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Chapter 4

I bit my lip, I stood on the threshold leading out of our apartment. I stood there ready to make an important decision: Would I help the Sister? To say I was nervous was an understatement…perhaps terrified would be a better word for it. Even though for all I know, she hasn't even moved since my previous encounter with her, all I could think about is that she might just suddenly burst out, beating me into a bloody pulp for some obscure, unknowable reason. Try as I might, I could not just forget her. I had the insane little nagging feeling that she needed my help, which seemed quite ridiculous. Yet it remained no matter how much I tried to rationalize it, it would persist. My dreams began to change, less nightmare images and more of the good stuff, of her cowering in the corner of that room, of her distress and her hopelessness Several times I had dreamt of her voice echoing down the corridor, begging me to help her.

It had been a week since our eventful last encounter. And she had made no revelation of her presence, just an unnerving silence, like a void of despair just out of the range of my senses. It gnawed on me. Even worse I had a feeling that she was starving herself, as I hadn't seen her come out of her room. That worried me; and it worried me that it worried me

These thoughts are what led me to my current decision. I had scrounged the area of all food and we going to move on from this area for good. I was unsure whether or not the Sister would follow us, but it seemed to me a good way to get into her good books would be to tell her.

But why did I want to be in her good books in the first place? Strange things happened in Rapture, ones mind wasn't always your own.

Then there was Ashley, who I am certain would be quite put out with me if I chose to tell the Sister that we were moving. What might have been an easy transition would be become seriously complicated if the Sister began to follow us. I had taught her to run away from problems. Run away from them as fast as you possibly can, usually after causing the loudest noise you could in the other direction. That's how you deal with things in Rapture, since most of the problems you experience can Incinerate! you alive you before you can aim your gun. The brave survivors were the first to die. Only two people have ever escaped Rapture using brute force.

Unfortunately this policy is a lot less effective in emotional matters. And the biggest problem Ashely has ever had rested just a few doors down, unknown to her. Both of our encounters with her had resulted with violence, and me injured; and to her that was all the proof she needed. She didn't see the Big Sister as I did now, they were her nightmares, and she reacted as such.

So I stood there. Torn between two decisions, what was risky and rewarding or what was practical, but had a chance to hurt us later. Ashley's sanity was already at risk. I have seen just hard she struggles to keep herself above the waters of her indoctrination. The Sister could easily be the catalyst that caused her to revert. I know to her that would be worse than death.

I turned my head, letting my sight settle on the girl herself. She was sleeping, relatively peacefully from the looks of it, which was quite rare for her, particularly this week. Her eyelids glowed the orange color of illuminated flesh, a sight most would have probably found ghastly, but one I have gotten so used to it didn't even bother me.

On a whim I walked over to her, reaching out a hand to move the hair out of her face. With a small murmur and a contended sigh, she moved into the familiar touch, her half glowing face breaking into a small smile. I felt my muscles do the same, and a swell of paternal love rose into my chest. Father. I knew perfectly well that was what she thought of me as, and as much as I had been uncomfortable with it before, it was a role I came to love. Father. A father to a poor and lost girl. I let out a small chuckle as it suddenly occurred to me that I had once heard that a nineteen-year-old father might have seemed scandalous to civilization. Of course I wouldn't know, I hadn't lived in anywhere remotely civilized since I was five.

A lone father, the idea seemed to me incredibly sad. Suddenly a new voice chimed into the half-forgotten debate. The Big Sister could help protect Ashley. With surprising intensity the logic burned its way through all my objections, Ashley would be safer on our journey if we had the Big Sister around. An unshakable hunch that the Big Sister would never do anything to harm Ashely asserted itself. It put most of my fears to doubt. Moving myself back again to the door, I stared into the dank and desolate hallway, struggling with the last of my doubts.

