The loop of events – Pt. 2

"Ladies and gentlemen, I call these two human-height tubes a machine that allows anyone to travel to the place of his dreams anywhere in time and space."


"Did he just say what I think he said?" Rose whispered to the Doctor and Donna, a distressed frown on her face. She tried to remain unaffected not to attract attention, yet it wasn't possible even if everyone wasn't already gazing at the man with 'time and space machine'. Unlike her, Donna and Doctor who looked completely terrified, everyone else seemed to calm down from their prior shock and started cheering, some of them throwing things into the air.

"I'm afraid he did," he mumbled and, giving Rose a reassuring squeeze of her shoulder, slowly travelled through a group of... creatures and soon was near the said man. He then turned around with a wide smile on his face that appeared fake, yet only Rose and Donna could recognise it was fake, after travelling so long with him. "Excuse me, everyone. I'm the Doctor, and I was just wondering," he put his glasses on and started studying the tubes with interest, "how is it possible? Did you get any help in your invention?"

"How rude, sir," the man said, stepping inbetween the Doctor and his invention. "I was the one to put so much bloody work into making a space and time travel machine!"

"A time and relative dimension in space," the Doctor smugly remarked and, meeting a confused look on his opponent's face, waved it off. "Never mind me, I'm just an interested citizen who wants to find out more about this invention of yours. Always liked science, you know – a science geek and all."

Rose gave out a muffled laugh, realising that she wasn't the only one to find the Doctor witty and sassy – just as he always was. She remembered him being just as sassy when he regenerated; nevertheless, she could see that it was some of Donna's influence, making him even sassier.

"Good to know, mate, but don't make a scene," the man remarked, his dislike for the Doctor clearly evident in his dark-brown eyes. "I'm not a fool and if you think of replicating it or stealing it while I'm sleeping, you better-"

"Stealing? I wouldn't dream of it!" The Doctor exclaimed, snickering, and going back to his companions. "But I would love to have a chat with you about its working – in an hour or so in a nearby café?"

The inventor of 'the time machine' grumbled something incoherent and nodded his head.

As the Doctor came near his companions, he was met with a mischievous look on their faces.

"Is there something amusing, ladies?" he asked, his cocky smirk giving away his true intentions of simply mocking them away. He was putting up an act, they both knew it – the Doctor was lost and had no idea why or how a simple man created a Time Travel machine. Something was going on, and he was certain it wasn't anything too good.

"Yes, I always thought only Time Lords were able to travel through time and space, yet here we are, facing someone who isn't a Time Lord possessing such invention," she elaborated, her cheeky grin fading as realisation downed on her. "Unless-"

"He's not a Time Lord, Rose." The Doctor grimaced, the mere thought making his hearts clench, causing him to replay everything that happened during his Eight regeneration. "I killed them all, although I once met an old friend who was also from Gallifrey."

"An old friend? Who was he?" Donna inquired.

"His name was the Master and I knew him ever since I was a kid," a hurt smile.

"Why do you talk about him in past tense? What happened?" she asked, taking his left hand in hers and smiling reassuringly. Seeing his negative reaction towards the subject irked Rose to back off and leave it, yet her oh so curious nature wanted to find out exactly what happened while she was... 'away'.

"Long story short, I lost him, too," he plainly said; a moment later he was already beaming at them. "Anyway, it seems like something interesting is going on here, and even without a Time Travel machine I can predict that the both of you will go straight to the heart of, trying to figure out what is happening."

"Thanks, Captain Obvious," Donna smirked, turning around and firmly walking away from the centre.

"Where are you going?" Rose shouted, which caused a few people turning back to look at her with sheer amusement. "What?"

"Shouting here is considered rude, unless you are from a rich family," the Doctor answered her, taking off his glasses and walking to the opposite direction that Donna did. "I guess she probably went to see this time's fashion and cuisine, so I advise you to join her – looking around won't hurt, if you promise me to stay away from trouble."

"You know me, I'm like a trouble magnet," she remarked with a smirk, "and where are you going?"

"As I said, I was going to meet this mysterious man and find out what is it he's hiding," he said over his shoulder and soon disappeared in a big group of people.

