hey! okay this is the sequel to Gale's Got Me Good. it's not really all depressing like the last one it's more family friendly, except for parts that are lemony. if you are not mature enough to handle words that are sometimes known as "the eliminatory outlets", then dont read. okay to make it easy on you, at the beginning of a chapter i'll put lemony if it is. oh glob im taking up to much time. okay, chapter one, im using wordpad...again, gale is the nice guy now, Beck Odair incase you didnt notice, his name means 'stream'. i know most people used finn, but i prefer to stand out. alright on with the chapter. enjoy!

P.S - i dont own the dirty joke peeta tells katniss and i dont own the titanic, or the movie.


"Guys i'm back!" gale calls, the door closing behind him. i get up off the couch where Peeta and i were snuggling, and walk over to Gale, with Hunter in his arms. "hey, dinner is cooking now, it'll be done in about an hour or so" i say. "okay..here" he says handing me the baby. "hi baby, hii. i missed youuu, yes i did" i say to the baby. he laughs. he's ten months old now.

i go back to the couch and take off his layers. luckily it didnt snow today, it was just really cold. i leave him in his shirt and pants. peeta takes him from me and plays with the baby, saying, "times up". i decide to go and see where Celine is. i find her in the study, on the computer. Beck is on the screen, he's not talking, rather doing sign language. Celine and Beck are best friends now, they video chat, and write each other letters.

i walk over to my daughter, six years old now, and kneel next to her. "hi Beck" i say. "hi auntie Katniss!" he replies happily. "how are you sweety" i say. "gooood" he stretches it. "alright thats great, tell your mommy i said hi okay" i say. "okay" he replies and i leave out.

when i enter the livingroom i find Gale and Peeta socializing. they never really talk, but now that Gale lives with us they thinks it's better they settle whats between them. i think it's a good i dea, i've forgiven Gale, and now Peeta's beginning to as well. "where's hunter" i ask. "walking around in his walker" gale replies. i nod and go to look for him. i find him at the bottom of the staircase, fussy because he cant go up them with his walker. i giggle and take him out, kicking the walker to the side. "c'mon baby" i say and set him at the bottom of the staircase. he begins to happily climb them, using his knees. i stay behind him incase he falls.

when we make it to the top i let him continue crawling. he crawls down the hallway then stops and turns his head to see if im still here. when he sees i am he continues. he goes all the way to Gale's room and starts hitting the door with his hand. i open the door and he crawls in. he goes to the middle of the floor and sits down, playing with his blocks.

i laugh, thats all he wanted. he's so smart. "da" he says quietly. i walk over to him and kneel down, what did he say. "da" he repeats it louder this time. "da...da...da...dada". i squeal in delight. this is the first time i've ever heard one of my children speak! celine has never spoken before, and neither has hunter, until now!

next thing i now im calling Peeta and Gale upstairs and they come running immediatly. "he said his first words!" i exclaim. "what'd he say" gale asks frantically. "he said, dada" i reply smiling at him. "da dada dada" hunter says. they get excited and clap for him. hunter claps, copying the rest of us. "dada" hunter says again and holds his arms up to Gale. gale picks him up and tosses him into the air over and over. "goodjob hunter!" he says leaving out, back downstairs.

i gather up the blocks in my shirt and go with Peeta downstairs. i set the blocks on the floor in the livingroom. gale puts the baby on the floor so he can play with them. peeta leaves the room and comes back with a bottle filled with milk. he gives it to hunter and hunter accepts it and leans back onto the couch drinking it.

the oven beeps and peeta and i go to the kitchen. we take the cinnamon rolls out of the oven and tend to the stew on the stove. when dinner is ready we gather everybody up and eat, then dessert. i feed hunter little spoonfuls, blowing the food before giving it to him. he likes it. i give him his cinnamon roll and he eats it himself, making a big mess. it's only cute when they're babies.

after dinner Gale takes hunter to get cleaned up. peeta and i tuck celine into bed, she has school tomorrow. goodnight sweetie, goodnight mommy. peeta puts his forehead to hers, then kisses her nose. her bright blue eyes somewhat glow in the dark. she hugs him and lays back down. i turn on her nightlight and we leave out, closing the door behind us. we go to our room and lock the door.

peeta wraps his arms around me. "can i scetch you" he asks. "sure, you dont have to ask" i reply. "yeah i do, because...remember that movie we watched at Haymith's place. that ancient movie, i think it was, Titanic i think", "yeah it was titanic" i say. "I wanna do what Jack did, i wanna draw you".

this makes me blush. in the movie jack drew rose, naked. i know Peeta has of course seen me naked before, but... the thought of him just staring at my body to sketch it on a peice of paper seems embarrasing.

