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And the past echoed – Pt. 1

(set as a replacement for 'Silence in the library')

Rose finished writing a letter to her mom and 'dad' and, putting it on a shelf to send later, sighed.

It has been two years since she and the Doctor last saw each other and, although for other people two years would be a long period of time, for woman they felt like a month.

She missed the Doctor dearly, as well as their adventures, but she soon came to realisation that missing won't save the world, and if she somehow wants to help, she'll need to go and work in Torchwood.

Because Mickey worked there, Rose didn't feel extremely lonely, but sometimes she would still feel a bit... off.

Just as she thought, Torchwood didn't have a lot to deal with. Occasionally they would meet a couple of aliens, but that was as far as it would go. Rose was trying to prove to herself that she did something important but, to be honest, she knew that it wasn't a thousand part of how important the Doctor was.

To distract herself from thinking of such a negative thoughts she usually busied herself with thinking of some new ways in which she can help Torchwood.

Just as any Torchwood worker, Tyler lived near the building, which meant moving away from her parent and little brother. At first Jackie wanted all of them to move out with her daughter but Rose persuaded her to think over it as being close to a Torchwood worker might put one in danger. Obviously, Jackie didn't agree at first and was rumbling at how she doesn't care about any kind of danger and that, if needed, she herself can 'kick aliens' asses', but she knew that Rose was right and she wanted a quiet and peaceful life for her little Tony.

Rose's life became a routine: wake up at 7, do all the morning routine, arrive at job, research something, have a quick chat with Mickey and Jake at lunch, help if she knew something about a particular planet or alien race, go home and eat something from fast-food shop opposite her house.

Now, she wasn't particularly fond with this routine but it was much better that the one she had while working in a shop before she met her Doctor.

Rose frowned: she always ended up thinking about the Doctor. What was he doing? Where was he right now? Did he ever think of her? Did he find a new companion and got over her?

Well, actually, she kind of knew why she started thinking about the Doctor the moment she woke up – something was up.

Her clock, which worked perfectly for over 5 years, suddenly broke and ringed at half past eleven – much later that it usually ringed on Sundays. The postman that delivered newspapers to her house didn't appear – for the first time in the year and a half that she lived in this apartment. And, what freaked her out the most – as well as millions of others – the Big Ben's clock stopped. It was only for a couple of minutes but just the fact that The Big Ben stopped was quite disturbing.

Something was happening to time. Rose wondered if it had anything to do with the Doctor but if it did, why did it affect the parallel universe?

Her phone suddenly rang and Tyler picked up her scratched and old phone.


"Rose, it's Mickey."

"Hey, Mickey, whatcha doing?"

"Listen, I don't have time to explain – can you come to the Torchwood's main entrance?"

"Sure, but why do you sound so-"

"No time to explain, Rose – quick!"

Switching off her phone, Rose quickly got dressed and soon was out of her house.

Mickey definitely sounded strange and, dare she say it, excited? Like her, Mickey didn't work on Sundays, so whatever it was that he found was probably rather important and, most likely, confidential – not mentioning it on the phone was odd.

In a couple of minutes the blonde was next to the main entrance and looking around, expecting to see Mickey. However, she was soon approached by two men she's never seen before.

"Name." The taller man demanded.

"Rose Tyler." Rose got used to this kind of questioning but it was still weird as most of Torchwood workers knew her – even guards.

"Identify your code."


"Miss Tyler, follow us," the shorter guard said after checking the base for the said code. The group entered the building and the blonde followed the guards.

In a matter of minutes they were on the second floor, entering the room Rose was always restricted to enter.

"Rose!" Mickey exclaimed, running towards the blonde and giving her a big hug.

"Wow, Mickey, I've only seen you yesterday – if you missed me that much, you should have called and we would meet up or something," Tyler joked, looking around, "though I think something is up."

"Something is definitely up, Rose," Mickey replied, releasing her from his tight hug and stepping aside so she can look around the room, "and, though I'm not 100% sure, it might concern the Doctor."

The room was plain white, but it was full with... stuff about her Doctor. There were the Doctor's pictures – of his previous regenerations and the present one; the sketch of the Doctor's skeleton with all of his organs, each one annotated; different diagrams – either of some of the Doctor's belongings (like sonic screwdriver and psychic paper) or some suspicious machines found somewhere in London.

"Mickey, what is it?" Rose angrily asked, looking around.

"Rose, you need to understand that if we told you about this room, you-"

"Mickey, what the hell is it?" She asked again, not referring to the meanings of all these diagrams and writings. "You were collecting information about the Doctor all along and you never once mentioned it to me? You never showed me the room that contained so much information about him and you expect me to help you in any way? Is this some kind of sick joke, because I thought that 'we better forget about the Doctor and get on with our lives', like you told me?"

"Rose!" Mickey loudly said while his blonde friend was heavily breathing and looking at him as he was her enemy. "I know what I said but there was a reason why we started 'The Time Lord' project." Silence. "Soon after you came here there were some weird things happening with time but I and your family decided not to mention it to you because back then you were emotionally distressed and weren't able to comprehend anything. Now, however, I think it's time to tell you."

"Does it have anything to do with the Big Ben stopping for some time this morning?" The blonde asked, trying not to shout at the person she thought she knew perfectly well only a minute ago.

"Pretty much so, yes," the guy nodded, "as well as a number of other weird things, but you get me. Right now we think that they have something to do with the Doctor but if you want to know further information you need to promise to me to keep calm and not run off, making up some ideas that the Doctor is coming to this world, alright, love?"

