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"I'll take you to a special place tomorrow. It'll be good."

...was what Rivaille-san had said yesterday.

The two sentences were enough to send Eren into a frenzy, as he started panicking over his attire once he reached home. He had no suits or formal wear on hand; his closet was mostly jeans and casual stuff, and this made him really troubled.

What would Rivaille-san think when he sees me being so underdressed?! He said we are going to a special place after all... I wonder where though, maybe the movies? Nah, that isn't really special... Or a fine dining restaurant? But I don't know any dining etiquette! Ahhhhhhhhhh I'm going on a date with Rivaille-san! Eren's thoughts had him turning red in embarrassment, and he tried to rein in his excitement.

The knock on the door had him looking up to see Mikasa entering and dropping herself on his bed. Taking in the messy, clothes-covered surroundings of Eren's room, she knew something was up. She looked at Eren for an explanation.

Eren flushed again and looked at the floor, not wanting to meet Mikasa's eyes:

"I'm going on a date with Rivaille-san!"

The loud crash onto the floor was not the reaction he expected. Turning his head to see Mikasa fallen on the ground, her eyes widened in huge shock, Eren grew concerned:

"Mikasa?! Are you okay?"

The black-haired girl slowly picked herself up from the ground, ignoring his outstretched hand. Dusting off her clothes, she asked:

"Do you need my help Eren? You look like you are having trouble with choosing your clothes." Eren lit up at her offer, nodding eagerly:

"Thanks, Mikasa!" He held up two pieces of clothing and asked, "Which one should I wear?"

The shirts were of the same design (Eren wasn't much of a shopper), except for their different shades of brown. Mikasa cringed a little at her best friend's idea of fashion.

The disapproving look from Mikasa after she had surveyed the clothes had Eren retracting his hands slowly. He placed the clothes back into his closet dejectedly.

He was pushed away lightly by Mikasa, who started rummaging through his closet. Stopping when she found something, she pulled out the piece of clothing from the closet.

"This is perfect."

Eren stared at Mikasa's choice of clothing, unsure of what to reply his best friend. "T-That hardly seems appropriate, does it?", he asked in doubt, his eyes raking over the clothes in Mikasa's hands. "Besides, I wore that years ago so I don't think I can fit it now." His speech was interrupted by a huge sigh from the girl.

"Eren, I chose this because of reasons. Trust me on this."

Eren seriously doubted that Mikasa's 'reasons' were reasonable reasons, but out of friendship and goodwill, he decided to trust his best friend. "Care to share the reasons, then?", he asked out of curiosity. Mikasa nodded.

"You see, that old foge- I mean strapping young lad," she changed her words upon noticing Eren's glare. "... has a frown on his face 24/7. Shouldn't you be concerned over that? It's going to become a permanent thing, and your baby will emerge looking all frowny too. Do you seriously want that?!"

Eren was horrified at the implication of Mikasa's words. Their baby... looking like that permanently?! While he loved Rivaille-san, face and all, he wouldn't want a whole family of frowns to greet him whenever he was home. Not realising that men could not actually make babies with one another, Eren's thoughts spiralled downhill...

"Dad, I scored full marks on my test." His son stared up at him as he held up the test paper. Their son, Ravioli (he refused to name their son Windex Jr), was a perfect combination of his father and mother. Sporting scrunched-up eyebrows reflective of their mother and a perpetual frown just like his father, there couldn't be a more grumpier-looking person than their very own son.

Eren looked up from his immense concentration on the newspaper and glanced at the paper. He felt a sense of pride at the bright red 100 on the test paper. His child was a brilliant one indeed!

"Good boy, Ravioli. Dad will bring you out for ice-cream as a reward!" He patted the child's head and smiled at his precious baby.

Ravioli's face was as impeccable as ever, so Eren couldn't tell if he was happy or not. But he probably was because anyone would be happy with ice-cream.

"Yay dad. I'm happy." Yup, he was happy alright. Nothing could go wrong with ice-cream. Eren patted his head again.

"Have you told your mother?" Ravioli nodded mutely:

"Mother says that he is happy too." At that moment, 'Mother' walked in, dressed in his cleaning gear as always.

Eren went over to his wife/husband and hugged him fondly. "Our son is such a smart one. It's all thanks to your good genes."

Rivaille-san looked at him with his usual stare. "Of course it is, it can't be your genes that have made him smart. It would be a major embarrassment if our son took after you." Wait what?

"Rivaille-san, you are supposed to smile at me and say 'Yes, dear, but I've couldn't have done it without you.'" Eren corrected his wife-husband, a frown of his own taking over his previous smile.

Rivaille-san pushed out of his arms and pivoted to face him:

"You have no right to dictate my actions. Plus, this has always been the face you accepted and loved. Were you lying when you said you loved me all these times?"

Eren shook his head vigorously. "N-No, Rivaille-san, how could you question my love for you?" He went forward to embrace his wife-husband, only to miss as Rivaille skilfully and gracefully darted out of his reach just like beautiful ballerina.

"I'm leaving. Let's go, Ravioli." Grabbing Ravioli's hand, Rivaille-san stalked out of the house, ignoring Eren's pitiful protests.

Eren could only watch as the loves of his life left his life, leaving him to die alone with nothing but his and Rivaille-san's cleaning supplies…


Eren screamed in horror and flailed his arms wildly, startling the nearby Mikasa and causing her to fall to the floor again. He couldn't stop the tears from streaming from his eyes as he thought of his despair-filled future of solitude and sadness. It was really very sad.

"M-Mikasa... I-I'll wear it... I'll wear that to the date so Rivaille-san will be happy. Please teach me more on how to make him happier..." Eren turned his tear-filled eyes at his only hope and pleaded sadly. It took Mikasa all her strength and will not to hug the adorable sight.

Mikasa nodded as she got up from the ground again, "Don't worry, Eren, I'll guide you, so listen to me and things will be fine."

Her words had a soothing effect on the sobbing boy, who nodded as well and muttered:

"Thanks... But don't-"

"Tell anyone you were crying right? I won't." Mikasa cut in, her smile bringing a smile to Eren as well.

Relieved by Mikasa's comforting words, Eren felt more confident in his future with Rivaille-san; Mikasa was always there for him to count on, what could go wrong this time? Wiping his tears away, Eren's resolve grew firm:

"Alright, let's do it!"

Hence, the next day, Eren found himself at the corner in the library, dressed in a tight-fitting clown costume complete with obnoxious make-up, a puffy orange wig and bright red nose (and earning himself the judging stares of the library-users), waiting for Rivaille-san to arrive for their date.