"Just perfect," Tyler grumbled to herself, turning around and setting off to catch up with Donna. "As always, he's trying to appear a boss and keep me out of trouble; he doesn't understand that he should be doing the complete opposite. I swear to God, if we end up separated once again, he might reconsider trusting me with key from TARDIS because, help me lord, will she face huge redecorations."

"Oh, I know what you mean, love," Donna smirked, looking back at her friend. "Every time he tries to appear so all-mighty and it is always me who saves his skinny self."

"Thanks God I'm not the only who thinks he is skinny," Rose snickered, locking hands with Donna. "Shall we?"


Hour and a half later Doctor's current companion's realised two things.

One – never try food that doesn't look or smell eatable and just throw it straight into trash.

Two – never try on clothes without reading the label that was quite informative, telling you how much weight you would gain by wearing something.

"Look at me, I'm Donna Noble – the most beautiful woman in the universe," Donna announced when leaving the changing room with a sly smirk on her face. The black short dress she wore made her loose around twenty kilograms and now her figure wasn't worse these models in Victoria Secrets' advertisement.

"Well, and I think I overate doughnuts last night," Rose sarcastically said, leaving her changing room in a costume that made her look thrice or even four times fatter than she was. "Now all the running with the Doctor would be a good thing, but I'm afraid I will end up rolling down the street like a big doughnut cause, you know, you are what you eat."

Both women burst out laughing, looking at each other and making witty comments on how new clothes suited them so much.

"I see that you indeed overate last night," Donna said with a grin. "I, therefore, advise you to for a run for the next few month and stop eating like it's your last day on Earth. Oh, and I am sorry for the men you are dating – you can probably lay on any of them and suffocate them."

"Ah, but isn't it what happened to my second husband?" Rose replied cockily, jumping up and down with excitement. "He was way too annoying, so I decided to take a rest. On him."

As both women started laughing again, a familiar voice caused them to look around. "My, my, who would have thought that my companions are so beautiful!"

Doctor's companions grinned and started telling him about how amazing this place was, causing him to smile and even laugh at some embarrassing for them moments.

"And how do these clothes even work?" Rose said as she changed into her ordinary clothes, waiting for Donna to come out of her changing room.

"Em, it visually makes your figure look different from its actual form," he started explaining as he took one of the tops at the top of a pile in his hands, showing her what was written on the label. "This eye here means that this particular top will make some changes to you figure – visually, obviously. A plus or a minus mean how much it will add or lose, this one being '-10kg'. If the eye is crossed, it means no changes occur. As for the ruler, it shows if the clothes will make you look taller is it's a plus or shorter if it's a minus. The flower simply says that clothes are made with a constant smell of a flower, though it never says which, so you'll need to guess, crossed out flower meaning no smell. A kettle with a heart on it tells the customer if the perfume this piece of clothing has is a love potion or, with no image of kettle with a heart, none of it. If there is a 12 on it, it doesn't mean a size – it means that this top's charms on making you look slimmer or fatter will finish at midnight – Cinderella effect."

"Wow, you really know a lot about this place," Rose awed just as Donna left her changing room and threw the dress to the pile of clothing they gathered to try on. "But how can it be possible?"

The Doctor gave out an amuse laugh, "You travelled with me through time and space for over a year, saw things people couldn't even imagine, and you question how can it be possible? Rose, believe it or not, this is not the kind of thing you should be too surprised of. There are much more surprising things in the universe."

"Will you show it to me?" Rose asked, forgetting for that solemn moment about Donna and looking him straight into the eyes; into the eyes of man who suffered, killed but, foremost, loved her. This one amazing man loved her.

"Didn't I always?" the Doctor asked with a soft curve of his lips, wonder in his brilliant brown eyes. This pink and yellow human never seemed to amaze him with a couple of words that always made him over-think just how important she was to him. Apart from being one of the most beautiful women in the entire universe, that is.

Donna cleared her throat, not being disrespectful to their relationship, but because they had some important stuff to do – like, save the world once again.

Instantly, both Rose and the Doctor looked away from each other, blonde mumbling something under her nose about them being busy and all and the Time Lord doing what he always did when he was embarrassed – running his hand through his gorgeous hazelnut hair and hiding a blush on his pale cheeks. Really, these two were so cute Donna didn't think she could resist being jealous over how perfect some people suited each other; her jealousy, however, wasn't a bad type – she simply couldn't hate them and couldn't imagine how someone could.