Suddenly, with a surprising rush of bravery and decisiveness I set out into the dark and gloomy hall. As I neared the room I felt a strange, constant, but intangible sensation begin to affect me, but I chalked it up to nerves. I did pause, however, when I noticed that the two lights on the walls either side of her apartment where dark. As I looked closer I noticed that the bulbs were gone completely, lying in fragments around them on the floor. In the dim half-light of the hallway however I could see the cuts in the fancy wallpaper the bulbs made when they exploded.

I was filled with a nervous apprehension, but again, almost involuntarily, I started for the door. The hallway before me was completely dark. What little light came from the main hallway behind me stopped about three feet in. Where there had once been lights in the depict entry hall there were now none. I assumed they suffered the same fate as the bulbs outside. I noticed the pile of wood ash where some sort of table had been before. I could feel my previous bravely leave me in spades. If she had been that mad…

The most disturbing things was the silence. Nothing. The complete silence of Rapture now suddenly seemed oppressive and dangerous. There would be nothing to mask my footsteps; the Sister would know I was coming. Tentatively I entered. Why was I doing this? This was a bad idea, she obviously was very, very mad. Yet I kept going, like I was being pulled. I couldn't see anything; It was complete darkness where ever I looked except behind me, and the area was suddenly oppressively hot, as if the living room had become a giant furnace. There was a sweet smell in the air. To complete the mood, with a sinister sounding squeak, the door drifted closed behind me. Now I was trapped in darkness, the only light that I could see was the faint crack under the door.

I jumped as a spark jumped from an exposed wire to a point on the wall, filling the apartment with a violent blue light and sharp crackle. The sudden light revealed a scene of desolation. The previously well preserved apartment lay in ruins around me. The four rooms that led from the hallway lay exposed, there doors charred or completely burned down. The wood walls shared a similar fate, while the walls of metal were warped or twisted; most of the furniture that I saw was upturned and broken. Terror filled me, I could almost sense the anger behind the tantrum that must have caused this devastation. Yet still I felt compelled to continue to step forward.

Panic filled me even more when I realized that I couldn't stop, something was pulling me along, a compulsion I had no control to suppress. So I continued forward, moving slowly to avoid tripping over the rubble and furniture as I slowly made my way to the end of the hallway, where the living room, and I guess the Sister waited. I could only guess from the constant tugging, that the Big Sister wanted me to go to her, but why, did she want to hurt me again? For me to forgive her? Revenge? Possibilities raced through my mind. Scenes, most of them involving my gory demise, flashed through my head. That hallway seemed infinite as the worry gnawed. I knew instinctively, however, if I tried to turn back I would be unable to resist the pulling, and so I kept moving forward, towards whatever fate was in store for me there.

As I neared, the compulsion became stronger and stronger, until it was practically dragging me along. Suddenly I felt the area open up into the living room and with effort halted my progress. I could see somewhat in this room, as overhead there was a cable that sparked occasionally, and in the far end of the room there was a faint light seeping in from the kitchen, presumably a light bulb that had escaped the murdering of its fellows. Between the two of these I was faintly able to make out the room, and more importantly the Sister who sat in the middle of it.

The Sister sat on the couch in the middle of the room. Her knees were drawn up to her chest, her arms wrapped around them, and her head lay on them. Her helmet's porthole did not glow. Most surprisingly of all, she did not react, at all. There was absolutely no acknowledgement of my presence as I stepped tentatively further the room. If it wasn't for the slight breathing that could be heard in the otherwise silent room, I would have thought her dead.

The whole scene seemed quite off, and a quite loud voice was telling me to run as far as possible away from here. It was a trap, trick, something bad and horrible. But I couldn't, the compulsion held me in its grip, and it was only letting me forward. Sympathy forced its way into my head, urging me to go and comfort her. But using all my willpower, I planted my feet, and waited just inside the room, dreading speaking up, but knowing that I would have to.


Nothing. It was hard to tell in the faint light, but don't even think she twitched. Now I was really scared, however I also felt the faint stab of worry, was she going to attack me? Was she alright? Would I set her off on me if I got closer? I didn't really know what to do. …I also didn't really have many other options, so I started forward.

