Day 2 - Intertwined

Tahno looked down at his hand where it was intertwined with Korra's as they walked along the beach, enjoying the salty air and soft waves as they washed over their feet. Korra looked absolutely stunning with her sun-kissed complexion making her eyes seem to shine an even brighter shade of blue as she gazed back at him, effectively stealing his breath again for the countless time. He squeezed her hand just a little tighter and brought her closer to him, his besotted, crooked smile widening. Korra's own smile brightened and stretched over her face as well while she rested her head on his shoulder for a few strides.

It wasn't just their fingers that were so closely intertwined, but their very souls. The one completing the other in many more ways than one. His ache for beauty and meaning in his life was pulled in by her passion and never-ending fire. Her impulsiveness was eased by his calm, reserved nature. Tahno was confidence, mystery, wit, complexity, and cool, calculated caution, while Korra was aggression, joy, stubbornness, purity, and carefree bluntness. And as their differences made each other whole, their similarities did as well. They fed off each other's equal drive to win and reveled in the thrill of competition, especially with each other. Their identical protective tendencies assured both of the other's love and dedication, and neither were afraid to take on whatever obstacle was thrown in their path. Tahno and Korra both faced the world with courage, preferably at each other's sides, and they were determined to not let past mistakes be repeated.

Their relationship had gone through many twists and turns to get them to where they were now, and it didn't matter if one was without the other for any real length of time or distance, for they would always find each other again. There would all ways be that connection tying their hearts together in an unbreakable bond that was forever intertwined.

Author's note- thank you so much Alaburn for not only betaing but also generally adding your magic and just...being awesome.

Thank you so much for reading. :)