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AN: I'm baaaaaaaaack, and I offer no excuses, because there aren't any. I'm just really lazy. The original reason for the drop off was because as I was writing the ninth chapter realized that the story was nowhere near where I wanted it to be. Looking back on it I realized that I was using Jacob's and Coral's relationship as…well basically filler, for lack of a better word. Whenever I wanted the chapter to be longer I would just write fluff about them. While I'm sure (Based on your reviews) that none of you heart-breakingly loyal fans minded, I did. I had originally developed the story with their relationship far more spread out, but my aforementioned fluffy fillerizing got ahead of me and their feelings developed too quickly, and I kept it because I'm good at it. Just so y'all get a perspective on what I mean by too quick, I had originally intended their relationship really begin to come out romantically somewhere near the 7th chapter and for it to reach the level it is at currently somewhere around Chapter 27 with the first three or so chapters having them be mildly antagonistic. Also the quick progression of their love also made what was going to be the main conflict totally unrealistic; which then lead to Coral's emotional trauma becoming such, which wasn't to be explored until later. So you see I was stuck, because the entire story was about their relationship evolving. That meant that the story could not continue very easily as it had lost its main premise.

I realized all of this as I was working on the ninth chapter, and so I made a decision. A rewrite. And so I began to work on it, but a rewrite is a lot of work, and it became daunting. I began to lose track of the story, and my mind moved on to different things. Only occasionally did I try to come back to this story, but half-heartedly, and not really trying. Weeks passed, then months, then (technically) a year. It was only when I idly looked at the reviews that I realized that people hadn't given up on the story yet, and If people could sit there and wait for a story, then I could at the very least write one for them. SO here I am explain all of this to you all to basically say, to story is being rewritten, and I promise you it will be better. You won't notice too many changes in chapters 1 & 2 just a couple details, maybe an extra or deleted paragraph or two, so those should be up maybe today, definitely tomorrow. Chapter 3 and onwards will be what is different, and they will be different assure you, and at least from point of view on the story where I can see it as a whole, it will be better. And now since I refuse to be the person who updates without at least some story, I give you exposition. This is basically an intro containing all the background that I can't easily fit into the story , but I feel the story is confusing without. Without further Ado, Enjoy…After Rapture



Rapture is dead. These events are simply the last gasping breath of a city on its deathbed. Most of the city is flooded, the Big Daddies having long since lost their ability to maintain the superstructure. Within its few remaining air pockets is silence. Rapture is dead.

These events take place 5 years after the Alpha Daddy Delta began his rampage against the Family. These events result in the loss of the Family's messianic figure, their leader, and almost all of their ADAM producing capabilities. The remaining Little Sisters were put into overtime, desperately trying to produce enough ADAM to sustain it. But as food and ADAM resources got lower and lower factions started to rise out of the Family, each vying for control of the pheromone network. Yet inexplicably, more and more splicers began to resist, disobeying orders as their need for ADAM grew stronger and stronger. Soon the Little Sisters were put in constant danger, and their overwhelmed Protectors began to lose one by one. In a year the increasing bestial splicers had consumed every source of ADAM within and without the city, with only the powerful Big Sisters surviving the slaughter. The Sisters, and the few Big Daddies that survived went increasingly mad without Little Sisters to protect, either falling to a murderous rage, or an all-encompassing depression.

In the third year after Delta's assault on the Family, things began to finally silence for the city as more and more Splicers began to die from ADAM depravation, but some did not. Some became feral abominations, creatures entirely of ADAM who could shrug off a stab to the heart by simply making their heart not be there or a bullet to the brain by distributing their neural functions across their bodies. They were the ultimate killers, because they could not be killed. But even they could not function without a continual supply of ADAM and so they began to drop into hibernation, waking only when they heard something living.

It is now five years after Delta, and the only living things that still move within Rapture are the few Protectors, and perhaps the odd survivor. This is a tale of when those two groups meet.

Rapture is dead; this is the tale of what happened… After Rapture.


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