"i've done it before" he says. im taken aback, "to who!?". he laughs, "you. i cant help it sometimes, while your sleeping". "well if you've done it before then why are you asking?" i say trying to smile so i dont look irritated. "well because you were always under the blanket, so the only thing thats revealed in the picture might just be your leg, or part of your chest" he says.

"can i see the papers" i ask. he smiles and goes into our closet. he grabs his sketchpad and hands it to me.

i open it and on the first page is a drawing of me in our bed. my hair is all over the place, my arm is under my head, the other across my ribs. the blanket is just under my belly button, so my chest is exposed. i flip the page and the second one is of me asleep on the recliner, balled up. i'm clothed but the fact that my arms are wrapped tightly around myself makes my chest pop out a little. on the next page my body is exposed more, the blanket had been moved to show more. the next page is a closeup of the last picture. peeta only drew from my neck to my thighs and made sure to add every detail of my body in this one. i turn the page and see a picture of celine in our yard with Buttercup. she resembles my sister a little; the way her hair falls over her shoulders and the way she smiles at the beast.

"she looks like prim" i say, a tear rolling down my cheek. "yeah i know". i turn the page again and see another one of Celine, she's smiling, her eyes are sparkling in the sunlight. her hair is up in a ponytail and she wears a pink sweater, jeans, and white boots with cotton balls hanging from them. the next picture is a picture of me smiling, a blush on my cheeks, my eyes, cast downward at the floor. "i said that i wanted you to give me a blowjob, and you said i needed to be more romantic", he laughs, "so i said to give me one in the rain". "oh my god peeta" i laugh and hit him with a pillow. he laughs. "so can i draw you" he asks when he gets himself together. i nod my head, "yeah". he smiles and we go to bed.

in the morning we make breakfast. after we all eat i take celine to school. gale takes hunter with him over to his mothers house to help her with the chores. he goes around his family alot more now.

have a nice day sweetie, i love you, i love you too mommy. i kiss her head and send her off into the school. i walk back home. peeta wants to draw me now, the house is empty, except for buttercup. haymitch is probably knocked out on his couch so hopefully he wont interrupt us.

i get home and call, "peeta". "up here" he replies and i go upstairs. i enter our room and see the bed made, the pillows laid down nicely, comfortably. "do you want color or no" he asks. "whatever you want" i reply shyly. he gets up and holds me by my waist. "you scared" he asks. "shy" i reply. he kisses me. "don't worry, no one will ever see the pictures i promise. today it's just you and me". i smile at him. today it's just us, just me and him, no one else. "okay" i reply. "go ahead and get undressed, then you can lay down here" he says gesturing to the bed.

okay, here we go. i dont see why m so shy, peeta's my husband, he's seen me before, he's touched me, hell i even had a baby with him. why am i so afraid.

Peeta POV

i sit in a chair and ready my pencil. i put it behind my ear and flip to a nice clean page in my sketchpad. "Peeta, how do you want me to lay" she asks. i look up at her, she's sitting on the bed, naked. i feel my face getting hot and i know that i'll have an erection before i start this. she's just so beautiful. no, not now. now, she's more like, sexy. yeah, sexy works. i put my sketchpad down and walk over to her. "lay your head on the pillow" i instruct.

she lays down on the pillow, her arms bent, her hands at the level of her head. "open your legs a little" i say. her legs spread apart and my eyes immediatly look between her legs. i use my hand and getly push her left leg down a little. my hands find her braid and undo it. i use my fingers to comb her hair and spread it out a little, laying it on her chest, enough to cover some of it but exposing it at the same time. "stop blushing Peeta, your making me uncomfortable" she says with a slight smile. "oh yeah because i can just blush when i want to" i reply laughing. i lean down and kiss her. "there's no reason to feel uncomfortable, it's just me and you remember". "just us" she says quietly. "mhmm, and once im done...we could...have a little fun before everyone comes back" i say seductively. she smiles, not moving. i go back to my chair and pick up my sketchpad.

