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Yesterday's failure of a conversation and disastrous incident had shook Eren's confidence a little. Not only did he get Rivaille-san angry, he had even spilt Rivaille-san's precious Febreze over the carpet. A cleaner's most precious items were his cleaning supplies, wasn't it? It was clear from Rivaille-san's horrified and pained expression when he saw the clear liquid filling the carpet, and it made Eren feel really, really guilty.

Rivaille-san had thanked him curtly after they both were done with the cleaning that day, and had left promptly without a second glance. It didn't take much for Eren to put two and two together to know that Rivaille-san was really really upset.

And thus, Eren knew he had to come up with a plan to make Rivaille-san get over the loss of his Frebreze (and at the same time, forgive him and perhaps even fall in love with him).

But the problem was, what should he do exactly?

Each of Eren's ideas to comfort Rivaille-san seemed worse than the previous, and he was at his wit's end. It hardly seemed right to send flowers expressing his condolences, and holding a ceremony for the bottle was a little too extreme– Rivaille-san would probably think he was making fun of him. That was a no-go. Eren definitely did not want to make Rivaille-san angrier. That would be a step backwards in their relationship.

All this thinking was giving him a big headache, and rolling around in his bed did not help matters. All it did was make him lose his balance and land on the floor with a loud 'thump'. The noise however, had Mikasa running in and upon seeing him on the floor, had her crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

"Mikasa… How does one comfort someone who has lost something?" he asked idly, his green eyes staring at a random black spot on the ceiling. Maybe he could invite Rivaille-san over to clean it up.

As if Mikasa would know… For me to ask her about this, I must be really desperate…

Asking Mikasa about matters like this was futile. From their years together, he had never seen Mikasa comfort, or succeed at comforting someone. For all the all-rounded talents she had, comforting someone was not her forte. He watched as Mikasa struggled to come up with an answer, her brows furrowing a little deeper.

"I would…," her brows furrowed further before lighting up. Eren held his breath. Could Mikasa have the answer?


His hopes were dashed upon noticing her reaction. Mikasa looked troubled as she stared back at him helplessly. Eren sighed, feeling slightly crestfallen. He looked back at the ceiling. The black spot seemed to be moving.

"Maybe you can pat him on the back?" Mikasa offered rather unhelpfully. Her oh-so-helpful advice was ignored by Eren, who continued tracing the movements of the black spot. "Eren, you shouldn't be asking me about this sort of thing," Mikasa continued as she sat on down on his bed. "What happened, anyway?"

Propping his chin on his hands, he looked at Mikasa.

"I need to get Rivaille-san's forgiveness."

Mikasa's shoulders stiffened immediately at the mention of Eren's love interest. She looked deep in thought as she bowed her head a little before glancing back at him, her face a picture of neutrality.

"I see. What did you do to make him angry?"

Eren groaned. It was painful to recall that fateful incident of yesterday. "I spilled his Frebeze on the carpet. He got mad and left before I could apologise properly." At the sound of what sounded like a snort from Mikasa, he tilted his head towards her but shrugged it off almost immdeiately- Mikasa was not the kind to snort. He went back to his black spot watching.

After another round of silence, Mikasa spoke up:

"Eren, I know what you can do."

"What is it?" Eren blurted out his question in his anticipation, scooting towards his best friend to hear whatever pearls of wisdom that was to come.

Mikasa had a small smile as she took in his excitement:

"Remember when Reiner had that fight with Bertholdt? And what Bertholdt did to make Reiner forgive him?" Eren nodded eagerly at her words. Saint Maria High's famous (gay) couple, Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Huber, were the most lovey-dovey, vomit-inducing and madly-in-love pair Eren had ever met. Not one day passed without the couple's blatant flirting wherever they could, with Bertholdt's puppy-like adoration of his boyfriend making the girls at school shriek like some rabid fangirls. Eren usually ignored the couple whenever he ran into them- their public displays of affection were a little too over the top for him. If it was him and Rivaille-san though… He chuckled to himself rather maniacally, oblivious to Mikasa's judging stare but snapped out of his daze upon recalling his situation. Clearing his mind off certain fantasies involving a certain someone, Eren reverted back to his serious mode, his face one of constipation as he vaguely recalled the couple's fight…


"Reiner… FORGIVE ME!" Bertholdt screamed in angst as he clutched his chest and fell to his knees. The legion of fangirls sobbed hysterically as they witnessed their favourite couple in one of the most heartbreaking scenes they ever witnessed in their lives. The object of his affections, Reiner, was spaced a few metres away from him, his posture one of complete anger as he refused to even look at the pleading man on his knees. Bertholdt's already drooping shoulders drooped even further at the sign of this rejection, his thick, fat tears rolled off his cheek onto the ground, each droplet representing the extreme sadness their owner was experiencing at that moment.

The fangirls cried along with their idol as they surrounded Reiner, displaying their pleading faces at the stubbornly angry man.

"Reiner-sama, please forgive Bertholdt-sama!"

"Don't you pity him? Bertholdt-sama is very sincere in his apology!"

The blonde simply ignored the gaggle of girls as they continued their pleas, and was even prepared to leave the area when:

"Reiner! Please! I won't call you Baby anymore! Forgive me!"

Bertholdt rushed forth to stop his boyfriend's footsteps, and seemingly out of nowhere, produced a big bunch of smelly, pink roses and thrust it into Reiner's face.

"Oh!" Reiner gasped under his breath as he admired the beautiful roses. Tears welled up in his eyes as he trembled uncontrollably. "H-How… How… romantic! Bertholdt!" He cried out in his joy, overwhelmed by the sensations the roses had invoked in him. He spread his arms wide and moved towards his lover. Bertholdt dropped the roses.

"Reiner!" He all but ran towards the love of his life, opening his arms wide to engulf the shorter guy in a tight hug. The couple rocked on the spot slowly, lost in their own world as they stared into each other's beautiful eyes amidst the roaring applause of the audience.

-end flashback-

Eren nodded. The roses were really effective in getting Reiner to forgive Bertholdt. In fact, since that incident, the couple seemed to be even more in love than before. Surely the same would apply to him and Rivaille-san.

"So I should buy him a bouquet of roses to apologise?" Eren pondered aloud. It seemed like a pretty good idea. Who on earth could resist such a romantic thing?

Mikasa nodded in approval. "Well, you can make it more romantic by…" she trailed off as a small smile appeared on her face. She looked at Eren with a knowing smile.

He was feeling a little too impatient to play along with Mikasa, so he demanded:

"Well? What can I do to make it more romantic?"

Mikasa leaned towards him, as if she was going to impart the world's biggest secret to him and murmured:

"Scatter the roses all around him. That's definitely more romantic right?"

It was as if great enlightenment had descended upon Eren. He nodded furiously:

"That's a brilliant idea, Mikasa! I'll go and buy the roses immediately!" He got up from his position on the floor and dashed out of the room.

"Don't forget to buy the strong-scented ones! You'll want to fill Rivaille-san's nostrils with the scent of your love!" Mikasa called after him as she watched her best friend hurry down the stairs in his rush to get to the florist.


The front door slammed shut as Eren raced out. Mikasa remained still for a moment before she chuckled softly, the small smile on her face growing into an amused smirk.