Suddenly a massive arc of electricity shot into her, or maybe from her. A second later and the sound of breaking glass and the light in the other room went out. Fear shot through my system as I suddenly realized I was alone in the dark with a dangerous psychopath. Why did I come here?

Sparks flew, and with a sigh of relief I realized that the Sister was still on the couch. I stepped forward, again faced with no other choice. Sparks flashed. I took me a second to realize that the Big Sister's head had moved up and that she was now starting at me.

"Umm… Hi…?"

Sparks flashed. I started into the darkness in terror as I realized that the couch had been empty. The pulling had gone, now it was telling me to go in another direction, I turned wildly about in an attempt to locate the Sister. I couldn't even hear footsteps, and the sound of breathing had also stopped. The only indication I had of her direction was the constant tug on my mind, as she seemed to be trying to pull me to her.

Sparks flashed. I whirled to the spot to where I thought I saw her, desperate searching for any sign of her presence. The compulsion grew stronger, and it was getting harder to think straight. I didn't know where she was, but I had to find her. The darkness went on and on, and with it went my nerves. I had turned myself around too much and I had no idea where the entrance was. I couldn't run, and I doubt she would have let me. I was alone in the dark, with a girl whose intentions I had no clue of, but seemed at this point more than likely sinister.

Sparks flashed. I didn't manage to see her. I was desperate, so I began to stumble around, groping in the darkness for any source of light. I was terrified, not being the bravest of sorts. Normally I was able to keep some measure of composure, but this horrid game of cat and mouse had me too far off the edge of fear to care anymore. As my foot hit a chair I let out a terrified whimper, thinking for a second that she was about to attack me. But nothing happened.

Suddenly the compulsion was focused. Unprepared for its intensity I almost yanked myself off my feet with a small peep of terror. I started to drag myself forward. I noticed suddenly that it was getting hotter and hotter, and on instinct dived to my left. Within a moment the air right next to where I was standing suddenly burst into flame as a table combusted.

I winced against the sudden source of brilliant light. Blinded and panicked I desperately struggled against the pull, just waiting for my skin to catch fire.


As my eyes finally adjusted to the light, I was finally able to get a grip on the situation. For one I noticed that I was not in the Living room anymore, which was why I hadn't been able to find the door. I had somehow ended up in one of the destroyed bedrooms. Around me were the charred remains of the wall that I presumably passed through.

Looking away from the fire to let my eyes adjust better, I examined the room. Everything in the room looked as if it had been it had pulled apart by a Big Daddy on a rampage. The bed on the left side's footboard had come off and the frame had collapsed forward, with the headboard lying tilted on the mattress. The dresser's doors had been ripped off, and the back had been torn in half, the jagged end pointing backwards. Looking forward I saw a window overlooking the street below with its glass shattered and its cross frame gone.

Most importantly however was the Sister, who sat huddled next to the wall on my right. She sat right next to the now raging flame. And in the new found light I could now see her twitching, her body pressed into a tight ball. She seemed almost afraid. Of me?

That seemed unlikely…I wasn't exactly threatening. So what then? Was… she seeing things… that seemed like the most likely possibility. I couldn't exactly imagine her having the most stable mental state. What if all of this had just been her attacks on things that I couldn't see? There was a sweet smell in the air.

Empathy had always been my weakness; a tendency that I could never get rid of, despite the fact that it had gotten me in trouble numerous times. A tangible field of loneliness and depression and fear radiated and ensnared me, tempting me to disregard my own health and safety. I could practically feel her sorrow as my own and it was so all-consuming that I could do nothing but wish to help in the face of it. Without even realizing it, I had been moving toward her. I tried to get her attention, but she didn't respond. I suspect that she didn't even hear me. I moved a bit closer, this time calling out.

"Hello…umm…Hello, can you hear me?"

