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Chapter 20 - Explore

Clove POV

Well, to celebrate my cast coming off, we decided to go hiking in the mountains we came to a part where Cato and Thresh had to lift everyone up onto the highest part of the path. We decided I would be the first person to get lifted up. I got onto the path and noticed a little lookout behind the trees. I went to the lookout and sat on the bench nearest the valley on hills. I stared at the valley until I heard someone crashing through the leaves. I was ready to jump over the lookout onto a little ledge when I saw fire colored hair with sparkling green eyes pop through the trees.


Of course!

Desiree comes and stands beside me. We look over the valley until everyone else comes onto the lookout. We all stare upon the valley until I speak up.

"We do realize how big heaven is, right? We need to know that no time period can let us completely see everything in heaven. Even once we see everything there currently is, there will be something we missed and a ton of new things to do. There will also be milestones that set us back. We'll probably lose Rue for a while once Prim gets here. And once Katniss and Peeta get here, everything will be turned outside down. Heaven is huge, but I couldn't imagine better people to be in heaven with."

"Why don't we just talk for a bit, get to know each other a bit better before going on," Desiree suggested.

Everyone agreed and we started to sit. I pulled Rue onto my lap and Jonah sat on Marvel's lap. Cato decided to introduce questions.

"Clove, I know you hate pink, but you never told me why. Why do you have the color pink?"

I took a deep breath before answering. "Cephas is the reason I never wear pink. At his reaping, I wore a pink dress he picked for me. After that day, I refused to wear pink ever again."


We were walking along after we finished asking questions. Everyone asked and answered one question. We were walking until I picked a little rue flower. I pushed it through her hair and behind her ear. I smoothed it out and it looked perfect. I took a picture on my phone and texted it to Rue's actual phone, which I hope she will be getting back soon. We walked for a while we were at a zip line. They guy asked where we were from and we told him. He set a switch and we started going down the zip line. I went after Cato, Marvel, Thresh, and Desiree. At the end of the line, I realized we were on our street. I head home. Heaven's amazing and full of surprises. To bad we will never be able to see everything it has to offer.

It is just that big of a place.

But I'm so happy that the people I'm stuck with are the people I'm stuck with.

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