Welcome to the last chapter of Endless love. We did it! Anyway, enjoy.

I run outside and throw my arms around his neck. "I missed you!" I cry. He holds me tight. "I missed you too. But, we're adults now!" he says and kisses me. "Daddy!" Delenae squeals. We turn and see our daughter at the door, holding onto the wall. Beck lets me go and runs up the stairs and onto the porch. He picks her up and hugs her tight, "hey baby girl!" he kisses her cheeks.

I packed Delenae and my bags a week ago, my room is empty and so is the nursery. Mom can't stop crying. She said before beck got here that she was going to miss me more than I would know, and that things would be different without me since I've been around the longest. But it's pretty obvious she and dad will have another baby to fill the void.

Dad and beck have a long chat, about how beck needs to support me, and treat me correctly, or else he'll hurt him. I said goodbye to the boys and to everyone else in the district that I knew including Hazelle.

By noon the three of us have boarded the train to four. Delenae sleeps the whole time and I stay in becks arms. I'm ready to live my life with him. His mother talked to Paylor for us and she got us a house in the victors' village. I mean why not, we're the offspring of the most famous victors in Panem.

We wont need to get jobs now which means that we get to spend every second with our child, and watch her grow into a beautiful little girl. No, into a beautiful young woman.

"I cant believe we're actually doing this. Are you ready" beck asks me. I look up and smile at him. I lean in and kiss him pationately. "I'm ready"