Sokka wandered among a grove of huge pines, fallen nettles producing fragrance as his large, seal boots crushed them. The sky above him was a blanket of stars, as he was far enough from Republic City that they were not dimmed. His boomerang bumped comfortingly against his back; though he expected no trouble, he was as likely to leave it behind as a bender would their bending.

He had no destination in mind. He had set off early that morning and aimed himself for the mountains behind the city. The fact was he had been growing stir crazy, attending meetings day in and day out, a routine he was normally happy with. But he had woken up to find his adventurous side had taken hold, the side he so rarely used anymore. He needed to move, to leave, even if just for a little bit. He had paused only long enough to don proper clothing, some jerky and a sleeping skin, as well as his boomerang. Spirits, he didn't even tell anyone he was leaving.

"No, you didn't," came a neutral voice from behind him.

"Toph!" he spun around to see her, dappled star light highlighting her features. "…Did I say that last part out loud?"

"Were you narrating yourself?" she returned a question as an answer.

"Uh," was all he managed to say, not sure where this all was going.

They stood facing each other in silence for some time, a light night breeze brushing between them. Sokka shifted his feet awkwardly, and was finally about to speak when Toph beat him too it. "You forgot something," her voice hinted a growl.

He blinked, swallowing and hoping he was just imagining a sight trembling in the ground. "I-I did?" he tried made his voice airy, his confusion and intimidation mixing in though.

"Yeah," Toph stomped the ground, and a small pack appeared. It flew up and she caught its strap in one hand with ease. Slinging it over a shoulder, she closed the distance between them. Tipping her chin up, her bangs parting around her face, she finally grinned. "Your wife, you blubber brain." And with she punched his shoulder, but not before swatting the back of his head.

He let out his breath, a grin of his own forming. Taking a step forward and looking down so their noses almost brushed, he ask, "Well, how can I make up such a grievous mistake to her?"

Her face turned playfully thoughtful. "Hmm… you can start by sharing your jerky with her. She sadly consumed all over her own while catching up with such a forgetful husband."

They stood there, forms gently touching, just enjoying the closeness of the other. Then Sokka snorted in response to her request. She chuckled, and their lips met briefly in the familiar kiss that can only come with time and a lot of love. Then he pressed into one of her hands the requested food, while he took the other to tangle with his own. Turning back to the path he had been heading before her most welcome appearance, they headed off, side by side and hand in hand.