The Stolen Child

Minamino Shuichi, a.k.a Youko Kurama who possessed this currently six years old human vessel was here with his human host family for a tourist trip to England his mother somehow won in a lottery and now they were somewhere up Western England. But while his parents sleep peacefully, Kurama could feel the magic in the air. One particular house has a barrier around it. He knew they were in a village of magic users. He had his guard constantly up. He was paranoid.

His paranoia paid off when a cloaked person with a person that looked like a rat-man and they don't look good either.

So he caused some grass to 'shoot up' and impale them to death and a barrier over the house disappeared. He went to investigate the house after killing the pair he attacked. He saw a couple panicking about the invaded wards...he's the one who invaded. They went out of the house armed with...a stick? This gave him the opportunity to get inside and went upstairs as there's nobody down here but the adults. Upstairs is a baby girl with red hair and bright green eyes. He took a long look at the girl and he knew that this girl is his. He felt their souls resonate and link, meaning, this human child is his mate. He put her to sleep and hid her with concealing wards and fled.

He stole her and left via the window, not really caring about the consequences. All he cared about, is ensuring that his mate will always be near him.


The next morning...

'Shuichi, where did you get that baby?!' his father, Minamino Youhei gasped as he and his wife Shiori saw their son trying to spoonfeed milk to the baby.

'She was left on the doorstep of our cottage.' said Kurama, looking as innocent as possible. 'My room is near the window so I heard her and took her in.' the couple exchanged looks. 'Can we keep her? If they didn't want her, we would, right?'

'Er...we'll talk about it for ten minutes, OK sweetie?' Shiori smiled awkwardly at her son. 'What do you think of her?'

'...I want her.' said Kurama. 'I've been looking after her all night.' his parents' jaws dropped. 'And I'm calling her Inori.'

'EHHHHH?!' he decided so quick!

Yep, his human parents had a loooong talk regarding the 'poor, abandoned baby' their son got attached to...unaware that their son stole the baby girl because of what she is to him.

'You'll be mine no matter what.' Kurama purred over the giggling baby as he played with her. Three millennia of loneliness followed after losing his best friend to bamboo spears and he never found a true friend ever again nor did he find a mate in Makai...because apparently, his mate wasn't BORN yet and now here she is...someday when they mate, she will share his demonic lifespan that can put an end to his loneliness. She's a baby right now so she'll forget her original sires soon enough.