Author's notes: Ever since the beginning of the legend of Korra, I've always held an interest towards the equalists. The whole prospect alone was truly ingenious, delving into a period where benders hold a unequal advantage over normal people, not bender vs. bender. And I wondered, why were the equalists seen as such horrible people when many benders themselves were bullies. So I wanted to delve deeper into the perspective of an equalist, and this idea was born. And who else better to play the role than everyone's favorite blonde? Naruto and Korra will the be the main perspectives of the story, and though he might seem a little OOC in this chapter, I will try to maintain his normal personality while adding a touch of seriousness to him. As for who Naruto is and what happened to him, it will be revealed as the story progresses.

Well, hope you enjoy this prologue of sorts.

"In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves."

Lion Turtle.

~Chapter one: Return to Republic City~


It was everywhere. He could feel it. He could smell it, the burning. Around him was nothing but fire, flickering flames, dancing walls of crimson that burnt at his flesh and licked at his clothes.

He couldn't open his eyes, nor could he utter a cry for help. Yet, through his closed sockets he could see the flames that encircled him, burning and swirling without mercy, rising high above his prone form.

He could cry no more, for his tears were gone, his sorrows burnt up in this world of searing heat.

He was numb. No longer was the pain intense. His skin throbbed dully beneath his tattered and singed clothing, distant pricks of pain that ran through his battered body.

Past the haze, he could feel his arm, battered and broken, bloody bones protruding from his blackened skin.

His parents, where were they?



Was he dead?

A pulse of searing pain shot through his leg.

No, there was still pain.

He struggled stubbornly to hold unto consciousness, but his mind drifted, sinking into a world of darkness, the very breath leaving his lungs.

He felt weightless, detached and separated from the world.

He felt alone.

Through his stinging, burning throat, he whispered.

"If… if I make it out of here alive…"

"…I will make sure every person is equal, no matter what."


He'd been away from Republic city for so long he'd almost forgotten what it looked like.

From the depths of his mind, he felt an image crawl to the surface.

Towering buildings, steel beams, reaching so high they touched the cloudless sky. Blazing heat, metal contraptions reflecting the rays of the sun as people moved.

He remembered, automobiles moving about, speeding down roads and bridges.

And the noise. So much noise.

He almost smiled.

How long had he been gone?



Eight years. That was it. He was certain of it. Eight years since he'd left with his mind full of despair and his heart filled with hatred.

Far too long had he been gone.

Memories, distant, painful memories rose to the surface from the depths of his heart. And he let the memories come unrestrained.

He had been innocent once. A child who knew not of the evils of the real world, sheltered and protected by his parents. At that point ignorant of the suffering of others, until he suffered.

He had a family once, too. Wonderful people, loving people; they had protected him while he watched their lifeless bodies fall before his feet, charred black by licking flames.

He was supposed to die next. Their death had left him shattered. He should have died. Perhaps he even wanted to die then.

But he was spared.


Blue eyes tore open to the dimness of a room. A young man laid still, spiky blonde hair falling over his features, eyes as blue as the sea, and peculiar whiskers adorning his angular visage.

He stayed still for a moment, body resting against the softness of his bed.

And then he rose, arms rising and back arching in a long stretch.

He breathed. "What is it?"

"We are approaching republic city."

He cracked a smile, rubbing his golden hair, sea-blue eyes glinting with anticipation. "Tell me something I don't know, ya damn fox."

Down at his feet stood a creature, a small orange fox. Its crimson eyes blazed as it trained on him, nine furry tails lashing impatiently behind it.

It spoke.

Voice deep and menacing, the fox spoke.

"I suggest you prepare yourself now instead of later." It leapt unto the bed with relative ease and then unto his broad shoulder, wrapping it tails around his neck for support.

He stood up with the talking fox residing steadily on his left shoulder. "I'm already prepared, Kurama." He replied, patting the fox on its head, and gesturing to his single packed bag.

He moved from the edge of his bed to an open window in his room. He could almost smell the salt water in the air as he leaned out the window. A calm summer breeze blew, ruffling his spiky blonde hair and his foxy companion.

There it is.

