Author's note: I hope you guys didn't miss me too much in my not-writing spree. I decided to write a super long story for my amazing readers of my other stories. This will really just be a collection of one-shots of what I imagine happening to the dead tributes of the 74th Hunger Games while they are in heaven. I will sort of being flipping through different POVs throughout the story. Even chapter will be from only one person's POV though. The first few chapters will be sort if mumbo jumbo of each arrival. With that, welcome my my story's first chapter.

Disclaimer: How owns the Hunger Games? Suzanne Collins, not me. Any other things you recognize aren't owned by me as well.

Chapter 1 - Welcome Glimmer

Glimmer POV

I wake up and see nothing but white. I don't remember much, but I do remember hearing the buzzing of Tracker Jackers as they stunk me to my death. I look around trying to figure out where I am. It din't take me long to notice the giant gold sign over a toll booth. The sign said 'The Gates of Heaven.'

"Crap," I muttered as soon as I realized I was dead. I pushed myself to my feet and walked to the booth.

The attendant looked up at me. "Welcome to heaven Glimmer."

I blinked. He had a pad he was working on. It had a black front and a silver back. He stared at me.

"I guess, you're already calmer than most people at this point, so I guess I should start my speech. My name is Remy by the way. I'm the gate keeper," He cleared his throat. "Heaven has been a place for many death for centuries. Peaceful or not, many people have came to heaven to spent eternity with happiness, family, and friends. But years ago, the Capital started forcing young people into one of their evil games where 24 entered, but only one came out. Heaven was disgusted so they made a plan. They would add an extra gate for the fallen tribute of the games, each year having their own street. Basically a community for each year's fallen to relax. Eventually, Heaven found they were making gates only for the tributes. Now there is a variety of places for Panem's fallen to enjoy. Now I have some simple guidelines. Do you understand up to this point?" I nodded so he started with the guidelines. "Number one, I feel myself constantly repeating this rule to offenders, no violence towards others. Number two, don't be afraid to ask to visit other places. Travel in unlimited. Number three, respect Heaven. This place is giving so much to you so don`t hurt it. That is really all the guidelines. Any questions, don't be afraid to ask the attendant at your gate or myself. Have a lovely time."

I entered my gate and looked around. It was beautiful. Suddenly, I envied the people who died in the bloodbath. It's amazing here.

"Glimmer?" a voice asked.

I looked at the person and nodded. This person was not like elf-like Remy. This was a girl. Tight red ringlets and grayish eyes. She stood up. I could tell she was a teenager. Not a hunger games tribute teenager, but a teenager who died before the Hunger Games had even been started.

"I'm the attendant for this area. My name is Tala. And before you question me about it like other fallen tributes, Tala does have a dark meaning but I do not fit that name."

I smiled. I could tell I was going to like Tala. She showed me the way to a huge golf cart train that had room for probably 16 people. She got is the driver's spot and I sat down on the first add on right behind Tala. She pulled onto the 74th street. She had pulled into the driveway of the first house It was amazing. My dream house. I saw my name written in cursive on a gold name plate beside the door. Was this actually my house?

Tala got off the cart ans started walking towards the house. I hopped off and ran after her. She was on the door step when I caught up to her. She turned to me and handed me a key ring with a single silver key on it. There was also a little identification tag saying who this key belonged to. It was white except for my name which was written in pink glitter.

"The house is yours. Just so you know, the key is for your house AND your car which is parked in the is a cell phone on your counter. It already has numbers programmed into it, but as people die, if you want, you can add their numbers into your phone. People who are already deceased you don't have to worry about. We add those in but you are welcome to delete any out of your phone at any time. My number is in the phone so if you have any questions, just call me," Tala giggled as she headed to her golf cart. I wove as she drove away.

I looked down the street. I saw Marvel's dream house followed by what I believe is Clove's dream house and then what I think in Cato's dream house. I kept looking. I saw the houses of tributes who's names I don't know. I sighed as I turned to my house. I unlocked the door and went inside. The house was stunning. I explored the house for an hour before I remembered the phone. I dashed to the countered where I saw an iPhone waiting for my in a pink rhinestone case. I was in awe. I picked it up to see I already have a text I looked and saw it was from someone named Cecelia.

"Welcome to Heaven. Come over once you get this message. I'm not the only one who wants to actually meet you without you having to fight with us later. LOL," I read aloud.

I looked up. I didn't know who Cecelia was. But I guess she has already been killed and wants to be my friend. I grab a coral colored purse before I run out the door. Inside was essentials. Lotion, lip balm, wallet, stuff like that I lock my door with my keys then I throw them in my purse as well. I pull my phone out of my pocket and look at the message again. I start debating whether or not I go now. I don't know Cecelia, I don't know who else in there. I sigh as I throw my phone in my purse as well. I start walking down the block. I stop when I see a name place that said 'Cecelia' on it. I look and realize who Cecelia is. The district four female tribute. I walk to the door and knock.

"Just a minute!" someone calls from inside.

The door opens I recognize Cecelia instantly. I knew the face, I just didn't know the name. She smiles as she guides me inside. I realize I must of been popular among the female tributes because all the dead one's were there. The girl from three, Cecelia from four, the girls from six to ten. I smiled as Cecelia offered me a seat on the couch. I talked and laughed with these girls until district 8's phone went off. She pulled in out of her pockets and then sighed.

"My stupid district partner again. He almost burned his house down, again. Anyone want to come along?" She said as she pushed herself to her feet. The girls from districts 6, 7, 9, and 10 nodded.

"This will be a big job," district 7 joked. She hugged Cecelia. "We'll talk to you later. Bye!"

I heard a melody of byes until all the girls had left. The girl from three sank to the floor. "Finally," she joked.

Cecelia threw a pillow at her. "Don't be rude Raquel!"

I giggled which gave me a pillow shoved into my face by Cecelia. I pushed the pillow into Cecelia's face as I turned to Raquel.

"Raquel, huh? No offence but that seems like a district two name," I laughed as Cecelia shoved the pillow back into my face.

I ripped the pillow out of Cecelia hands and whipped it into the kitchen. Raquel laughed as she stood.

"Probably would fit a district two kid better but my parents suck at naming. Cecelia, I got to go. Text me," Raquel smirked as she dashed out the door.

"I guess I should head out too. Thanks for having me over," I said as I pushed myself to my feet.

"Any time. Text me later," She replied as she went to grab the pillow I had threw into the kitchen.

"Bye," I said as I headed out the door.

I let myself into my house then collapsed on the couch. All in all, my first day has been great.

I know this was a pretty lame chapter, but once every makes in to heaven, the story will pick up. I promise. Until then, The Other Katniss Everdeen out!