I say to you, go into the arena and win if you can, and if you can't, die with honor, and die with dignity."

The people cheered and clapped at President Paylor's words.

Off Camera, behind the scenes:

The horses then pulled the chariots into the horse stables in the Training Center. All of the tributes were then met by their escorts, stylists, mentors, and supporters, and then were led off to the elevators.

Amanda Snow and Blaze Trenton arrived at the 12th floor for District 12 tributes.

"Well," said Effey Trinket, "I think that that went very well. And now why don't you two change out of those coal-miners outfits and dinner will be served in about an hour."

After dinner, they went to bed to get ready for training the next day.

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