In the distance, the towers of United Republic still stood high. Even from his place inside the massive ship he resided in the towers rose past his field of vision. Police force air ships sailed freely across the sky. Workers at the docks loaded and unloaded cargo ships.

Nothing had changed.

But something peculiar caught his sharp eyes.

A massive white polar-bear-dog erupted from one of the docked cargo ships, knocking over crates and workers as it headed straight into the city. It seemed to have a rider. Rather, a careless rider.

A grin etched across his features. And before he knew it, he was chuckling.

Perhaps returning was going to be more enjoyable than he'd imagined.

"I'm back, republic city." He whispered to himself, his very words lost in the wind, "Back to change everything."

The fox on his shoulder spoke again, its voice far deeper than that of any human, considering its small and cute appearance.

"You seem excited."

He clenched his gloved fists tightly, feeling the familiar sensation of energy rushing through his body, circulating in a continuous cycle. Then he smiled—a carefree little smile that could draw anybody who noticed it to him.

"I am." He sighed. "After all, I'll get to see Asami again..."

The orange fox on his shoulder closed its eyes for a moment, "I'll never truly understand human behavior," It paused and leaned down into his blonde hair, "and it is still a wonder why I choose to teach you the lost art of energy."

The young man smiled grimly.

"I think you were just feeling generous that day."

"I suppose."Kurama mumbled while finding a comfortable perch on his head, not wishing to deal with the subject of their first meeting. "Wake me when something worth my time occurs."

The wind speed slowed to a stop, and the young man knew the ship was also slowing to a halt. He closed the small window and pulled his head swiftly back into the room.

It was finally time to leave.

He hadn't brought much from his time away from republic city, only a small backpack filled with clothes and personal items.

He sullenly reached up and gripped a small emerald gemstone a certain woman had given him during his time away from United Republic. It hung loosely around his neck by a small, dark rope. The gem seemed to sparkle against the dim sunlight entering the room.

"I vowed to bring equality, and that's what I'm going to do," he said firmly, as the memories of his near-death threatened to resurface.

He shook his head clear of the thoughts before leaving his small room. The place wasn't much. Just the cheapest one he could find.

Upon exiting he was bombarded by a mass of people, baggage in hand, moving down the hallway and up to the deck of the ship.

He shrugged and entered the crowed while making sure his orange companion didn't tumble from atop his head.

Climbing up a flight of stairs, he eventually reached the upper deck of the ship. He shielded his eyes as his retinas were assaulted by the shining sun. Around him were hundreds of people waiting to exit the ship.

He sighed as he noticed certain people glance his way. He always received subtle glances due to his unique blonde hair, which few possessed, but he wasn't alarmed.

He pulled his orange hood over his head, careful not to disturb Kurama. Even though it was the middle of summer, he still wore an orange-and-black hooded shirt with dark sleeves and dark pants.

His attire would change soon.

As he stood there amongst the crowd of people, he realized that he was truly back. That he had returned to Republic city. It felt like a dream.

I'm really here.

A resounding whistle blew across the ship, pounding his ear drums. It signaled their arrival at their final destination. The doors opened and the stairwells were attached to the ship.

"I hope you all enjoyed the trip. Have a nice day."

The voice of the captain boomed over numerous speakers around the ship. Then they began to exit the ship.

An attendant at the exit smiled at him. "Have a good time in Republic City."

He nodded to her, smiling. "Thank you. I will."

As he stepped off the stairs and unto the port, he looked up to the sky, a sad smile tugging at his lips.

After eight years, I'm really back.

He raised a hand to his hood and shook the fox on his head. Strong vibrations rippled out along his scalp as the fox growled in annoyance.

"For what might I be needed for?"Kurama growled, a yawn splitting its jaw.

"We're here." He said, eying the clouds in the sky. "Don't you want to see the city?"

Kurama sighed, still slightly annoyed. "You think me—the most powerful of the nine spirits—would want to willingly see a city filled with humans?"

"And you would rather sleep instead, which you don't need to do by the way."

"Yes, I find it more pleasurable than listening to your voice."

He chuckled. Damn fox.

As he walked down the port and into the city, he could only wonder what republic city had become after eight years.

He crossed his arms around his chest, effectively blending in with the commoners of the city.

Naruto Uzumaki is finally back.

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