"I figured you already talked to that scientific weirdo or what not," she sing-sang, giving a loud slap to his right shoulder that caused him to yell and his female companions to laugh.

"Yes, and here's what a figured out," he started as he said on a porch nearby, crossing his hands over his chest. "This man didn't actually figured out how to create a Time Travel machine because after scanning two tubes with my screwdriver, I found out that it allowed you to travel in space but not in time."

"But how is it possible?" Donna asked. "We talked to a few customers in this shop that told us about these two who volunteered to be used in the experiment and were sent a few centuries into the future. As they went back, they told everyone how amazing it was and that this machine is, quote, 'the greatest invention in the whole wide universe'. Unquote."

He scratched the back of his neck with a distressed look on his face, "Well, then we will just have to figure out what exactly is happening here and, if we are lucky, save the day once again!"

"As if we are not always doing just that," Rose huffed. "Can't we, for once, find some quite place that won't bring us any troubles and just relax for the time being? Learn about future culture, food, art, music," she dreamily finished.

"And where is fun in that?" the Doctor pointed out, causing his companions to share an exasperated look of tiredness but, at the same time, outright mirth.

"What are our actions, Doctor?" Donna finally voiced and received a wide grin from the said man.

"As always, we go around and question everyone, in hope to find something out. In order to do it as quickly as possible, I advise the three of us split up and meet near the central cafe in an hour."

Both females nodded and, leaving all the things they tried on behind, took off to, once again, indulge into an adventure.


"Hello- Excuse me- I'm talking to you, excuse me!"

Donna gave out a frustrated groan that combined her tiredness and how annoyed she was right now.

Everyone seemed to ignore her to the best of their abilities, and for reason she didn't know. Was it something on her face? Maybe it was because she was in some way disrespectful? Or it was because the was one of the few in this place that looked human?

Still, she didn't want to disappoint Doctor and Rose, so she continued asking people and pushing those who were standing on her way that didn't move after she asked to do so for at least three times.

As she turned around the corner, she saw a little shop that didn't have anyone inside but the old shopkeeper. Perfect, she thought to herself, there won't be an opportunity for him to ignore me like everyone else did!

"Excuse me," she loudly said as she entered the shop and came closer to the male shopkeeper that was rearranging things. He swiftly turned around and he leered at her.

"What does such a beautiful flower have anything to do with an old, grumpy me?" he sweetly said, and Donna shuddered from his tone.

"I just had a couple of questions to ask about this Time Travel thingy that this man invented," she started, playing an aloof persona and shrugging a bit, trying to make herself seem as nonchalant as she felt. "And no one seems to know anything about it. Figured an old and, I presume, smart man like you seem to be should know something.

"Oh, but I do," he nodded, walking towards his other room. "Wait here for a second, I will bring a book about Time Travelling to explain it to you."

For some mere seconds that she was alone Noble looked around, taking in the surrounding. It was a shop full of different types of things, from technology to types of tea. The shop itself was neat and smelled like camomile – one her most favourite smells in the world. It reminded her of her childhood, yet she couldn't remember why.

"And here I am," the man announced, entering the room yet again and clicking a switch that looked to her like a light switch.

"Wait, why are you wearing a mask?" Donna said as she turned to him and saw a mask that was usually worn by patients in hospitals in order for them to breath.

However, a second later, her eyes widened as she felt an immediate change in the smell; he made the whole room smell of sleeping gas, the bastard!

She ran towards the door and pushed it, trying to get outside while not breathing, but her head started feeling dizzy and the door, for some reason, didn't want to open.

Donna was a fighter – that much she knew ever since she met the Doctor for the first time, and she was trying to fight off the sleepiness, but she couldn't. As a child she never attended swimming classes and couldn't hold the breath for longer than forty seconds –that, and the gas already took its toll on her.

A few seconds later her eyes closed and, whispering 'Doctor', she felt on the floor, unconscious.


I guess all of you DW fans watched the 50th as well as I did (went to cinema for 3D with a friend, had an amazing time)! Ahh Hurt's Doctor/Bad Wolf...

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