first i draw the bed and the background and make sure it looks realistic. i look back at katniss's body and begin to carefully sketch the outline of her slightly curved figure. i look again and draw her face, her flushed face. the pencil is the only thing making noise, i think katniss may have stopped breathing. "you doin okay" i ask. "yeah" she replies. i continue drawing her. her perfect body. i am hard now, i just want to throw this book and lay her body ontop of mine. but i want this picture, so i keep going. i draw her legs, her feet. i go back up to her arms, looking back at her to make sure im drawing correctly. "is it turning out good" she asks me. "yea, i just have to put the details" i say.

i draw her eyes, nose and mouth along with her eyebrows and hair. i draw her fingers and toes, belly button. i darken the shadow under her breast and draw whats in between her legs. the thing i want most right now. the thing i cant wait to see, and touch once i finish this picture. i add the way the sunlight shines through the window and onto the bed and on her body.

"do you still want color" i ask. i personally think color would look nice. "sure"she says. i get some watercolor and add it to the picture. i add the brown to her hair and the gray to her eyes. i make sure to have her body the exact olive color it is and make it darker in spots where they should be. i color the background and make sure to do the sunrays that make her body glow like embers.

when i finish i initial the picture and get up. "all done" i say walking over to her. she takes a pillow and covers herself with it. i sit next to her and show her the drawing. it looks very nice to me, "what'd'ya think" i ask her. she smiles, "it's beautiful" she says. "yep, that's what you look like, beautiful" i say to her. she smiles again and wraps her arms around me. i put the sketchpad on the floor and hold her. i take off my shirt, move the pillow and press my body to hers. i kiss her neck, her throat, then make my way to her chest. she's quiet, i look up at her. her head is back, her eyes shut.

"be gentle Peeta. make it last" she says running her slim fingers trhough my hair. i smile, "okay". she opens her eyes and looks at me lustfully, "that doesnt mean hold back". "i know" i say moving back up to her lips. i rub her all over, kiss her all over. she shudders when i reach between her legs. i look up at her and see her mouth open, breathing heavily, moaning. i lick it, tasting it. i suck on it roughly and i get a little more noise out of her. i sit up and stick my fingers into her. teasing her. i know what she wants, i want it too. i finger her, making her tremble and jerk. i hear her under her breath saying things like,"ah yeah" or "shit" or "thats it", maybe even, "aw fuck yeah". where did she get a mouth like that!? i dont care, at least i know she likes it.

"peeta. i know your teasing me" she whispers. i chuckle. she opens her eyes again, "i want it Peeta". i pull down my pants and kick them off. i pull it out and insert myself into her, remembering my talk with prim all those years ago. i smile a little and thrust deeper into her. she squeaks and i look at her surprised. what kid of a noise was that! i chuckle at her, "what in the world kind of noise was that" i ask laughing. she squeaked! she sounded like a mouse.

okay thats enough laughing. i pick up her legs and wrap them around me. i pound her hard, forget gentle, i want this now. i rotate us so she's on top. i hold onto her hips and bounce her up and down. she's getting louder. she holds onto my chest and moves herself, her body sways back and forth. okay now that feels good. "ah you're driving me crazy!" i exclaim happily. she leans down and presses her lips to mine, still swaying.

i cant hold it any longer. i cum right there. i wrap my arms around her tight so she doesnt move. she has to keep going, and she does. we're both moaning, breathing, and sweating. by the time we're done it's too hot in here. i kiss her a little longer and we just lay here. "can you open the window Peeta" she asks. "it's the middle of december" i reply. "it's hot" she says. "yep, this is how people kept warm in the olden days" i joke rubbing my hand up and down the back of her thigh. "this is the future, we dont need to open the window" i say and grab a remote from inside the drawer and turn on the air. it gets nice in cool within five minutes and i turn it off.

so we managed to kill three hours, Gale should be coming back soon, it looks like it's about to start snowing. "peeta lets gets something to eat. pizza" she says. i laugh, celine asked me that, the day hunter was born. "sure" i say to her and we get up. "we need to shower first" she says smiling seductively. i take her hand and we go into the bathroom.

she turns on the hot water and leads me in as i remove my boxers. we get into the water and immediately i press my lips to hers. i kiss her neck and down to her chest and lower to her stomach. i stand back up and suddenly see this look in her eyes, a look of lust and determination. i like it. i like it very much.