Again, no response.

I looked down at her, and again felt and overwhelming empathy with her, I had felt her pain before, I know how devastating that it was, and how awful it was to go through it alone. I had decided to help this girl, and so I would help her in any way I could.

And so, without and real regard for my actions I reached out and gently laid my hand upon her arm. Finally she reacted, with a sudden twitch a helmeted head turned to let me into her field of vision. With three quick movements it tracked down my arm until it halted on the spot where my hand rested on her arm.

"Are you…are you alright?

She then turned her head away, as a shudder ran through her body. Several seconds passed, nothing really happening, until she let out a strangled whimper, and on instinct I moved my hand away. I flashed back to the last time I touch her, and the violent reaction it caused, and I understood.

"Did that hurt?"

Her head moved to look at me, so fast I didn't even register movement. Her head was cocked to the side, her surprise visible even though her armor. Almost imperceptibly she nodded. Then she turned her head away again.


Zeta wanted it to go away. Zeta knew that it wasn't real. They were never real, she wouldn't let Ha-luci win… she wouldn't let it win again, she had promised. It wasn't real, it was Hal-luci trying to trick her and make her hope go away forever. She wouldn't believe it, she wouldn't. She promised that she would ignore this one, that this one wouldn't hurt her and confuse her again. She promised! This one wasn't real, they were all not real. She didn't believe in it. Zeta could never be happy again, Little Sister didn't love her…Didn't love her.

She Ignored the warm Thing walk through the less warm long room, towards her. She would ignore it, she would! It wouldn't trick her again; the nasty mean Hal-luci wouldn't trick her this time. She wouldn't follow it, she wouldn't help it, she wouldn't feel its pain, and feel its pain. She wouldn't because it was not real.

It was not real like the one that had hurt her and hurt her and hurt her and hurt her, until the hurting stopped and she could see Little Sister and we were all fine and happy until it Zeta looked around and realized that she was still in her room. It was not real like when it tried to act like Little Sister and be nice, and we all were happy, but then we were not because the pet was mean and she was still in her room. It was not real like the time that Zeta refused to remember, but a part of her was quite wanting to remember. It was not real like all the other times that Hal-luci came in all its disguises, she would not believe it.

Why couldn't they have been real, they were so nice and happy, even though some weren't. Then she looked around and they weren't real. It hurt, then, it hurt so badly. She had let Hal-luci win, and hurt her, hurt her by seeing things she could never ever get. She had hurt the Thing when it had just wanted to be nice, she had hurt it and now Little Sister would think that she was mean. She wasn't mean! She had thought that the Thing had taken Little Sister away from her. Zeta had had every right to hurt it for that.

But now she was being tor-turd for it, because Hal-luci came and came and came, and it would confuse and trick her and made her suffer more and more and more! Ju-just leave Z-Zeta alone! L-le-leave Zeta alo-one, Pleeease! LE-leave H-her Alone!

Zeta ignored the sudden flash, and the loud noise and the shattering noise. They were un-impert-ent and they didn't matter, nothing mattered nothing mattered nothing mattered! but getting rid of Hal-luci. So Zeta could sit in her awfulness in peace, while she waited to fall asleep. Maybe she could hurt it. Maye she could hurt it and Hal-luci would never come back, she could, she could, she could, she could. She could throw it and toss it like the Little Daddies that her Little Sister carried around.

But she had done that before and it didn't work, it just came back. And back and back and back. Reluctantly she looked up at the warmth that she knew wasn't real. Its warmth seemed dim and hazy, it was hard to place where he was, it was unusual, his warmth should be bright and seeable. The room glowed with warmth on its own though, that might be why, it was nothing special. Nothing special, because that would make it real. It couldn't be real because the real one would never come back, she had hurt it and made it afraid and then she tried to hurt it when it was taking its Just Retribution, like Mother always said to let people do. She was sorry, very, very, very, sorry. So please stop coming back when you really aren't really. So just go away!, Go away go away GO AWAY!