Heavily sighing, Rose quietly agreed, causing Mickey to smile.

"'kay, then. Mr Sheffildson?"

"Just as your friend said, this concerns some time jumps and it's necessary we deal with it as quickly as possible – else it might cause a number of problems to our world." The man in his middle forties explained, motioning Rose to sit on a chair which she did. "As everyone in this room knows the Doctor is a Time Lord and he's the only living creature that can affect time at the moment, is that right, Miss Tyler?"

"I suppose so, yes," the blonde agreed, "because all the other Time Lords are long... gone."

"Well, following this conclusion, the Doctor is the only possible cause of all of this time jumping. This morning me and Mr Jeckerson did a triple scan of the planet, and-"

"You can do that?" The woman exclaimed, sounding both surprised and excited. "I didn't know you can. Is Torchwood also taking pictures for Google Maps?"

Mickey and a couple of other people in the room snickered, but Mr Sheffildson looked unimpressed.

"We can do much more than that and, no, we don't. Miss Tyler, I want you to concentrate."

"Yep, sorry."

"While scanning the Earth for the first time we found a weird hole in the atmosphere which can't be possible so we checked again – it was gone, but there was a weird activity in South America. After checking it for the third time we saw it in Scotland. When we tried to check it for the fourth time, the computer suddenly stopped working and a message informing us about an error appeared which isn't possible because we have the newest and best technology this time has. During the second check this... activity disappeared for a second only to appear again and that was the time when, how we were informed, the Big Ben stopped working for a couple of minutes and clocks in clock shops started ringing all as one, although none of them had batteries in them. Do you understand what that means, Miss Tyler?"

"Something is coming," Rose replied and, unknowingly to herself, added, "the oncoming storm."

"We don't want to make you hope for something, but it's quite possible that the Doctor somehow... 'hopped' into this universe and he's looking for something – probably you. But, once again, it's not a 100% information and it might be something else."

"Okay," the woman barely whispered and suddenly started laughing. This laugh wasn't like her typical laugh – this one was a 'nervous laugh'. "So, what you are saying is there is a possibility that the Doctor is somewhere out there, looking for me, and I don't need to get my hopes up. He's... he might be standing next to my apartment at this very moment and all you can say is 'we might be wrong'?"

"Rose, I told you not to hope too much." Mickey interrupted, grabbing his friend by her shoulders and shaking a bit. "The Doctor interfered in this universe way too much so it might be some sort of echo from the parallel universe."

The woman felt like crying: just this morning she was persuading herself to stop thinking about the Doctor and get on with her life and now there was a possibility – quite a high one, truth to be told, because all of these people considered this as well – that he was somewhere out there, looking for her.

It was just too damn emotional to be kept inside, so Rose started quietly crying. Mickey sighed, hugging her, while other scientists in the room looked at them, feeling sorry for a girl who seemed to hope for impossible just too much.

"I will call you if something new comes up, yeah?" Mickey quietly asked, gently stroking her hair – the gesture seemed to always calm her down. After a nod from the blonde, Mickey continued, "So go home, have a good 8-hours sleep – because I know you didn't have much sleep lately with all this paperwork – and come back tomorrow, fully refreshed and ready."

Rose nodded once again and, stepping away, looked around. There was so much information about him – she probably didn't know half of it – and she was ready to explore all of it the next day.

"See ya tomorrow, Mickey!" Rose said, trying to sound cheerful but failing miserably.

"'course. And don't forget to send a letter to your parents, because I know how often you forget about it." The infamous Smith smirked, waving at his best friend. Well, technically, Jake was his best friend, so Rose was his best female friend, but still.

After leaving the building Rose checked 'WHSmith' for new magazines and bough a sandwich from 'Greggs'. While walking towards her house she only wondered about one thing: why did she buy a sandwich with tuna? She hated tuna!

Rose was looking for keys in her pockets when she suddenly realised that the door was opened. She clearly remembered closing it, so it was either her parents and small brother who randomly decided to visit her (and had keys) or...

She didn't want to think about the possibility of some stranger being inside her house but, just to be safe, she took a brick that laid just outside her house and quietly opened the door, begging for it not to make any sound. Luckily, it didn't.

Just as quietly Rose entered her house and looked around. So far everything looked alright but all her savings and TV were in the living room – Tyler wasn't convinced in her own safety just yet.

Slowly coming towards her bedroom she heard some shuffling and, screaming "Got ya!", jumped it. However, instead of some tall guy in a mask that would cover his face, she was met with a woman in her late forties that was looking through her stuff and making comments like "Ohh, that's nice!" or "No wonder he loves her". After hearing a scream, the woman with curly light hear turned around and happily smiled at shocked Rose.

"Ahh, here you are – finally! You know, for a moment I thought that I won't find you, but then I showed a picture of you to some old lady that told me where you live, and I came! I must say, I really like your room – it's girly but it has its personality."

Rose Tyler was completely stunned and was only gaping like a fish, "Wha- Where- How?"

"You can't even imagine how long it took me to find you," the strange woman said, looking concerned. "For some reason my bracelet felt that you live in South America – where I was teleported – but then it told me that you're somewhere in Scotland. Again, it was wrong, so then I supposed that you would probably be somewhere in London, working for Torchwood. Of course, I knew that the chances were extremely slip, but here I am, and I finally found you!"

Rose finally concentrated and asked the only question that bothered her so much at the moment, "Who the hell are you?!"

"Sweetie, I'm River Song," the woman winked while giving Rose a hug, "and I'm incredibly happy to see you."

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