Katniss POV

i look at him, i want him again. i wrap my arms around him and kiss him. his breathing is steady, we cant have that. i press my body upward against him and wrap my legs around his waist. "give it to me" i whisper in his ear. "how" he asks. i think for a second, "rough" i say. he presses my back against the glass door. it's cold and sends shivers up my back. he gives me his all and i love it. i love it so much. i crave him, his body. i want it, i need to have it.

i tighten my grip on him and bury my head in his shoulder, his breathing is finally ragged. "you know that after this your most likely going to get pregnant" he says. i pause...pregnant. i did say i wanted another baby, but that was before Gale beat me. i do have hunter, he's a baby...but he's Gale's baby not Peeta's.

all this time i've been making Peeta wait, when i said i would have a baby with him. i want to have another baby with him, we were planning one but then...it just never happened. "i want another baby" i say in response to his comment. he smiles at me, showing his sparkly white teeth. i smile back the same way and we continue.

when we get out of the shower i smell food cooking. i wrap myself in a towel and walk out i open the bedroom door, "Gale" i call. "yeah" he replies. "okay just checking" i say and close the door. we dry off and dress. i put on some thermals and then sweat clothes. i need to pick up celine. peeta on the other hand dresses in blue sweatpants and black socks. he dries his blond hair and puts the sketchpad away. he takes my hand and we go downstairs. "im gonna go pick up Celine" i announce putting my boots on and a warm coat. i grab and umbrella and leave the house.

i walk through the snow down to the school. celine goes to a school for deaf children. believe it or not there are more disabled people in the district than healthy ones. i stand outside waiting as the children as young as four to as old as seventeen come out of the building. celine sees me and runs through the snow to me. i smile and pick her up. i hug her then put her back down. she's becoming to heavy to carry. i take her hand and we walk back home.

when we get in the house, Celine stomps on the mat before stepping onto the waxed floors. she takes her shoes off at the door and picks them up. i do the same and we put our shoes in the closet along with our coats. celine stuffs her hat and scarf into the arm of her coat sleeve and her mittens in the pockets. she walks into the kitchen and hugs Peeta, then gale.

i find hunter asleep on the couch. i walk over to him and gently brush his hair with my finger. i kiss his head and just think. he's going to be a big brother soon. i pick him up and cradle him in my arm. i kiss his head and lay him back down on the couch. i go back into the kitchen where gale puts a turkey in the oven. i think this is our specialty in this house. we always have turkey. i go over to peeta and wrap my arms around him. then turn to Gale. "how's your mom" i ask. "she's really good, posy's tenth birthay is next week". i nod. i stand on my tip toes and whisper in Peeta's ear, "can you make me a pretzel". "a pretzel" he says. "yes". "you dont want, pretzels". "no". "i'll take a pretzel" Gale cuts in. "yea i guess i want one too" he says. "okay then make one for the three of us, celine and hunter.". "alright" he says and begins to make the pretzels.

celine comes skipping in and tugs at my sleeve, mommy can you turn on the computer so i can talk to beck. i smile and lead her to the study. i turn on the computer and set up a video chat with Beck. his face appears on the screen and he waves at Celine. she waves back, a big smile on her face. i kiss her head ad wave at Beck. he waves back, "hi auntie Katniss!". "hey sweetie. Celine is going to have to get off early todday okay she has to eat and go to bed" i say. "okay" he says and i leave so they can "talk".

about a week later Peeta and i are laying in bed. my head is under his chin, my arms under his, our legs tangled. his prosthetic leg is cold against my skin. i'm still tired, i just woke up. i remember last night, i took my pregnancy test finally and i got the result. i shake Peeta and his eyes open slowly. "peeta, guess what" i say sleepily. "what" he says rubbing my back. i bite my lip and say. "looks like you'll be a father of two".

few that took a while. i'm really sorry for the delay i had graduation- im officially an 8th grader. wooooh. then i went to my grandmothers house in new jersey. then today i went to someones party for graduating highschool. uggh it rained, there were bugs everywhere. anyway, i wont be able to update in a while, summer vaca people! i will not be home for weeks and months to come so you'll be lucky if i get at least three more updates this summer. anyway i hope you like it, more to come. see ya!