She would ignore it, ignore it and it would go away. She would go to anyother place, and it couldn't trick because it couldn't find her. She smiled, this was a great plan!

Zeta let herself go, bringing herself back in somewhere else. This room was warm too but she didn't care. All she cared about was that the not-the Thing-because-the-Thing-would-never-come-back to go away.

She ignored the sound of footsteps, they weren't real, she should ignore them.. Zeta would not fall for their tricks again. She hoped that they would go away, they would go away and they would never come back so she could just be at piece.

Zeta let out a small whimper as she suddenly heard the not-real-Thing let a noise. It was here! It sounded hurt and scared, Zeta should go help it, go help the poor Thing. No! no, it was a trap, a trick, she wouldn't fall for it, no Zeta shouldn't, wouldn't fall for it. It was a trick, she wouldn't fall for it. Zeta was smart, she would be able to see all the traps. She wouldn't fall for them. Hal-luci would never fool her again

But why, why did Hal-luci keep coming. Why? Whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhywhy? Why did it keep coming and coming? She just wanted it to go away, but it just kept coming. She would try to i-ignore but it would always trick her, and hurt her. Why? She had tried to hurt it, and make them go to sleep. But it kept c-coming back? Why? Why co-couldn't they just leave her alone. She just wanted to be alone, alone, alone, alone! Be alone and go to sleep. That's all she wanted, why was Hal-luci torturing her. Was it revenge? Was it p-punishing her? Wh-what had she d-done w-wrong? She just-just wanted for it to g-g-go away! Why-why w-wouldn't it g-g-go a-away?! SH-she needed-d it to-to go away. Needed it! She h-hated that awful-awful Hal-luci. Ha-hated it! It n-needed to go away! It need to go away-it need to go away-it need to go away-it need to go away-it need to go away-it need to go away! Tears were flowing down her cheeks, they didn't matter, it n-need-ded to go away!

She heard it faking its stumbling, it was fake, it wasn't really lost, because was fake. She just w-want it to go away! P-pleeease! Pleeeese. P-pretty p-p-pretty p-p-please. Just p-please go away. Zeta doesn't want-want to h-hurt you, but she will! She will h-hurt you!

She could hear it, she could hear it, but the room was to warm now, she couldn't see it. W-Where wAs it! W-W-h-where is it! She c-c-couLdn't see-ee at a-a-alL! every-everYthing w-wa-was w-wArm! Sh-she c-c-couldn't s-see! WH-where W-was I-It! W-W-WheRE W-W-WAS IT! SH-ShE JUS-JUsT W-WANtED IT T-TO G-Go A-AW-AwAY!


Hot, hot, hot , hot so hot can't see, can't see, can't see, now light, hot and light can't see it hurts it hurts it hurts! So bright and so hot it hurts so much! Eyes closed doesn't help, it hurts! Make it stop! Please make it stop!

Then shadow, nice, nice, very nice lovely shadow. This nice, very nice, very dark shadow was good, and blocked the awful nasty light. The shadow then reached down and laid a hand on her arm. She looked at it, noticing the awful burn. It was getting its burning nastiness all over her arm, and it really hurt! But she would ignore it, or she would hurt it and kill it like the other time. She didn't want to do that so she ignored it, it was also fake. It had to be fake, because it couldn't be real.

"Are you…are you okay?"

This was really bad, really, really fake. It felt and sounded and smelled like it was concerned, but it couldn't be concerned because it knew it was hurting her. Fake, fake, fake, fake. It was fake so ignore it and don't listen or look at its brown eyes. It was right there and it felt kind, but it wasn't real, she would not fall for it again.

But she couldn't ignore the pain of the burning nastiness, and the pain of the awful bright fire. It hurt, it hurt so bad, so so very badly they hurt together. She couldn't take, she just wanted them to end, please just end.

Then it removed its hand.

"Did that hurt?"

She looked at it, shocked. Shocked by two things. It was obviously fake, because it didn't know that touching hurt, hurt so badly. The real one knew because the real one had tried to take ven-gennnce on her by hurting her. But this one looked so real. She had never see them in light before and it looked so very real, and felt so very real, and smelled really real, and heard so real.

It was worried too, none of them had ever been worried, that was what shocked her too. It was worried and she could feel its worry, she had never felt their worry before. It was strange…strange. Why would Hal-luci be worried about her? Maybe…Maybe it wasn't Hal-luci, maybe the Thing had come back!

No, no, no nonono. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Mustn't think like that Zeta, The Thing will never come back, Hal-luci, it would always be one of Hal-luci's tricks. She wouldn't ever meet the Thing or her Little Sister again.

All seven senses told her that this one was real, but it wasn't real. It couldn't be. She looked away, it wasn't real, and looking at didn't help.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."
How could it have not known!? It was obvious, the Family told all its members never to touch Zeta and her Sisters. Its touch hurt and got all its nastiness all over her. She didn't like it, but she would have to let it, because it would never let her see Little Sister again otherwise.

No, no, it was not real, she would never see Little Sister, no matter how much she played along. It wasn't real. It couldn't be real.

"Can you hear me?"

No Zeta wouldn't hear you, because she wasn't listening.

"Do…Do you…ummm…Do you remember who I am?"

Of course she remembered! It was the Thing. How could she possibly forget the poor Thing she hurt? The one that she hurt so bad that she nearly killed it, of course she remembers. She couldn't forget, she couldn't forgot its awful hurt body. She had done that, she had made it hurt so…

NO! no, it was not real, it was not real, it…wasn't…real…right? This…this couldn't be real, even though she wanted it to be very badly. It…it…wasn't… real?

"Do…Do…remember Ash…The Little Sister?

Of course, she remembered Little Sister. Beautiful Little Sister, Zeta had hurt you, Zeta was so, so very sorry. She wanted to see Little Sister. Could the Thing take her to her? She would be very nice, and she wouldn't hurt Little Sister again. She would be kind and loving and nice, and they could all get along and be happy.

But the Thing didn't trust her, she could feel it and smell it and see it. The Thing feared her, she didn't want it to fear her. She looked at it, looked into its brown eyes. She was sorry, she was very, very sorry for hurting you, Thing. Very, very, very sorry, please, forgive her. Please don't hurt… her…too much, she didn't like it. What did she have to do, what would the Thing except for forgiveness. She would do it, anything, anything, anything to see Little Sister again.

"Do you understand me?"

Zeta nodded. What did she have to do, she would do it.

"We're leaving."

What!? No! No! please, please don't leave, Zeta couldn't bear it, bear it at all if they leaved! She couldn't bear it.
She shook her head desperately, whimpering. She moved herself under him, Anything to say that she didn't want that. She would do anything, anything, you didn't need to leave, she could help! She would do anything! She bowed her head. She would…she would let it h-hurt her as much as it wanted to. Just please…please don't leave Zeta a-a-alone without her…her Little Sister. Zeta c-couldn't bear it.

"We're heading towards Pauper's Drop."

What? Why was it telling her, didn't they want to leave her?
"It's going to be dangerous…for her in particular…"

Zeta was confused. The Thing seemed to be implying something.

"If you helped us, she might warm up to you."

Zeta was now very confused. Why was it asking for help when they wanted to get away from her?

"Do you understand?"

Zeta got up, rising to look it in its brown eyes. It's the same height as me noted some small thought deep down inside of her. Zeta ignored it, was the Thing saying that she could see Little Sister?

"We're leaving this area because we've run out of food. We're heading nearer to Pauper's drop to see if we can find some there. I thought Ashley might warm up to you if you were to help us along the way."

Ashley… was that her name? What a pretty name. She liked it. She loved it, just as she loved her Little Sister. But why? She cocked her head. Why was the Thing telling her this, was it trying to trick her, get rid of her!? She would hurt it again if it dared to try and lie to her, she could smell its lies.

"You wondering why I am telling you this?"

She nodded.

"Because I know I can't keep her safe on my own. Moving her though Rapture will be a death sentence. We haven't moved from our current spot since those…those things," He said, gesturing to the street outside, "Whatever they are, began to wake up again." It paused, looking the clearwall, "They can sense ADAM a mile away, and their almost impossible to kill. I can't keep her safe, I need your help."

Zeta gave the Thing a new level of respect, it just wanted to keep Little Sister safe too, that was a good thing, a very good thing. This must be why the Thing didn't want to punish her, it wanted her help. She would give it. She nodded, she would help the nice Thing with the good voice, and the brown eyes, and a love for Little Sister too.

The bright fire had nearly gone out again, and Zeta began to see both its colors and its warmth. She hated when that happened, it was quite annoying see both. But she would get to see and help and protect Little Sister, so that made everything better!

"I would advise against letting her see you though, she would not be happy with your presence until you proved yourself."

Zeta's mood fell and shattered, right, right. Little Sister didn't love her back, Little Sister feared her. But she could win Little Sister's love, yes, yes, yes, she could win back her Sister's love, and then everything would be happy and nice and perfect and we could all be happy.

"So are you going to come with us?"

Of course, of course, of course. She would follow her Last Little Sister anywhere, and she would help her and protect her. She nodded and nodded and nodded. She could hug this nice Thing who would help her with Little Sister. She wouldn't because then she would get covered in its in-vizable Nastiness.

"So can I go now, I need to get ready."

Of course it could go.


I stepped out of the room, relieved it had gone so well. She had been so close, her body language so eager. She had smelled so good. I realized vaguely that I had told her more than I had intended to.

It wasn't like I told her anything important though right? I had just told her we were leaving. I didn't say where we were going or anything.

What am I talking about? She… she hadn't even been in there.

As I reached the door I vaguely wondered why I had left the apartment in the first place only to turn around and go right back in.


I look back at the building we had been living in. It almost felt like a home, we never had a home before, we were always moving around so much. Father and I had lived here the longest, I had gotten used to it. I know these emotions are silly and superstitious, but they still cling to me. This had been our home, first we ever had. There are such memories there.

However there is also a psychopathic animal stalking the buildings. The Monster, that horrifying freak, something is off with her, so off that I can sense it even when I don't know where she is. Father, can't feel it, but its there, a constant nagging repulsiveness and loathsomeness. A sickly smell.

Only chaos and insanity and fraying programing is left in that body when the Family collapsed, without will or drive beyond an obsession for things have long since died out. That is all she is.

I am stuck with the constant conviction of that nightmare eye killing us in our sleep, it was certainly a possibility. It probably wouldn't even notice what it had done, it was so far off the deep end.

Just then I see the expected flash of movement leap of the window and onto the rafters. The chase begins. What would it do to prove itself to me? What could it do? How could it prove itself human? It will try its hardest. Perhaps it would simply kill me and protect my corpse forever. Perhaps with tender care, that small ember could burn again, and be human once more. I didn't expect it, however…

This is Rapture, there are never Happy Endings.

Author Commentary: Heh, this chapter was originally supposed to be the opening scene, before moving on to the first leg of their journey, and it just grew and grew into what I believe to the longest chapter I've ever written. It started out as me wanting to convey how terrifying Zeta's actions are when you're not seeing them through Zeta's childlike thoughts. I do hope that section was tense, it's hard to judge when you know what happens. I also wanted to emphasize Jacob's cowardice. He ain't your gun toting super hardened survivor, he's a rat in a sewer, who only survived this long by getting the heck out at any sign of danger. I really do feel really good about this chapter. Lastly, is it bad that I write the insane inhuman killing machine far easier than Jacob, because that seems to be indicative of something…

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